“Don't push yourself too hard”
for @akutagawaprize
For those of you who need more Starkid in your life

Here’s a bunch of not entirely chronological links to Starkid’s music performances:

(some of these are full performances, some are just individual songs/medleys from those shows in the highest quality I could find them. None of these videos are mine btw)

AVPM behind the scenes | Goin’ Back to Hogwarts behind the scenes

Space Tour - Space Tour (ft.Darren Criss) | Get Back Up | Stutter |Days of Summer/Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Granger Danger | Boy Toy/ Kick It Up a Notch | Way I Do

Apocalyptour - Apocalytour (ft. Darren Criss)Get Back Up | Rogues Medley

Elsie Fest - Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Way I Do/Rogues Medley | Harry Freakin’ Potter | Take Off Your Clothes | Naked in a Lake

A Very Starkid Reunion - Goin’ Back to Hogwarts | Not Alone

Leakycon 2011(ft. Darren Criss)

Leakycon 2013

Geekycon 2015 | Granger Danger (seriously just watch this its the funniest thing I’ve ever seen)

There’s loads more but these are all I’ve got for now! If you have the time I would recommend you watch all of them! Even though it’s often the same songs, each performance puts a different spin on them and they are so worth watching!

Yes, My Lord

Lineart and coloring: Nami (namisiaa.deviantart.com)
Original art: Toboso Yana, Kuroshitsuj: Chapter 138


I hope the chapter will be released in next 15 hours, otherwise I don’t think I will color anything before next weekend :(.


Now that the deadline has passed, I can share that I submitted my comic Real Hero Shit to the Creators For Creators grant! While it would amazing to win, I plan on making RHS happen regardless, so don’t worry about that. As a part of the application, I had to finish five consecutive pages of the comic to show my storytelling abilities. Here they are!

I am immensely proud of these pages and immensely proud of RHS so far, and I really cannot wait to take you all along on the ride.

Real Hero Shit is a story about privilege, the sins of your parents, the cost of war, and wondering if the little good you can do stands a chance against immeasurable evil. But it’s also about faith, identity, forgiveness, and being a horny idiot while trying to also be a hero. I hope you love it.