he’s jealous of you spending time with another member ♡


he’s jealous of you spending time with another member




jin leaned back in his seat observing you and taehyung while the two of you were caught up in a conversation. anyone else in the room could pick up on jin’s obvious jealousy as he stared at the two of you in envy, but you and taehyung were of course oblivious. namjoon approached his hyung and sat beside him before taking a sip of his beverage and saying, “you know they love you, right?” a smile almost cracked across jin’s amazingly handsome face until he saw you rest the palm of your hand on taehyung’s shoulder, while your perfect smile broke out on your face. jin slumped back, arms pressed to his stomach with a pout on his face, “that should be me making them happy, not him.” and all of a sudden taehyung got a little too close to you for jin’s liking, and that’s when he abruptly stood up and shouted, “hey tae! back off!” before dragging you gently out of the room to make sure taehyung knew you were his’.

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The Royal Series [pt. V]

“Think I should get my own flat.” You said as you lied on Farrah’s bed, looking at her ceiling that had glow-in-dark stars scattered on.

“Like in secret? Out of the palace?” She asked, glancing at you then looking back at her laptop.

You hummed in confirmation. “Think I can do that?”

“I think it’ll be playing with fire, honestly.”

“Why?” You looked at her.

“Because,” Farrah began, looking at you. “It’s unsafe given your status, no matter how much you deny it so if your family knows, it won’t be pretty.”

“What if-“ You sat up quickly, crossing your legs and looking at her with mischievous wide eyes. “What if I give it all up?”

“Give what up?” She asked slowly, looking at you warily.

“The status. What if I give up on royalty? Start a new life as a royal blood but some normal girl who’s good in her work and owns her own flat? I don’t have to marry F-“

“Y/N, you really need to sleep.” She sighed, closing her laptop and putting it on her bedside table.

You sighed, lying on your back and pulling the cover closer to your chin. “I hope that’s the case.”

“Anyway, whatever you do, you know I’ll support you, even if you end up living with me.”

You smiled, snuggling into Farrah’s cover, “You’re an alright best friend.”

“And you’re a bitch. Goodnight, your highness.” She chuckled before rolling over and letting her back face you.

“Goodnight, peasant.”


“Em, call them and tell them that we’ll do what we talked about in the meeting and have their social media specialist start tomorrow. Did David call?” You ask her as you both walk in a fast pace inside the palace.

“He did. He said that we raised 2 million, we exceeded the expectations.” She informed you.

You nodded, stopping in front of your flat door. “Good. Can you please schedule a meeting for tomorrow with Healing For The Future? We need to discuss the plan and start working as soon as possible.”

She nodded, writing on her iPhone as you talked. “Consider it done.”

“Thank you, Em. And sorry for keeping you busy till now,” You smiled at her gratefully before checking your watch, “It’s almost 11.”

“It’s my job. It’s not like I don’t enjoy it.” Emelie assured you with a smile of hers. “Now you have a goodnight. You’ve been awake since 6 in the morning.”

You nodded, both of you leaning to kiss each other’s cheek. “Goodnight, Em.”

Emelie walked off, making you turn and enter your quiet flat. You nodded at the two guards standing on your door before going inside, smiling and wishing them a goodnight.

Right as she was about to take off her flats, a knock on her door made her move linger for a second before she granted permission to whoever was on the other side. In came one of the maids, Pattie. “Your Highness?”

“Yes, Pattie? Is everything alright?”

She nodded, “Her Majesty is in His Highness Prince William’s flat and requested to see you.”

“Oh, she’s here?” You furrow your eyebrows before standing. “Okay. Thank you, Pattie. You can sleep or do whatever you want. It’s a quiet night for me.” You smiled at her.

Pattie smiled back, bending her knees in a slight curtsy, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Walking to your brother’s flat, you greeted the guards at the door before a maid informed you that “They’re all in the drawing room”. Thinking nothing of it, you pulled out your phone as you walked towards it, opening yours and your sibling’s group chat.

Henry💂🏻‍♂️: why on earth is he here?

Wills👴🏻: I honestly don’t know…

Wills👴🏻: Y/N, I’d advise you to not come before 11

It was too late. Your eyebrows which were furrowed in confusion at the texts and frown fell once you walked inside the drawing room and looked up, seeming as if the air had been knocked out of you.

“Y/N, you’re here! Fred was just telling us about his last polo match.” Your grandmother smiled, patting the spot next to her.

You glanced at your siblings, Kate and your grandfather who gave you sympathetic looks before your eyes moved to the moving man who was approaching you with a smile on his face. “It’s incredible to see you, Y/N.” Fred said gently, offering his hand.

You snapped out of it and put your hand in his in a handshake, “Lovely to see you, too, Fred.”

Fred motioned for you to walk inside, walking behind you as you sat on the couch beside your grandmother, deeply breathing as you tried to remain calm. “Prince Fred has a gift for you, Y/N.”

“Ah, yes!” He chuckled nervously, holding a rectangular velvet green box from the table, approaching you. “I know you love emerald,” He spoke gently, opening the box for you.

