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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

ok since ppl like to ask me sex things when i really dont ever do anything… it’s time to ask for some help

i’m interested in buying some sex toys, but don’t really know where to begin. do you have any fave websites or items you personally recommend? i’m totally curious and i’d be grateful for any help!

Indeed it’s the only relationship where you will never have any disappointment. When you put your trust in Allah obeying His commands, then you have indeed held onto the most trustworthy handhold which will never break and never fail. Alhamdulillah. 

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hi do you know of any fics where one of them feels very lonely and depressed, thinking they are not good enough for anything? This is exactly how i feel and I'm in need for a happy ending, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks 🙂

Its a long read but One Cloud Feels Lonely by thecommodore_squid is the best I have for this. I also really like For the Holidays by toginaTo Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All by perfect_planThird Time’s the Charm by nerakroseI’ll Take Care of You by consultingrogers and Einherjar by thecommodore_squid. I hope you feel better soon, feeling like that is awful. 

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May I ask a question, please? I saw posters/laptop covers with this design on a while back, but now can't remember the site where it was available for sale. I don't suppose you or any of your followers would know where I could buy this poster/stuff, please? pinterest[.]com/pin/305470787208169080/

Yes anon! That would be SG Posters on Society6!

Hey Angel - Chapter 58

Two days. It had been two days since Harry left and he still hadn’t called. Ella was miserable. She didn’t want to play in the playroom. She didn’t want to have tea parties. She didn’t want to go to the park. She hardly ate. She didn’t really want to do anything. All she wanted to do was either stare at the front door as if Harry and Jackson would walk through any minute or cuddle up with you, where she would cry her little eyes out.

While you were still hurt and angry with your feelings for Harry, nothing compared to how hurt and angry you were about him treated Ella like this. If Harry and you were to break up, you would one day eventually be able to move on and be happy, whereas Ella would not. Even once she got older and had her own life experiences, she wouldn’t understand why this man chose to be her father and then chose to leave.
Hunter had stayed with you the last two nights, but you had told him to go home. He was furious with the situation because he knew how much you were hurting and it was obvious to see how much Ella was. Neither one of you deserved what was happening to the two of you, especially since this had happened once before, but then you weren’t as hurt as you were this time.
It was going on day three and you had told yourself if Harry hadn’t called by tonight, you would call Anne yourself because you knew that he wouldn’t answer if you called him. You were downstairs in the kitchen with Ella and you had cooked her favorite breakfast, chocolate chip apple cinnamon pancakes.
After you cut up the little pieces and put them on a plate, you put it in front of Ella. She was staring at the front door again and you sighed.

“Hey, baby.” You say. “Why don’t we go shopping or go to the beach?” You ask.

“No. No.” She whispers.

You sigh. “You know, I know you miss Daddy and Jackson, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have Mommy and Ella fun day.” You smile.
She looks over at you. “Weally?” She asks.
“Really.” you smile. “We can go do whatever you want.”
“Uh… Bweach?” She asks.

“Sounds perfect.” You say. “But first let’s eat up our breakfast and then we can get going.” You say.

She smiles a bit and starts eating her pancakes.


Harry was sitting outside in the backyard at his mom’s house, Jackson was running around having fun exploring.
“So, you’ve been here a few days and I think it’s time we’ve had that conversation.” Anne says.

“I knew this was coming..” He sighs sitting up in his chair.

“Harry, you’ve been here for almost three days and I haven’t seen you pick up the phone once. I can’t believe you haven’t bothered to call. You didn’t just leave a girlfriend, you left the woman that you love and are engaged too as well as your daughter. You’re not acting like the man I raised. What’s going on?” She demands.

He sighs running his hands over his face. He knew his Mom was right. He wasn’t acting like himself. He wanted to call, he tried calling, but he could never find himself able to hit the call button. He was afraid of you answering and what you might say to him. He knew it wasn’t fair because Ella didn’t deserve not hearing from him, but he didn’t know what to do.
“It’s just…am I moving too fast with Y/N? Should I even be with someone right now? Should I be focusing on Jackson? I don’t know…” He sighs.

“Harry, we’ve been through this. When you told me that you and Abby were having a baby and that you didn’t love her in the way to be with her, I told you that it was okay. As long as you treated her with respect and are there for your son, everything would be workout. I also said that one day you would find that person that you love and want to have a life with and that you finding that love wouldn’t mean that you would have to put your son on the back burner. Just because you and Y/N moved a bit faster than most, doesn’t mean that you’ve neglected your son. Jackson’s feelings about another baby are normal. All kids think they’re parents are going to forget about them or prefer the new baby over them. It’s not just you and Jackson.” She says.

