Where It All Began (College AU) Part 22

Title: Where It All Began (College AU) Part 22

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,651

Warnings: Fluff, Very Light Smut, Angst, Violence, Anna, Lockdown, Cliffhanger

Catch Up: Masterlist

A/N: I’m really sorry, but I swear I have good intentions, I promise. As my 16 year old sister said, cliffhangers keep you on your toes and you can predict what happens next… Any who, I would love to hear what you thought about this part, f-bombs and all. Thank you for sticking by me with this!


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“No,” you groaned. Your head was pounding, you had barely gotten any sleep for the past week. All you wanted was a good night’s rest and you couldn’t even get it.

 “I’ll get him this time, babe. You get some rest, okay?” he whispered, placing a kiss to the crown of your head before climbing out of bed to relieve the crying baby in the other room.

 “This has definitely put me off having kids,” you chuckled.

 When you called Hannah a couple of weeks back to tell her that you and Dean were engaged, she was more than ecstatic. She had wanted the two of you together more than anything, that is after she got over Dean. When you told her that, she had just received notice that her babysitter was bailing and she needed to find someone quickly. She was heading back home for a funeral and there was no way she could bring her kids. She was now engaged to Cas and they had two kids together. She had her daughter just over two years ago and her son a couple of months ago. You volunteered to help her out, but you greatly regretted it with the lack of sleep you’d been getting. Dean not so much, he slept like a dead person.

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BTS Reaction To You Fangirling Over EXO

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! None of the gifs belong to me and all credit goes to the original owners! :3 -Admin Germane

Jin: “So you bias D.O? Ah, I can see why, he’s a very talented singer jagi. I’m glad that you bias people that are similar to me. Handsome, talented, you have very good taste in men.” *not effected at all*

Suga: “Why do you keep screaming about EXO’s new comeback? Don’t you know that we just came back too? Y/N, come here and listen to our new album, I made most of the songs on here so I know you’re bound to fall in love with one of them.”

J-Hope: “Yah, Y/N, why do you keep trying to dance like Kai? Don’t you know that I can teach you how to dance? See jagiya, look, I can dance too! Don’t you wanna dance with me?”

Rap Monster: “Who? Chanyeol? A better rapper than me? Y/N, he may be good, but he isn’t great like me. You need proof? C’mon over here and let me show you how a real rapper uses his tongue.” *pervert Joonie activated*

Jimin: “Xiumin-hyung? You really bias him? Yeah, I guess he’s cute and all but he’s not as cute as me right Y/N? Oh, you’re just gonna keep squealing about how adorable he is? Okay jagiya, you keep doing that then.”

V: “Baekhyun is your bias? Ew, that’s weird having you bias my mom like that. Maybe you should pay more attention to me instead Y/N, then everything can be less weird okay?”

Jungkook: “So Sehun’s your bias huh? You must have a thing for maknaes, huh Y/N? But really who can blame you, I mean look at me for example. You can not, not find this face attractive right jagiya? Jagiya? Oh you’re fangirling over Sehun again, that’s cool I guess…”


Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: Angst – but there’s lil saving fluff as well, no worries x

A/N: Oh god, I worked with this for months – ever since I saw Civil War. I don’t know if it’s even good at all, but I just felt like posting it, so here we go lol. Please, tell me what you think, I miss getting feedback lol x

// I’ve lost the source of this gif, so if it’s yours please let me know!

He leaned his head against the white tile wall, the water of the shower running along with the curves of his tensed body. Signifying his unsteady breathing, he tried his hardest to calm it down –only managing to get the knot in his chest to keep tightening.

Rapid tears kept rolling down his cheeks, blending with the tepid flow of water. He didn’t know how things had end up to the point they were at, not really. Only few months earlier he was just a young man, unaware of the life he was about to have. He knew, that he was supposed to take his father’s place as the sovereign of his country; about to come the King of Wakanda, but no one had ever told him, how it was about to happen. No one had ever told him that he would be left with all the responsibility, all of a sudden, all alone.

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“Breaking Point” (New-U)

(I don’t know how exactly Jack is going to react, if Rhys will bring him back, but after Helios have crushed, finding (again) that your daughter is dead, being really pissed off, then being terrified of death to the point, that you begged on your knees and theeeeeen waking up in the body, realized that Rhys is brought him back…But this is how I see it.)

