the words taehyung has always wanted to say to you

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#16. damon and elena - t h e  v a m p i r e  d i a r i e s
“even if it doesn’t work, even if all goes to hell, even if I’m miserable and alone, the smallest chance at the perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. and I know this elena: i love you. and I will love you until I take my last breath on this earth.”

The Monster Inside

Unbetaed and fast written drabble. For @mysupernaturalfics because I love her and she needed it tonight <3 I love you sweetie and you are stuck with me!

Dean knew. Without a word he knew. He saw the change in you. Saw you going from happy and sassy and carefree to something else. Quiet and sad. Staying in your room for longer and longer everyday. You touched him less. You barely noticed his attempts at making you smile. You overheard Sam’s tries at making conversation over breakfast.

Dean knew this wasn’t you. This wasn’t who you were. He knew it was your depression. It was something you saw as weakness. He knew you would never ask him for help, but he also knew you needed him now more than ever. Even if you didn’t ask. Even if you acted as if you didn’t want him near you.

He knew you head was telling you to push him away, because you were going to lose him anyway. It was telling you that he was going to see you for who you really were. What you didn’t know was that he did. He saw you. He saw past the depression and anxiety. He saw you. The girl that didn’t let him get away with his shit. The girl that made sure to drag him to bed at night to get at least a few hours of sleep, when he’d rather stay in the library drinking. The girl that danced around the garage in his shirt to the sound of his music blasting from Baby’s stereo. The girl that made him laugh at her sassy remarks. The girl that made his heart flutter when she tilted her head listening to his stories. The girl that made his head spin when she pulled him down for a kiss out of the blue.

So Dean did the only thing he knew how too. He showed her he loved her. While she was sitting in the library with Sam he spoke into her room. A room she only ever used when she felt like this. He spread out every picture he had of the two of them over the bed and the floors. On the back of every single one he had written I love you because… connecting the text to the picture she had forced him to take with her at the time.

He left her room for his own and he waited. Waited until she showed up in his door. Wearing his shirt and woolen socks. He didn’t say a word he just let her cross the room and crawl into bed with him. Snuggling as close to him as she possibly could. Dean tangled his legs with hers and wrapped his arms around you, letting out a small relieved sigh as he heard her whisper.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Dean held her close that night. His lips rested against her hair.

He hated that she felt like this. Hated there was nothing he could do to take away her pain. So he did the only thing he could do. He reminded her in every way he could think of that he loved her. He showed her in every way that he could that he was not going anywhere. That she was stuck with him for good. Slowly he saw the change. He saw the smiles coming back to her face. He saw the light in her eyes returning with each dumb joke that he made. He saw the monster finally releasing it’s hold on his girl. He saw the way she fought it off on her own. He saw her strength and her fire, and he loved her a little bit more, even if he had never thought it possible.    

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Literally everything about Percy giving Vex the siege arrow. 

Vex: What is this?
Percy: This is an evening of unbridled guilt. 

Percy: [It’s used for] Shattering stone, shattering doors, breaking things- 
Vex: Breaking hearts left and right *winks*
Percy: *flustered* If- if that is what you’re after…

Percy: Never forget that you’re my favorite.
Keyleth again:

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for the "send me a ship" challenge: solangelo + things you said with no space between us

“Gods, Nico, you can’t just do shit like that!” Will growled, angrily raking his hands through his hair as he incessantly paced the length of the Apollo cabin.

The sun baked Nico’s back through the open door but he was too stubborn to move, his arms folded over his chest as he glared at Will from across the room. “I was just doing my job, Will!”

“Since when is dying your job, Nico?!” Will was unusually upset and there was a part of Nico that wanted to go over and hug him and another part of him that wanted to storm out. They balanced out to him just standing in anger, slightly confused as to why his boyfriend was having such a fit.

“We all do what we have to to help the camp and I was saving lives!” Nico growled, his foot stomping on the creaky floorboards of the cabin. He felt like a child throwing a tantrum.

You were almost killed! You knew you couldn’t take on all those monsters by yourself!” Will looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself, his arms flailing around in wild gestures, his face red and his hair a mess. It would’ve been amusing if Nico wasn’t so annoyed.

“I’m still here, aren’t I? I know what I’m doing, Will, I can take care of myself. I wasn’t going to just let them die.”

