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Hongwon fluff/angst - Until He Was 23

Part 1 | Part 2 [end]

Dickids member - Hongwon/Young B

Warnings; drinking, smoking (Agunu reference:B), swearing, friends with benefits <- if you don’t like that either, please don’t read it.


Just to explain things quickly I got 2 requests for Hongwon so I’ve merged them. The plot will be self explanatory. 

“I HATE HIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!” Y/N could be heard hollering at Bryn, as she dragged her away from Hongwon who was smirking in victory, inhaling the cigarette between his fingers every now and again. What happened? Just the usual where Hongwon would be throwing comments about how “empty” and “unpopular” Y/N’s music was on soundcloud at the table when the whole of dickids had gathered up for lunch at McDonald’s. Y/N wasn’t in the crew herself, she was just a newbie rapper who had started to rap and make music one year and a few months ago. Bryn had met her through high school and introduced her to everyone in the dickids crew, all of them greeted her and thanked her for looking after Bryn, except Hongwon who said he wasn’t interested in meeting “a goody two shoes”.

“Honestly Y/N, if Luda recruited someone else in dickids and they didn’t have any tracks, they’d have more recognition than you.” Hongwon sneered at her when he overheard her talking Bryn about being in the middle of editing one of her tracks that she had been working on. Even though her face flushed red from humiliation, she’d always argue back with him.

“Dickids is a well recognised crew, so of course they would!” Y/N snapped back. Not only did his attitude irritate Y/N, but also the fact that fangirls were still swooning over an asshole like him even when they could hear the way Hongwon was talking to her. If he wasn’t so popular, there’d be less delusional people. Hongwon shrugged and looked at Soorin who had stepped outside to smoke and glanced back at Y/N, then smirked.

“Is it an audition track for Luda to get into dickids? Because if it is, forget about it, you’re too many levels down below us. But I’ll give you a shout out if you like,kid.” Hongwon sniggers, still smiling gleefully at the fact Y/N was always staring daggers at him. Although Bryn had smacked the back of his head or raised her voice at him for being rude, Hongwon never changed his attitude towards her. That was until she had an incident and ended up being rushed to hospital after overworking herself. And that was when Hongwon decided to turn over a new leaf.

“Well damn, you look like a mess.” was the first comment that slipped out of his mouth that had dropped open when he saw Y/N dressed in the patient uniform, looking fragile. She immediately turned to face the opposite side when she made eye contact with him. She was puzzled why on earth he’d come to visit her and he was the last person she wanted to see.

“Fuck off.” she had retorted making Hongwon chuckle at her response. Usually, Y/N would only be slightly annoyed because Hongwon had yet to have responses to hurl at her to dent her feelings, but on that day, it had spontaneously pissed her off even more.

“I’m warning you right now, if you don’t fuck off right now Yang Hongwon, you’re gonna see a different side of me.” Y/N’s voice had dropped an octave and the threat came out eerily, sparking his interest.

“Are you threatening me? Stop wasting your energy.” He challenged, making his way over to the side that Y/N was facing. He was only really expecting for Y/N to continue arguing with him like the usual, however she didn’t, she sat up and stared directly at him.

“Who on earth hurt you? You’re not as strong as you make yourself out to be. Putting me down just to feel good about yourself, you’re the one who’s weak here, Hongwon.” Y/N begun, getting off the bed and stood right in front him. Due to height difference, he was still staring down at her and she grabbed his collar and yanked it down till his face was closer to hers.

“Why the fuck me though? I don’t recall making your life hell. It’s not like you should treat anyone this way, though. It’s not romantic like some girls fucking romanticise about it. You’re actually gonna fucking kill someone if you continue behaving like that.” Y/N had completely flipped, shoving hard that Hongwon had landed up on his bottom, still staring at her. He was lying if he would be saying if he wasn’t startled. A split second later, she left him there and wondered over to open the door and exit it.

Ever since that day, Hongwon, with the help of Taehyeon got out of his rebelling phase and started off with apologising to everyone in his crew, anyone else he hurt and then lastly, Y/N. She was probably the hardest to convince that he had changed. But it was until he got Y/N’s studio address from Bryn and made his way over when she decided to listen to his reasoning. It turned out he was facing issues of his own, he was turning into someone he’d hate if he looked back when he was older. 

