Imagine Obi Wan and Anakin during the Clone Wars having a rare break from the war back at the Jedi Temple deciding to go a few rounds in the practice ring together, eager to test their skill in a controlled environment since they rarely having time to train properly because they’re always in actual battles and having to modify their fighting techniques to the conditions. They use the practice rooms in the evening when everyone’s eating so it’s quieter so they’re less likely to disturb anyone. 

In the very corner of the room a young Padawan is practising a kata that she can’t quite get the hang of when Anakin and Obi Wan walk in. She’s stood there completely transfixed, watching as they start warming up and remembering all the stories she’s heard about the front lines of the Clone War and the daring victories of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Then they begin duelling, slowly at first, but gradually fighting more fiercely as the competitive nature of their relationship wins out. Imagine what it must look like - The Heroes With No Fear, unstoppable Jedi duo, war heroes using their battle sharp skills and instinctive understanding of each other’s fighting style against each other. 

She skirts around the edges of room and runs down to one of the canteens where the some other Initiates and Padawans are eating, bursting into the room and yelling “SKYWALKER AND KENOBI ARE HAVING IT OUT IN THE PRACTICE CHAMBERS”. The entire room drops their stuff and runs, dragging people they meet in the corridor along with them. 

Older Padawans and eventually Knights and Masters get wind that something’s going on and start showing up as well. Pretty soon they’re surrounded by a crowd egging them on and are single-handedly responsible for a sudden surge in some very un-Jedi like gambling trends. 

Eventually, Anakin gets distracted being cocky with the crowd and Obi Wan manages to knock him on his arse and disarm him. 

Yoda refuses to disclose how much money he won out of the betting pool.