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There are so many great blogs and great fics out there that I think deserve more love, so I thought I would do up a post. I have probably missed so many blogs but I will be doing another post when I hit one thousand followers.

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I’ll put the blog first, then some of their fics I love in particular with brief descriptions.

Some of the fics don’t have titles, so the description is the link.


  • Adore - Harry makes a realization
  • Home - Harry being asked about the picture of you in his wallet
  • Talk to Me - giving Harry the silent treatment after getting sick



  • Shakespeare - amazing series in which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA of your new English class. A perfect blend of romance and angst, does contain smut so be warned.
  • Break M’Own Rules - in which alcohol and pricks make for a messy, angry Harry




  • Running on Empty - fainting into Harry’s arms at the gym is one way to get his attention, right?



  • Ruins -  you, along with hundreds of others, are living in a post-apocalyptic society brought upon earth by nuclear war. The effect of this is long-lasting and only allows you to see the sun one every two years. I love this fic a lot, it deserves so much more love and I really hope there will be a part two.

I’m so sorry if I haven’t included your blog in this post, I probably love your blog and have just forgotten to give you a mention. Keep writing more amazing stuff because I love it all!

My masterlist


He hooks up with a bitch that ruined your life.

This was interesting to make, haha. Though, I redid it at least 3 times cause the app kept closing on me! Anyways, sorry for not updating in a long time, guys!

I still have 10 requests to finish, and they’ll be up maybe this weekend or the next(not all of them, though). Thank you for being patient with me!


begin again: tom holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: this took a while to write, but I’m kind of liking how it turned out! let me know if you’d like me to write a second part :-)


requested:  Anonymous-

I love your writing and I love Tom Holland!!❤❤❤💓💓❤💞💞 Can you do a fix where Tom and reader were friends when they were younger and she was an ugly duckling He didn’t like her and years later he meets her again at a priemere she is beautiful??? Sorry if it was long.

Words: 3200+

Warnings: drinking, bullying

summary: things didn’t end well with your relationship with Tom seven years ago. when you see him in the most unlikely of places, you have to learn the importance of forgiveness. 

let me know if you’d like to be added to my tag list!

requests are open!

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“Be happy y/n! ..please..” [PART 1]

hey guys! I just started a new series yay(?)

Request for part 2???

(Note: I will only be doing other parts of a series if people want me to. So please let me know if you’d like another part!💕)

Also! Requests are open soooo… feel free to request me some💕


“S'no way I’d be doing that.”

Harry scoffed, a chuckle from him being heard as he shook his head no, his arms crossing across his chest with a smug smirk, wanting to keep his stance.

“M'not letting you go.”

He’s breathing heavily as his jaw tightened, a knot being tied on his throat as he’s looking at you persistently.

A soft sigh left your lips as a part if you already wanted to give in on not doing si since Harry’s literally doing everything for you not to.


Even the softest pleas nor attempts made his mind flicker from his decision to something else he might not want later.

“M'gonna give you space tonight if you want me to. But I swear to God, love. M'gonna regret this in the morning if I’d let you.”

His voice wasn’t at all stern because there’s this thing in his mind that’s preventing him to do so since he knows he doesn’t have the greatest of capacities to do so.

Instead, his voice is strained and almost worried, a part of you feeling remorse once Harry briefly left with his shoulders slumped.

He realized that it wasn’t all perfect in the long run but he didn’t want it to end, not now nor ever. It meant greatly as a something to him as he now doesn’t know what it feels to not have someone like you, there for him as he hopes you’ll always every be.

“We’re only gonna fight.”

He then came back with his lips pursed but his eyes were hinting onto somehing else less sad, his office chair in trail as he dragged it until it’s positioned on the doorway of your shared room.

Harry shrugged, sitting on his chair as he let out a small smile, leaning his head onto his hand as he slightly spinned around, knowing he’d like this rather than to not at all.

But nobody’s leaving.”


Chosen ~ Part 2

Genre:  Romance Fluff/Angst/ Future Smut - Vampire and Royalty AU

Characters: Kai x OC x Sehun

Description: When the annual choosing ceremony comes rolling through, Lee Sora is confident a plain Jane like her won’t get chosen. Which is fine because she had no intention of ever becoming any of the Kings’ chosen queen. Imagine her surprise though when King Kai sets his sights firmly on her. Once a vampire king has decided, there’s no going back.  

Mini Chapter Guide: Part 1 | Part 2

She was delicate, delectable and so undeniably beautiful that he couldn’t help but sit back in his seat and take her in. Molten chocolate eyes stared back at him, dark brown curls framed her face and cascaded down her back. She was small, petite even, but she had a curvaceous body that had him drooling. And more than enough fierceness and determination to match.

“Why did Sehun…I mean King Sehun choose that woman? She didn’t want him. It’s nothing short of barbaric.” The moment the words were out, she bit down on her plump bottom lip as if though scolding herself for even daring to speak against Sehun.

It was with great effort that he managed to tear his gaze away from her lips. “It’s understandable that she is afraid, yet you must know that her fear is unjustified. Sehun might be a bastard but he would never force himself on a female.”

“She doesn’t know him and she didn’t look like she wanted anything to do with him.”

He smiled at his female, how bizarre was it that she could care for the wellbeing of a woman she has no ties to. His female was a strange one. “Are you afraid?”

Confusion flashed across her features, her head tilting to the side.  Her heartbeat remained steady. The only time it had skipped a single beat was when he shook her hand. “Should I be?”

Kai made no move to answer her question. Instead, he patted at his lap. “Come sit here.”

“I don’t think so.” Her eyes widened, defiance gleaming in their mist.

“I won’t bite. Not much anyway.”

Sora made a noise of refusal, leaving Kai with no choice but to lean forward and clasp her by the waist before carefully sliding her onto his thighs. This is where she belonged. In his arms.