“Just because you’re going through issues, it doesn’t mean you should create problems for others. Thank god I’m strong and ignored your annoying remarks. If I remember properly, Bryn told me Taehyeon was always there to help you whenever you got yourself in or was close to causing trouble. It was you who rejected their help.” Y/N finally answered him after he was constantly pestering her with his reasoning for being the way he was.

This change wasn’t easy nor smooth as Hongwon thought it would be, but dickid members, his friends, family and even Y/N helped him and since he was stubborn, he finally got to become a better habit. Y/N grew closer to Hongwon once she gave him a chance and it was a chance she doesn’t regret to this day. Sure, the two became good friends as time flew, but that was with benefits. At first, it happened when they were drunk, the next times it occurred, they’d do it as if they were treating each other like one night stands. It was never talked about, they just had sex whenever one of them wanted to. Dickids members would see them closely together frequently, but never thought there was anything serious between them as both of them would hang out with other friends and share the same skin ship.

Even Y/N never thought of it something either, that was until Hongwon turned 23. He was hosting a party tonight, most of the guest list had consisted of her, everyone in dickids, and his other friends. Geonah had crashed at Y/N’s dorm a couple of hours before Hongwon’s party was about to start. She was standing in black heels, dressed in the silky, midnight black playsuit with a velvet choker. 

“ARGHH!” Y/N randomly screamed, startling Geonah who was curling her hair with a curling wand.

“Did I burn your scalp?” Agunu panicked, putting the curler down to inspect her scalp worriedly. Y/N flinched away from him and got up to walk to the window.

“No. I’m just dreading today.” She explained to Agunu stared at her with confusion.

“If you haven’t noticed, I like Hongwon. Like, I’m in love with him.” Y/N blurted out, glancing in the empty spaces of her room only for Agunu to motion for her to sit back on the chair in front of him.

“I’ll make you look gorgeous, don’t worry.” Geonah smiled as he continued to curl the remaining of her straight strands of hair, listening to Y/N describe what she loved about him. As time fled, Geonah had dragged Y/N to the door when Soorin arrived to pick them up with Soorin cocking his head in confusion when he was smoking a fag at the door.

“I spent ages! You’ve got to show off!” Agunu complained as he sat next to Y/N in the back of Soorin’s car. 

“What’s wrong, Y/N? By the way, you look hot.” Soorin boldly stated as he drove off, making eye contact with her through the mirror.

“Keep your eyes on the fucking road Soorin!” Y/N lectured causing Soorin to laugh.

“I can’t when you’re looking stunning. Anyways, what’s wrong, Y/N?” Soorin asked, he was focused there was an issue that he wasn’t aware of. Glimpsing at Geonah and biting her lip worriedly, he was quick to excuse Y/N for feeling off as she was “ill” this past week. Soorin rummaged for a packet of cigarettes and tossed it behind at them.

“There, you might feel better. Wait actually don’t smoke them, they’re bad for your lungs and you’ll get hooked like some of us. Just drink something at the party.” Soorin advised pulling up on Hongwon’s drive. He ran to ring on Hongwon’s doorbell before hiding in the bush to leap onto the birthday boy once he opened the door. He saw Y/N and Geonah were still leaning against Soorin’s car talking so Hongwon called out for them to hurry up and come inside.

“You’ll find me with Soorin or Byeongho if you need me.” He whispered in Y/N’s ear once they got inside Hongwon’s house and parted ways with her. The party had already begun. The rest of the dickids were already there with unfamiliar faces that blended in around the house. Y/N met Bryn half way as she ran over to give her a hug. 

“Y/N, you look gorgeous!” Bryn complimented her when she pulled her to a quiet corner. Thanking her, the anxiety returned onto Y/N’s face and Bryn gave her hand a light squeeze, wishing her luck and advising her to take her time. Geonah had also suggested for Y/N to give herself time before she confessed despite the fact she had planned to tell him quickly as possible at the party. The birthday boy was seen laughing and greeting all his guests, he looked like he was having the time of his time which made her smile to see him so happy. Seryeong was sat outside with Geonah and Dex, away from the booming music so she made her way over to them after standing awkwardly alone for a couple of minutes.

“Hey, Y/N! You look nice!” Seryeong greeted over the loud music, pulling a chair out for her to sit on. The three of them were ranking recent mixtapes that were released this week on soundcloud in order. Soorin was there to lighten the mood bragging that he’ll appear on ‘what’s trending’ with his upcoming track. Y/N felt a chin rest on her shoulder as she was laughing at his cockiness, causing her to stare fearfully at Geonah, who was also staring at her with wide eyes. 