Imagine being an advisor to Loki and one his closer friends. One day, during an argument, Loki angrily exclaims that he doesn’t need you and storms out, leaving you alone and on the verge of tears. The next day, Loki wakes up feeling terrible and throughout the day he works up the courage and nerve to eventually apologise. But when he goes to find you, you’re gone and the maids tell him you’ve left the palace since you “weren’t needed anymore.”

Yoongi reacts to : You falling asleep waiting for them

Request by an anon : Not sure if you’ve done this before, but can I request a reaction request where you’re reading on bed and fell asleep waiting for him to come back? (Yoongi pleasee) thank you :)

(He just got home from work it’s like 2 in the morning)

*Peaks his head inside the room*
 YG*whispers* :
Y/N…    *sees you sleeping in a weird position with a book next to you*  Aish this idiot tried waiting for me again *a smile creeps on to his face while he’s changing cloths (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) * She’s/ He’s so cute  *Picks up the book and places it on the nightstand next to the bed and climbs onto the bed* 
Y/N: *feels the bed dip* *wakes up and rubs their eyes* Yoongi? What time is it?
YG: Ahh yes it’s me, just go back to sleep love.. *tries to cuddle with you*
Y/N: *pulls him a little* But Yoongi you haven’t had  dinner have you?
YG: Yes I did have dinner Jin-hyung brought me some before leaving the studio, lets’ go to sleep , I’m tired *smiles*
Y/N: Fine then but I’m going to start making you food I can’t have you starving yourself *glares before laying back on the mattress *
YG:*kisses you head* Thank you for caring so much 
You guys fall into deep slumber

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 JUNGKOOK because I felt like it :D
*Bursts into the room screaming*
JK: Y/N!!!!
Y/N: *jumps up from the sudden noise* Ahh!! What, where, when ,who!!!
JK: *Laughs at you* Ahaha you should have seen your face
Y/N:*throws him a pillow and lays back down * You little mother fucker!!
JK: *doges your attack* Rude, but anyways Y/N I caught a pikachu on my way here
Y/N: *runs past him to the front door* What are you waiting for there are pokemon out there waiting for me!! Come on!!! *Runs out the apartment*
JK: *runs after Y/N* Y/N!! You can’t go out there you’re in your pajamas
Y/N: *Keeps running* That didn’t stop Yoongi from getting that Kadabra 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request for BTS Reacts to their girlfriend is vegan ^^ thank you so much,love you :*

Love you too darling~ ^.^ thank you for the request



You: Mhmm…

don’t waste food, people

Originally posted by jeonsshi


You: I’m actually a vegan.

Suga: That’s fine *gif*

-3 days later-


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


You: You’re fine with it?

Rap Mon: I- I mean yea o-of course I’m fine with it.

Originally posted by bwiyomi


You: Wait what?



Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


Jimin: Woahh you never fail to surprise me

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You: Tae, I’m a vegan.

Yaehyung: *gif* REALLY??!

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Jungkook: Wow, I’m impressed!

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For you vegans out there, I’m so proud of you. <3

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Astray -Part 17-

Feedback’s appreciated  ^^

Time to be strays…

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9 I Part 10 I Part 11 I Part 12 I Part 13 I Part 14 I Part 15 I Part 16

Great. Now, he’s done it. He returned the very thing that would bring you to him. It sounded ridiculous but he wanted to make things right with you without apologizing. He was too prideful, his jealous conceived the situation you were both in.

He looked at his mug, reminding him of one morning with you. You were tired, your lazy steps disrupting the quiet morning he was having. You yawned, arching your back a bit and covering your mouth. You took his cup, taking a sip of his coffee and make a gleeful sound.

“Mm.” He sipped from the cup when you handed it back to him, sharing an indirect kiss with you but he didn’t care.

“What do you want for breakfast, Bambi?”

He took off his beanie, ruffling his hair and tried to get you out of his head. A walk, won’t that clear his head? He went into his closet, seeing a rolled up poster sitting in the back.

His curiosity tempted him to open it to reveal the drawing he made of you on your first date. Everything was right on that day, your smiling face, your hair perfect framed your face, the sky painted beautifully behind you. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you that day, his feelings for you put in plain sight.

Walking. He should be thinking about going for a walk.

“Taehyung? What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you. I missed you.”

“I missed you too…”

“How’s your lone wolf?”

“He wanted to be alone again. He kicked me out yesterday.” How could you spill that to him so easily? He remembered when he heard you squealing his name in one of your drunken nights. The very thought that you were in his arms before, squealing that sidekick’s name like you had squealed his. He clenched his fist, unwillingly but listened to the rest of your conversation. You laughed, indicating a smile on your face and chatted with him like you two were old friends.

