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  • Catarina: So I heard the surprise party for Alec didn't go as expected
  • Magnus: we portaled into the loft half naked, making out, when twenty people hiding behind furniture turned on the lights and yelled 'Surprise!' So no, Cat, I don't think it went as expected
A thousand apologies

This is my first ever malec fic, and it’s set right after 2x12. Hope you enjoy!


Alec was standing in a clave meeting, unable to focus. His arms were crossed and he had an agitated look on his face, his jaw more tense than usual. He’d forgotten what the meeting was even about. Something along the lines of Valentines escape and a half-hearted “thank you for taking care of Azazel” directed at him. None of that really mattered right now.

When the meeting finally was over, Alec excused himself off to his bedroom. It felt awfully quiet at the institute. Just thinking about everything that has went down in just a matter of a few days, made Alec walk restlessly back and forth in his room. He kept checking his phone, but even the phone was dead silent. He wasn’t sure whether or not to worry about that.

After leaving Magnus’ loft earlier that afternoon, he’d felt devastated and full of guilt. When he’d asked Magnus desperately what he could do to fix things, he got no respond. That’s when his heart shattered, because he knew there was nothing he could do to fix the damage that had been done to him. Alec felt disgusted and full of shame for not being able to recognize his own boyfriend in the shape of a ruthless killer. It didn’t make it any better that Magnus couldn’t even look him in the eyes afterwards. Seeing Magnus sitting with his head hanging low made Alec realize how small and vulnerable he looked. All Alec wanted to do was to reach out to his beloved and hold him tight, tell him again and again how sorry he was, but he didn’t dare to touch him in fear of being rejected. Instead, they sat in silence for a while before Magnus had asked for some time alone.

Alec got no more messages that night, nor any phone calls. All he could do, was wait. That night felt particularly long and lonesome. And little did the young shadowhunter know that not far from the institute, across the street, was a particularly devastated warlock crying away the hours of the night.

The first thing Alec did when he woke up the next morning was to check for any new messages. To his disappointment, the display showed no new missed calls or messages. He was tempted to dial Magnus’ number just to hear his voice, but decided it was best if he didn’t.

Alec spent all morning in the training area, kicking and hitting away at the punching bag, until he got tired off all the concerned looks from everyone at the institute and hid in his room. His stomach was twisting and he felt a sudden urge to throw up. He decided to take a long shower in hope to get his mind off of all the horrible thoughts that was swirling around in his head.

It was late in the afternoon, and still no sign from Magnus. Alec was getting more worried as time went by, but tried to tell himself that Magnus needed the time alone. The thought didn’t calm him down though.

Around 6 pm, Alec was getting way too restless to sit still up in his room, so he decided to head out to get some fresh air. As he walked past Jace and the others, he caught them mentioning Magnus’ name, so he stopped and turned around.

“What are you guys talking about?” Alec asked expressionless with his arms crossed over his chest. Jace, Clary and Izzy turned silent as they exchanged looks. Alec raised an eyebrow and stared at each of them. Finally, Jace took a deep breath and looked over at his parabatai.

“Apparently, there’s been more absurd demon attacks.” Jace said slowly before looking back at Clary and Izzy. Alec remained expressionless as he waited for the rest of the explanation.

“We’re thinking there might be more greater demons on the lookout for the mortal cup.” Clary continued. Still no respond from Alec. Jace got a nervous look in his eyes as he swallowed hard and looked back at Alec.

“We were just talking about… We might need someone to help us with this.” Jace said carefully. Alec knew exactly who they meant by this “someone” and felt anger building up inside.

“And you were thinking about asking Magnus…” Alec said with annoyance in his voice, his eyes glowing with dismay. The other three exchanged looks again before staring back at Alec.

“Alec, we-“ Izzy began to say, but Alec didn’t want to hear it. Instead, he lifted his hand as a sign for her to stop.

“Unbelievable!” He was shouting now, not caring about who would hear him. The others looked at him with wide eyes. Jace tried to reach for Alec’s arm, but he only shook it off.

“No! I can’t believe you’re seriously thinking about asking Magnus for help after everything he’s been through, and after everything he’s already done for us!” Alec shouted furiously before he turned around and started walking towards the exit.