“Hey, birthday boy!” Y/N giggled nervously, turning around to give Hongwon a hug. He had bent down to hug her only to then pick her up.

“I’m gonna borrow Y/N, sorry guys.” Hongwon muffled into her hair, carrying her away to his room. Y/N could feel her heart pounding so vigorously that Hongwon felt it too, chuckling into her ear until he closed the door behind him.

“I didn’t get to see you tonight, sorry. You’re looking extra pretty today, is that your present to me, hmm?” He murmured to her as he laid down on his bed.

“It’s alright, you needed to greet your guests and nah, I got you a way better present than that, don’t worry.” She muttered, her fingers were lingering on his satin shirt. He smirked and pressed a kiss on her lips, before whispering that he was looking forward to his real gift, obviously getting the wrong idea. Y/N let him kiss her for longer, she enjoyed it but started to feel sick again, pulling away eventually.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned, brushing her hair behind her ear, tilting her chin up.

“I love you, Hongwon.” She sighed, pushing his hand away, making him frown with confusion. They hadn’t talked about their feelings but he had never considered that there was a possible chance of Y/N developing feelings for him. Neither of them brought the topic up and he was beginning to have a horrible feeling that this wasn’t going to end well tonight. He thought they were both happy with being just friends with benefits, he hadn’t contemplated feelings for her. At first he smiled, telling Y/N she was just drunk but when she told him she was sober, his heart dropped.

“Y/N I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you felt that way…but I don’t feel anything strong towards you. We’re gonna have to stop this, I don’t want to hurt you.” Hongwon stuttered, as Y/N stood up.

“It’s okay! Ah, I’m sorry that I’ve made things awkward.” Y/N apologised, her voice began straining. She felt more embarrassed rather than heart broken and rushed out the room without Hongwon making anything effort to stop her. He let out a frustrated sigh and collapsed onto her bed when he heard her footsteps fade. On her way down, she had bumped into Byeongho in the toilets who was just coming out of the bathroom catching her in tears. Leading her back into the bathroom, he crouches down with Y/N rubbing her back terrified, asking what’s wrong. But Y/N couldn’t answer, she could only continue to cry hysterically so then Byeongho took the hint to yell for Bryn. Because Bryn was the first person to know how Y/N felt about Hongwon, she instantly knew what was wrong when she came into the cubicle with Geonah who followed the attention. Bryn whispered over and over again that she was sorry that it didn’t turn out well as she rocked Y/N in her arms on the floor meanwhile Geonah quietly explained to Byeongho that Y/N had feelings for Hongwon. When Y/N stopped crying, she tried to explain to all three of them what had happened, only to burst into tears again when they automatically gave her sympathy, telling her that there are plenty of other guys out there. Abrupt banging could be heard on the door, Soorin on the other side of the locked door.

“HELLO? EXCUSE ME IN THERE BUT I REALLY NEED TO PISS!”Soorin desperately yelled, causing Byeongho to roll his eyes, unlocking the door to let the leader in. Soorin was so drunk that Byeongho had to guide him to the actual toilet since he had decided to wonder into the shower to wee. He joined Bryn, Y/N and Geonah who were sat on the floor, silently judging him.

“Oh my god, Y/N! What’s wrong?!” Soorin exclaimed when he realised Y/N had been crying, shuffling closer to her.

“I’m surprised you’re not too drunk to notice that I was crying.” She giggled, wiping her eyes and cursed when her smudged makeup was painted onto her hand. Soon, Soorin was also updated with what had happened.

“Fuck Hongwon. But I agree with everyone, there’s definitely a lot guys out there. You’ll probably find somebody like him but this time he’ll love you back. I think Hongwon’s just confused because like you’ve said, you guys never talked about your feelings or having sex with each other.” Soorin comments, offering Y/N a hug. He leaves the bathroom along with Bryn and Byeongho after Y/N insists she wants to be on her own and that she’ll join them later. She let Geonah stay behind with her because they both knew that what she really wanted was to leave, and Geonah was fine with taking her back to her dorm. Y/N saw Hongwon dancing with other girls as Geonah was leading her out of the door; she hung her head even lower, eyes stinging from the sight. They got a taxi back to Geonah’s place instead, Y/N got into the shower straight away, washing herself with water this time instead of tears and wore one of Geonah’s oversized t-shirts. He sat onto the bed Y/N lay on, caressing her hair in his pjs. 