“I know that, but haring that my son was afraid I wouldn’t want him, broke my heart, Mum. Then it made me think about everything too much and I guess I overreacted..” He sighs.

“Well, even though I loved having you two here, I will say it was a bit of an overreaction. Especially since you haven’t called her since you left without any explanation.” She says.

“I’m scared Mum. What if I ruined everything? What if I hurt her and Ella too much and I’ve lost them both?” He sniffles.

“That is a possibility, but the longer you avoid the situation the worse it’s going to get.” She whispers. “Call her and talk this over. Fly her and Ella out here or fly back to LA. Just do something so you don’t lose out the love of your life.” She says getting up from her seat and going over to Jackson.
Harry sighs and grabs his phone from his pocket. He goes to his favorites contact list and finds your name. He holds his thumb over it and presses your name.


After finishing breakfast, you and Ella get ready to go to the beach. You both get dressed in your swimsuits and packed a bag of toys, towels, and lunch before heading to your car. You get Ella into the car seat before getting into the driver’s seat. Once you’re in the car, you pull out of the driveway and head to the beach. 

As you drive to the beach, you noticed the same black car was droving behind you since you left your neighborhood. At first you didn’t think anything of it because this was the only way to the beach from where you lived, so you just assumed that they lived in your same neighborhood. 

When you got the parking of the beach, you pared the car and grabbed your things and Ella. You looked around and saw the same car parked a few spaces away from yours. You just shook your head and locked your car before grabbing Ella’s hand and walking to the entrance to the beach. 

“Where should we sit at?” you smile.

 “Uh ova der!” She smiles pointing to a spot nearby. 

You nod and walk over to the spot. You set down your bag and get out your blanket to lay on the sand. You get out all of Ella’s toys and she giggles before sitting down and playing with them. You smile and sit down next to her. 

Throughout the day, you two were having fun. You both took turns splashing in the water and building sand castles. You took pictures of the two of you and you loved seeing the smile on Ella’s face, as if she was able to forget about what was happening with Harry. 

After a few hours and a bit of lunch, you take Ella back to the car and head home. On the way home, you noticed the same car from before was driving behind you again, but at little bit further away than before. When you get to the house, you get Ella out and start looking around for the car, when you don’t see it. At this point you think you’re just paranoid at the coincidence. 

Since Ella had fallen asleep in the car, you take her to her room where you change her out of her swimsuit and into some dry clothes. You tuck her into bed before heading into your bedroom. You decided to take a shower, so you gathered up a towel and some clothes to change into. Before you headed into the bathroom though, your phone rang. 

You were startled at first and picked up the phone, where you saw Harry’s name and picture on the screen. You felt a pit in your stomach because you didn’t know what would come of this conversation, but you slid your finger to answer the phone. 

“H-Hello.” You say softly.

“Y/N…” Harry says on the other end of the line. 

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Heii do you know any fanfic where either Kurt or Blaine is in a relationship or married to someone else and then they meet and fall in love with each other? Thanks for your help!

Life Is Short Eat Dessert First by dreaming_kate

Kurt’s bakery is his pride and joy. When another bakery opens down the street he is determined to prove that he is the best no matter how adorable the dorky owner is.

The Very Last Dance by Emilys_List

Kurt’s in his twenties and it seems like everyone is getting married – except for him. When he meets gorgeous Blaine Anderson at a wedding, there’s a spark. (That night, there’s more than just a spark.) Their paths continue to cross over the course of many weddings and, sadly, a funeral. Are they meant to be, despite terrible timing? A Four Weddings and A Funeral AU.

I Will Try To Fix You by oddfranz

Kurt ends up in the hospital, but when he wakes up, his fiance’ is nowhere to be found. Luckily, he befriends the charming Dr. Anderson quickly.

Clash by @alianne

Blaine is a sexual free spirit with a bit of a reputation, Kurt doesn’t do casual. It should be impossible, and yet Blaine just cannot stop thinking about him.

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i've only recently followed you but dude i feel u on all this shit idk if this helps but have you seen yuuri on ice? Its non queerbait and is history making and v good it might help u cheer up from this shitshow of a season? Or if youve seen it then rewatching it idk more importantly we're all in this tragedy together we all just gotta stand together,support eachother through this and be like "yknow what! We deserved better than this,the characters deserved better than this!" Stay strong ily!😙

Thank you so much for this kind ask.  I actually haven’t watched it yet even though I know most of the people I follow have so I see it everywhere.  Do you have any link to where I could watch it?  I do need something happy and gay in my life right now.

you don't have to have straight A's to be a studyblr. having a studyblr is about wanting to learn. having a studyblr is about wanting to motivate your ass. having a studyblr is about wanting to join a community where learning is a passion, where no one will laugh at your goals no matter how big or small, where studying is encouraged - not for the sake of grades but because knowledge grows you, where you can be accepted and welcomed, where you can be studying at any level, at any age. This community is a family. Every single person wants to see you succeed, reach your goals and dream even bigger. Having a studyblr is about so much more than grades. Sure, some of us may strive for A*s, some of us may strive for C's, some of us may simply be trying to rediscover what it is to learn. Having a studyblr is about empowerment, not comparison.