“You didn’t need to let them die! Percy was almost there, he could’ve helped!”

“They would’ve been dead by then! What do you want from me?!”

“I want you to care about whether you live or die!”

“I do!”

“Then act like it!”

Nico didn’t realize they’d been moving closer together, their noses now just inches apart as they huffed from adrenaline, the rage in the air dissipating.

“I’m still angry,” Will said, his pupils practically dancing as they rapidly bounced around Nico’s face, from his eyes to his mouth, back to his eyes. “But I really want to…”

“What?” Nico meant for it to come out biting, but instead it was soft, barely audible as his breathing slowed to an anticipatory rhythm, every muscle in his body frozen.

“Can I kiss you?”

Nico couldn’t even finish nodding before Will was pushing him against the wall, their mouths smashed together.

Will pulled away from Nico far too soon, resting their foreheads against each other as his thumb traced deliberate patterns on Nico’s shoulder.

“I don’t want to lose you, Nico.” He whispered, his hand sliding down Nico’s arm to intertwine their fingers. “You think no one cares whether you’re here or not but that’s not true. Even if you don’t believe Percy and Jason and all the other campers, you have to know that I care and I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.”

“I-I’m sorry about earlier, I just don’t want anyone else dying if I can prevent it.” Nico explained, tightening his grip on Will’s hand. 

Will smiled. It was small, almost sad. “I know, just- just try to be careful, okay? I don’t want to have to bury anyone else I care about.”

“You won’t have to.” Nico promised. “Not if I can help it.”

Okay, I’m really not proud of this one? I feel like it could’ve turned out a lot better but as the night progresses my writing abilities slowly deteriorate. I hope it turned out okay, though.

My new favourite thing about Episode 72:

After Matt says “that’s where we’re going to end for tonight” and everyone at the table starts screaming while Taliesin yells “BAM, MOTHERFUCKER”

then they have a few solemn moments of thanks to sponsors and Critters

then Matt does “is it Thursday yet”

then, after they all think the cameras are off, they all start screaming AGAIN and Taliesin yells “BAM MOTHERFUCKER” AGAIN.

Taehyung seems like the type of guy who’d take you to an animal shelter for a date and try to adopt every single dog. And you’d have to stop him while he talks about the life you two could have with the puppy.

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and to finish i've read the suicidal!mc and now im dead inside, but now i want some angst with a happy end! how about a mc who got into a car crash end now they are in coma for 6 month, and now the doctor ask the rfa+v+unknown if they want to turn of the machine, they refuse(i hope, i think... well if you are felling murderous today and want to kill my happy end... please dont :/) and one month later the mc awaken and happy reunion and happy end, please gender neutral mc please :D,

<ahhh yes, i’m not feeling murderous today, and i think that it would be great to have some angst with a positive ending!! this sounds very nice to do tonight, thank you darling (i call everyone either darling or hun, btw) for the request!!>


  • he was sitting in class when he got a call from an unknown number
  • he thought about just ignoring it, but he had a gut feeling that he needed to answer it
  • “Excuse me, Professor, this is an important call, do you mind if I take it quickly?”
  • he was excused, he answered the phone and raised it to his ear
  • “Hello?”
  • “Yes, is this Yoosung Kim, MC’s s/o?” 
  • “Uhh, yes. Who’s calling please?”
  • the person on the other end explained that they were the emergency room of a hospital close to his class, they told him that you had gotten hit by another driver; you had a green light, they had a red light, you went forward, they were texting, and they didn’t stop, colliding into you
  • he dropped his phone to the ground, before shakily picking it back up 
  • “Yes…I-I’ll be on my way as soon as possible. Please do anything-anything, to save them.”
  • he sprinted back into the classroom, grabbing his stuff before running out without any explanation
  • he went as quickly as he could, once the bus wasn’t going fast enough he though about getting off and sprinting to the hospital but he knew once he got there you’d still be there
  • running in, he slammed his hands on the desk asking for your room
  • the lady at the front desk gave it to him before he ran off again to find your room, and once he did a doctor stopped him outside
  • “Doc, how is MC doing?”
  • “Mr. Kim, don’t be too upset or beat yourself up but they’re in a coma, we don’t know when they’ll be out of it either.” 
  • at that moment he could feel his body wanting to drop to the floor, but he knew he couldn’t
  • he spent every single day with you, he never left the hospital unless one of the members convinced him to go home and take a shower
  • it had been 6 months, and the doctors tried to convince him to turn off your machine
  • “Sir, I think it would be good to just let MC-”
  • “No. I know MC, I know MC better than anyone. They’ll pull through it. Don’t ever turn off that machine.”
  • well, 1 month later he was right, you pulled through
  • “Y-Yoosung? Where are we?”
  • he engulfed you into a bear hug, nearly crushing you
  • he sat down and explained everything that had happened, you were out for 6 months cause of some stupid texting driver who made it out of the crash perfectly fine btw
  • “Yoosung, I’m so sorry I should’v-”
  • “Shh..MC all that matters right now is that you’re with me. I was convinced for a while I’d loose you.”
  • he always stayed by you for the rest of your lives whenever he could, he didn’t want to come close to loosing you like that ever again.

