Anichka, frustrated, opened up her window and lobbed the newly-finished book out of it. “Worst ending ever. Perhaps I will track down the author and threaten them until they write a more suitable end,” she mumbled to herself, closing the window to ignore the screams that filtered through from down below. The book had made contact with someone’s head before making contact with the ground, it seemed.


If there’s is something universaly popular in the Czech Republic it’s TV fairy tales, usually with a low budget and blatantly filmed in a film studio. 

This one is called Anička s lískovými oříšky (Anichka with hazelnuts, 1993). It tells a story of a cursed princess whose head changes into a one of a sheep and it follows her journey to break the curse with the help of faeries, so she can live with her beloved king. 

What is special about this fairy tale is that it is meant for children but it instead gave a trauma to a lot of them and I have nightmares to this day about the sheep head and nothing could make me watch it again. 

In God we Trust - Anichka Zulo form

Zulo form of Anichka helping a still quite shocked Jess to stand up, trying to comfort her saying “do not worry I’ll protect you” … Ok now, with a Tremere boyfriend, Tzimisce best friend and as mentor the Herald of the Skull, I think I might give myself on the board at least a “Distorted Learning”, or some psychosis if not the most probable “doom” XD
In the background: Moloch the Malkavian acting like nothing is happening, while collecting the mags fallen from the Assamite Thair guns, and poor Luther waiting helplessly after Demetrius dismissed him with “get out of here! you’ll only get in the way” XD

Forma Zulo di Anichka che aiuta Jess, ancora un pò sconvolta, a rimettersi in piedi con la tenerissima frase “non preoccuparti ti proteggo io” … ok, con il fidanzato Tremere, i migliori amici Tzimisce e Lasombra ed il mentore Araldo del Teschio credo potrei regalarmi sulla sua scheda  come minimo un “apprendimento distorto” o una qualche psicosi se non il più probabile “destino segnato” XD
Sullo sfondo: Moloch il Malkavian che dissimula mentre intasca i caricatori caduti dalle pistole di Thair l’Assamita, e il povero Luther che aspetta impotente dopo essere stato scacciato da Demetrius con un “ levati di torno che sei solo d’intralcio” XD