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hi! i'd wanna start watching star trek but i've never watched any before. so i was just wondering could you tell me where i should start bc there's so fuckin' many like both series and movies i'm a bit lost. thanks have a great day!

hey friend no problem!!! but my dude “both series” ?? BOTH?? my guy there are FIVE series (six, if you count the animated original series!!) so it’s even more complicated than you thought i’m so sorry lmao 

but don’t worry, i will do my best to give you a good recommendation on how to start watching star trek! because star trek is literally the best thing in the galaxy and i will fight everyone who says otherwise, y’all can come to my house in the next 24 hours for an ass kicking

this is how the star trek series aired chronologically: 

The Original Series 1966-1969
The Animated Series (starring the TOS cast) 1973-1974
The Next Generation 1987-1994
Deep Space Nine 1993-1999
Voyager 1995-2001
Enterprise 2001-2005

i feel like most people would probably recommend you watch all the series in the order that they aired (i haven’t watched much of the animated series myself, but i think most people consider it optional viewing tbh) since they happen chronologically in that order except for Enterprise, which is a prequel series that takes place right after humans make first contact with the Vulcans. 

however, i personally didn’t watch star trek in that order. i actually watched The Next Generation first, and then went back and watched The Original Series, and then jumped to Deep Space Nine. maybe it’s just me, but i liked it doing it this way just because The Original Series is kind of … goofy, since it was filmed in the 60′s (like don’t get me wrong it’s GREAT all things considered but it can be hard to be invested in stuff that looks so dated, if that makes sense?) but after watching TNG first, i really enjoyed TOS.

Deep Space Nine is by far my favorite series, so i’m always tempted to tell people JUST WATCH DS9 ALREADY!!! but i do think at least watching The Next Generation first will give you a good understanding of how the star trek universe works (and will provide you with great contrast to prove that DS9 is the best star trek ever, fight me).

as for the movies, there are six Original Series movies, which all take place chronologically after the series ends, so whenever you finish TOS, you can comfortably enjoy the films. the same goes for the four TNG movies, all take place after the series.

now, me and the reboot films have a complicated relationship, especially with the first two; they’re very visually appealing, very action packed and stimulating, but they’re not exactly…star trek, i guess. i know JJ Abrams was trying to pull in an action movie crowd rather than a sci-fi crowd so he could make more $$ but as a result they kind of lost that special star trek-y feel that is so crucial to the heart of the universe. THAT SAID, i don’t think they’re supremely awful either, and if you want to dip your toe in the universe, the reboot movies aren’t a bad place to start – ESPECIALLY Star Trek Beyond, which is absolutely the best of the reboot films. actually, just go ahead and watch the first reboot film, skip into darkness cause it sucks, and go straight to star trek beyond. 

Enterprise is the only series i haven’t seen so i can’t speak for it yet, but the others are all VERY GOOD and there are things about all of them that i like (and dislike, of course nothing is perfect) but what i love most about star trek is the fandom and the fans and there is always room for more.

good luck my lovely anon!! live long and prosper.

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Just wondering whether you'd have any recommendations for fics where the doctor crosses his own time stream to see Rose after she's gone (post-doomsday or after a life together!) I love congruence and divergence by Allegoricalrose, so something similar to that? I don't mind a happy or angsty ending! Thanks!

Fic Rec: The Doctor Crossing His Own Timeline to see Rose Again.

Whether it’s just a brief fleeting glimpse to satisfy his yearning or a grief-ridden Doctor verging on the edge of madness to try to find a way to get back his one true love and keep her with him for eternity, this list is for you.