Jaehee Kang:

  • it was a normal day at work for her, she was about to have her lunch break so she was waiting for you to come in with coffee for the two of you
  • it was odd that you were running late, but she brushed it off
  •’s probably traffic.
  • yeah. really bad traffic
  • her phone rang, she recognized it to be the local hospital so she picked up right away
  • “Hello?” 
  • “Yes, this is Jaehee Kang correct?” 
  • “Yes, is everything alright?”
  • “We’ve got an MC in here, their first primary contact to call in emergencies was listed as you…”
  • “Is everything alright?”
  • the person on the other end explained that you had gotten stuck in an intersection, and as it was clear for you to cross two cars instantly came out of now where and sandwiched you in-between them.
  • she hung up instantly, gathered her things and ran out of the building
  • “Assistant Kang, where are you-”
  • Jumin decided it wouldn’t be good for Jaehee to drive herself, cause if she gets into an accident who’s his assistant going to be??, so he got one if his drivers to take her to the ER
  • she ran in, quickly finding her way to you in a formal matter instead of a rushing mess
  • the door to your room was closed, so she found herself pacing outside the room until a doctor and nurse finally emerged
  • “Ms. Kang, I’m so sorry to tell you this but MC may not make it, they got hit so hard that they’re in a coma, and we’re pretty sure that they won’t make it.” 
  • Jaehee’s heart was crushed, all she could manage to do was nod her head before rushing to be by your side
  • 6 months. She stayed in the hospital for 6 months straight, never leaving at all, even when the RFA tried to pull her away.
  • today, Zen was with her, trying to get her to go home and get changed
  • “Please, Jaehee, MC wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself.”
  • “Oh well, I’m alright, I’m not leaving until MC is awake. They’ll wake up I know it.”
  • then a nurse walked into the room, interrupting Jaehee and Zen
  • “Excuse me, Ms. Kang, I believe uit’s about time to turn off the machine. MC isn’t showing any signs of waking up any time soon.”
  • “I don’t care if it will take 5 more months, a year, or 3 more years, we’re not turning off that machine.”
  • “If that’s what you wish, Ms. Kang.”
  • little did you know, you woke up a month later to everyone’s surprise.
  • “MC! Oh, MC I’ve missed you so so much. Thank you God, thank you God!” 
  • “Jaehee? What are we doing in a hospital room? And Zen’s here too?” 
  • Zen decided to leave for a while, grabbing the three of you some food, but not until he said hello and that he’d be back
  • and in the time he was gone, Jaehee explained what had happened, the accident, you being out for 7 months
  • “Oh my god, I remember it little by little, I just don’t remember getting hit…I’m sorry Jae-”
  • “It’s alright MC, all I need is you here now.” 
  • now you never really left her side, she would even take you to work with her
  • you’d help her out, since you were there anyways and became practically Jaehee’s little personal assistant that she’s always needed
  • “God, I don’t know what I’d do without you, MC. I love you.” 


