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"Monster"by Meg Myers, "Silence Looks Good On You" by Rachel Taylor & "Animals" by Maroon 5 are flawless Steo songs <3

THEY ARE. Those are three of my all time favorites! I also like “Dark on Me” by Starset and “Do Me Damage” by Digital Daggers. 

inderlander made a super lovely steo playlist over on 8tracks that has some of those songs and a bunch of others that work really great for them too: 

Burn Me In your Bones

Moody Music for Remembering your Painful Youth

1. “I Remember"  - Damien Rice

2. "Youth"  - Daughter

3. "Cooling - Tori Amos

4. "Anthems for a Seventeen Year old Girl” - Broken Social Scene

5. “Cold Cold Water” - Mirah

6. “Wonderwall” - Ryan Adams

7. “Misspent Youth” - Clap your Hands Say Yeah

8. “Gagging Order” - Radiohead

9. “I Tried to Leave you” - Leonard Cohen

10.  “The Way it Will Be” - Gillian Welch

11. “Bend and Not Break” - Dashboard Confessional

12. “Saturn Returns” - Adam Guettel

13. “Flowers in December” - Mazzy Star

14. “Please, Please, Please Let me Get What I want"  - The Smiths

15. "These Days” - Nico

♥when you find out your crush is a butt♥

this recently happened to me so this mix happened

01. mixtape - brand new // 02. paint you wings - all time low // 03. really don’t care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd // 04. roam - the story so far // 05. oh well, oh well - mayday parade // 06. the boy who could fly - pierce the veil // 07. the best thing (that never happened) - we are the in crowd // 08. if you can’t hang - sleeping with sirens // 09. decode - paramore // 10. dammit - blink 182 // 11. thanks for nothing - the downtown fiction // 12. underdog - you me at six // 13. i knew you were trouble - taylor swift // 14. sugar, we’re going down - fall out boy // 15. thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy // 16. this is the end - the maine


Natalia Kills - Saturday Night (2013)

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whats keiths favourite song in dirty laundry?? apart from The Black Parade ofc

Okay well see I have a method to Keith’s music taste

He loves MCR and P!ATD like the emo trash he is and so obviously he loves songs in that department
But! His secret guilty obsession is angsty music from the 80s hence depeche mode
(Basically look up enjoy the silence by depeche mode, personal Jesus, it’s a sin by the pet shop boys etc. CRINGY SONGS LIKE THAT— also pidge totally got him into that music. Like 100% true)
But if you want his ultimate favorite song? I wouldn’t know. I feel like anyone can pick that? He’s a universal character and is open to anyone’s interpretation! (Imo his favorite song would have meaning. Like something he’d probably listen and want to cry a lot. Smile by mikky ekko sort of comes to mind.)

Betrayal isn't always as intended.

(CATS the musical fanfic, AU, femslash-ish, angstyness. also authors “comments” at the end)

Bombalurina had always hated the grungy city off Buxtown.
with its gritty buildings, cracking sidewalks and crumbling streets. It was a place where she never truly felt at home, yet still in the past six years since she has lived there she hasn’t once tried moving.
Though where else would she go?She was a tough, flirtatious, whiskey drinking queen with ginger fur and hips the could knock even the most respected Toms on their ass, and they have.

but she never has made friends as easily as she let’s on, her so called friends always saw her as a tom stealing flirt and her enemy’s shared the same perspective, Yet she was a loyal friend to those few who really knew her.

But even with the issues of friendships aside, there weren’t many places left that would tolerate her line of work, at least none that were better than where she was currently.
But she figured that’s the price you paid when you’re working under a drug dealer who’s hated and or feared by just about everyone else in the business.

Bombalurina was feeling fidgety and uncontent to just one spot, having moved from her recliner, to the couch, to the floor and against the wall several times already,
She finally decided to walk over to the dirty window of the small half abandoned apartment she had taken up residence in and reflect on her deprived surroundings.
The rain hammered down on the small town as if the Everlasting cat them self was saddened by the current state of it.