“No. Hey, stop! I really don’t think that this—” she ended the sentence with a sound of utter frustration. She squirmed on his lap but made no clear move to push herself away from him. “I’m too heavy to be—”

“Bullshit, you weigh no more than a delicate flower.” He left his hands encased around her waist, giving it a moderate squeeze that an airy gasp escaping her lips to emphasize his point.

A pink rosy blush spread across her cheeks and it amazed him so much how well it suited her equally as rosy lips.

“I realize that humans don’t have great senses, so it would help if you put your nose into my neck.”

She shook her head. “No way.”

“If you were to scent me, you would understand what it is I need to explain to you.” He inched his head to the side and gestured to his neck.

“I really…” She stammered, her eyes flickering towards anything that wasn’t his exposed neck.

“Do it.”

Surprisingly, she obeyed. Her hot breath fanned against his skin. A lesser man would’ve reacted by pressing her to him and by ordering Jongdae stop the vehicle so that he could take her. Against a tree, on the soft earth. It wouldn’t matter just as long as he was inside her.

But just because he was a vampire, didn’t mean he was an animal. She squirmed some more but his hands held her firmly in place. If she moved just a little bit higher she’d know exactly how she was affecting him.

“And?” He arched a brow at her.

“And what?” Her voice was shaky, her pulse gaining speed with every moment. But the real proof of how affected she was by him was the scent of arousal that filled the small confines of the vehicle.

“Do you like the way I smell?”

“You smell…fine.”

Kai chuckled. “My turn

Without giving her any chance to protest, he buried his head into the crook of her neck and nuzzled away at the soft skin before inhaling deeply. Sora released a breathy moan and the sound traveled all the way down the already stuffy confines of his pants.

“Fucking delicious.”

She tensed, her body going rigged. “Please don’t eat me.”

“I promise that when I…eat you, you’ll love every minute.” He pulled back catching her look of shock as her cheeks flushed.

Part of him wanted to apologize, but she was here as his soon to be mate. His chosen female. If he were to follow tradition, he would bed her immediately. Seal the deal as soon as they made it back to the manor house, but some traditions could be altered. Kai would give her a chance to come to terms with her circumstances first before making her his.

“It’s okay, little one. You don’t have to admit what your senses are telling you. I’ll just be the honest one for both of us.” She moved to turn he head away from him, but he simply caught her chin between his fingers. “I love your scent, I will even begin to crave it once we are mated. I knew you were mine from the moment I caught a hint of your scent. I’ve never come across anything like it. On a baser, instinctual level, you will feel the same way about me soon enough.”

It was true. Kai had known she was the missing puzzle piece to his life the very moment he stepped onto the platform and caught a single hint of her vanilla scent. But he hadn’t been the only one ensnared by her. He had sensed Sehun’s intrigue in the feisty female far before she even opened her mouth. A huge part of had feared that the bastard would snatch her up, he couldn’t put anything past that bastard.

That lush lip went back between her teeth.

“Stop that.”

She blinked up at him. “Stop what?”

“You keep biting on your lip. It’s distracting me, makes me want to kiss you.”

Sora’s eyes widened and she pursed her lips instead, it was almost as if though she thought the action was enough to sway him from craving her lips. This was going to be a very long few days. He wanted a relationship born out of mutual respect. If that meant taking it slow then so be it. Kai would not push her into anything she wasn’t ready for, he would never dream of it.

“Oh my,” she gasped suddenly, her gaze trained on the tinted window of the SUV and Kai glanced behind him to see just what had caught his female’s attention.

They had driven through the main gates of his land and were rounding the bend. The manor house had come into view in all of its magnificent glory.

“Is this where your people live?”

He tried to suppress a laugh at the childlike wonder in her voice but failed. “No, I live here. The grounds are vast, no need to share.”

“Just you?”

He nodded, “And my staff.”

She turned her focus back to him, curiosity brimming in those molten chocolate pools of hers. “Where does Sehun live?”


Kai all but turned to stone beneath her, his hands tightening on her waist so swiftly that it was hard to mistake the action for anything less than possessive.

“Why do you want to know so much about him?” His smoldering gaze held hers.

Sora frowned at him. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought he was jealous. “I’m interested and I don’t want to hear that girl’s screams of horror.”

His eyes narrowed. “Any screams you would hear would be screams of pleasure. I assure you. Unless…” he paused, a single beat passing before he shook his head from side to side. “Never mind. Sehun does not live here. We are birth enemies. You will never have to see him again.”

“Birth enemies? What does that mean?”

“Our fathers were enemies before we were born which makes us birth enemies.”

Sora grimaced at the thought. “Sheesh, talk about holding a grudge.”

A smile tugged away the corner of his mouth, a single hand left her waist to smooth away a stray curl from her face. If it helps any, we are no longer at war. A truce has existed for the last twenty or so years.”

“But you don’t chat?”

He chuckled, it was heart-warming and she hated herself for loving the sound of it so much. “No, we very definitely do not chat.”

“He’s not your brother or anything is he?”

“No. Enough about Sehun.” He growled.

Sora had to work to keep herself from biting down on her lip, a habit she had never thought of much before, but things were different now. Having Kai kiss her would be bad. Oh so very bad considering she still had to convince him to let her go so she could get off his lap and actually start formulating a plan on how to convince him to let her go.

The vehicles ground to a halt directly in front of a set of stairs that led to immense double doors. Sora had meant to ask him how old he was, but she found her attention ensnared by the beautiful house and the lavish grounds that surrounded it. Two wings of old school with a distinctly modern twist. Slanting slate roof tiles with wooden, roof trusses and enormous glass windows. Flat green lawns, a lake, even a sprawling forest. Acres of land as far as the eye could see.

Kai cleared his throat and her eyes shot up to meet his amused features, his hands squeezing at her waist.

Oh, hell.

They had been parked for several moments and she was still on his lap. She scrambled to the side and off his lap, shuffling across seats to the door on the far end of the SUV. But she had hardly made any progress on putting distance between them before Kai grabbed hold and tugged her back to him.

“This way, little one.”

He grinned at her he gestured with his head to the already open door on his side of the SUV. She had the sudden ridiculous urge to kiss him and that gorgeous mouth of his. Not going there.