He put on a cap, covering his ears and slipped in his earbuds. You downloaded music on his phone for him, putting all your favourite artists who eventually became his favourite artists. He listened to the sweet voice of IU, her perfect pitch sonorous in his ears. He jogged along to the beat for her songs, getting a few blocks away from the building before getting back late.


“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“It’s not that late.”

“Still, you usually fall asleep around 10.”

“I was worried about someone.”

“Just call Jimin or something. I’m sure you two share things with each other, that includes kisses as well?”


“I’m going inside.”

“Can’t you at least talk to me?”

“Why don’t you just talk to Jimin? Oh wait, you two will be too busy kissing each other to talk.”


“We’re talking, aren’t we?”

“This isn’t what I meant.”

“It’s better this way, isn’t it? You’re free to kiss whoever you want and not tell me until he comes knocking on my goddamn door, wanting to see you.”

“Is this what you wanted?”

“Is this what you wanted?”

“I was right all along. You really are a jerk.” He heard the faintest crack in your voice and you looked at him with glossy eyes. He pushed you too far again.


“I know where I stand with you, now.”

“Hold on–”

“Why should I listen to what you have to say when you can’t do the same for me? Do I have to carry the fact like a sin? What do I have to do, Jeongguk? Will I always be undeserving of your kindness? Why do you treat me like this?”


“No, Jeongguk. This is my fault. I’m the one with the guilty conscience. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. The last thing I want to do is be more of a nuisance to your life.”

“You’re not a nuisance, Y/N. I’m just..”

“It’s okay. Jeongguk, it’s okay.” You touched his cheek before going back inside your apartment. He immediately knocked on your door, he couldn’t lose you like this. His heart yearned for you, every waking hour he could hear the sound of your name in his heartbeat.


“I’m an asshole. A jerk. A dick. Just please, just open the door.”

“I was angry. So angry that I said things that fucked us up.”

“But I need you like oxygen. Last night felt like I was suffocating. Your honey scent calms me to sleep, your hands on my chest relaxes my muscles. I miss stroking the delicate strands of your hair. When you would stir in your sleep and cuddle closer to me, grabbing fistfuls of my shirt.”

“Goddammit. Y/N, come back to me.” He sobbed your name into his hands, hoping that you were listening and would open the door. Even if you were threatening to call the police or tell him to go inside his apartment, he would be okay. Just as long as you hadn’t shut the door on the two of you.

But you were already gone. So far before he could pull you back.


“Why are you so shy, baby?”

“It tickles..”

“What if I do this?”

He stopped listening, stuffing earbuds in his ears and went to work on new pieces. This was how he paid his rent, selling his artwork under an alias and his work usually sold well. The pieces matched his mood, dark reds, deep blues and pure black.

He picked up his phone, calling his hyung to pick up his pieces and selling them for him.

“Hey, where’s your little kitten? Did she stray away from her master?”

“Your cat jokes are old, hyung. Just like you.”

“Look, just because she’s not with you doesn’t mean you can take it out on me.”

“She’s with someone else that she kissed once. They probably kissed more now. I don’t care.”

“Sure you don’t. You have jealous labelled on your forehead.”

“I’m not jealous.” Was he seriously that prideful that he was going to lie through his teeth to feel like he doesn’t feel like an incomplete painting without you? He felt like the days were as enjoyable as watching grass grow. He was angry when Jimin came over, a stupid smile on his face while he held you close in front of him.


“What is it? Realize that I was right?”

“I think I need to disappear for a few days.”


“Can you help me, hyung?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“What do I have to lose?”

~Admin Blake

FT NaLu AU: With You Always


Anyway! I couldn’t resist writing something for this beautiful AU that my lovely and talented waifu @giupear conjured up a while back. It was tough to work with, but I wanted to do my best to make it as good as possible. I hope it does your AU justice, Giu! *hugs* And happy anniversary! ;u;)/

(God this turned out super cheesy at the end. I’m not fixing it, though. Blame the feelsy music I was listening to while writing this. And we’re a cheesy couple so a cheesy fic should be okay, right? ;u;)

Click here to read it on FFN!

Rated: T (**Trigger Warning: Depictions of family death, isolation, and bullying**)

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Character(s): Lucy, Natsu

Synopsis: A piece of you always stays with any gift you give—and it will be their comfort through the toughest of times, almost as if it takes on an identity of its own…and when Lucy is left in the wake of her mother’s death, only the parting gift she left would serve as any sort of reprieve. Sakura tree AU.