“Alec, wait! Come back!” He heard them shout after him, but he’s had enough. Tears was forcing its way to the surface as he started to run in the direction of Magnus’ loft.

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No Way Around

A Malec oneshot ~ 3.8k words

Also available on Ao3. 

Summary: Magnus and Alec are assigned to kill a demon terrorizing a mundane neighborhood, but once they split up, Alec is faced with a difficult decision. Both have dire consequences, so what is Alec willing to give up?

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“What scares you?”

Magnus stood at the window, fingers wrapped around a glass of scotch, eyes focused on the night sky and the heavy rains that had turned Brooklyn into a mess of sludge and grime, bringing to the surface the debris that had stayed long buried beneath the city, If he was outside he was sure he would have been able to smell it as well. The combination of wet air and the putrid smell of things best left forgotten but which loved to make an appearance in the most extreme of weather conditions, whether it be the blistering heat of a too hot sun, or the continuous downpour of rain that hadn’t stopped in over a week.

They said misery loves company and what could be more miserable than a rain that refused to stop and was a perfect reflection of his current state of mind?

“What are you afraid of Magnus?”

He closed his eyes, unable to help it as memories took him back to that night. The first night he’d had Alexander in his bed. Gods he’d been so happy. Happier than he’d been in centuries. Happier than he’d let himself be in centuries. Oh, how he’d fought it. That need to be happy. That need to connect with someone who would make him so happy and in the next breath shatter him into tiny different pieces. He’d resisted for so long, covered it all up with a happy face, kept everyone else from sensing that he kept them all at arm’s length. A pretty easy thing to do when you think about it. Most people took your replies at face value, always took the easy out you gave them so you could keep your pain to yourself.

Most people, yes. But not his Alexander. Never his Alexander.

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Summary: Magnus finds an Agony rune on Alec’s hip.

Cw: Implied/Reference to Self Harm, Implied/Reference to Torture

(Please let me know if there is anything you want me to change, I haven’t written anything like this before and I don’t want to upset anyone, so if there is something that I didn’t handle properly, PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to fix it.)


Magnus’ eyebrows were knit together in concentration, tongue sticking out a little bit as he tread carefully across the carpet, taking each step as slowly as possible. A droplet of sweat rolled down his forehead, and his fingers were threatening to shake, as he made his way to the couch. The knock on the door made Magnus jump, the cup of tea falling from his grasp and splattering the ground with chai. Magnus groaned, and snapped his fingers, the mug reforming and the puddle evaporating, all evidence of the offending spill wiped away with just a little bit of magic.

Magnus should have known this would happen, Alec had said he was on his way over no more than thirty minutes ago, but the apartment had been too quiet and Magnus had needed a distraction. He fixed his face into as flirtatious a smile as possible and opened the door, slow and dramatic “Hello, Mr. Lightwo…is that your blood?”

Blush formed on Alec’s cheeks as he looked down at himself, forehead, neck, shirt, pants, hands, and hair caked in a thick, dark blood. “No,” Alec replied casually “Shax demon, took me by surprise as I was rounding the corner and kind of just…” Alec waved his hands around “exploded, when I stabbed it,”

“I see,”

Normally, Alec would have already made his way into the apartment, pulling off his jacket and heading directly for the couch. Today he hesitated at the door, which, admittedly Magnus appreciated because he really didn’t want to deal with boot tracks of ichor sticking to his carpets. “Do you mind if I use your shower?”

Magnus frowned, and stroked his chin in an exaggerated thinking face “Hmmm,” he said, narrowing his eyes at Alec “The Head of the New York Institute, naked, and dripping wet in my bathroom…” he clicked his tongue and sucked in a breath “I suppose I’ll allow it,”

Alec rolled his eyes, but the unconscious posturing at the usage of his new title did not go unnoticed by Magnus. “Thank you, oh kind and gracious, High Warlock of Brooklyn,” Alec replied as he stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind him, kicking off his boots and tugging off his shirt as he made a beeline for the shower.