The iron knocker of the large mansion doors was shaped like a bat and she couldn’t help but feel it was someone’s idea of some sick and twisted joke. Even humans knew vampires didn’t turn flipping flapping creatures of the night.

The interior of the house was somewhere beyond impressive, more into the realm of awe-inspiring. Plush carpets, gleaming wooden floors and big crystal chandeliers. Real crystal no doubt. A nobody like her didn’t belong in this world.

“So, you’re seriously loaded?”

Her brain and her mouth were still clearly not in sync but before she could apologize, Kai chuckled once more and squeezed her hand in his. “Old money.”

“And a fair amount of it is rather new…” A new voice sounded from above them and Sora looked up just in time to see a woman as small and petite as she herself, though it was soon revealed that the woman still had about an inch or two on her.

She had the most perfect porcelain skin Sora had ever seen and stunning blonde cropped hair that framed her face too perfectly. She was gorgeous and the beautiful smile she graced Sora with only added a bubbly personality to the mix too.

“Sora, this is Taeyeon. My assistant, but starting today she’ll be your right hand.”

“Are you a vampire?”

Taeyeon cocked her head, a gleeful smile tugging at her lips. “A woman not afraid to speak her mind. I can tell I’m going to like you. I am a vampire and you…you must be tired after the day you’ve had. Can I show you to your quarters?”

Kai turned to face her. “Taeyeon will take of your every need. I’ll come for you at dinner. Until then, please don’t be afraid to spend time with Taeyeon.”

Soara nodded and allowed herself to be led by the other woman, she could feel Kai’s eyes on her even as she followed Taeyeon up the tall staircase.

Her quarters turned out to be bigger than her whole apartment.

“Jesus…I mean goodness. This place is stunning.”

Taeyeon grinned at her, her small hands wrapping around Sora’s in delight. “You are so adorable! I can see why Kai chose you.”

“Oh, you mean another reason other than I smell like I might be a good fuck…” She bit at her bottom lip. “Apologies, I’m trying not to swear so much. It’s a nasty habit I pick up when I’m overwhelmed.”

Taeyeon’s bright smile didn’t falter one bit. “Please don’t hold back on my account. All relationships need to start somewhere and if you ask me, being good together in bed is a good foundation.” She winked and ran her hands up and down Sora’s arm, an action that was so familiar to the comforting touch of her best friend Yoona. “You’re so small. It’s not often that I meet people even tinier than me. I’m a little scared Kai will break you.”

Sora’s eyes widened. “Break me?”

This time Taeyeon’s smile did fade, a slight pout pushing at her pink lips. “I don’t want to scare you, but there is always a great risk when humans mate with vampires. There can be…damage. Not all survive.”

Fuck, oh fuck.

Sora reeled away from the small vampire and she watched as concern flashed across Taeyeon’s face, one small hand reaching out to her.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. Kai is a good man. He’d never hurt anyone. I’m sorry if this is too much for you, Sora. Let me draw you a lavender bath. It’ll help you relax.”

“No,” Sora shook her firmly. “I need to leave. I don’t belong here.”

“Kai is your mate and this is your home. And I,” Taeyeon gestured to herself. “Am your friend. We will all do our best to take care of you here. You should be glad you did not end up with Sehun.”

With that the small vampire turned and disappeared through a large white door, leaving Sora to trail behind her into the huge restroom complete with a Jacuzzi bath which Taeyeon wasted no time fiddling with.

“Relax. Freshen up. I’ll send for Yuri to massage and dress you.”

Relaxing wasn’t an option. Not when there was still so much she didn’t understand.

“I still don’t understand. Why does he need to mate with a human in the first place? I’m sure they could have their pick of vampire females that could handle them.”

Taeyeon glanced up from the rising water of the tub, her brows furrowed. “Although on the rare occasion, it is possible for vampires to breed with one another, our wombs will not quicken with royal seed. The whole turn a human into a vampire myth is just that, a myth.”

What the…heck?

“Are you trying to tell me that they are taking mates to bear their children?”

“Their heirs.” Taeyeon corrected as she sat up and turned off the taps. “It is imperative that the bloodlines continue, this is for the safety of the covens. The shifters…or the elven-kind would exterminate our species in years to come otherwise. If the kings do not take human females then the royal lines would die out. With the lack of dominant royal blood to rule, our species would become extinct. The covens would eventually implode.”

Her fate, it seemed, was sealed. If she somehow managed to survive the mating, she would end up barefoot and pregnant. Locked away in this beautiful prison.

No freaking way.

The One [james potter x reader]

Requested by anon:  (Summary) Angsty imagine James x Ravenclaw reader, who is super shy. He protected her and they became friends. She fell for him, but James started to like Lily.

A/n: *sobs*

  • Warnings: angst
  • Word count: 1.5k

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

Can someone keep you alive and kill you at the same time?
Is it possible that a person fills you with joy, yet unconsciously sucks out every single strand of happiness? If somebody was able to do it, James Potter would be the one. And you would happily volunteer to let it happen again.

It has always been him. 

Since the very first day of school, when you made your way to Hogwarts, it was him who helped you, when a group of second years had fun mocking you and took away your stuff on the train. It was him who stepped in front of you, when your voice decided to break, who told them to leave you alone, who offered his hand for you to hold on to and pulled you up from the ground.

It was him, who noticed you, being alone in the library all day, taking notes and preparing for tests. Who asked you if you wanted to hang out with his friends. 
Him, who had been interested in your story, what you thought, what you felt.
It has been hard for you, to open up to others and make friends, since no one was curious enough to ask question after question, trying to dig a path through your thoughts and understand your minds’ workings.
No one, but him.

Before people knew that he had taken you under his wing, you were an easy target for bullying, being the shy, smart girl. Some found it entertaining to bombard you with balls of paper during class, or jinx you in the corridors. Until he stepped in for you, again and made it clear for everyone around, that if they messed with you, they were also messing with the Marauders.