Once again, she found herself huddled beneath the branches of her tree.

A chill had begun to settle in as the sun set over the hills beyond the limits of the horizon. Its waning light doused the landscape in brilliant shades of orange and red, giving the scenery a picturesque and photogenic feel—almost as if she was living the climax of a drama film.

However, this breathtaking scenery only served to triple the ache weighing down on her heart.

She hardly shivered when a breeze gusted past her and disturbed the swaying leaves and petals above her head with an eerie howl. Much too late, she had realized the true extent of her loss—and here she sat against its sturdy trunk, stroking the thick roots as if rubbing a person’s shoulders.

Time was almost up…

Mama! Mama, come here; look at this!

What is it, Lucy?

Look, look—it’s this tiny tree! And it’s got pretty flowers on it!

It certainly is beautiful, dear.

Mhm! Can we take it home? Pleaaaase? I promise to take really good care of it!

…O-oh…are you sure? The salesman says it’s weaker than the others, and it seems much smaller than the rest of them…you don’t want any of the bigger ones?

No, I want it to be this one! It’s the prettiest one here!

Haha, well, all right; we can take it home. But you have to promise to take very good care of it, all right?

Yup! I pinkie promise!

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Stress Relief

A/N: So this is actually my first ever smut! So I’m sorry for any awkwardness before hand >/////< Enjoy my lovelies! -Admin Germane

Summary: Its been a long day, and really all you need is your boyfriend to make you feel better.

Word Count: 2230

It had been a long day. One of those days that made you want to scream and cry out of frustration and anger because of all the idiots at work. So when you finally returned home from work, after kicking off your shoes and dropping your purse on the kitchen counter with a sigh, you sluggishly made your way to your shared bedroom, nothing but the softness of your bed on your mind.

You flopped down onto the bed, sighing out in relief at the feeling of the mattress sinking beneath you. You pulled your phone out of your front pocket and aimlessly scrolled through your social media until your phone vibrated.
Mumbling in irritation at whoever was pulling you away from the wonders of the Internet, you checked your notifications only to perk up at the sight of a text from your boyfriend Chanyeol.

Yeollie ❤: Finally coming home from practice! How was your day my love?

You smiled at the text and quickly sent out a reply.

You: It was exhausting and frustrating. How long until you’ll be home? I really need some cuddles rn :(

Chanyeols reply came almost instantly, startling you a little.

Yeollie ❤: Aw, I’m sorry Y/N :( I’ll be home in half an hour. Wait for me baby! I’ll be home as fast as I can to give you those cuddles!

You sighed and smiled slightly, typing out a quick okay before letting your phone fall against the bed with a plop. You bit your bottom lip and wondered what you were going to do with the extra half hour to yourself. You decided that a nice warm shower would be amazing before a nice long cuddle session, so you grabbed one of Chanyeols oversized shirts and a nice pair of underwear and made your way into the bathroom.

You turned on the water and hummed softly to yourself as you stripped yourself of your clothes, waiting for the water to heat up. Once the water was warm you stepped into the shower, moaning out in comfort at the heat cascading down your body. You rested your forehead against the shower wall and let the warm water fall down your back, almost feeling the frustration and anger wash down the drain.

You reached over for the shampoo and closed your eyes, massaging your scalp with the product, completely zoned out from the world. So when you felt something, or rather someone, wrap themselves around your waist you instantly screamed, kicking whoever was behind you out of defense.

“OW! Fuck, Y/N, it’s just me!” you heard your boyfriend groan, bending down to cradle his pride and joy that was just abused by your foot.

“Chanyeol, you almost gave me a heart attack! You can’t just sneak up on me like that!” you sighed out of relief, leaning back into the water to wash the shampoo out of your hair.

“In my defense, I did knock.” he said, standing back up to help with your hair.

“I didn’t hear.” you mumbled as Chanyeol worked the shampoo out of your hair. Once he was done, he pulled your wet body into his semi-dry one, running his fingers through your wet hair. You hummed in content and leaned into his touch, resting your body against his torso.

“I missed you.” he mumbled, placing a kiss on your forehead as the warm water soaked you both.

“I missed you too Chanyeol.” you said, looking up at him. Chanyeol gave you a toothy grin as he cupped one of your cheeks with his hand, rubbing his thumb against the soft skin under your eye.

