this guy never ceases to amaze us all with his coordiation

Closed RP

==>Angulu: Find the prince’s quad.
>You search through the halls, knocking on doors and peering into rooms, looking for Zinvea. You’re having a hard time finding -anyone- to even help you look. With an order this urgent, you could use the help. Damn, do you miss having access to a loudspeaker.
>The last door in this wing belongs to Estees, but you wouldn’t be surprised to find her there with the emperor. You knock.

i dont think [s]Collide was as tense as GAME OVER or Cascade, but i dont think it was supposed to be. It was a fun nostalgic thing that was supposed to show everyone working together as a team and earning their reward, kind of like [s] Rex Duodecim Angulus.

Now. … a REALLY tense fight is on its way. Thats what I think.

Because Lord English has not yet been defeated.

And the people battling him could still very much get killed. Especially Meenah, who is the ghost of her alpha self and ultra-vulnerable to incineration.