  • he was waiting for you to come over, despite it being later in the night you both had always hung out in the late hours of the night.
  • he stood by the door, looking out the window before his phone rang
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Is this Ryu Hyun?”
  • “U-Uh, yes this is, how can I help you?”
  • the man told Zen that he was a worker from the emergency room about a half hour away, you had gotten into a car accident on a major highway about an hour away from Zen’s house, a drunk driver slammed into you sending your though the guard rail, flying for at least 100 feet before slamming into a tree then the side of a building with the drunk driver’s car not too far behind you.
  • he instantly threw on a jacket and put on his bike helmet, riding his motorcycle all the way to the hospital, weaving through traffic almost getting himself killed
  • “Yes hello, I’m here to see an MC?” 
  • “Right this way, Mr. Hyun.” 
  • he was lead to your room, where a doctor stood at the foot of your bed
  • “Ah, Mr. Hyun, I wasn’t expecting to see you so quickly.”
  • “Heh, when my love is in danger I need to get to them instantly…what’s the verdict doc?” 
  • “MC…they’re…in a coma. I’m sorry Mr. Hyun, we’re not sure if they’ll make it out. If they don’t come around in 6 months we’ll ask if you’d like to turn off their machine.” 
  • he nodded his head, before the doctor left as he sank into on of the cold plastic chairs they had to offer
  • he gripped your cold, lifeless hand the entire time, waiting to feel either your comforting warmth or you squeeze back but it never happened
  • he missed out on so many bigger opportunities, but he turned them all down to make sure you were 100% alright
  • then 6 months came, and you still weren’t awake.
  • “Mr. Hyun…I think it’s time to turn off their machine..”
  • If you touch that god damn machine I will make sure of some way to end your career.  MC is my life, I know they’ll pull through so if you dare turn off that machine…
  • “Yes, a-as you wish Mr. Hyun.”
  • he cried that night, he didn’t want to loose you
  • then exactly a month later, you woke up
  • “W-What? Zen? Where are we?” 
  • instantly called the RFA to tell them you were awake and you were alive
  • he explained everything that happened, making your jaw drop
  • “Well, MC, angels are meant to fly once in their lives..”
  • “Shush it you, I’m sorry I should’ve been more carefu-”
  • “No, it was that drunk bastard’s fault not yours.” 
  • after that he asked you to move in with him, so you wouldn’t have to drive over late int the night, and you could both spend almost every minute with each other 

Jumin Han:

  • he sat quickly working, it was a late night and he wanted to get home quickly to see you once you got off your shift at one of the local 24 hour shops
  • he got buzzed in through the phone from Jaehee, groaning as he hit the accept button
  • “Yes, Assistant Kang?”
  • “Mr. Han, I’ve got the emergency room from down the street on hold, they tried to get a hold of your cell but it was off.”
  • his eyes got wide, before he cleared his throat
  • “Put them through, Assistant Kang.”
  • “Jumin Han, speaking.”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han, we were wondering if you could come to the emergency room? We’ve got an MC in here who’s first emergency contact was listed as you..”
  • the man on the other side of the phone told him that you were leaving work when some person in the parking lot thought it would be a genius idea to drive at 40 miles per hour without stopping as you were backing up, slamming into you which then sent you going forward until you crashed through the dress shop across the street
  • he hung up with them, before calling Jaehee
  • “Assistant Kang, take care of the rest of my paper work and call off any meetings I have planned for the next month. MC’s in the hospital and I need to be with them.” 
  • if it weren’t for Driver Kim, Jumin probably would’ve driven himself and ended up in the hospital right besides you
  • he sprinted in, the woman at the front desk pointing to the hallway you were in since she knew exactly where he was headed
  • “Doctor how much money do I need to pay you to make them okay again?”
  • “Not so fast now, sir, MC’s in a coma, and none of us here know how long they’ll make it.”
  • he kept trying to push his money on them, he needed you back for the sake of his wellbeing and for your wellbeing
  • he was always found pacing your room day to day, sitting down occasionally and sleeping, then every once in a while when the RFA would come as a group to visit he’d go home and change, but he always swore up and down he’d better be there when you woke up
  • well it’s been 6 months, and you still weren’t up.
  • it was a late night for Jumin, he was exhausted from working in the hospital all day instead of the office, trying to catch up on everything that needed his signature, so he didn’t really notice when the doctor walked in
  • but he noticed when they were headed to your source of life for the time being
  • What the hell do you think you’re doing, doc?
  • “Mr. Han..I think it’s time to let them go, it’s been 6 months, they aren’t coming back.” 
  • I will end you, your career, everything you love, and this entire hospital if you dare turn off MC’s machine. I don’t care if it takes a week, a month, 5 years, or a century before they awake, you are keeping that machine on until they either wake up or if I die first, understand me?
  • “Y-Yes, Mr. Han, I apologize.”
  • “I must apologize for snapping at you, it’s been a long day doctor. Just don’t shut them off yet, thank you.”
  • and to his surprise, a month after that occurred you woke up
  • “Jumin, what hell are we doing here?”
  • “MC? MC, thank god you’re awake.” 
  • he leaned over and gave you a kiss before explaining everything that happened
  • “I’m so sorry Jumin I should’ve looked behind me-”
  • “No, MC, no “I’m sorry’s” from you okay? You’re quitting that job and just being a house wife from now on, got me?”
  • you giggled, nodding your head before he gave you a sincere hug, one that he hadn’t given in a long time.
  • and you did exactly what he told you, you quit your job, and lived happily as a stay-at-home wife with Jumin and Elizabeth, and you weren’t allowed to drive yourself anywhere unless Jumin was with you (for safety reasons of course.)