Your eyebrows were furrowed and a frown was set on your face as you stared at the necklace with an emerald gemstone. “Uh,” You let out a small chuckle before looking at him. “May I ask what’s the occasion?”

“Just a kickstart for what’s there to come.”

You nodded slowly, “That’s a lot for just a kickstart.”

You heard your brothers snicker from behind Fred, watching as he gave you a small shrug. “It’s okay if you don’t want to accept it. I’d understand. I asked my mother and she told me it’d be a good idea, honestly.” Fred chuckled, glancing from you to the necklace in his hand, almost as if he’s never seen it.

You glanced at your grandmother who gave her a pointed look, almost as if she was holding back a scream that said “Take it!”. You stood up, taking a breath and reluctantly nodded, “It’s okay, I-,” You gulped, an uneasy smile coming to your face. “I’ll take it.”

Fred smiled, “Want help wearin-“

“No!” You instantly replied, hand coming up to graze the teardrop pendant of your necklace around your neck. “I mean,” You looked at him slightly wide eyed, “I’m going to sleep now so it’s not really a convenient time to wear it.”

He cleared his throat and nodded, “I understand.”

“Y/N, you said you’re going to sleep. Can I come with you for a second? I left Louis’ bib at your flat the last time.” William said, standing up.

Despite knowing that he was coming up with an excuse for you to leave, you went along. “Oh, right. I was meaning to get it but I forgot. Anyway,” With the green box in your hand, you walked towards the door with your brother following you before you turned to look at the rest. “Have a goodnight.” And with that, you and William were out of the door and walking towards your own flat.

“Show me.” He opened his palm, making you rest the box there. “Not bad, huh?”

“He looked like he was forced to do this.” You spoke your mind, hand finding its way to your hair.

“Just like you felt you were forced to accept it?” Will replied almost instantly.

You shrugged, “It’d be very rude of me to just not accept it. He’d look like a fool.”

“And why do you care?”

“Because just because I don’t see myself with him, doesn’t mean I’ll make him feel less about himself and treat him like a doormat. I have a feeling he’s forced into this like I am.” You sighed, walking down the stairs.

“When did you become so wise?” Will chuckled, wrapping his arm around you shoulders. “How’s Romeo?”

You chuckled, rolling your eyes. “He’s fine. He’s in Berlin.”

“Busy guy, huh?”

You nodded, “Very. Makes time to call me though.”

Will smiled, giving your shoulder a squeeze. “That’s good to hear.”

As you reached your flat and opened the door, you turned to look at your brother. “You can stay for some tea.” You suggested.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go back to them. You have a goodnight sleep, alright?” He leaned down pressing peck to your forehead.

You nodded, smiling sleepily at him. “Goodnight, Wills.”

Getting into your bed and right as you were about to lock your phone, the screen changed from your wallpaper of you, Charlotte and George lying on the grass as you laughed, Will took the picture from above months ago and it has been your favorite, to an incoming call from none other than the man who gave you zoos erupting in your stomach; Harry.

You smiled, accepting it. “Hello?”

“Hey, love,” His voice alone was enough to have you already blushing. “Are you done with the day?”

You hummed, “It was a long, tiring day.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

And so you did. You told him all about your day and meetings and your scheduled plans, leaving out the part where you saw Fred. And he told you about his show and how he was on his way to travel to Amsterdam.

“Did you wear that suit you showed me?” You asked him, lying on your back.

“Yeah, I did,” He replied, “I’m going to send you two suits for tomorrow’s show, choose one from them for me, please?”

You grinned, “Of course.”

“Alright, I’m going to let you sleep now. Uh, Y/N?”

You hummed.

Harry chuckled slightly and almost nervously before it got quiet for a second. “I miss you,”

You grinned to yourself, feeling your heart thump in your chest at the simple 3 words.

“Feel like I want to see you already. Think-“ He stopped, “Think it’s your kisses. You’re very, very…kissable.”

You let out a small laugh, one hand moving to cover your face as the other clutched the phone tightly to your ear. “Yeah?”


“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I miss you, too.”




So this feels like a filler. oops. Also, really sorry because I didn’t add the tag list but I’m on my mobile and it wouldn’t let me add you :( also here he is; Prince Fred. Wha are your thoughts about him so far? x

Rain On Me (2)

Part 1 can be found HERE

Do not read this until/unless you’ve read part one.

Aesthetic can be found HERE

Warnings: Don’t let the opening lines fool ya’. This is rated M. Really dark. Domestic Violence. Sexual Violence. Angst. All of it. Not for the faint of heart. 

****A/N at the end to avoid spoiling anything****

Super sorry if I tag/tagged anyone who didn’t want to be tagged, there’s legit a lot of you and I started losing count, but let me know, and I will gladly remove you!

Words: 5654

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Rain On Me (2)

“I said no!”

Ilanga Yam….

“Don’t you, my sun, me!”

“You cannot be serious.”

“You must not know me very well then, inyanga.”

He opened his mouth to protest her use of the nickname that he absolutely detested but decided against it. “You are aware that I could simply just kick the door down, correct?”