But through the grime covered glass and pouring rain something in the distance caught her eye, or rather someone. A gold and Black colored torbie queen, and even from Bomba’s curent position she could never mistake that head of tousled gold and red hair for anyone other than Demeter.
To Bombalurina, Demeter was like the soft sweet breath of cool autumn’s eve, with a warm smile and such captivating blue eyes that she couldn’t even count the amount of times that she had lost herself staring into them.

A slight shiver tempted to creep up Bombalurina’s spine as swallowed hard. She was not ready for this.

As Bombalurina oppened her front door and Demeter came closer, she could see the unsteady smile on her face. Her eyes may have had a way of pulling Bombalurina in making her have a hard time catching her breath but they also never could hide Demeter’s emotions, even if the rest of her could.

“Bombalurina!” Demeter called as she approached the Scarlet Queen, though it seemed more like a demand than just the usual conversational beginning “I am going to cut straight to the point here.” She stated with a slight tremble in her voice, Bomba could tell that this wasn’t something that had suddenly come up.
No this was something that Deme had been thinking over for some time. “Bomba I’ve come here because I want more.. more than to just be your friend” Demeter said, now with a very obvious shake in her voice.

Bombalurina’s breath hitched, she couldn’t find the words to give to the rust patterned queen before her. Tears slowly started to well up causing the small porch light to beautifully glistenin Demeter’s eyes as the scarlet queen just stood there without a reply. “Bomba please! Speak to me.” She whimpered.

Bombalurina seamed to be struggling against herself as she clenched her fists before finally sighing in defeat. “I… I can’t” Bomba managed to reply as a single tear betrayed her and fell down her cheek. Demeter’s ears tilted back in shock, she was suddenly filled with a wave of so many emotions, betrayal and pain being the strongest.

“What does that mean?” Demeter cried out as she slammed her fist against the Scarlet queen’s chest in defeat, all though it trully didn’t physically hurt, Bombalurina still winced in pain. “I’ve known you for so long Bomba” Demeter said in almost a whisper “close to six years. And in that time I’ve seen you flirt, sleep with and get your heart broken by so many toms.” She said with a small growl.
“I’ve always been with you, through all of it. And I’ve waited.. for you, because… I thought you loved me!” She sobbed “you were always so kind to me, so gentle, you never treated me like you did anyone else!” Bomba’s throat tightened as Demeter spoke “ I fucking love you, Bombalurina!” The golden queen almost screamed “please! Give me something more than just that!” She sobbed as rested her face on Bombalurina’s chest, letting her tears fall onto the scarlet queen’s once dry shirt.

Bombalurina looked back, wanting desperately to comfort the golden torbie and not knowing where to rest her gaze without letting her emotions get the better of her, as she was even more broken than she was letting on. “Demeter, you alone… light a fire in my once cold and heardend heart.” she replied.

Demeter sniffled and whimpered as she slowly looked up at Bombalurina and into her amber colored eyes, which only now did Demeter notice held so much pain.

Bombalurina carefully studied Demeter’s gold and black fur, her sapphire blue eyes which had been so reddened by the tears that should never have need fallen in the first place, her messy hair which always seemed to spike in every direction and finally her trembling lips which so desperately begged to be kissed.

Eventually, Bombalurina took a deep breath and almost forced herself to speak. “I’m so very sorry. but I can not give you what you’re asking.” Demeter’s heart sank “I’m afraid Demeter, that you will never know me as anything more than a close friend.” she explained, in a tone as hard and cold as stone.

Demeter looked completely defeated, her heart was raw and crushed, and her physical appearance didn’t hide it at all.
Bombalurina could actually hear Demeter’s heart shatter into somany pieces, all of them almost screaming at her, crying out, wondering why she was hurting her this way.

Then before anychance of taking it back, or any hope of reaching out to the golden queen, Demeter took off, running into the distance with the evening mist seeming to swallow her whole, leaving only the memory of the painful, betrayed look she had on her face permanently seared into Bomba’s mind.