  • Echoes of Summer, by: TasogareBan 10 (M) 183k - He was left with his lips against her jaw, her figure pressed to him as if she belonged there. One of many moments between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler after he breaks his own rules to retrieve her from Bad Wolf Bay. However, as consequence, the walls between worlds begin to fall, two different realities merging. And on the horizon a threat rises that threatens to destroy everything the Doctor holds dear. 
  • Stopping Time (The Doctor), by: TasogareBan 10 (M) 20k - He knew what tonight meant. Tonight was the night that Rose would go back to the TARDIS smelling like him. He held out his hand to her silently, waiting for her to take it. Because she was going to take it. Of that he was quite sure. (recced by @buffyann23)
  • The Last Stop (Rose), by: TasogareBan  10 (M) 16k - He came to her, a dark shadow stepping into the gold and blue light of the TARDIS core and every part of her was suddenly on fire, confused by his expression but wanting more of it. She was his last stop, always. (recced by @buffyann23​)
  • Only Time, by: orianna2000 10 (T) 17k - When the Doctor accidentally crosses his timeline, he is given the chance to spend three days with Rose after Doomsday.  (recced by @buffyann23​)
  • Past, Present and Future Verse, by: @bluedawn0123  8,9,10,11 (M) 170k - Trapped in a parallel universe, Rose Tyler works her way through two past and one future version of the Doctor to find the way back to hers…and does a lot of falling in love along the way. (recced by @natural-blues​)
  • As it must be, by: randomscribblings  10 (M) 49k WIP - When Rose Tyler ends up in the parallel universe, it seems that all is lost. Luckily, fate and the TARDIS have other plans for her, including a journey through her Doctor’s past and future. (recced by @natural-blues​)
  • Claiming His Reward, by @kelkat910 (M) 25k - Time Lord Victorious may have lost Adelaide but he wasn’t ready to give in to fate.  He had a plan to reclaim the happiness he enjoyed earlier in his Tenth form and nothing will stop him.  How will Rose and his earlier self deal with the repercussions of the actions of a Time Lord gone mad? (recced by @chiaroscuroverse​)
  • The Equation, by @allonsywobbly 10 (M) 85k - The Doctor and Rose have been separated at Canary Wharf.  He travels alone and we finally see him with his mask off; he is heartbroken and volatile, trying to drown himself in work.  Everywhere he looks he sees Rose…sometimes literally.  Aliens, angst, and timey-wimey stuff. (recced by @chiaroscuroverse​)
  • Breaking Us, by @bananasareforparties 9,10,11 (M) 82k WIP - All he wants is to see her on his dying tour before Lake Silencio, one last time with these ancient eyes. Rose Tyler thinks it’s high time she gets rid of her embarrassing virginity and aspires to do it with that dreamy Jimmy Stone. Things do not go as planned for either of them. Rose/Eleven. PWithP. (recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • Guardians of the Universe, by @jmbriggsauthor 1-11 (K) 900k - All it took to change the universe was one little alteration to the time line of Rose Tyler when she was eleven years old. While an alien hunts her and preys on children, Rose meets a remarkable man called the Doctor. Suddenly her childhood is full of adventure, aliens and lots of running that will change the course of her life. (recced by @farmgirlusa)
  • Minutes and Hours, by WhoMe 10 (M) 36K -  Struggling with the loss of Rose, the Doctor shatters the rules in order to see her one last time. The repercussions prove severe when a glimpse from afar is not enough. (recced by @goingtothetardis - thanks!)

If anyone has any suggestions or wants to rec their own fic, please add them to this post or send them to our ask box! Hope this helps nony. Enjoy ;-)

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So I'm super into girls but I have no idea where to go to meet any or where to find other girls who like girls? You know what I mean? I'm ready to start dating but can't find anywhere, where I can truly talk to girls. Any help? (: Thank you.

There’s app’s and group’s in social medias babe! More easy than this, just if one girl appear in your house hahaha

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Where do you stream??? I've never caught one so I want to catch this new one coming up????

“never caught one”. there has been a total of 1, friendo ahaha don’t worry, you didnt miss out that bad. when i say Ive done other streams on livestream before, it was mostly just me and like 2 other friends at any given time. 

I’m planning on streaming in the future on this picarto account. I like that the website has such nice crystal clear streaming, but I sorta hate that I have to be a premium member to have recording so you guys cant play back the old streams :^T I mean, I can separately record them, but now it puts it in my hands to publish it and the more things are put in MY hands, the more the shame will creep over me and I’ll end up not posting it.

if any of you have any suggestions to a different place where I can have an account to stream art for free at a good quality and keep the playback and recordings posted, let me know. but It seems like this is gonna be my best bet.

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What I love about Taylor is that she says that the only person she's competes is herself, different than what Ed is saying and every other artist that competes with Taylor or Adele. It's not healthy because you're bound to be disappointed.

yeah i agree with you. That is a really smart way to look at it, i think. It is kind of like in track or swimming, or any individual sport, where you are trying to beat your own times. Sure there are the world/state/country records or school records to try and beat, just like “most albums sold” records or # of #1 hits, or whatever, but ultimately if she is just trying to do better than she has before - and however she may want to quantify that is up to her - that is all one can really ask of themselves. 

a very healthy approach.