“How are you feeling?” He asked, trying to brush a majority of the hair that was covering her glum expression.

“Tired. I only saw him as a friend when we started getting closer, but then it was until he was 23 when I realised I loved him. I watched him turn from a bad person to a good one. I knew he wouldn’t be interested. Yet I don’t know why we continued to be friends with benefits even though I knew I loved him. Maybe it’s just a heartbreak phase, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over Hongwon. I don’t want to.” 

New Friends

You & B-Nom have been dating for a while and he introduces you to the rest of dickids crew


B-Nom x Reader - Fluff

It was 7:26 pm and the sun continued to shine; it wasn’t as warm but it was still nice. The grass tickled your legs as you sat on the ground next to your boyfriend. Birds fluttered around in large groups; circling the park before flying away to some place far. A lake lay untouched at the bottom of the hill, lightly glowing because of the sun.

It was a beautiful sight.

It was quiet and tranquil, the park wasn’t busy and that was the way you liked it. It was as if you were the only person in the world. Your boyfriend interlaced his hand in yours and smiled at you when you looked at him; he looked amazing in natural lighting, the sun shone on his skin giving him a natural glow.

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cs fic: what's so simple in the moonlight (by the morning never is)

I promised myself I wouldn’t write another Killian Kiss Curse Angst Fic, but this just sort of happened and yes. My poor Killybear.

cs fic: what’s so simple in the moonlight (by the morning never is)

He thinks (in the moment before knocking) about all of the deals he has ever made.

All of the miles he has claimed from inches (hesitantly) granted, and he muses that, well, the time has come to make amends. When one makes deals with the devil (as he did again and some more in the last year - in the last few hundred years), the payment is often heftier than the soul can shoulder.

“Captain,” Regina raises an eyebrow and searches over his shoulder for any company. “What brings you here? Can’t say I was expecting a visit from you. Alone.”

He pushes past the witch and into the foyer, scratching anxiously at the back of his neck, pulled taut with disquietude. “I have a problem,” he looks at his feet, then up to Regina’s cautious gaze. “I think you may be the only person who can help me.”

He can feel her assess him for a moment, the ricochet of her appraising glances off his hunched shoulders and defeated brow.

“Perhaps I can,” she finally says.

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cs fic: the world spinning waves

I had a mighty need for not only Captain Swan, but some Emma and Robin friendship/bromance. I’ve had this sitting around for awhile and just needed to get it out there. In fact, the lovely seastarved even made this gorgeous edit with my words!

the world spinning waves

The castle ceiling, she thinks, is too high. Lofty and lonely.

He presses fragile words into her hair. “You were swimming.”

She doesn’t say anything when he leaves a weighty silence in wake of his admission.

“It was nighttime and the moon was in the sky and you were swimming.”

Her eyes are mapping the contours of his brow, his jaw, in a concentrated effort to keep the whole world from collapsing. She’s been breathing and moving and carrying on without a moment’s pause for months, and now that everything has gone still, the inertia of the lost year is pressing against her.

He’s pressing against her.

“That’s when she’s calm, the sea,” he places each word delicately against her collarbone, to sink into the place beneath her breast, “When her waters are still and magic.”

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cs fic: who will love you? (who will fight?)

My gorgeous enabler bemusedbicycle and I were talking about Zelena’s possible confrontation with our favorite pirate, and this…just kind of…happened? (Moral of the story: BK and I should never be allowed to talk.)

cs fic: who will love you? (who will fight?)

They haven’t even had time to repair the traffic light – still on the ground, a mass of mangled metal and shattered faces pushed to the curb – when the Wicked Witch attacks again.

She’s found her stage again, found her petrified audience of townspeople, and it’s all beginning to become too familiar by the time she goes toe to toe with Emma.

Emma’s blood is moving through her veins at such a rate that her entire body is thrumming insane energy and fear, and she turns to her right to seek out his eyes, to convey a silent plan, a nonverbal pact that whatever happens, the goal is to keep the town, to keep Henry safe, but her gaze never connects. There is asphalt and air and nothing and where the hell is he.

It’s such a gut reaction at this point, a knee jerk to expect him to be her shadow, that when he is suddenly missing, she feels stripped of her armor – exposed and vulnerable and unprepared.

“Looking for something?” Zelena’s voice rends an awful hole in the night air, and when Emma looks at her, her smile is rancid and festering and evil

There, pulsing red and bright under her long, thin fingers is a heart. 

