Can you believe I actually first drew these guys on my wall pretty much a few years ago, and I’m just now finishing painting them?

Well, okay, I had the three of them painted for a few months now, but I finally got inspiration to paint the magic serape underneath them.

So have I mentioned that I used to watch The Three Caballeros a lot as a kid? It’s still one of my fave Disney movies.

Sorry the pictures and lighting don’t do it much justice. It honestly looks better in person.

New character concept.

This is Donovan the Koala. He works at (owns?) a rental van place.

I’m not sure what to do with him yet or if he’s just a tired, grumpy middle-aged koala or a tired, grumpy koala in his 20s or 30s.

Me: You know, I haven’t really worked on any of my planned stories recently. Maybe I should write that one short comedic one-shot idea as a warm-up or work on the prompts in my inbox or–

My mind: Draw one of Alice Gumm’s bandmates!

Me: O-Okay, I could do that. After all, I’m planning on her band to have quite the cast of characters. I could figure out what Chartreuse or Morrie look li–

My mind: Draw the monkey lead guitarist!

Me: Or Barbara works too. Fine. I’ll draw the monkey.

While not a main character in the (one of my many) planned story of “Vicki’s college experiences”, Barbara Holloway does eventually become lead guitarist for Alice Gumm’s band Alice and the Gumshoes (or just The Gumshoes). She doesn’t miss a beat, whether musically or coming up with some pun fitting the situation.

“Do we really need to have a house rule about this? I thought this would be common sense! But okay! How about no one gets in the zone while dancing so they accidentally mess with other roommates’ work? Come on, Ozzie, this is a bass player saying this!”

Minutes before, Kerry and Vicki were just working on a few assignments in the living room. And then “Maniac” came on the radio. Alice thought that this would all be chill, that they’d make it through the semester without a major rule in their shared living space. It’s hardly been a month. And no one suspected how powerful Ozzie Marie’s leg strength was. So Kerry reacted the way she’s always reacted in signs of great danger. And now Vicki’s anxiety levels are through the roof.

Ozzie Marie later apologized to everyone. A schedule of her planned dance/workout times was soon produced. Also Kerry was all right in the end.

Also it was 4 AM when I looked up from drawing this, and this may or may not be an actual scene in the story proper.

Believe it or not, I actually created a Muppet OC/fancharacter.

Her name is Chippers. She’s a squirrel, and she plays the kazoo. And she’s around Robin and Bean’s age. Whenever the three have pretend adventures, she likes to play the background music for them. Chippers is very enthusiastic about that. (And that’s a scrunchie on her wrist with an acorn on it. The pull-string pouch is for her kazoo.)

So I’ve started working on a Muppet fic that’ll be set in the mid-1980s. This is one of the characters I created for the story. (A concept sketch, but I’m fine with how she generally looks for now.)

Meet Alice Gumm. She’s a sound designer, bass guitarist, and leader of the band Alice and the Gumshoes. Before making it “big”, she went to a film school college in the mid-Eighties to learn the ropes of the entertainment business, becoming the main roommate of the main character for all four years they attended the school. (And before you ask, yes, it’s Vicki.)

For the most part, Alice is pretty chill. As long as you’re fine with her, she’ll be fine with you. Don’t think for a second that she won’t call you out if you say something that offends her, though.