Because why the fuck not??? (Sort of modern don’t judge me)
-alrighty, so mah boy Pony just wanted to have a good time on his own, right?
-w r o n g
- So pony is walking to the bookstore, he’s hunting for like idk The Maze Runner, or maybe a nice copy of The Great Gatsby
-Johnny decided to tag along cuz his parents were being lil shits so pony was like
-“aye John boy. Wanna come to Barnes and Noble with me? DONT U WHISPER ANY OF THIS SENTENCE TO ANYONE OR IMMA STAB YOU.”
-“ok, ok I’ll go. But gosh darn it you have to chill”
-So they’re walking with their hands in their pockets, cigarette in hand, kicking a rock and they come to the beautiful land of books and ponyboy is like in awe
-Johnny is very excited he doesn’t go to places like this much
-Johnny goes over to the comic books cuz those are his shit
-good friend bonding, calm friend time is a grand old time
-T H E N
-the door just BAM
-in this quiet ass book store
-all the adults are like who tf is this disrespectful scum
-Dally’s just like
-He gets shushed so hard
-pulls out a toy gun and slaps a teenage girl with it and she like
-no thanks but ok
-Dally pulls out a cigarette because of course
-cashier is like U cAnT sMoKe In hErE
-Dally just laughs and runs through the aisles
-Two-Bit, Steve, Sodapop, and Darry fly in.
-Dally sneaky as shit he found out about the outing real fast
-pony is like about to cry from this embarrassment he just wanted a book OK
-Soda and Steve run for some action
-Two-Bit is climbing the shelves and laughing his ass off
-The workers are rolling their eyes and trying to get him down and he’s teasing them lmao
-Dallas is on top of a young adult romance shelf and is DISGUSTED
-Johnny is hiding in a shelf he just needed some quiet time but then he sees Dally being cool so he’s like I guess I’ll go n hang ya know
- The employees have given up and are all just in the bathrooms crying the poor people
-Dally starts ripping up a book
- Johnny’s like wtf “you can’t do that you have to pay for it.”
-“I know johnnycake. It’s wrong to destroy literature. It’s such fun to read.”
-he flips it over and reads what he’s destroying
“John Green is toootally tuff as shit… man, who cares?”
-“I love his work”
-Dally doesn’t even look he just chucks the ripped up book at ponys face and pony is like IhbehbihsbbhidybiuvydiyvVUYUYFGUYGUUVG
-Dally takes the book home tho (The Fault In Our Stars) and reads it and shed a tear then burned he book cuz it thought it was the work of Satan
-Soda and Steve are bored as shit they’re napping in the kids section while Two plays with some kids
-he gets these kids in a circle and is telling stories about his shop lifting experience
-Finally the manager comes out and is like GET THE FUCK OUT
-They all leave laughing and Johnny and pony Are so sad
-they’re banned from returning
-but then two bit shows Ponyboy his jacket full of stolen books and
-Pony wants to tear up
-Johnny takes the comics and is like “thank u so much man”
-pony just “eehheyydygdgydgydgydgy thank you…”

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do u have any chardee hcs?

i don’t really ship them but here are some of my hcs! [more here]

  • dee is charlie’s emergency contact. it would have been mac, but most of the times charlie ends up in the hospital, it’s because of hurting himself from doing something stupid with mac in the first place. above all, though, despite the fact that she’ll grumble the entire time, dee is always the most reliable one when it comes to charlie.
  • ever since that one time they thought they accidentally ate human meat, they have monthly dinners too, except theirs are homemade and take place in dee’s apartment. dee cooks, while charlie brings flowers and sets up the table.
  • dee and charlie’s mom bonnie get along really well - sometimes bonnie invites dee over for tea. at first, charlie wasn’t on board with dee hanging around his childhood home, but he gradually warms up to the idea after seeing how much of a good mood it puts dee in.
  • when one of them sees that the other is angry or upset, they’ll go to the nearest pet store and pet some cats together to cool down. 
  • they’re still very much into def poetry and they try to practice together once a week. 

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u got any of the Good Dell Headcanons

of Course

-Jake like…definitely listens to top 40 Only so michael introduces him to some Nice older/more indie stuff (Jake starts really liking the cure and belle and sebastian)
-Michael buys a pin maker specifically for the purpose of making Jake more pins (he makes pride ones!!!!!)
-Michael can like,,,definitely lift jake above his head,,,,,
-They watch I Love Lucy together 
-Jake loves I Love Lucy and so Michael indulges him by watching it one day and they both get hooked and stay up all night binge watching.
-Jake gets them matching rings that say “sun” and “moon” on them lol what a dork
-Michael!! Helps!!!! Jake!!! With!!! His!!! Homework!!!!
-Listen,,,they do the good soft cuddles
-Jake makes fun of Michael for his bedhead (he has curly hair n it sticks up everywhere) but secretly he thinks its the Cutest Thing Ever™
-Michael lends Jake his headphones sometimes (the Ultimate honor)
-Just,,,,them?? I lov

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Do u have any sort of theories on BACK or whatever Abigails deal is?

theory: abigail is strong and I want her to carry me

actual theory: she might not undead! from her flashbacks in ch8 it looks like she wasn’t killed, just drugged and buried when she was still semi-conscious 

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this isn't an hc but if it makes u feel any better about having food poisoning it's almost 3am and i just had to try to DIY-ant-proof my room bc there's ants here?? for some reason?? i literally never eat in my room and yet the boys are back!!!! where is my nasty boy party poison to come eat these bugs!!!!!!

Anonymous said:
that bug ask made no sense but i’ve been awake for over 22 hours and i’m dyin fam

he’s on his way, coming to siphon up those bugs

hey!!! u guys might have noticed i’ve changed my name in my bio (and my about but i doubt anyone reads that anyway it’s not that interesting) so uhh yeah if y’all could call me jim from now on that’d be super neat??? i’ve explained it a bit more in my about but if u have any questions don’t be afraid to send me an ask or hmu on messaging lmao

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hey!!! uhm, do u have any ojiro x hagakure headcanons or something??? pd: i absolutely love ur profile pic

ahh and thank you about the icon (’:

ojirou & hagakure

Originally posted by tachibana-sylphynford

  • i think hagakure is the more adventurous of the two
  • she would probably force him to go do things with her even if he doesn’t want to
  • he’s the one to comfort her if she feels sad that he can’t see her 
  • when they get intimate, ojirou finds it hard to really make her feel good since he can’t see her expressions but he goes by her moans and gasps

if you think bruce wayne isn’t that old man that listens to big band and jazz and classical and really weird italian opera / show music you’re sadly mistaken !

p.s. he loves soviet era classical B)

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do u have any advice on how to get followers?

i have no idea actually it kinda just happens

i feel like a cool url and theme helps but thats just me following people