Sure, his pals welcomed you into their group and they became brothers to you, over the years. But none of them knew you like he did.
And none of them made your insides flutter, when they sat beside you, letting their knee touch yours, like it was no big deal. None of them left you out of breath when they intentionally messed up their hair, fluffing it up with one hand. 
No one, but him.

The one thing he didn’t know about you, was that you loved him, with every fibre of your heart. Each molecule of your body was aching for him, eagerly waiting to be fulfilled with his affection in return.
But how could he know? You allowed every moment you had the chance to tell him, to pass by. Every stupid little reference your friends had set up for you, on purpose, was dismissed. 
You wouldn’t be able to reveal, if you didn’t know that he felt the same way, in fear of losing him completely.

The one day he asked you to meet him alone, at the oak tree, next to the Black Lake, felt different. You wondered what was so special, that he would want to tell you in private. Thousands of scenarios ran through your head, each one increasing the tiny ray of hope, he would confess his love, until it beamed radiantly inside your chest.

James sat on the grass, his back leaning against the tree trunk, legs bent, resting his arms on his knees. Fiddling his wand between his fingers, with rolled up sleeves, he turned his head to look at you, when you approached him.
Your heart skipped a beat, when he smiled, squinting his eyes, in reaction to the sunlight.

“Hello, Daisy”, he greeted, calling you by the nickname he gave you three years ago.

You sat next to him, resting your back at the tree as well.
“Hello Prongs. What do I owe the honor to meet you here alone?”, you asked, turning your face his way, feeling the touch of his shoulder on yours.

“I wanted to show you something and I thought the boys wouldn’t understand. They don’t get me the way you do”, he said, bumping his upper body tenderly your way, before altering his position, to sit in front of you.

“Okay. Watch this”, he announced, pointing his wand to the spot on the ground between you and whispered “Orchideous”, as he flicked it in a circular motion.

A small bouquet of flowers emerged, consisting of beautiful roses, their red so powerful they could lead you through a dark tunnel, and garnished with delicate daisies.


“Do you like it?”, he asked, scratching the back of his head.
You could tell he was nervous, but tried to hide the fact that your own face felt like it was burning. It seemed like you could sense every single endorphin wandering up to your head and burst on your cheeks, dyeing them in blush.

You reached out for the bouquet, holding it tenderly and brought it to your face to take a smell. The scent was intoxicating, it infatuated your senses, as you closed your eyes to savour every second of this moment.

“So?”, he giggled, bringing you back to reality.

“James. They are so beautiful. I love it”, you assured him, stroking a blossom with the tip of your finger. A soothing heat filled your entire body.

“Great, I’m glad you said that. So, do you think she would like them too?”

The endorphins vaporized as quickly as they had appeared.

“Who?”, you asked, tucking at the stem of a flower.

“Lily. I want to ask her out and I thought this may help me to convince her. I thought going for lilies would have been too cheesy and everybody likes roses and daisies, don’t they?”, he explained, waiting for you to confirm his message.

The way your stomach tightened, made you feel sick and you struggled to hide your shaking hands, so you quickly laid the flowers back to the ground between the two of you. 
“Yeah, everybody likes roses and daisies…”, you mumbled, “I, uh… I’m sure she will be impressed.”

“Fantastic! Okay, wish me luck, I’ll do it right away!”, James said, sounding oh so chirpy. He took the bouquet and leant forward to hug you, not minding that you didn’t move your arms to return the gesture, before he got up to leave you sitting by the tree.

The way he sounded, talking about her, was how you always wished for him to sound, when he talked about you.
Your chest felt empty, as you opened it for him to take out your heart, handing it over on your small hands, only for him to turn around and let it fall to the ground, where it pumped its last beats alone.

Still sitting on the ground, ripping out single strands of grass, you felt the need to cry, actually wanted to, but no tears were coming. The emptiness had consumed you, so you just kept staring in the distance, to observe James talking to Lily, from afar. 

He presented her the flowers, you assumed to be meant for you. 
As you watched them snickering when she happily took them from him, to smell them and seemingly thank him, you could only imagine what he said to her, as he took her hand.

The soft breeze you had enjoyed earlier, now felt like it was lashing the skin on your face, mocking you with each gust. 

“What are you doing here, all alone?”, the words interrupted your thoughts and you turned your head to see that Sirius has made his way to you, to sit down next to you, where James has been before.

“Nothing. Just enjoying nature for a little while”, you almost whispered, your eyes fixed to the ground.

“You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself at all. What happened?”, Sirius asked, as he started to pick stalks from the floor as well.

You didn’t want to tell him, because it would become even more real, when you would speak out what just happened, but you knew that his persistency was stronger than yours.

You sighed, looking up to the sky and resting your back at the trunk, before slowly explaining: “James just conjured flowers and asked me if I liked them. I told him that I did and he was so happy that he decided to give them to Lily straight away.”

The look on your face, filled with agony and shame, told him everything you weren’t able to say.

“Shit… You’re in love with him, aren’t you? And he didn’t know", he concluded, his eyebrows furrowed in sympathy.

Him summarizing what happened, finally made your eyes water.
You weren’t able to speak anymore, so you just nodded and leant his way, tears running down your face.

Sirius laid his arm around your shoulder and stroked your head, while you were sobbing into the crook of his neck.

“Fucking hell, (Y/N). I’m so sorry. I don’t actually know what else to say.”

Now that the tears were flowing, there was no way they would stop. You whimpered quietly, crying small curse words, as you let go. 

He went on: “All I know is, that you’ll find a guy who will make you happy and deserve all of you, eventually.”

He probably was right, but a guy will never be the one.


Okay, I’m officially done, my soul is ripped.
The anon requested specifically no happy end, just angst. I hope you’re happy now, sweet anon, lol.

Please tell me if you liked it, or if you hate me right now.

I thought about maybe making a second part for this? To brighten up the mood again. What do you think? If yes, suggestions for the plot are more than welcome.

Sent to Another Dimension Starers

“…Ugh… Where am I…?”                