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Breaking Glass

I swear I am not updating directly after the episodes purely to rain on your parades. It is purely coincidence - I swear!

Summary: All the air is punched violently from her lungs when his first three words are a question, one eyebrow arched high on his forehead in curiosity, “Who are you?” When the Snow Queen lodges a shard of glass deep in Killian’s heart, how can Emma remind him of who he is when she cannot even remind him who she is?

Also available on [prologue] [Part 1] [Part 2]

Part Three: Blindsided

You would think that, considering the anarchy currently gripping the coastal town of Storybrooke, the residents might try to make her job easier. But that is simply not the case – a fact she learns one evening, sorting through the seemingly endless pile of domestic complaints and police reports that have been filed in the past month. Heaving a sigh, she blinks several times as she reads, writes, and drinks her stale coffee, repeating the tedious process with unmatched precision. She has had enough time now (hours) to perfect it. With a jaw cracking yawn, Emma leans back to stretch, throwing her arms out wide when her eye catches on movement by the entrance.

In a surprisingly fluid series of actions, the blonde has her gun out and aimed at the door as it is cracked tentatively open. She is prepared for anything (has become accustomed to surprises simply by living in this town), yet it still steals every last breath from her lungs when her eyes land on Killian. Done with him, my ass a voice taunts in the back of her mind.

Suddenly, it’s as though someone is sitting on her chest but she doesn’t lower the gun, narrowing her eyes as she demands, “What are you doing here?”

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cs fic: help me not to shake

This is for the lovely seastarved, who just needed Emma and Hook to talk. 

cs fic: help me not to shake

She’s started in on her second cup of coffee and he still hasn’t walked through the front door of the diner.

The formica and chrome are dull on a rainy spring morning, and she’s feeling somewhat muted herself. He’s usually here by now to comment on the bitterness of Granny’s brew, to rest his elbows and hang his head over his mug.

“I had to take Henry’s videogame away from him twice last night,” she would tell him.

“Let the lad have his fun,” he’d say and absently flip through the pages of the newspaper with creased brows and a hum of feigned understanding.

She’d snort and look at the last dregs at the bottom of her cup, waiting to swallow them at the same moment he finishes his own. “You don’t even know what a videogame is.”

“I don’t need to know what a viniogame is to know that the boy needs space to be a boy,” he would intone with a raised eyebrow. He’d complete the scene with a staged swig of his drink, and she would sigh but it would be a sound of happiness not aggravation.

But he’s not here, and he didn’t join her yesterday, so she tries not to think too much about it as she signals Ruby for a third cup.

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cs fic: infinities stretch out (from infinities within)

I really needed angst and Hook and more angst because I had many Killian Jones feelings today after that sneak peek. Many.

Thus, I give you Killian during That Year (and a bit after).

infinities stretch out (from infinities within)

It is in That Year (that year alone, that year searching, that year cast adrift, that year without Her) that he realizes he is infinite.

He is cursed with a finite immortality of measured days (sunrise, high afternoon, sunset, nightfall, sunrise) that protracts with every inhale, swells with each exhale. He has until the end of his days to be and do and go as he pleases (and for the better part of a year, he certainly does not please).

He had a purpose once, when he truly was immortal – revenge a delicious heat that animated his still heart and warmed his cold blood. And for a short time, a blink really, he had another purpose, too; but She had ebbed like the tide, left only eddies in her wake and a great, gasping undertow to fight (or give into).

And now, with this new eternity yawning before him (without Her), he can (must) find one again.

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CS Valentine’s Fic: For the lovely stkaley!

This is a fic for my CS Valentine, stkaley, who wanted angst, blood, and angst. I hope that you enjoy this little bit of sad Killy on this most romantic of days! I apologize for this getting to you so late (there are still a few hours left in Valentine’s Day here), but snow and work tried their best to defeat me. It was so fun getting to talk to you – and please don’t be a stranger in the future. Warm wishes and angsty thoughts your way!

ne m'oubliez pas

He’s never really had a drinking problem, per se, more of a self-loathing problem. And it’s something he really ought to get a handle on, he thinks, as a meaty fist makes sharp, cracking contact with the side of his face.

His head snaps to the side at an alarming rate, and his tongue can feel the painful split in his bottom lip, now coppery with the tang of blood.

He laughs.

“That all you got?”

He’s a burly fellow, like a Cyclops with more hair and a great beard. He’s also quite mad, if the growl at the back of his throat and the huffing gasps are any indication.

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