Day 44 - Kishon had work so I ran errands with her mom. We drove by a bunch of the places I used to go to when I lived here, which was really weird to see ha. Then we picked up Dache and went to lunch at Aniello’s. So good! Afterwards, we walked down Market Street and saw all the cute shops. Later, Kishon got off work and we went to a haunted house with her friends.


I found a thing


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‘Broad City’ Star Paul W. Downs Boards Female-Driven Sony Comedy

Broad City” actor Paul W. Downs will star in an untitled female-driven comedy for Sony.

Lucia Aniello is directing from an R-rated script that she co-wrote with Downs. The duo will also produce the project with Matt Tolmach and Dave Becky. The logline is under wraps, beyond the fact that the film combines elements of “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “The Hangover.”

Aniello and Downs are also executive producers on “Broad City.” She directed the pilot and several episodes on the series, which has been renewed by Comedy Central for a third season.

Aniello and Downs began developing the female spinoff of Sony’s “21 Jump Street” in April.

Sony picked up rights to the spec script in an auction. Aniello and Downs are repped by UTA, 3 Arts and Ziffren’s PJ Shapiro.

The news was first reported by Deadline.

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Sony Wins R-Rated Spec Comedy Auction With ‘Broad City’ & ’21 Jump Street’ Spinoff Scribes Aniello & Downs

EXCLUSIVE: Sony won a heated bidding battle late Friday and closed a deal for an untitled R-rated comedy spec script by Lucia Aniello & Paul W Downs. She is attached to direct a female-driven comedy described as The Hangover meets Weekend At Bernie’s, and he is set to co-star. They will produce through their Paulilu banner with Matt Tolmach and Dave Becky.

Aniello directed the pilot and multiple episodes of the Comedy Central series Broad City, in which Downs plays the role of Trey, and they are co-exec producers on the show. Sony is already in business with the duo, as they are working on a spinoff franchise of 21 Jump Street. Sony went hard after this one. The spec, titled Move That Body, is on a fast track and a good potential addition to Tom Rothman’s slate. The studio is on the hunt for franchises, and the hope is that this could grow into one.

I’ve heard that Fox, Universal, Paramount and MRC were all in on an auction brokered by UTA, 3 Arts and Ziffren’s PJ Shapiro, all of whom rep Aniello & Downs.

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[1507.00737] The masses of satellites in GAMA galaxy groups from 100 square degrees of KiDS weak lensing data

[ Authors ]
Cristóbal Sifón, Marcello Cacciato, Henk Hoekstra, Margot Brouwer, Edo van Uitert, Massimo Viola, Ivan Baldry, Sarah Brough, Michael J. I. Brown, Ami Choi, Simon P. Driver, Thomas Erben, Aniello Grado, Catherine Heymans, Hendrik Hildebrandt, Benjamin Joachimi, Jelte T. A. de Jong, Konrad Kuijken, John McFarland, Lance Miller, Reiko Nakajima, Nicola Napolitano, Peder Norberg, Aaron S. G. Robotham, Peter Schneider, Gijs Verdoes Klein
[ Abstract ]
We use the first 100 sq. deg. of overlap between the Kilo-Degree Survey (KiDS) and the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey to determine the galaxy halo mass of ~10,000 spectroscopically-confirmed satellite galaxies in massive ($M > 10^{13}h^{-1}{\rm M}_\odot$) galaxy groups. Separating the sample as a function of projected distance to the group centre, we jointly model the satellites and their host groups with Navarro-Frenk-White (NFW) density profiles, fully accounting for the data covariance. The probed satellite galaxies in these groups have total masses $\log M_{\rm sub} /(h^{-1}{\rm M}_\odot) \approx 11.7 - 12.2$ consistent across group-centric distance within the errorbars. Given their typical stellar masses, $\log M_{\rm \star,sat}/(h^{-2}{\rm M}_\odot) \sim 10.5$, such total masses imply stellar mass fractions of $M_{\rm \star,sat} /M_{\rm sub} \approx 0.04 h^{-1}$ . The average subhalo hosting these satellite galaxies has a mass $M_{\rm sub} \sim 0.015M_{\rm host}$ independent of host halo mass, in broad agreement with the expectations of structure formation in a $\Lambda$CDM universe.

