Lissa/Elise C-S Supports

Written by anichka-motosaki


Lissa: What’s that noise over there?

Elise: Hehehe…

Lissa: Hey there, Elise, whatcha doin’?

Elise: I just put a super hot pepper into that pie over there, and it looks like Stahl is about to take a bite!

Lissa: Oh, nice try, but that will never work.

Elise: H-huh? But it always works!

Lissa: Not with Stahl, he’ll eat anything! Nope, food is not the way to go about pranking him!

Elise: Well darn, hmmm…

Lissa: What?

Elise: Well, I was just thinking, you know waaay more about the heroes of Awakening than me, and I know waaay more about the heroes of Fates. So let’s trade info!

Lissa: I like the sound of this!

Elise: A pranking duo!

Lissa: The best pranking duo!

[Lissa and Elise have reached support rank C.]


Elise: That was awesome!

Lissa: I told you, just slip some bear into Frederick’s meal and he’ll lose it!

Elise: Hehe, he ran so fast! I’m pretty sure he went faster than his horse!

Lissa: Hehe, alright, so who’s the next unfortunate victim of the best pranking duo ever!

Elise: I was thinking about the Summoner.

Lissa: Oooh, perfect!

Elise: Only one problem, neither of us really know [him/her].

Lissa: That is a slight issue, huh? How can we truly scare [him/her] then?

Elise: How about a whole array of pranks! One of them is bound to work!

Lissa: Hmmm, that could work!

Elise: Let’s get to it then! We’ve got a whole lot’a pranks to plan!

[Lissa and Elise have reached support rank B.]


Elise: Haha, I told you the spiders would work!

Lissa: I really didn’t think it would, [he/she] didn’t seem the type to fall for fake spiders.

Elise: It’s a trick that almost always works! No one expects to be surrounded by spiders out of the blue!

Lissa: I guess you’re right… That’s not really something that happens every day, hehehe.

Elise: But Lissa, we’ve pranked almost everyone in camp! Who’s even left anymore!?

Lissa: Hmmm… I think I have an idea…

Elise: Me too… you thinkin what I’m thinkin?

Lissa and Elise: PRANK OFF!

Lissa: May the best pranker win!

Elise: I will! *wink*

Lissa: Oh, you’re on!

[Lissa and Elise have reached support rank A.]


Elise: H-hey Lissa.

Lissa: Hey, Elise. What’s up? The prank war hasn’t started yet.

Elise: I know, I just needed to talk to you.

Lissa: Oh?

Elise: Yeah well, you see…

Lissa: What is it?

Elise: This past week, I’ve been trying to think of the best ways to prank you. And I noticed a couple of things.

Lissa: What sorta things?

Elise: Well, for starters, I know all sorts about you since we’ve spent so much time together, I probably know you better than myself now! *blush*

Lissa: I completely agree!

Elise: And then I found no matter what I planned, I kept pulling back the punches, I couldn’t bring myself to actually prank you, I didn’t want to scare, hurt, or embarrass you…

Lissa: I’ve had the same issue…

Elise: Then lastly, I’ve hated having to spend so much time away from you!

Lissa: I-it’s only been a week *blush*

Elise: That’s still too long…

Lissa: What are you trying to say, Elise?

Elise: I think what I mean is…I love you, Lissa! I don’t want to hurt you! I want to keep you safe! And I don’t want to be away from you!

Lissa: Oh, Elise! I love you too! I feel the exact same way! But we’ll see who’s protecting who *wink*

Elise: Oh I’m so glad! I was worried you’d take this the wrong way. So, Lissa, tell me, will you marry me?

Lissa: I’d be happy to, Elise.

Elise: Yay! So no more prank war?

Lissa: Oh no no, the prank war will go on, and don’t hold back! Don’t worry, I know you love me, and you know I love you, so we’ll both be just fine!

Elise: Well… Alright!

[Lissa and Elise have reached support rank S.]

Anichka, frustrated, opened up her window and lobbed the newly-finished book out of it. “Worst ending ever. Perhaps I will track down the author and threaten them until they write a more suitable end,” she mumbled to herself, closing the window to ignore the screams that filtered through from down below. The book had made contact with someone’s head before making contact with the ground, it seemed.