These stickers were the only things that i bought bc everything else was so damn expensive. I mean, I have money but I was looking for Gintama and Tokyo Ghoul stuff but there were none. I didn’t even see any cosplayer cosplaying any of the characters in Gintama or some of my fav animes. But it was ok. I saw the Naruto twins and there were really hot nerds in the convention so it was great.

Next time, I’ll be the one to cosplay the characters in Gintama.

Anicraze 2015 done! (It’s a small anime convention in our city ha!)

*I’ll upload some of the cosplayers later :D

*But Tsukiyama tho!

Just got back from my first anime convention … I’d say it went pretty well? My money ran out. XD I bought the .hack// manga/novel, a necklace with the AoT 3DMG Sword, a poster of AoT and a pin with a chibi Len Kagamine …

Can’t wait for next year.