Hi guys! I’m going to need your help.

Let me explain my situation.

So I have an event to go this weekend called AniCraze 5 where me and my team are going to present new games to present to the masses.

The way we do this is basically bringing each of the team’s computers. The problem is that my computer is severely under powered. A broken gfx card, and the 2nd monitor is dead.

I had help back in my birthday to rectify this, but it instead ended up in my tuition and my family’s fund as we had a family money problem then.

I though I’d be able to make up the loss over my break, but instead I wasted this time on my thesis. I fixed the family and tuition problem by working at the research team on my University.

So now, I have 5 days left to get some money.
Now let me explain each of the sections above.

100$ - GFX Card - The most important one, the others are optional.
I’ll be getting the RX 460/560, so yeah I don’t need a overly powerful card.

200$ - 2nd Monitor - Mostly to compliment the card, my current monitor is VGA. This will also help replace my 2nd video card.

250$ - Extra Funds - This one is to provide padding for the two above. As well as extra funding to the setup at the event.

For this emergency run, I will be introducing my new commission system.

The Revolving Queue. This will be a series of 5 current commissions, and 5 reserved commissions done in a revolver style roulette.

So if you would like to help me, check my commission page:

You would like to donate? Please check the commission page.

Current Status: $219
Last Target:


These stickers were the only things that i bought bc everything else was so damn expensive. I mean, I have money but I was looking for Gintama and Tokyo Ghoul stuff but there were none. I didn’t even see any cosplayer cosplaying any of the characters in Gintama or some of my fav animes. But it was ok. I saw the Naruto twins and there were really hot nerds in the convention so it was great.

Next time, I’ll be the one to cosplay the characters in Gintama.

Anicraze 2015 done! (It’s a small anime convention in our city ha!)

*I’ll upload some of the cosplayers later :D

*But Tsukiyama tho!