“What- where am I?!”                

“WHERE IS THIS PLACE?!”                

“What happened? How did I-?”                

“Who are you? Do you live in this place?”                

“Please help me… I’m not from this world!”               

“Hey, don’t I recognize you from somewhere?”                

“Don’t look at me like I’m crazy! I swear to you, I don’t belong in this world!”           

“You guys do things really differently here…”                

“Tell me about this world.”                

“(NAME)… I’ve a feeling we’re not in (BLANK) anymore.”                

“You’ll help me get home? You mean it?”                

“Um… Are you okay over there?”                

“You sure look really strange, stranger!”                

“What’s this you’re saying about another dimension?”                

“Quit paddling on about this nonsense!”                

“I should take you to a hospital, I think you’ve gone and hurt your head.”                

“So… Are you some kind of "Extra-Dimensional”?“                

"Tell me about your world. You know, the one you came from.”                

“Okay, I guess I’ll help you out. But only because I pity you!”                

Plenty of Fish pt.2 // Jaebum Angst

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 (coming soon)

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. You weren’t supposed to be crying over a guy that completely rejected all the subtle hints of feelings you had for him. You weren’t supposed to be caught in the middle of Mark and Youngjae while in Mark’s bed watching a movie and you weren’t supposed shoving your favorite ice cream down your throat either.

Jaebum’s words hit you like a truck. He threw your cute aquarium idea right back in your face and you couldn’t help but think that it was on purpose. I mean, how could someone be so oblivious?

Your endless thoughts of rejection worked up your emotions as you caught tears falling down your face. It was nice to have friends comfort you because the feeling of Mark’s warmth as he kept his arm around you felt very much needed while you wept. It was unfortunate, however, that this series of events worked Youngjae up too because he was crying too whilst he held onto Coco.

“What do you guys want on the pizza we’re getting—,” Jaebum came in, stopping himself while glancing over all of you, noticing the despair that hovered over the room, “Uhm..are you guys okay?” You couldn’t bring yourself to answer him, you couldn’t even look at him. Instead, you quickly pulled the blankets above your head to hide your puffy, tear stained face, avoiding the start to his question all together.

“The usual is fine Jaebum, just give us a minute,” Mark said quickly while waving the younger member out of the room. Jaebum confused, eventually applied to his request and left the room.

When he returned to the living room, he couldn’t help but voice his concerns to Jinyoung.

“Does Y/n,  Mark, and Youngjae seem to be acting weird to you?”

“What makes you think that?” Jinyoung raised his eyebrow.

“I just walked in on them all upset,” he shrugged with a perplexed expression still plastered on his face.

“Probably because of your new girlfriend,” he responded nonchalant, returning his gaze to his book.

“What do you mean; I thought they liked her.”

“I mean I don’t think I would like the boyfriend of the person I have feelings for, so why would Y/n like the girl who’s in a relationship with her pretty obvious crush?” Jaebum’s eyes shot open as he looked at the younger member as well as cocking his head a bit to the side in absolute bewilderment.

“Y/n has feelings for me?” Jinyoung raised his eyes at his hyung once again.

“I guess it wasn’t as obvious as I thought. That or you’re just oblivious.” He returned his glance down for the last time as Jaebum stood frozen, contemplating what to do with this new information.

Meanwhile, you finally got the strength and composed yourself enough to leave the room when they called to the three of you to get dinner. You took a moment to wash your face, and giving Mark a small smile of assurance before stepping out into the room with all the other boys, including Jaebum. While you glanced around for a place to sit, the only chair made available to you was right next to Jaebum. You swallowed your pride and strided over to the seat, quietly sitting down beside the older boy.

“Y/n,” Jaebum looked at you as he quietly called out to you.

“Yes JB? Did you need something?”

“I hope it’s not…awkward, being that I have a girlfriend now,” he said before shoving a bite of pizza into his mouth. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused at his words as they slipped from his mouth.

“What do you mean?” you questioned, the innate curiosity beginning to fill your mind and cause your heart to beat faster.

“I mean, maybe if you found a boyfriend, to distract yourself from liking me, it won’t be so awkward.” You choked on air causing everyone to look at you.

“Excuse me? Who told you that?” you managed to get out, your eyes darting back and forth from Youngjae and Mark. He motioned to Jinyoung, who sat quietly, focused on his food, feeling nonchalant about the true accusation against him.

“Jinyoung, you fucking prick,” Mark spoke up in your defense.

“What? It’s not like he felt anything toward Y/n anyway,” you felt your chest tightening and your face warming at the embarrassing conversation unfolding in front of you, “Hence why he has a girlfriend that isn’t her. No offense.” Mark scoffed and glared at Jinyoung, preparing to fire back at him, before he watched as you ran out of the room.

“Again, you fucking prick,” Mark claimed before going off after you.

// There were many requests for a part two of Plenty of Fish; so I am here to supply. There will be a part 3 — so do not request for one, it is underway, and that will be the final part to this short series. Thank you for reading. xoxo.

Father >> Yongguk, You

A one-shot that I had in my mobile notes for a while now… 

She was so small and fragile, she had wide eyes, small lips, and nose.

In the playroom, she was sitting playing with the other kids, despite being a kid with fewer words like her father. She was so adorable that you wanted to pinch her cheeks.

But the fact that she was Yongguk’s daughter made her feel weird as if someone punched her stomach. He had a child.