Between staring at the boots, brushing ichor on the floor, and Alexander’s delicious back, Magnus was impressed that he could close his dropped jaw long enough to manage a wolf whistle “If I had known there was going to be a strip show involved, I would have let you in my shower much sooner,”

“Oh, fuck off,” Alec said, but Magnus could see the red bloom across the back of Alec’s neck and shoulders.

“I love you too, darling!” Magnus called to Alec as the bathroom door closed behind him.


Alec took no time in peeling the sticky, stinking clothing off of his body, and crinkling his face in disgust. He muttered under his breath about the ruining of his favorite shirt, but didn’t fret too long, as the idea of washing the ichor off his skin, and the fact that he had a literally magical boyfriend who would more than happily return his outfit to it’s former glory, was more than enough comfort to convince him to go about his day.

It was strange to Alec, asking to use Magnus’ shower, considering how many times in the past few weeks he had showered here before work. When late night dates would turn into overnight stays, and he would wake in the morning with Magnus curled up against his side, the first rays of morning light streaming in through the cracks in the curtains. He made sure the faucet’s spout was pulled up, so the water would redirect itself to the shower head instead of pouring water down on his feet. It hadn’t taken Alec long to learn how big of a bath fan Magnus Bane truly was. He turned the dial to his usual setting, and pulled the knob out, releasing the water into a jet above him. He stood there for a minute, letting the water wash over his body and relax the tension in his muscles. He reached for his washcloth and the bar of soap, and rubbed at his skin until every last fleck of ichor was wiped away, and his whole body was red from how hard he had scrubbed. He ran some shampoo through his hair, and clasped his hair with both of his palms, forming as much of his hair as possible into a Mohawk in the center of his head. He hummed a little to himself, low and unintelligible from outside the general safety of the shower, glad that Magnus wasn’t here to see him making a fool of himself.

When the last of the suds had washed themselves down the drain and Alec felt like himself again, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel and rubbing it through his hair quickly before wrapping it around his waist and holding it in place with his hand. He stepped over his dirty clothes, he would pick them up in a minute, and wandered into Magnus’ room, straight through to his closet, pulling open the underwear drawer and searching through it.


Magnus was just finished preparing another cup of tea when he heard Alec’s voice, muffled from behind the wall “Maaaaggss,”

Magnus smiled fondly to himself, but ignored it, holding preference over the tea he had wanted to drink this morning.


Magnus groaned internally, and placed the kettle on the stove before making his way into his bedroom. “Yes, dear?”

“I swear to the Angel if you disappeared my underwear again, just so that I would walk around naked, we’re breaking up,” Alec’s voice replied from the depths of Magnus’ closet, only somewhat joking.

“When have I ever done something like that?” Magnus feigned hurt and surprise.

“Two weeks ago,” Alec pointed out, head poking out to look Magnus in the eyes.

“Well, sorry to disappoint you, Alexander, but I did not disappear your hideous underwear,”

“How can there not be a single pair of clean boxers in this entire apartment? Half my clothes are in here…including my socks!” Alec shook a pair of socks in Magnus’ general direction for emphasis.

‘You mean your socks with the holes in the toes?”

“Yes, those,”

Magnus shook his head, and circled around the room, looking for any of Alec’s clean laundry. “Here!” he said, pulling a pair out from a drawer in his dresser, and striding across the room, tossing them at his boyfriend when he had closed enough distance.

“Thanks,” Alec said, twisting to catch the flying piece of cloth. The grip on his towel slipped momentarily, revealing a scandalous portion of his hip. Not that it mattered much anyway, as Alec let the towel fall to the floor, and slipped his boxers on. “Where did you find them?”

Magnus’ only response was a shaky intake of breath. Alec turned around to face Magnus once more “Magnus?” he asked, taking in his sudden paleness and the look in his eyes. “Are you okay?”

Magnus looked down towards the floor, and then up at Alec, an unreadable flash of something appearing on his face. He took a step forward, and then another, and another until he was almost flush against Alec’s chest. His shaking fingers curled around the elastic waistband of Alec’s boxers.

