Ever since I started this blog I’ve wanted to make a special post about Hedorah, and this may be the best time to do it.

While fans know Hedorah as a horryfing, deadly monster that almost killed Godzilla and the planet, the Godzilland products of the 80s showed a very different side of the smog monster.

For starters it was pink. Some stickers here and there may have it purple or green but for the most part it was pink. A weird choise, but this is Godzilland! Even the evil monsters from the movies are nice and friendly here, right?

Actually no. While the anime from the 90s made the likes of King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla friendly, the Godzilland from the 80s had the aforementioned monsters and Gigan as mean bullies. Sometimes, like in this little comic from the box of a board game, Ebirah and Moguera would join the mischief…

But never Hedorah, at least as far as I could see (and I’ve seen a lot). In fact in that comic Hedorah seems to be the victim of Ebirah’s bullying, how crazy is that? And in the last panel it’s winking at the audience, cutely breaking the fourth wall.

All the monsters from the line had a “default” art, mostly used when they are just posing and doing nothing in particular. The ones for King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla depicted them as angry; Hedorah meanwhile was closing its eyes in a way that is often used to denote happiness and joy.

Also very often it was seen eating healthy, non poluted dinner.

The closest thing that 80s Godzilland had to stories was a couple of sticker albums. I know one of them was about a race, and here we see what I assume is Hedorah as part of the audience, cheering; meanwhile the bully trio plans its next mean move.

And then there is another sticker album where Hedorah downright helps defeat the bully trio! It and Moguera help the Mothra larvae throw Gigan into a hole! Did you ever expect to see Mothra and Hedorah officially fighting on the same side?

Another thing about this Hedorah are the lines above it’s eyes. It may be a simplified version of how the original looked, but it’s really hard not to see it as eyelashes. Combined with the fact that it’s commonly pink (and I know I’m being stereotypical here, but come on have you seen Gojirin?) I can’t help but imagine this Hedorah as being female. It probably helps that I first saw the spanish version of Godzilla vs. Hedorah where the smog monster is indeed refered to as a “she”.

Also apparently it (she?) can play the saxophone.

You already saw at the begining that Hedorah lifts (at least tries to), but according to the bootleg cards it also plays baseball.

Here we see some erasers. Hedorah may not be the most detailed one but it’s big! Wich would make it the most useful one as an eraser… but honestly I could never bring myself to use them.

And wathever is going on here, Hedorah seems used to it.

Bottom line, Godzilland is interesting and so is its version of Hedorah. They could have gone the cliche way and make it a mean bully like the others, but I take more joy from seeing it as a pink blob of happiness for a change. Just like the movie it originated from, it reminds us that nothing is set in stone. It’s good to experiment and try new things.


Made this animation preview video thing if anyone cares. Just to show some sign of activity.