angus and the cat


welp today i just get inspired to draw some charcter from “night in the woods” after i watched @therealjacksepticeye​ youtube channel this morning and so i draw them in human style. ihope you guys like it!! :3

I decided to make the little child that Mae and Bea have as an actual OC so… Here she is. The little trash child known as Cassandra ‘Astra’ Borowski-Santello, or ‘Casey’ for short. 

Yes the nickname was Mae’s idea, and her middle name since she was born on Longest Night. Also she can see ‘ghosts’ with her nightmare eyes… As well as her ‘Uncle’ CC (or the ‘real’ Casey). 


Love this game and the music too! The intro makes me want to go slay something evil. I wish Angus and Mae could have talked Demon Tower for I still didn’t beat this gameeee. Stuck on the second to last level with the fast flying, knife throwing red cloak demons. Curse you demons. 

Also, PAINTING over rough sketch for practice, but I MUST PAINT MOREE.  

crap-cat  asked:

How old do you have to be to eat out at a restaurant? My friends and I, 6 of us in total, are planning to go out to the mall, there are restaurants in the mall and wondering if we're allowed to go out to eat at legit places, for ex. Fantasy lazydog, Fantasy cafe bizou. We're all 13 years old, if we can't go to the restaurants stated above, does anyone know any places we could possibly go to? - Angus McDonald, world's great detective!


  • Angus: It goes to show, you should have a little more faith in Mae.
  • Mae: Yeah, that would have been a total CAT-tastrophe!
  • Gregg: (Sarcastically) Hahahahaha...
  • Mae: But I'm feeling much better MEOW!
  • Bea: *groan*
  • Mae: Ehhh? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
  • Angus: Okay, that's enough.
  • Mae: Wait, I've been coming up with cat jokes all night.
  • Mae: You guys, I'm FELINE fine.
  • Mae: Everything's PURRRRFECT!
  • Mae: Oh come on! I'm just KITTEN around!