Can you believe I actually first drew these guys on my wall pretty much a few years ago, and I’m just now finishing painting them?

Well, okay, I had the three of them painted for a few months now, but I finally got inspiration to paint the magic serape underneath them.

So have I mentioned that I used to watch The Three Caballeros a lot as a kid? It’s still one of my fave Disney movies.

Sorry the pictures and lighting don’t do it much justice. It honestly looks better in person.

iamallybee replied to your post “I have no idea what to do right now, so how about some doodle/drawing…”

If you’re still up for it, we could always use more PJS!

I couldn’t agree more. And thank goodness, because I finally have a good excuse to finally draw this adorable pair being cute.

And you get a Muppet, and you get a Muppet! Everyone gets a Muppet! (Except if you’re scared of them, in which case, you can send it back.)

Believe it or not, I actually created a Muppet OC/fancharacter.

Her name is Chippers. She’s a squirrel, and she plays the kazoo. And she’s around Robin and Bean’s age. Whenever the three have pretend adventures, she likes to play the background music for them. Chippers is very enthusiastic about that. (And that’s a scrunchie on her wrist with an acorn on it. The pull-string pouch is for her kazoo.)

I kinda have this headcanon that Digit started to integrate more blue into his daily wardrobe after eventually becoming a couple with Vicki. He’d also wear his jackets less in the summertime because of all the heat. He looks like a sitcom dad in this.

Shout out to the “creative team” (aka people I went to to ask for opinions, since I’m a worrywart): my mother for telling me the nose looked fine, Hats for suggesting shades of blue and what to do with the hair, Kara for eventually helping me pick a shade of blue, my friend/not-really-sister Kat for suggesting the background, and my cat Digit for being named after this Muppet.

Dear Fran,

Thank you for all of your fantastic work over the years. As both a fan and a friend, I can say that you’ve truly had an impact on a lot of people. I know we haven’t worked together in a very long time, but our time together, however brief, was enjoyable. I want to thank you for helping me along in life. You helped me get my entryway into the film and television business when I was just a graduate from my film school. You were there, lending me a hand through every moment of doubt and panic, allowing me to grow as a person thanks to your patience and understanding. I really meant it when I said that you understood my every motive (or at least attempted to)! And Fran? Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope whatever life has in store for you from now on will be just as great as it has been up until now!

Yours truly,

Thank you, Fran Brill, for all your years of entertaining and teaching so many people across generations.

So I ship a new Muppet ship.

For your consideration: female Muppet musicians who have had less development or lines or even overall screen time than that one other pairing that I ship. (Well, not including the opening theme song of The Muppet Show, since Trumpet Girl/Dolores is in the orchestra shots of that for all five seasons. At least she was unofficially given a name, unlike the Solid Foam Drummer, which I have named Charlie since I think it fits her.)