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we used to give each other the world. [LISTEN]

you’ve got the blood on your hands, i know it’s my own // you came at me in the middle of the night to show me my soul
1. coldplay: viva la vida - 2. foals: blue blood - 3. troye sivan: the quiet - 4. little dume: dangerous man - 5. kaleo: way down we go - 6. lp: muddy waters - 7. elbow: the bones of you - 8. twenty one pilots: implicit demand for proof - 9. johnny cash: hurt - 10. jaymes young: come back for me - 11. panic! at the disco: the end of all things - 12. the antlers: thirteen

art © @mrgamblinman

For You I Will

Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier

Rating: Mature

Summary: Omega!Charles is more interested in working toward his career than finding a mate. He’s never even been on a date, let alone kissed. Raven has tried to set him up with a few of her alpha friends but it’s been all for nothing. Erik Lehnsherr is a mysterious loner alpha that has just transferred to the school and after an eventful first day, Charles is able to crack his stoic shell but will Erik become his mate or his undoing?

Complimentary fanmix:

SHATTER ME |  “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too” | “You… you’re afraid”

Reylo fanmix.


i.until the ribbon breaks - one way or another | ii. evanescence - my immortal | iii. the phantoms - into the darkness | iv. hidden citizens - silent running | v. raign - don’t let me go | vi. coldplay - fix you | vii. gemma hayes -wicked game | viii. laurel - fire breather | ix. fall out boy - jet pack blues | x. kaleo - way we go down | xi. the chemical brothers ft. lorde - this is not a game | xii. lindsay stirling ft. lzzy hale - shatter me  | xiii. the spiritual machines - your enemy  | xiv. imagine dragons - friction | xv. ruelle - up in flames 


Aeternum vale | Farewell Forever | Listen

                                    A glorious death would be in my
                                      final breath to take before I die, to hear
                                              one final time on my belovèd’s mouth
                                                                  the sound of her eternal sigh


A T   M Y   F E E T   A N D   B O W   T O   ME
an angst mix for the Lady Morgana, the last High Priestess.

01. a demon’s fate - within temptation

“What have you done?
Is this what you wanted?
What have you become?
His soul’s not forsaken
You’re walking alone
From heaven into hell.”

02. chasing the dragon - epica

“Poison is slowly seeping through my veins
Stealing the only dignity in me
I pick them up and let them fall
To cause your pain and hit them all
One more life to live is all I want
I’ll take the joy away from them
See to it, they will all be damned.”

03. sweet sacrifice - evanescence

“One day I’m gonna forget your name
And one sweet day
You’re gonna drown in my lost pain
Fear is only in our minds
Taking over all the time
Fear is only in our minds
But it’s taking over all the time.”

04. opus relinque - tristania

“Challenge my own world to chaos
Thoughts to mind becomes my arch enemies
Skin to teeth, visions appears to me in red
Scouring my wounds with your spit (with your spit)
Down in apathy which is growing
Once dragged down within a mayhem of light
Skin to teeth, ripping my inwards apart.”

05. nemo - nightwish

“This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline
Oh, how I wish f
or soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart, lost in the dark.”

06. brackish - kittie

“She is not scared to die
The best things in life drive her to cry
Crucify then learn
Take so much away from inside you
Makes no sense 
You know he can’t guide you
He’s your fucking shoulder to lean on
Be strong, sit and watch me burn.”

07. going to hell - the pretty reckless

“Father, did you miss me?
Don’t ask me where I’ve been
You know I know, yes I’ve been told
I redefine sin
And I don’t know what’s driving me
To put this in my head
Maybe I wish I could die, maybe I am dead.”

08. fixed at zero - versaemerge

“This doesn’t make much sense
Think far out but I’m still locked in
I’m still lost walking circles
The floor swallowed me up whole
There’s nowhere to go
There’s a vulture on my shoulder
And he’s telling me to give in.”

09. blacklisted me - blacklisted me

“This is gonna be the death
The execution that I swore
If you want to hate me more
So if you want to hate me more
You can do it like you did before
Start a war, we’ll settle the score
So this is all for you
I know you wanna break me
And take me down too
But I will refuse, 
‘Cause I make them scream.”

10. king of the world - porcelain and the tramps

“'Cause I’m the fucking king of the world
Get on you knees
I’m the fucking king of the world
Do as I please 
So get up and get out and I’ll show you
What it takes for me to control you
'Cause I’m the fucking king of the world
Keep your head down
Untill I tell you may speak.”

11. building a monster - skylar grey

“This human heart
How many times can it be torn
Before a superhero is born?
This angel has lost her wings
I’m building a monster
Beneath all the scars you will see
I’m building a monster.”