  • Seven was already barely running on any sleep at all, and he couldn’t really tell what was fake or not
  • so once he got a call from the emergency room he thought it was his imagination
  • “Saeyoung Choi?” 
  • he shuddered at his own name, this was definitely real.
  • “Speaking, how may I help you?”
  • “We have a person under the name of MC-”
  • he instantly hung up, running out of his house and to his car before speeding off to the hospital
  • after practically fighting his way through the line of people waiting, he reached the front desk, asked for you, and once he got directions he actually sprinted to where you were (like no lie he actually sprinted for the first time in years)
  • after getting to your room out of breath, he was greeted to a doctor who explained everything to him as he tried to recollect himself
  • the doctor explained that you had gotten into a bad head-on collision at a stop sign, a person turning the corner didn’t pay attention, so they never saw you sitting there
  • “I’m sorry, Mr. Choi, but we’re not sure if they’ll make it.”
  • “Oh I know my MC, they’ll make it alright.”
  • he had tears in his eyes, as he slipped into the seat next you, grabbing your hand before passing out himself
  • he never left, he barely ate, barely kept himself hydrated, and he wasn’t cracking jokes like his normal self
  • the RFA took turns babysitting him, making sure he was okay, and you were okay as well
  • then the one day he kicked everyone out, 6 months after the accident, so it would just be him and you, the doctor came in to talk to Seven
  • “Mr. Choi, I think it’s about time to say goodbye to MC. They aren’t showing any signs of coming back-”
  • No.
  • “But Mr. Choi-”
  • No. You’re not killing my MC. Not yet, anyways, not until I’m gone myself.
  • once the doctor left, Seven broke down into tears, he wasn’t sure if you would come back after all.
  • then one month later you did
  • “Luciel? What the hell..why am I in pain?”
  • he hugged you so tight, you were convinced he’d never let go
  • he sat down, after hugging you for a straight 3 hours, and explained everything that had happened
  • “I’m sorry Sev, I was on my way to surprise you, I had some Dr. Pepper in my trunk and i thought maybe we could watch a movie or something but I was stupid and didn-”
  • “Shh, it wasn’t you, it was the other driver okay? They’re the stupid one, not you.”
  • he made sure you were 100% okay before he took you home, then have forced you to move in with him so he could always be near him
  • and you both had your happy ending, you were able to monitor his heath and make sure he was okay, and he was able to make sure that he would never loose you again.