“Magnus, what are you doing?” Alec asked as Magnus began to pull the fabric on his right hip down. Alec took Magnus’ hands in his and pulled them away from his underwear “I have to get dressed. Besides, ripping my clothes off would be kind of anticlimactic at this point, don’t you think?” Magnus barely seemed to register Alec’s words, as his hands slipped from Alec’s grasp and went back to his boxers, beginning to pull them down on one side “Magnus, seriously, what are you doi- oh,” the color drained from Alec’s face, his entire body feeling as if he had been plunged into ice, as his eyes trailed down to Magnus’ hand, hovering over the dark black lines carved into his hip.

“I know this rune,” Magnus said, voice tired and drained. Alec could not bring himself to look Magnus in the eye, focusing instead on the ceiling. The pain and anger in Magnus’ voice hit Alec hard enough he almost lost his balance. “Why do you have it?”

“I forgot that was there,”

“Is that all you have to say?!” Alec flinched at the harshness in Magnus’ tone “You forgot it was there? I don’t accept that,” he clenched his jaw “Why is it there?”

“I-I don’t know,” he told the floor, voice growing small.

“That’s bullshit, Alec! That rune is not something you draw on a whim, it’s not something to take lightly. Why is it there?!” the words ripped themselves out of Magnus’ throat, loud, and rough, and Alec could feel the panic starting to claw away at him.

“I wanted to know what…no, I-I had to know what you went through, what I put you through,”

“So you tortured yourself?” Magnus wheeled backwards “What were you expecting? That you’d feel better? Did it make you feel better?”

“No, no it made everything worse. When I came out of it for the first time, the guilt I felt about what happened made me want to rip my heart out of my chest,”

Magnus’ face fell, took a step back, hurt rushing to his face as if he had been slapped “The-the first time?”

Fuck. Alec’s eyes widened imperceptibly Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUC-

“Did you use it more than once?”

“No,” Alec replied.

“You’re lying to me,” disbelief flashed in Magnus’ eyes “Did you use it more than once?”

Alec closed his eyes tight, squaring his shoulders, and biting his lip. “Yes, I-, yes,”

“What were you thinking, Alexander?” there was no anger in his voice, no rage, just disappointment and…sadness.

“I don-“

“Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know,” and it struck Alec in that moment just how terrifying Magnus could be, how exactly he could strike fear into the hearts of those who stood against him. Even without his magic flaring up around him, Alec could feel the sheer amount of power that coursed through Magnus’ veins. “That rune, it causes a kind of pain that I would never wish on anybody…not even Valentine. So let me ask you again…what. were. you. Thinking?”

“THAT I WOULD STOP THINKING!” Alec exploded, anger erupting form his chest. “That maybe I could concentrate on the pain and that I would stop feeling, stop thinking, that I could just….focus on one fucking thing, that my brain would go quiet…even for a second. But it didn’t, it hasn’t, all it did was make it worse. I fucked up, is that what you want to hear? I always fuck up. All I wanted to do was help my sister and instead I got you tortured and almost killed, I tried to be a good soldier, play by the rules, win back favor with the Clave even though they handed everything I had worked towards to Jace, and I betrayed your trust, again, I didn’t listen to my gut, again, and I’m doing it now. You were the one that suffered, you are the one trying to figure out how to live in your own body again, and I’ve made it all about me, because I’m stupid, and I’m selfish, and I ruin everything,”

“Hey, hey, hey, that’s not true,” Magnus stepped forward again and began to reach out to Alec, but he recoiled as if Magnus might burn him. “Your actions were justified, and expected–“

“Stop, Magnus,”

“Valentine is the most dangerous man alive. He manipulates people, he hurts people, and being suspicious of the things I was telling you when I was wearing his face. It was completely normal. It would have been bad if you hadn’t. I don-“

“JUST STOP!” Alec immediately regretted shouting when he noticed Magnus jump slightly, fear taking over his body for just a moment.


“Stop pretending like you don’t blame me, stop pretending like it wasn’t my fault. It was my fault. It was ALL my fault. Stop pretending like we’re okay, like you don’t hate me for what I did to you.” It took everything for Alec to speak through the tears and the tightness in his chest “I hate me. Stop pretending like you still trust me, how could you? I betrayed you, I hurt you, and I hurt you again, right after I promised you I wouldn’t. I just…need you to stop,”

The silence that settled between them was thick and suffocating, and Alec was more than happy to let it strangle him.