“Since when did you have that much strength in your legs jagi? That actually hurt.” he teased, a smirk forming on the edge of his lips. You stuck your tongue out at him and batted your eyes innocently.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you. What? Did you want me to kiss it better?” you teased, slipping a hand between both of your bodies to gently tug on Chanyeols length.

Chanyeol pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, trying to repress the soft gasps that threatened to pour out of his mouth. You smiled devilishly at him as the hand that once cupped your cheek trailed down your back, his teasing fingers brushing lightly over your skin before grabbing your ass firmly, making you gasp.
Chanyeol took that chance to kiss you, tongue slipping into your mouth as your other hand reached up to tangle itself into his hair. You could feel Chanyeol groan into your mouth when your thumb teasingly rubbed circles into the head of his cock, making you smirk with delight.

Chanyeol pulled away from your lips; his eyes darkened to see how red and swollen they gotten. He pushed both of your shoulders down, making you get on your knees to face his now semi-hard erection.

“Suck.” his voice was raspy, making your pussy clench in anticipation of what was promised to come later.

You started at the base, carefully placing open mouthed kisses along his length before reaching the head of his cock. You looked up at Chanyeol with lidded eyes as you circled the head of his cock gently with the tip of your tongue. Chanyeol growled and gathered your hair into one of his hands, pulling your head away from his cock.

“Tease me one more time baby girl, and you’ll get what your asking for. Now do what I asked you to do. Suck.” his voice was dark and low, making a new wave of arousal run through you.

You finally gave him what he wanted, and enveloped the head of his cock with your mouth, making him moan in delight. You sunk down, taking him inch by inch until he touched the back of your throat. You wrapped your fingers around his base before you started working your mouth and tongue along Chanyeols erection.

“Oh, fuck Y/N. You’re so pretty with my cock in your mouth, so fucking sexy. Shit, your mouth feels so good baby, so hot and wet- ah right there!” Chanyeol praised you, tugging on your hair in satisfaction.

You could feel Chanyeols thighs start to tremble, you could tell he was close to his orgasm. With a loud pop, you pulled yourself off of your boyfriends length and smirked up at him.

Chanyeol pulled you up and attacked your lips with his own, pinning you against the cold tiles of the shower wall. Chanyeol patted your thighs, signaling for you to jump up into his awaiting hold. You wrapped your thighs and legs around Chanyeols waist, his large hands gripping your ass for support as your arms made their way around Chanyeols neck.

You could feel Chanyeols large erection press up against your dripping core, making you moan as Chanyeols lips traveled from your mouth to your neck. As he sucked and nipped at the expanse of your neck, you rolled your hips against his own, making the both of you moan out in pleasure. Chanyeol bit down hard into the place where your neck and collar bone met, sucking a darkening bruise into your skin as you continued to grind against him.

“Chanyeol,” you moaned as he moved down to your breast, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking as if his life depended on it.

“Chanyeol please, I need you.” you moaned. Chanyeol removed himself from your breast and looked down at you with blown out eyes, his hands squeezing the flesh of your ass.

“Where do you need me jagi. C'mon, speak up. Tell me where you oh so desperately need me.” he teased, grinding his erection into your core, making you cry out in frustration.

“I-I need you in my pussy Chanyeol. Please, just fuck me already.” you begged. Chanyeol growled softly and brought his erection to your entrance, running the head of his cock up and down your folds teasingly.

“Chanyeol please! Please s-stop teasing, I need your dick so badly, please just put it in.” you begged in anticipation. You tried to roll yourself onto his cock, but his vice like grip on your ass stopped your movements, making you groan out in frustration. Chanyeol slowly pushed himself into your awaiting body. You could feel every inch of his dick fill you up, stretching your walls until you felt so full of Chanyeol that you thought you could’ve burst.

Shit, Y/N, you’re so tight.” Chanyeol growled as your walls fluttered around his erection, trying to get used to the feeling of his dick. You moved your hands from Chanyeols neck to his shoulders, desperately trying to pull him closer.

“Chanyeol, move.” you breathed out, your nails digging into the soft skin on his back.

Once Chanyeol heard those words fall past your lips, he pulled out all the way before pushing back in at an extraordinarily slow pace, making the both of you moan aloud.

You whimpered softly as Chanyeol continued his slow thrusts into you. The tip of his cock was just barely grazing your g-spot, making you extremely frustrated and even hornier than before. You placed your head into the crook of Chanyeols neck, gently biting at the exposed skin.

“Chanyeol, please, faster.” you moaned.