  • he had just left on another one of his trips, and as soon as he got there he got a call from the local hospital.
  • “Hello?”
  • “Yes, is this Jihyun Kim?”
  • “Speaking, how can I help you?”
  • the person on the other end said that you had just gotten into a t-bone collision on your way to work, you were going through a green light as someone on your right and thought they had a green light, slamming themselves into you.
  • he instantly got the quickest flight back home, despite the fact he drove all the way out to where his destination was
  • as soon as he got there 5 hours later he immediately ran to the hospital
  • he quickly found where you were, walking in to see the doctor in there waiting for him
  • “I’m sorry sir, I was 5 hours away on a trip for work, so I got the quickest flight here.”
  • “That’s quite alright Mr. Kim-”
  • “Please, call me Jihyun.”
  • “As you wish, Jihyun. Anyways, we aren’t sure if MC will make it, they’re in a very bad coma and isn’t really showing signs of coming out.
  • “Thank you for telling me that, doctor, but MC’s my angel, I know they’ll be able to pull themselves out of this.”
  • he sat down next to you, grabbing your hand as he talked to you like it were a normal day,
  • except you wouldn’t answer him.
  • this went on for around 6 months, but V was able to take care of both himself and you, making sure there was still a heartbeat on the monitor beside you.
  • “Jihyun, I think it would be best to let MC go, they aren’t showing any responses to life anymore, I don’t believe they’ll make it.”
  • Sir, I don’t think so. Their heart is still beating, they’re still got a pulse, and it’s beating strong. Give them another month or so, they’ll some around.
  • and lo and behold, you awoke in a month.
  • “V? What are you doing here? I thought you had left on a trip?”
  • “Well, that trip needed to be cut short, sweetheart. But I’m here now, okay?”
  • he explained to you everything, not leaving out a single detail.
  • “I’m sorry I had to cut your trip short, the driver should’ve payed attention.”
  • “It’s alright, MC, as long as I’m here with you now, and I’ll stay with you from now on.”
  • he kept that promise, once you were released he took you on every trip he took, never leaving your side until you both died peacefully in your sleep, the way you both wanted to go.


  • he was at home, waiting for you to come home from errand running, before his phone began to ring
  • “I swear to god if it’s Saeyoung again-Hello?”
  • “Is this Saeran Choi?”
  • “Yes..may I ask who is speaking?” 
  • “This is (person) from the emergency room, we just got an MC here with you as their primary emergency contact…” 
  • he instantly hung up and ran out, running to the hospital since it was only about 5 or 6 minutes away 
  • the entire time his mind was bogged down with negative thoughts, you were the only person he had left who he could fully trust and depend on, if you were gone what would happen to him?
  • “God damnit MC, you better not die on me..” 
  • as he finally reached the hospital, he quickly asked loudly yelled asking where you were until he got directions, then sprinting off in that direction.
  • “MC isn’t dead, Mr. Choi., but they are in a bad coma, we’re not sure if they’ll wake up.”
  • the doctor then went to explain that you had gotten into a rear collision on your way home from the food store, sending you 20 feet ahead of you since the driver behind you was on their phone texting while doing 50 miles per hour, not seeing the stop sign clearly ahead of you, sending you into a brick wall of a building.
  • he nodded his head, walking into the room waiting for the door to close before he dropped to his knees and screamed to the top of his lungs
  • it was the only way to take the pain out of his heart without inflicting pain on himself, something he promised you he would never do.
  • he always kept himself up, he was either pacing the room, rocking in the corner, or gripping your hand as if his life depended on it
  • his brother always came in to check on him, bringing him food and drinks that he never ate (he only consumed them once in a while, if his stomach felt the need to hold something down.)
  • then came the 6 month mark, and you still weren’t up.
  • “Mr. Choi, I think it’s best to let MC pass, it’s their time, they’re not waking up any time soon.” 
  • Not on my watch. MC WILL WAKE UP!
  • the doctor quickly left the room before Saeran had another metal breakdown, like he did every other day
  • but then, one month later, you woke up.
  • “Saeran? What the hell-” 
  • he hugged you for what seemed like forever, before vaguely telling you about the accident before getting too worked up
  • you hugged him again, petting his hair until he calmed down enough to finish explaining
  • “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Saeran, I should’ve waited to leave or, or-”
  • “No…MC…it wasn’t your fault. But I’m never letting you go out on your own, if you leave me, what will I have left?”
  • and from that day forward you two were practical attached at the hip, if you had a girls night out with Jaehee he’d tag along, if he needed to go somewhere you’d tag along with him, and you both were happy since you both knew you were safe 24/7

<whew, this one took a lot out of me, but i love angst with a positive ending!! i feel like they progressively got longer and longer, so if there is any need for a redo let me know! I’m also still not 100% on my V or Unknown writing skills feedback on those would be great. thank you so so much for this wonderful request, darling!!♡>