“Alexander, look at me,” Magnus’ tone was soft but forceful, leaving no room for argument, a command rather than a suggestion but one that Alec was willing to follow. “What happened with Azazel affected us both, hurt us both. What he did to me was…traumatic, and honesty I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get over it, but you were a victim too. And I’ve been so preoccupied with pretending like I’m fine, that I didn’t realize that you weren’t either. And…I forgot for a moment that you would give away every last part of yourself to help somebody else. Look, I’m sorry I snapped, and that I got angry with you, I just…I never wanted you to feel that kind of pain.” Magnus reached out slowly, resting his hand on Alec’s arm, when he didn’t try and pull away. “I want you to listen to me very carefully, Alexander, I don’t blame you for what happened. You don’t ruin everything you touch, you make it better. You learn from your mistakes, you love with your whole being, you would do anything for your friends or your family, for me,” He smiled softly, warmly “I know how hard it is for you to believe you’re good enough. But you’re coming into yourself, Alexander, you’ll have your ups and downs, but look at everything you have, you have Clary and Simon, Jace and Izzy, your mom, the council, the Institute, and you have me. You’ll always have me, no matter what, forever.” Magnus pressed a soft kiss to Alec’s cheek “I love you,”

Alec sighed, a calm he hadn’t felt in months washing over his body, pressing their foreheads together and breathing him in. “I love you too, and I’m sorry about…what I did. I never wanted to hurt you, I just…honestly I hoped you wouldn’t find out, that the rune would just fade in a couple days and you would never have to know about my…moment of weakness,”

There was hurt in the setting Magnus’ shoulders “I thought we’ve been through this, love” Magnus replied, rubbing small circles into his arms “I want you to tell me when things get bad. It would kill me to know you were going through something like this all on your own.”

“I know, I just…I didn’t want to make you relive the worst moment of your life because I…because I felt guilty, because I was being stupid,”

“You don’t have to hold all of this inside you, Alexander. Not here, not with me.”

“I know,” Alec and Magnus’ hands were intertwined, their foreheads pressed together, Magnus could feel Alec’s heart beating slow and strong in his chest, and he used that to ground him. To wipe away the anger, the pain. To stop the tears prickling at the corner of his eyes. Alec had felt so guilty about what had happened he had tortured himself. Not just hurt himself through overuse and neglect, like he had after Jocelyn’s death. No, he had actively, and purposely drew a mark meant to cause him agony, he had carved it in to his skin, he had sat in his room triggering it over and over again until the memories had blurred together and all that remained was exhaustion, and the knowledge that Magnus had gone through the same thing. But he hadn’t been alone, Alec had been there watching, letting it happen, and he hadn’t been in his own body. And Magnus didn’t quite know how to reconcile that “Magnus, I am so sorry,”

“For what?”

“For not coming to you when I first started thinking about it. For not coming to you when I did it. For…trying to keep it a secret from you. For not telling you I was struggling. For thinking I could just deal with it on my own. I just…I didn’t want to burden you with any more shit. I love you, and I never want to hurt you, or cause you pain.”

“Alexander,” Magnus said, wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist and pulling him impossibly closer, so no space at all existed between their bodies. “No one can walk through this world alone.”

Alec was quiet, only the sound of his breathing and the beating of his heart. “Do you know what I saw?” Alec whispered, lips brushing across Magnus’.

“Do I want to know?” Magnus replied, a nervous lilt in his voice.