Gently, we howl at the stars together. Gently, we swallow each other whole.
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WE’RE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE | “so come to me with nothing but hate”

Dedicated to all of the Reylo’s fanficitons writers. This fanmix is inspired by your works. Thank you for the angst, fluff and smuts!


i. laurel - to the hills | ii. ciara - paint it black | iii. bellstop - trouble | iv. gjan - now you | v. mumford and sons - the enemy | vi. madonna - addicted | vii. elsa&emilie - run | viii. marilyn manson - tainted love | ix. banks - waiting game | x. zella day - shadow preachers | xi. naughty boy ft. bastille - no one is here to sleep | xii. joseph william morgan - what a wonderful world 

i’ll be loving you for quite some time // a mix for pretending your ships are happy (for alicia)

i. certain things - james arthur // ii. photograph - ed sheeran // iii. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last (cover) // ix. mine - taylor swift // x. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons // xi. something i need - onerepublic // xii. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // xii. can’t help falling in love - keaton henson (cover) // xiii. stay stay stay - taylor swift

danger in the dark - a silverflint fanmix    

come with me now by kongos | danger in the dark by king tuff | baptized by fire by spinnerette | lonely boy by the black keys | black cloud by mr. rudy day | dirty king by the cliks | bad things by jace everett | ain’t no rest for the wicked by cage the elephant | sirens by rag’n’bone man | the devil takes care of his own by band of skulls | the plank by devil makes three | beat the devil’s tattoo by black rebel motorcycle club | gold by sir sly


cover by rez  

It’s the holiday season, so I decided to bring back an updated fanfic listening mix! People seemed to like the last one, so I’m hoping this one will go over well too! Happy holidays and enjoy this new set of playlists! (^⊆^)

[fluff mix]   [angst mix]   [smut mix]

{ f l u f f }

1. Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours
2. leeSA - Dream a Little Dream of Me
3. Death Cab for Cutie - You Remind Me of Home
4. The Decemberists - Of Angels and Angles
5. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
6. Daniela Andrade - La Vie En Rose
7. Scarlett Johansson (Her) - The Moon Song
8. The Lumineers - Dead Sea
9. Fleet Foxes - Meadowlarks
10. Milo Greene - Perfectly Aligned
11. Coldplay - Lost
12. Frank Sinatra - You Make Me Feel So Young
13. Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
14. Avett Brothers - Famous Flower of Manhattan
15. Bright Eyes - Easy, Lucky, Free
16. Owl City - The Saltwater Room

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{ a n g s t }

1. Arctic Monkeys - 505
2. Death Cab for Cutie - Bixby Canyon Bridge
3. Bring Me the Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart
4. The Decemberists - On the Bus Mall
5. Neutral Milk Hotel - Oh Comely
6. The Lumineers - Slow It Down
7. Coldplay - Warning Sign
8. Florence and the Machine - Seven Devils
9. Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love
10. Brand New - Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
11. Bright Eyes - Messenger Bird's Song

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{ s m u t }

1. Arctic Monkeys - Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
2. The Decemberists - Won't Want For Love (Margaret in the Taiga)
3. Neutral Milk Hotel - Song Against Sex
4. Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters
5. Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft
6. The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
7. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know
8. Blue October - Sexual Powertrip (One Big Lie)
9. Fall Out Boy - XO
10. flatsound - old lumina
11. Panic at the Disco - Build God, Then We'll Talk

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「Whale Tunes」- A SouMako fanmix created from the suggestions of the shippers. 

[Side A] - “Miles from Home[►] listen.
♪ {tracklist: fall for you (secondhand serenade) | perfect (hedley) | peaches (new heights) | your guardian angel (t.r.j.a) | with me (sum 41) | anywhere but here (mayday parade) | falling slowly (glen & markéta) | a thousand years [pt. 2]  (christina perri) | soulmate (natasha bedingfield) | walls (the rocket summer) | the world is ugly (my chemical romance) | iris (goo goo dolls) | i’m still here (john rzeznik) | fix you (coldplay) | thinking out loud (ed sheeran) | stay with me (sam smith) | can’t stop (onerepublic) | parachute (cheryl cole) | mirrors (justin timberlake) | flaws (bastille)

[Side B] - “Home Is Where You Are[►] listen.
♪ {tracklist: mr. brightside (the killers) | i dare you to move (switchfoot) | when i look to the sky (train) | something i need (onerepublic) | unconditionally (katy perry) | love me like you do [cover] (sam tsui & alex goot) |  safe and sound [cover] (zendaya, kina, & max) | we found love [cover] (boyce avenue) | just the way you are (bruno mars) | fallin’ for you (colbie caillat) | crazy for you (hedley) | did it hurt? (never shout never) | it happens all the time (tyler shaw) | shut up and dance (walk the moon) | la la (the cab) | favorite record (fall out boy) | vanilla twilight (owl city) | dear future husband (meghan trainor) | sugar (maroon 5) | marry you [remix] (bruno mars)

i won’t be able to breathe - a season 9 whouffaldi fanangstmix

[she might meet someone she can’t stand to lose // that happens, I believe]

01. run - hozier // 02. heart in your hand - page & plant // 03. no light, no light - florence + the machine // 04. my body is a cage - peter gabriel // 05. is your love strong enough? - brian ferry // 06. heart shaped box - asgeir // 07. magdalene - akira yamaoka // 08. night terror - laura marling // 09. long & lost - florence + the machine // 10. crest - the antlers // 11. heron blue - sun kil moon // 12. retrograde - james blake // 13. take me to church - hozier // 14. bring the rain - finish ticket // 15. promise (reprise) - akira yamaoka

no happy ending: an outlaw queen fanmix [listen]

1. not about angels - birdy // 2. goodbye my lover - james blunt // 3. say something - a great big world ft christina aguilera // 4. so close - john mclaughlin // 5. wildest dreams - taylor swift // 6. sad song - we the kings ft elena coats // 7. all i want - kodaline // 8. happy ending - mika // 9. losing your memory - ryan star // 10. don’t let me go - raign // 11. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift // 12. photograph - ed sheeran // 13. almost lover - a fine frenzy // 14. what hurts the most - rascal flatts // 15. a thousand years - christina perri // 16. all of the stars - ed sheeran