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Muslims fasting and taking exams at the same time during Ramadan are braver than any US marine.

Tag yourself, fab5 edition:

- Antoni: cries a lot, loves food, impulsive and would do anything on a dare

- Karamo: calm, motivational, bomber jackets for days, really good listener, competitive as hell

- Tan: Fashionable™, judgy, afraid of dogs, dresses to impress and wants you to do the same

- Bobby: “You have to be at least on this level to unlock my Tragic Backstory™”, also competitive, more of an introvert

- Jonathan: loves everyone, positivity incarnate, Gay

Languages featured in Crazy Rich Asians:

  • English
  • Cantonese (spoken by Nick’s mom and family)
  • Mandarin (spoken by Rachel, her mom, and Nick’s grandma)
  • Singlish (spoken by Peik Lin’s mom)
  • Hokkien (spoken by Peik Lin’s dad + in the mahjong scene)
  • Malay (in the street food scene + slang words)
  • French (when Astrid reads a bedtime story)

It was amazing to hear such a diversity of languages and accents!


hadestown characters + nytw casting call descriptions