“Yeah,” and Magnus was struck by how sure Alec was. “Yeah. It’s good, actually, in a twisted way. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, who could? It was the day Valentine attacked the Institute, and the Soul Sword was activated. I had almost forgotten the taste of fear at this point, so much has happened since, but seeing all those Downworlders, seeing the look of horror in Jace’s eyes, I could feel the guilt spreading through my body from our rune, like it was a poison. And Clary, the realization on her face when she saw me, when she remembered that you had been here too. And I was scared, Magnus. I was afraid, I was devastated, I thought of every way you could have died a horrible death. I was beating myself up, thinking that I might have stepped right over your body on the way down to the control room, that you could have died, alone in a place that you hated. Or worse, that some of Valentine’s men lingered, what they would do to your body if they found you. I was falling apart with every step that I took. I could feel the panic rising up in my chest, overwhelming the hope that you would be okay,  with every room that I walked in, with every second that I didn’t see your body laying there, life drained from your eyes. And that’s where it ended. It ended at the moment that I had begun to lose hope, when the thought that I might never see you again flashed through my mind, the moment I was ready to die.”

“How is that good?”

“Because you’re still alive, you’re still here. Because I remember feeling all those things, but I also remember the way my heart leapt out of my chest when you grabbed my arm. The relief that spread through my body the moment I saw your face. How glad I was to see you, to know that I still had time with you. To know that I loved you, that I love you. With all my heart.”

“I love you, too,” Magnus smiled, although he did not lean in for a kiss like he usually did, just holding him there, trying to keep him grounded. “Alec, we need to talk about this,”


“This rune, your hand, the night of Max’s Rune Ceremony,”


“It doesn’t have to be now, it doesn’t even have to be this week, but, Alexander, I love you, and I want to be there for you, to talk through healthy ways to deal with your emotions that don’t involve you dramatically leaping from my balcony, or literally torturing yourself,”

Alec sighed, closing his eyes and resting his forehead against Magnus’ “Okay,” ‘

“Thank you,” and the last droplets of despair evaporated from Magnus’ body, exhaustion seeping in to his bones instead. Mind thick and foggy from too many relived memories. “Alexander?” Magnus said after a moment, fighting the urge to bite his lip and reveal his uncertainty in Alec’s future answer.

“Mmm?” Alec hummed in response, his eyes closed, and breathe beginning to slow to a steady rate as he followed the rise and fall of Magnus’ chest.

“Will you hold me?” Magnus asked, voice too small for a High Warlock, too quiet and doubtful for the likes of Magnus Bane. But it was a voice Alec was used to, the voice of his lover, of Magnus, not the leader, not the mask, just him, laid bare and hoping for the best despite leaving his heart open and vulnerable to attack.

“I’ll never let go,” Alec replied, entwining their fingers and pulling Magnus gently to the bed. And if Magnus trembled in Alec’s arms, fighting back tears, reliving the darkest moments of his life, neither of them said anything. They just hold eachother closer, tighter, and press soft kisses across bare skin, until the sun sets behind the horizon and they fall asleep.

paxtiel  asked:

43 and malec if you want c:

43. “Are you drunk?”

(My apologies. This should have been a funny/fluffy prompt, but I turned it into angst because sometimes, I like to make fluffy things angsty and angsty things fluffy. Thanks for the prompt!)

Alec hadn’t wanted to go, but duty called. As much as he fought it off, tried to push his duties off on Jace and Izzy, the Head of the Institute was needed. Magnus told him to go, that he would be okay despite all of the turmoil he was facing.

Now, hours later, Alec’s acceleration rune burned bright as he sprinted through the streets of New York, nervous and anxious because Magnus hadn’t responded to any of his texts. While Magnus’s phone wasn’t generally an extension of his hand, it had been a few hours and generally, he would have received at least an emoji by now. But nothing. Absolute radio silence.

Had something happened? Was he mad at him for leaving? He was the one to tell him to go, even as Alec crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly, heels digging in.

Magnus couldn’t be angry when he encouraged him to leave. But so much had been happening lately, he could hardly blame him.

Alec reached the loft and only slowed once he reached the floor, grateful for the gracefulness gifted to him by the angels. (He probably would have tripped and tumbled down the stairs otherwise.) He felt the wards let him in, signaling that Magnus wasn’t angry. But in those few seconds, his mind thought up a million of possibilities, a million of disasters. Alec knew Magnus defended himself years before he even existed, he was the High Warlock of Brooklyn for heaven’s sake. He could defend himself, but it didn’t stop Alec from worrying. Immortal didn’t mean invincible.