Bombalurina then closed her front door and letting herself slowly slide down its hard wooden surface until she was almost able to touch her knees to her forehead, she looked over at the chuckling Tom in the corner. “Are you quite please with yourself brother?” She hissed as a tear fell angrily down her face.

the ginger Tom walked over to her, placed his hand under her chin and slowly lifted her head. “Oh sweet baby sister” He purred “you should know by now that I’ll always get my way, so I don’t know why you even fight me in the first place.”

Bombalurina fought back a growl that was starting to erupt deep within her chest. “I’ve done as you wanted Macavity! Now leave her out of this!” She almost spat. The ginger Tom laughed as he stood back up and began to walk away. “I cannot make any promises my dear Rena. After all, I never really have been a man of my word.”


(So.. um… here is a thing
It’s kinda short and shitty and poorly punctuated and more than likely grammatically lacking! But it’s a thing!

Let me know HONESTLY what you guys think okay!!

This is my first ever fan fiction as well… and of course.. it has to be some angsty, sad DemiBomb garbage that I threw together during 2:00am and 7:00am (damn insomnia) but yeah… I’m just going to stop trying to justify this crud and let you guys be the judges)

what she says: I’m fine
what she means: Six tries. it took Rebecca Sugar six tries to write It’s Over. only six. to write the most beautiful and angsty openly mogai friendly music I have ever been graced with in my life. It takes me more tries than that to tie my shoes in the morning. I am angered. I am amazed. I cannot believe she exists in the same timeline as me. here, in Universe E, the year 2K16. attempt number six has changed my life and I live in a respectful fear of what the other five could have done. they’re still out there somewhere, you know. perhaps only in her mind. does Rebecca know she has all of my emotions in the palm of her hand right now as of one song lasting approximately two minutes? I am completely defenseless. Six Tries. What the hell, Rebecca. What the hell.

~~== Lonely Roads ==~~

(( written to this ))

It’s been a few days really.. just Me and Bucky, out in the world while i figure things out. My mind is all abit scrambled i guess. Rawkin.. he said “i should be free to do what i want, with my life. And to not let anyone else tell me different..”

If that’s the case.. then why does it feel wrong that i’m out here..?

Every time that i think about it.. i slowly burst into tears. No one’s around to hear except for my weapon.. my last friend. My tears fall onto dry ground as we dwell the desert, the sun casting burning gazes onto the white and sizzling sands.. The only occasional carcass of bones and oasis are my cover.. My clothes; coat and armor, silver in the sunshine, dusted with the sands that blow.. Sorta glad i managed to have goggles.. they help.

I keep feeling myself slip farther and father away from what i wanted.. but Bucky.. Bucky keeps telling me to hold on, to hold on till it bleeds. So i’ll do that.. I’ll do that until we reach the end..

I kept the linkpearls i had.. the chatter, it’s a bit of comfort.. Just a little bit to know they’re still there.. Though they worry, they fight, i can’t bring myself to speak a word.. Just.. sit there in silence.. They don’t need to bother.. I’m too far for them to find me anymore..

I caught a passing merchant, his caravan heading the way i came, i asked him what was beyond. He gave me a hollow look before speaking, my heart moved uneasily before it..  “There’s nothing but remembrance this way, little one. Tread carefully..” He waved me off, not before letting me refill my supplies, in exchange for conversation on our lonely roads.

It was late when we met, but the night sky was glistening with silver moonlight, not a soul for malms around.. just us. We both made camp, where the payment of conversation was had. I told him about Bucky.. how he’s a talking sword.. made back during the allag era.. how he’s seen it all. Knows all, but seldom to share the knowledge to anyone else but me..

I told him about Glass, the Network, Craftsman, Enambris and them. How i.. how i don’t know who i really am. How i carry the memories of one Eloise Daemond. Told him bout her life.. the disappointments, the tragedies that she worked so hard to escape, but only was met with even more.. How in the end, she made peace with her demon. But wasn’t ready to say goodbye..  