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[Submission] Title: Ataraxia

Author: yuni3010

Status: Ongoing

Rating: M

Length: Chaptered

Genre: Wolf!AU, Omegaverse, Romance, Angst, Angst with a happy ending

Summary: Baekhyun, once deemed as a barren omega, was claimed and impregnated by Chanyeol. Six years later, he finds himself being dragged to his alpha’s pack so he can witness the union between Chanyeol and another omega. He would be damned if he sat back to allow it.

thank you chansoobae-k for the submission! the summary sounds really interesting i think i might go and have a read hehe - Admin N

chansoobae-k: I only read it yesterday, but I really like it! The author’s way of writing is very descriptive and charming, and I can imagine all the scenes properly in my head. I also love the characterisation of Baekhyun, he’s very nicely written. One of my fave genres is Wolf AU, and I’m so thankful this author is writing this fic. I can’t wait for updates, so I want to share this awesome fic with the rest of the fandom~


How Long ? pt2

I finally finished the part 2, I hope you’ll like it <3

member : Jimin (BTS)

genre : angst

words count : 838

warnings : mention of cheating, language

(I don’t own the gif I used)

How Long ? pt1

          << - The only thing I want to know is, how long ? How long have you been lying to me ? >>

2 years later

          It was one of those days, the one when you wake up with the need to stay in bed, the one when you spill your milk all over your kitchen, the one when even the weather is against you. Jimin knew that he would have a bad day. He was late to work, when he got out of his home it was raining and he missed his bus.
That’s why when he finished his day at work he decided to go out for drinks with his close friend Namjoon. He needed to have fun, he was stressed too much, and he got things that he wanted to get out of his mind. Namjoon was the best to listen to him and give him advice. That’s what lead him to a small bar near his flat.

         He was already at his fifth beer when he saw a girl coming in the bar. She was definetly his type, she had everything he wanted and searching for, she was just like you. After at least 5 minutes of staring, he finally understood that if the girl was so similar to you was because, it was actually you. When he saw your smiling face, he recalled when he last saw you. You didn’t have this kind of expression on your face.

          << When are you going to answer me Jimin ? You weren’t this quiet earlier, when you two were fucking in our bed. So, for how long have you two been hooking up behind my back ? >>

          Jimin didn’t know what to say, he was feeling guilty of course but he knew he messed up. What could he do to make things better, nothing. He felt like he didn’t have the right to look at you in the eyes. Jimin felt small under your hard stare, you were pissed, and you had all the reasons to be. He relaxed a bit after you got distract by Jinie who started talking:

          << Listen Y/N I’m really sorry, I swear we didn’t see it coming at all, it just happened like that. We never thought of hurting you.

          - You, listen to me. What were you thinking ? Did you really think that having sex with MY boyfriend wouldn’t hurt me ? Are you even using your brain Jinie ? I am, no I mean, I was your bestfriend since years. Don’t you think that
you could have at least controle your libido for me ? You are not stupid Jinie, you knew exactly what was happening. Do you think I didn’t see you when you left my appartment yesterday with this big, dirty smile of yours. I can definitly see that you are lying so don’t try to feed me your bulshit.

          - 5 months, we have been hooking up for 5 months. >> 

          Jimin had finally open his mouth, and god did it hurt you. Jimin saw your eyes change from anger to sadness.

          << Thank you, that’s the only think I wanted to know.>> 

          You stood up from your sit and looked at them for the last time.

          << Don’t even try to see or talk to me again, I don’t want to have any contact with both of you anymore. And by the way I took a coffee, pay it for me, that’s the least you can do after 5 months of lies. >>
With this last words, Jimin saw you leaving the cafe and his life for ever. He wanted to go after you but what could happened. He would just hurt you more than he already did.

          After this moment, Jimin realised how stupid his past actions were. He loved you so much but he screw everything up. He put his relationship in danger just for a girl like Jinie. You were so much better than her. You were prettier, funnier, sexier. Jimin couldn’t even understand why he went to her. You were everything he could wish for and he lost you.

          And here you were, as beautiful as he remembered, but most importantly smiling. But not at him, you were smiling at the man walking by your side and holding your hand. Jimin shouldn’t surprise that you found someone else, but he always had a tiny hope that you were still single. He knew that after cheating on you it was just a selfish hope, but he couldn’t help it.
He was thinking that maybe he could go talk to you when your eyes met his. You stared at him for a few seconds before shaking your head and looking back at the other guy. Jimin felt his heart breaking a little bit even if he didn’t expect more coming from you. He didn’t have the right to stay here and disturb your date, that’s why he choose, this time, to be the one walking away from you.

All Hands on Deck - JW+KYG

Yugyeom x Reader ft a helpful hand from Jackson

Warning: Smut? It’s kind of a threesome, but it’s also..not?

“Go on, Yugyeom,” Jackson urged the maknae closer to you, “I know you want to,”

“Hyung,” Yugyeom almost whined, backing away from the bed and just wanting to run and not look back, “This is really inappropriate,”

“But look at her,” Jackson stood behind him, his chin managing to just reach the younger’s shoulder, “She wants it - don’t you, baby?”

“I do,” you nodded, “Come on, Yugyeom,”

“Noona, I can’t,” he shook his head, “You’re hyung’s girlfriend,”

“I’m allowing you - this time only,” Jackson nudged Yugyeom’s shoulder, “Do it before I change my mind,”

“Do what?”

“Kiss her,”

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99 Bad, 1 Good: Seungcheol

You could think of the many reasons why they were bad for you, toxic, deadly, harmful. But why was the one good reason enough for you to stay?

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warnings: fluff if you squint really hard, a l o t of angst. just angst. lots of it.