He cracked the door open, alert to any sounds. Pushing the door open fully, his shoulders deflated as he spotted Magnus sitting on the couch, an empty bottle from some type of liquor tipped over on its side on the floor.

“Magnus?” Alec asked, striding into the living room after depositing his weapons by the door.

“Mmmm, Alexander!” He slurred, attempting to stand up once, twice, three times before finally managing to get up on his feet.

“Are you drunk?”

“Me? Drunk? Pssh! Never!” Magnus walked over to him, swaying a bit. He splayed his hands on Alec’s chest, grinning.

“I’ve been texting you for hours.”

“Have you? Must have left my phone in my study.” He walked back over to the couch and with a flick of his wrist, he procured a bottle of beer for Alec. “You know I hate drinking alone.”

Alec frowned as he muttered under his breath, “Didn’t really stop you today, did it?”

“What was that, my darling?”

Alec set the bottle of beer down and sat down on the couch beside him, taking his hands in his. “Magnus, what happened?”

“Hmm? Oh, you know, the usual. Make a mistake, make a wrong judgment call, and face the entire group of people who you’ve done everything for, protected time and time again, turn on you in an instance. Every day things, really.” Magnus snapped his fingers and magicked a martini before downing it in a gulp.

Alec frowned, “The other New York warlocks have turned against you? How?”

“They believe I should step down. They believe I’m not the best choice for High Warlock anymore.” He looked down, the goofy smile finally sliding off of his face, a soberness settling into his features. His eyes closed as he threw the martini glass across the loft, startling Alec at the suddenness.

“Is there a way to fight it?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” He leaned forward, burying his face into his hands. Alec reached over, rubbing a hand up and down his back.

“What can I do to help?”

Magnus sighed, turning his head to the side. “For now, help me forget everything. I just… I’ll deal with the politics tomorrow, in the morning. For now, I just want to forget…” The desperation in his face, his words, Alec couldn’t turn him down. Couldn’t say no. He nodded, getting to his feet and offering a hand to Magnus. Alec could give him the night, a night of whatever he needed to lose himself. It was the least he could do.

Part 1 of my Shadowhunter fairy tale AU aesthetics: Magnus Bane as The Little Mermaid.

I chose Magnus for this because he is always on the outskirts, and falling in love with people from another world.

“I know, I know it hurts”

Angst is my speciality :D 

*Blood warning for this one!*

The sound of Magnus’ phone going off pulled him of his concentrate state, he was working on a potion for a client and it needed to be perfect. He would have ignored it if Alec’s name hadn’t of flashed on the screen; with a smile, Magnus placed down the jar of werewolf teeth and picked up his phone pressing the answer button

“Alexander, aren’t you on patrol?” Magnus questioned leaning back against the couch, finally being able to relax after hours of slaving over the potion

“Magnus! It’s Izzy!” Izzy’s frantic voice instantly chased away any sense of relaxation that Magnus was beginning to feel

“Isabelle? Is everything okay?” Magnus questioned as a frown settled on his face

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Do you have any cutesy headcanons on how Alec and Jane spend their days?


  • first of all, they convinced aro to let them have rooms next to each other (they were originally across the hall) and as soon as they got settled they destroyed the wall between them so they have a giant room that they share but it’s absolutely hilarious because jane’s is all pink and elegant while alec’s is the most basic room a preteen boy can have (he has no eye for interior design) so there’s this obvious line of who’s room is who’s.
  • picnics!! they will go up on a hill and lay out a blanket and make flower crowns, play games, etc. sometimes they’ll find a tree and dare each one to climb higher until one of them falls
  • they’ll go to marketplaces or gelato shoppes and dare each other to eat things. most of the time it’s alec eating and jane laughing.
  • they’re really good at poker for some reason. they will play with demetri, felix, and heidi and they always win so the trio accuses them of using some sort of psychic twin connection
  • one time, they took dance lessons. alec hated them but took them for jane’s sake, since she loved them so much. now they’re the most adorable dancers at the volturi dances.
  • jane is very clueless about video games, but she will curl up next to alec while he’s playing them and read some cheesy poetry (sometimes out loud) bc she doesn’t like being away from him for long