Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Draco x reader- cuddling in the common room and reader trying to make pansy jealous because she likes him and draco catches on and tries to show pansy that he likes reader and not her

Warnings: Language

A/N: Kinda short :)

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Y/N takes a seat in her usual spot on the couch, right next to her boyfriend Draco. “How was your day, love?” The question makes her smile. Draco doesn’t ask anyone else questions like that – his sweet side is reserved for her.

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Decades had come and decades had gone

The wood had shrivelled, and birds lost their song.

But from within the twisted bark, at the crack of dawn,

A single star rose, and kissed life into earth so forlorn.

sorry this took a while anon! I hope you like it :D? and you’re very kind to me – thank you for the compliments! (I like rhyme scheme, so have a very crude attempt at poetry too)

I think about pre-existence-of-humankind alcor a lot

(working bgm)