Aniello Saravo artista dell'anno a Cesenatico

Aniello carissimo, il mio animo è colmo di gioia per questo nuovo riconoscimento conseguito nella città di Cesenatico che  è motivo di piacere ed orgoglio per tutti gli amanti dell’Arte e del Bello che pur ci sono in terra sannita. Spero di poterti incontrare presto. Ad astra per aspera! Amedeo Ceniccola

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[1507.00738] Gravitational Lensing Analysis of the Kilo Degree Survey

[ Authors ]
Konrad Kuijken, Catherine Heymans, Hendrik Hildebrandt, Reiko Nakajima, Thomas Erben, Jelte T.A. de Jong, Massimo Viola, Ami Choi, Henk Hoekstra, Lance Miller, Edo van Uitert, Alexandra Amon, Chris Blake, Margot Brouwer, Axel Buddendiek, Ian Fenech Conti, Martin Eriksen, Aniello Grado, Joachim Harnois-Déraps, Ewout Helmich, Ricardo Herbonnet, Nancy Irisarri, Thomas Kitching, Dominik Klaes, Francesco Labarbera, Nicola Napolitano, Mario Radovich, Peter Schneider, Cristóbal Sifón, Gert Sikkema, Patrick Simon, Alexandru Tudorica, Edwin Valentijn, Gijs Verdoes Kleijn, Ludovic van Waerbeke
[ Abstract ]
The Kilo-Degree Survey (KiDS) is a multi-band imaging survey designed for cosmological studies from weak lensing and photometric redshifts. It uses the ESO VLT Survey Telescope with its wide-field camera OmegaCAM. KiDS images are taken in four filters similar to the SDSS ugri bands. The best-seeing time is reserved for deep r-band observations that reach a median 5-sigma limiting AB magnitude of 24.9 with a median seeing that is better than 0.7arcsec.

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Católicos celebram o dia do Papa em Brasília


O governador participou da missa em ação de graças na Catedral ao lado da mãe e da esposa

O governador Rodrigo Rollemberg, a mãe, Teresa, e a esposa, Márcia, participaram, na manhã deste domingo (29), da missa em Ação de Graças pelo Santo Padre, o Papa Francisco, na Catedral Metropolitana de Brasília. A celebração comemorou o dia do Papa e foi presidida por dom Giovanni D’Aniello, núncio apostólico, e concelebrada por dom Sergio da Rocha, arcebispo de Brasília.

“É uma alegria muito grande, como católico, celebrar este dia em homenagem ao Papa Francisco. Um papa que tem renovado a igreja, trazendo temas fundamentais para o futuro da humanidade, como o meio ambiente”, disse o governador.

A celebração ocorreu hoje, mas o dia do Papa é amanhã, 29 de junho, porque é a data em que a igreja católica celebra a festa de São Pedro, o escolhido por Jesus para ser o chefe dos apóstolos. Durante a missa desta manhã, foi oferecido o Óbolo de São Pedro — ajuda que os fiéis oferecem ao Santo Padre às carências da igreja católica e às obras de caridade em todo o mundo.

O controlador-geral do Distrito Federal, Djacyr Cavalcanti de Arruda Filho, além de autoridades do governo federal e representantes do Judiciário, também participou da celebração.


anonymous asked:

Stephanie e Aniello

Capii di amarlo quando un giorno chiusi gli occhi, non pensai a nulla, avevo la mente vuota. Ma allo stesso tempo non smettevo si pensare a lui.

antostar73 asked:

Aniello e stephanie

Non sarà di certo un banale litigio a rovinare tutto.
Aniello è due occhi azzurrin dolci, che guardano a un futuro con lei. Aniello è il solito ragazzo un po’ stronzo, ma con lei è diverso. Lei riesce a tirar fuori la parte migliore di lui.
Stephanie é unghie mangiucchiate e felpe enormi. È due occhi color cioccolato che potrebbero far sciogliere qualsiasi cuore. Lei ama intensamente lui, che riesce a renderla felice anche con un solo messaggio.
Aniello è l'alba.
Stephanie è il mare calmo in inverno.

“Perché tu così come sei, sei l'unica cosa di cui avrò mai bisogno.” Ed Sheeran.