There’s always space for one more when it comes to giving a lift. This photograph was made by Angus MacKinnon @mackmangus in Benin, just inside the border in the way to Cotonou. Motorbikes are a very popular mode of transport in Benin. This was made when @invisibleborders past through the country. #ib2014 #lagossarajevo #roadtrip #angusmackinnon

Akinola Abudu, Cab driver, Lagos. 2014. II. Shot by @mackmangus as part of the 2014 @invisibleborders Roadtrip. Public transport personnel are at the centre of a city, they know the physical layout like the back of their hand and know the people too because of their daily interactions. Getting to know a cab driver is getting to know a city. #ib2014 #roadtrip #lagossarajevo #mackmangus #angusmackinnon