Something was instantly sparked inside of Chanyeol, and suddenly his slow, precise grinding turned into quick and sloppy thrusts that had the both of you moaning out the others name in pleasure.

“So good baby, you feel so fucking good around my cock baby girl.” Chanyeol growled into your ear, gently bringing your earlobe between his teeth and tugging on the sensitive flesh.

As your orgasm grew closer, Chanyeols quick thrusts turned into relentless rutting into your g-spot. You raked your nails down Chanyeols back as your orgasm grew closer and closer to crashing over you. You could tell Chanyeol was close as well by the way his breaths were growing shorter and how his groans and growls turned into whimpers and whines, secretly wanting to release. However, you knew Chanyeol would hold out until you had your orgasm, him making sure that you were completely satisfied before taking any sort of relief for himself.

A rush of affection for your boyfriend ran down your spine, warming your heart and adding an extra sort of pleasure to Chanyeols relentless fucking.

“Chanyeol, I’m close.” you moaned out, biting down on the expanse of his neck.

“Come for me baby girl, I want to feel you come around my cock and have your release cover me completely. Cum.” Chanyeol moaned.

And as he said his last order, your orgasm washed over you, making you see stars as you gripped Chanyeols back for support; your nails were certainly going to leave marks. As you cried out your boyfriends name and as your legs trembled from the intensity of your orgasm, you felt Chanyeol thrust into you one, two more times before he relished in his orgasm as well, groaning out in pleasure as his cum painted your walls white. You whimpered at the feeling of his cum filling you up, pulling away from his neck to bring him into a lazy kiss.

Chanyeol returned your kiss, lazily moving his lips against yours as you both came down from your high. You whimpered when you felt Chanyeol slip out of you, placing you on the floor of the shower with shaky legs. You continued to lean against him for support, resting your head against your boyfriends chest as you tried to calm your rushing heart beat. You could feel Chanyeols laughter rumble in his chest as he wrapped an arm around your waist for support, his other arm reaching behind you to grab the bottle of shower gel that rested on the ledge of the shower.

Chanyeol squeezed out a good amount of soap before lathering you up with his hands. His large hands roamed over your body slowly, admiring your bumps and curves as he cleaned you up. His hands lingered over your breast and ass for a while before quickly washing himself up as well, bringing both of your bodies to stand under the lukewarm water to wash away the soap.

Once all the soap was washed away, Chanyeol carried you out of the shower, quickly drying the both of you off before taking you back into the bedroom and tucking you into bed. He laid down next to you and you immediately moved to wrap your leg around his bare torso, resting your head over his heart as you both settled into the sheets.

“Thank you, I really needed that.” you smiled up gratefully at Chanyeol who responded with a smile and a kiss to your cheek.

“Of course, anything for my baby. But are we still up for those cuddles? I was kinda looking forward to that.” Chanyeol admitted sheepishly, making you giggle at his cuteness. You nodded and moved closer to his body, letting his arms envelope you in his warm and strong hold. Chanyeol rested his head on the top of yours, leaning down to peck your forehead with a chuckle.

“I love you Y/N.” he said, making your heart flutter like you were still a lovesick teenager.

“I love you too Chanyeol.” you smiled, snuggling further into his hold to let sleep take you away into a dreamland filled of love and comfort.

Journal pt. 4

Summary: First day of university for a socially awkward girl and stressed boy can be weird, but even weirder when they find odd journals.
Members: Jungkook x Reader (appearances by BTS and Mamamoo)
Type: Angst/Fluff/ Student!AU
Length: 3,301 Words

I wrote this right after writing the third chapter, so I didn’t see any feedback for that chapter, but I really hope you guys like this chapter as much as the other ones. Please remember to send in feedback, both positive and negative so I know how I am doing. Anyways, I hope you like this chapter <3

-Admin Kat

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Jungkook woke up to the sound of his phone vibrating loudly on his desk. He turned away from it, trying his hardest to ignore it at first, but finally groaning and getting up from his spot on the bed. Like always, he fell asleep on the pillows and woke up sideways and almost hanging off the edge of the bed. He rolled around on the bed until he was able to reach his bedside table. He grabbed his phone and switched on the screen to see who was bothering him so early. Jin was blowing up his phone, telling him that it was almost noon and about time he woke up so they could go and get lunch together. He sighed. Even as the ‘cool college kid’ Jin was still acting more like a parent. What was worse was that his stupid smart phone would tell Jin that the message was read, so it wasn’t like he could pretend that he missed it.

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