  1. his smile he throws around so casually. how could anyone not believe him?
  2. his hugs that he gives too easily. a stranger is just someone he hadn’t become friends with yet
  3. his gentlemanly behavior.
  4. the way he opens doors
  5. the way he always jumps to pay for your meals
  6. the way he always checks in to see if you’re eating
  7. all of it
  8. “how’s my favorite doing today?”
  9. but he asked that to six other people, didn’t he?
  10. the way he pouts to get something from you
  11. god you despise that
  12. the way his lip slightly juts out
  13. he activates his big puppy eyes
  14. he tilts his head and clasps his hands together
  15. “preeetttyyyy pleaseee?”
  16. the way you easily cave in whenever he does that
  17.  the way he’s got you wrapped around his finger so tightly
  18. the way you easily accept his excuses
  19. the way he’s such a child
  20. always jumping around, dragging you to places you don’t want to go to
  21. when he makes you try on clothes and insists on purchasing every single piece
  22. despite the cost, even if it’s three digits
  23. whenever he shows up unannounced
  24. “what do you have?” the first thing he would ask as he heads straight to your fridge
  25. the way he comforts you
  26. the small, soothing circles he rubs on your back
  27. his hand on your head to cradle you in his chest
  28. his soft whispers shushing you to not cry and reassuring you he’ll always be there
  29. him always jumping to let you vent to him
  30. “who hurt my y/n?! do i have to beat someone up?!”
  31. every time he pats your head
  32. whenever he calls you cute and squishes your cheeks
  33. how he’s so good with children, even your nieces and nephews like him more than you
  34. and how they always ask him when you’ll both get married 
  35. the pink tint on his cheeks whenever they ask that
  36. how he’s always somehow available when you need help on anything
  37. homework
  38. friendship
  39. boys
  40. life
  41. does this boy not sleep????
  42. how he can’t take care of himself as well as he should
  43. whenever he tells you to not worry about him
  44. you just wanna shake him and tell him you can’t stop even if you wanted to
  45. every time he calls you either late at night or in the early morning
  46. his husky voice
  47. how he naturally holds you close to him
  48. the sling of his arm over your shoulders
  49. when he pulls you by the waist
  50. his spontaneous back hugs
  51. when he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck
  52. the mixed signals he’s always giving out
  53. to you. only you.
  54. “how come you don’t treat any of your other friends like this?”
  55. “because they’re not you!”
  56. after raiding your fridge he would buy bundles of snacks and other foods
  57. “to have more when i come back” he would slyly respond whenever you asked him why
  58. when he clings on to you as he cries
  59. your clothes, your figure, everything
  60. he just tightly embraces you and sobs it out
  61. when he says how he’s grateful to have someone like you
  62. when he introduced you to his friends and pulled you in close to him
  63. “this is the y/n i’ve been telling you guys about”
  64. when his friends laugh at your look of horror and tell you it’s only been good things
  65. how easily he offers cuddles
  66. when you have to share the same bed if one of you sleeps over
  67. and how he promises to not do anything funny
  68. but you wake up with his arm slung over your waist
  69. and your head in his chest
  70. and how much you should be angry that he broke his promise
  71. but you can’t bring yourself to wake him
  72. because you also like it,,, really really like it
  73. when he groggily opens his eyes and speaks in his husky voice
  74. when he profusely apologizes for invading your space after you push him away
  75. when he’s willing to do anything to make you happy again
  76. how he easily spends his money on just you for your sake
  77. you could just be staring at how nice that shirt looks and he would already be ringing it up at the cashier
  78. “because you deserve it. you deserve everything and much more”
  79. when he swoops in to save you from the jerk who stood you up
  80. how he casually just slides in the seat across from you and opens the menu
  81. completely ignoring the fact that just an hour ago you told him to not follow you
  82. when he stays with you the entire night to cheer you up about the douche who didn’t show up
  83. when he didn’t leave your house until he saw you enter safely
  84. when he was no longer single
  85. no, you didn’t hate his s/o
  86. you hated how he led you on
  87. and how willingly you let him do so
  88. how his friends comforted you when you broke out into tears
  89. saying how they all thought he had feelings for you
  90. how he seemed so much happier with his new partner
  91. how he was completely oblivious to how you were feeling
  92. despite always saying “i know you better than anyone else”
  93. how even after saying that multiple times, he was always completely clueless
  94. when once upon a time, he said “i love yous” in between his fervent kisses for you
  95. and you loved him back unconditionally
  96. how the only thing that has changed now is his feelings for you but yours never left
  97. how he still wanted to remain friends
  98. “i do,” he would say the words you wish he would say to you instead
  99. the good?
  100. you willing to let him be happy… without you.
Monotony - Alternate Ending II


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Hyungwon x Reader

Word Count: 3.3k

Summary: You’re bored, so you decide to break up with your boyfriend so that you can live the single life once again. But you quickly realize that it might not be worth it.

Jungkook hadn’t spoken to you in almost a week. It was killing him not to speak to you. Were things really over between you? Was this the end?

He didn’t try reaching out to you, but you didn’t reach out to him either. Part of him regretted the other day. Did he ruin the possibility of getting back together with you by yelling at you and getting upset? Was there a way he could’ve been more calm? No, he thought. He had a right to be upset. You slept with another man. Of course he had the right to be angry about it.

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Protect You || Part 4/?

new part!!! its more of like a filler rn, the next chapter gon be actual stuff about the reader in the story and past stuff and learning to trust peter and stuff. but i hope you guys enjoy this one, and the future ones will get better TRUST ME. oh and WRITERS BLOCK IS A BITCH DBJSXANJKNIBEI I CANT ANYMORE

tags : @running-outta-time @munalisax @i-just-wanna-run-hell

words : 1437

warnings : lil make out scene (its nothing really, but its still kinda there)


Protect You Masterlist


Originally posted by tomshollandss

“You guys are actually together now,” Ned asked Peter in disbelief, “Like for real?”

The two friends stood by your locker, waiting for your arrival to greet you.

Peter gave a giddy expression to his friend as he squeaked, “Yeah, for real!” His expression turned into one of a dreamy daze, “And she really said she liked me back. She’s not trying to make me feel better. She’s perfect.”

“Who’s perfect.”

You’d made it to your locker to see the two best friends gushing to each other, beginning to unlock your locker.

Ned smiled stupidly and spoke for his friend, “Peter thinks you’re perfect.”

Peter’s eyes widened like a deer in headlights, punching Ned lightly in the arm as your eyebrow raised at the boy,

“Yeah, and he also thinks Star Wars is the perfect movie; so,”

Peter nodded, “Yeah, see,” his eyebrows began to furrow when you slammed your locker closed, moving around the boys, “Hey…, wait!”

You sniggered as you walked away, throwing your head back dramatically, “Don’t worry, I still have somewhat of feelings for you, my love!”

You continued laughing obnoxiously down the halls as Peter rolled his eyes and laughed along lightly, running to catch up with you.