Bout how in the end.. i sorta wish’d i stayed dead, instead of lived now.. Shell forgotten, with old memories and diaries left behind.. Bout how troubled everything is.. all the memories that flood my mind, all the chaos that my life is.. the crisis of knowing who i was.. of how i yearned for love that could never be..

By the time i had finished my words, it left him with a reflective expression. The man himself was old, grizzled not brittle. A grey beard to match his ashen hair. His voice was husky, but appealing to my hearing..  A smile on his face made an eventual appearance. He commented, about how my life was complex, but it wasn’t something beyond imagining, beyond comprehension.. beyond solution.

He told me about his own, how he hailed from a land long forgotten. His life wasn’t that much different, there was crisis, triumph.. tragedy, repeated over and over. He had the features of a Doman, yet along with something else i couldn’t place. He described to me the cultures he’d seen on his travels, and how if it were not for certain experiences in his life.. he wouldn’t be here, on the trail i was; searching for some clarity in the chaotic lives we both seemed to live, both of varying degrees but yet.. they were beyond the realm of calm.

Only what seemed to be mere minutes of conversation was really hours upon hours passing, the waning silver moonlight along the barren plains gently cascaded.. The shining and shimmering stars above looked like distant torchlights, calming yet uneasy with the thought.. In time we turned from conversation to rest, claiming what sleep we could by the dwindling gentle crackle of the campfire.

The sun hadn’t even begun to cast beyond the horizon, but the light was a gentle aura within the sky, the clouds above were alight with orange and blue hues as the sun beckoned for morning. The travelling merchant was groggy to wake but he hadn’t resisted. Ensuring we both had our wits about us, one last conversation for payment as supplies were exchanged and restored, we spoke of where we both planned to go once we reach the end.. Neither of us had an answer of certainty. But a gentle smile dawned onto the man’s old features as he said not to worry. Certain he was that the answer would come clear to both of us someday.. Some day soon.

With final goodbyes and beckons for safer travels we departed, the merchant and his little caravan travelling to certain civilation and myself.. To the waking world beyond. To uncertainty of where i’d go. With an hour or so’s travel done i glanced back to see the Merchant and his trail, visible but distant on the warming empty plains.. Turning back to my front I could see the coast, barely beyond my sight.. Ships were moored just off the shore, they looked to be speckles of dust on the vast blue.. My heart yearned to head there..

 Perhaps my answers were still within reach..

Just on these lonely roads..

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Do you have any happy, post-reconciliation or pre-Homra themed songs for Misaru? I only have all these angsty songs on my playlist haha

I had to really look for happy songs, it’s the angst pairing so happy is hard to find XD Let’s see…just for general dorkiness, I think of Good 4 It by Wallpaper as like the ‘Yata/Fushimi ends up in deep shit and drags the other one in to help him out’ song. When it Comes to Us by Frances would probably be categorized as ‘happy,’ it’s like ‘we’re totally different but it works anyway because it’s us.’ Who Do You Love by Marianas Trench is a good ‘Fushimi trying to get over his shit’ song. For more ‘sweet’ happy I also like Safe by Brit Nicole and Stay by Jillian Edwards.

ok listen im doing the starters i swear but.  the first song that came on was pity the child from chess the musical and I’M SO UPSET ABOUT FREDDIE TRUMPER JUST

“when i was nine i learned survival taught myself not to care, i was my single good companion”    “pity the child who knew his parents, saw their faults, saw their love die before his eyes. pity the child that wise”   “when i was twelve my father moved out …. i didn’t miss him, he made it perfectly clear, i was a fool and probably queer”     “i never called to tell her all i’d done. i was only her son”

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Send me a (✧∀✧) and I’ll randomly generate a number between 1-20. My muse will then say the following to your muse. || Accepting

13. “Don’t look at me like I’m the enemy here. You’re the one that broke me.”

Raelene couldn’t manage to look him in the eyes. She rubbed at her own, swiping away tears that had been threatening to fall.