“Listen,” Peter hushed once your laughter had died down, “So, should we tell everyone that we’re together? Or…,”

You have the boy walking beside you a squinting look, “People already know we’re together, Parker.”

Peter’s mouth shaped into an O when he remembered the way things had really started, “Right, right. Got it.”

You hummed, turning into the first class you had with Peter.

“So,” he grabbed your arm, pulling you back lightly to stand with him, “Are you doing anything after school? Maybe you could come over, or something… I mean you don’t have to, but if you want! It’s your choice really, but it would be great! Not that I’m desperate, no. I mean, for you sure, maybe, but I’m not normally a desperate pers-,”

You snorted, cutting off his rant and making him look at you with big doe eyes, “I’ll see, Parker.”

Peter nodded vigorously, “Okay, yeah, you’ll see. For sure. Got it. Completely; got it-,”

“Hush,” you put your finger to his lips, pausing and leaning forward as his eyes widened, pulling back after squinting after a while, “I have to get to class, child.”

You turned on your heel, head up high, and made your way into the class; leaving Peter an embarrassed and nervous mess outside.

You’re legs were placed on both sides of Peter, straddling the boy as your hands cupped his face, your lips moving slowly against his. You felt his hands waver on your waist, unsure of where exactly to place them. You tightened your hold on him with your legs, one hand moving to play with the soft brown hair at the back of his head, your lips breaking apart from each other slightly only to be reconnected moments after multiple times.

As it had turned, you decided not to go over to the Parker residence. Instead, Peter had shown up at your window after patrolling the city to see you, this time in your normal clothing rather than the first time he’d come unexpectedly.

You disconnected your lips from his, moving to press a light kiss on his cheek, working your way down all over his jaw, and soon to his neck. When you’d begin to nip and suck in certain places, making him squirm underneath you, you looked up slightly from the position you were in to catch a glimpse of his face. His cheeks had been flushed, pupils had grown bigger as his eyes widened, and his breathing had increased into light pants.

You moved your lips back up to his mouth, giving him a small peck as your lips grazed each other. You watched from the close proximity as his eyes close and he breathlessly said the words,

“Oh God, I love you.

Peter’s eyes then shot open in alarm at his words. He couldn’t believe he’d actually voiced the feelings he’d had for months now; words he was ready to say, but ones he didn’t think you wanted him to say.

Your eyebrows shot up high, looking somewhat caught off guard before recollecting yourself and scoffing/laughing at the boy as you stood, moving off his lap and the bed, “No, you don’t, Parker.”

Peter’s head that was down in embarrassment shot up at your words, eyebrows furrowing, “Well… yeah, I do, that’s why I said it.”

You shook your head before looking at the seated boy with an unreadable expression, “Okay, whatever you say.”

Peter squinted his eyes in disbelief. He swung his legs over the bed, standing in the jeans and sweater he’d brought to change from his suit, “What do you mean, ‘Whatever you say’? I-I told you I love you. I thought you knew, that’s what you said the other night.”

You gave him somewhat of an angered look, brushing him off with, “Yeah,” you walked around the bed and began to fix it as your voice grew stronger, “But it’s only been, what, 21 hours since we’ve actually been together? Correct me if I’m wrong, Lover Boy.”

Peter felt tears beginning to gather in frustration and hurt as you mocked him for the words he’d spoken moments before. His voice wavered when he’d said, “Listen, I know that maybe you’re not ready to say it, but I am. Why are you telling me that I don’t love you?”

“Because you don’t,” by that point you hadn’t been looking at the brown eyed boy, avoided eye contact as you sucked a breath in, keeping your face hard as you moved back to where he was, beginning to fix that side of the bed, sighing in defeat, “Just leave it, dude. Doesn’t matter anyway.”

Peter felt his heart clench as you continued to shuffle around the room. He stood in place, frozen, going over the words you’d said, ‘Doesn’t matter anyway.’

He felt his heartbreak turn into one of anger, realizing he wasn’t the one in the wrong, he seethed, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

You shot around to face him, your mouth morphing into a mock smile, saying dangerously slowly the words, “What did you say to me?”

Peter felt himself falter for a moment before saying again, “What’s your problem?” He shook his head at you furiously, “I said I love you and you’re telling me it doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah, because it doesn’t,” you exclaimed, “You think you love me! You don’t know me!”

“Then let me get to know you!” Peter took a step forward, face softening, “You shut everyone out; that’s what you always do, and you gotta stop.”

“Yeah, and maybe there’s a reason for that, penis brain.”

Peter grimaced at the nickname, ‘Ouch,’ after he’d thought about it, ‘Could’ve been worse though.’

“Just because you have a hard time loving people,” his hand moved forward to grasp yours, which you surprisingly let him do, “Doesn’t mean you have to stop people from loving you.”

Your face fell at the comment for a moment before recollecting yourself, face angering once again, “Just get out, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes widened, and his hand tightened his hold on yours, “What?”

“I said get out,” you pulled your hand away from his, “And don’t forget your bag and shit.”

He looked at you in disbelief as you calmly told him off, shaking his head, “You can’t be serious. Y/N, I’m trying to be there for you like you are for everybody else!”

You have him a mock grin before saying, “Yeah, well, I don’t need counseling like everybody else, so… you can take the window out.”

Peter shook his head, “No.”





“Yes, Goddamnit, child!

Peter couldn’t help but laugh at the last word spoken, turning his head to the side as he giggled, trying to hide it from you.

Much to his content, he turned back to find you fighting a smile before you said the words, “You really put up a fight, don’t you, Parker?”

“Yeah,” Peter looked at you with something of love and hopefulness, “Can I stay?”

You clicked your tongue, hitting your hands, that were limp to your side, on your thighs, saying reluctantly, “If you dare tell anyone I said anything remotely human to you, people will wonder what the hell happened to their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

Peter grinned, rushing forward to tackle you onto the bed into a hug. You landed with an ‘Oof’, “Come on! I just fixed this!”