She was silent for a good minute. “You wouldn’t.” He smirked. “You wouldn’t because I am directly on the other side and in doing so you would injure me, something you promised to never to do, so ha!”

“For the love of Bast…..” He balled his hands into fists on either side of the door and dropped his head against his bare chest. “Y/N, would you stop this nonsense and come out?”


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“Var lath vir suledin!”

“I wish it could, vhenan. My heart. I will never forget you.”

Why have real life relationships when I can have my heart broken in the comfort of my own home?

You Know Why

From this prompt list! Took longer than expected because I, as usual, make things more complicated than they need to be and get attached. Also… you all really love the angsty ones, don’t you? Let’s suffer together. ;)

Warning: Mature sexual situations enclosed.

If the best laid plans go oft awry, her plan must’ve been better than the best to describe the disaster that was her foot peeking out of the tangle of sheets on the bed she’d wound up in as a result of a moment of weakness. 

“We should do this again.”

Her lips cracked with her smile at his suggest, and when the warm tip of his nose touched her bare shoulder with a deep, deep inhale of her skin, she opened her eyes at last. His were closed, and just under a mop of floppy, disheveled dark hair, there was a crease between his brows that betrayed some sort of reverent concentration. He sighed — a heavy sound that left a wet patch in the shape of his mouth that was easily kissed away — before nuzzling in.

“You’re not saying ‘no’…” he said impishly and she smiled wider.

“Not saying ‘yes,’ either,” she said with a worn throat and stiff tongue.

He kissed her shoulder with a sound smack and she stamped her eyes shut when he repeated it higher, and higher still, with a soft moan that sounded like a plea to God. He pressed a final, puckering kiss to her cheek, and when he asked, “Why?” in a whisper, she waited. If she answered immediately, the lump that’d ballooned in her throat would burst, and so would she.

“You know why.”

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                                you must know that I am made of death 

                                               ( from head to foot )

                                      && it is a corpse who loves you 

                                                     adores you 

                                        will never, never leave you

Plummet [4]: Bucky x Angel!Reader

Originally posted by loveholic198

Summary: For a long time, Bucky had no one else to blame for his dreadful past but himself. That is until he discovers that you exist.

Warnings/Themes: Angst, Profanity, gore/violence/blood, fluff, Angel AU, Religious satire (Not for the overly religious).

Author’s Note: Chapter has not been revised for mistakes/fluency errors

Y/N = Your Name

Plummet: Not As Subtle

Last Chapter


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It was as if you were always there- a perfect fit.

You could say that you were now apart of their team, but they’re more of a family than heaven could ever be.

No one except Nat knew why you fell. They didn’t push it. They didn’t care.

The Avengers welcomed you with open arms.

Although it was quite awkward at first, they eventually got used to your endless curiosity, your strict way of speaking, and your fiery confidence.

Tony and Steve still couldn’t wrap their heads around what you were. 

Religion had been a touchy subject for a lot of them, and to find that creatures like you existed was unsettling. With time, however, they both think that they’ll come to understand.

You were their quirky little angel.


“What’s that?”

Sam pulls his bowl away from you, glaring daggers at your proximity. “What’d we talk about personal bubbles, sweetheart?”

You pause, blinking in confusion. Running through the list of American customs in your head, you finally light up in understanding.

“Sorry!” Taking a huge step back, you grin.

Sam scarfs down most of his cereal before offering you a spoonful. “It’s Toast Crunch, pretty good stuff if I do say so myself.”

Your eyebrows scrunch in curiosity. 

When you take the spoonful into your mouth, Sam has to keep from cringing at the sound of your teeth clinking against metal. You drop it back into the bowl, staring at him with bursting amazement. “These don’t look like toast, but they’re certainly delicious,” you praise.

A deep chuckle resonates from the doorway.

You turn to see Steve shaking his head at you, pointing towards the pantry. “Plenty of cereal in there. You guys don’t have to share spoons.”

Sam rolls his eyes, muttering something about Steve being a ‘cock-block’ before turning back to his breakfast.

“Thank you, Steven,” you say, blissfully unaware of the sexual comment.

The blonde can’t help but smile endearingly. 

You’ve become somewhat a little sister to him. 

“It’s Steve, remember?”

You blatantly ignore him, gaze shifting over the Captain’s shoulder.

Bucky pokes his head from behind the corner, shyly locking his gaze with yours.

Ever since your first encounter, the man has kept you at arm’s length. He thinks you’re terrified of him- of his arm. He swallows thickly when your stare drops to the floor. 

Your mood immediately shifts.

The longer you stayed, the more compelled you are to talk to him.  

Bucky Barnes had a mysterious pull on you. You wanted to know him, understand what’s running through his mind. At the same time, you simply couldn’t. 

You were completely torn.

He stiffens, brushing past Steve in order to pour coffee into his mug.

The blonde rubs his temples in frustration. It has been this way for quite some time and he’s not sure how much more of it he can take. “Bucky, why don’t you get [Y/N] used to the training room? She wants to start helping on missions.”

Bucky forces himself not to choke on his drink. He glances toward you, bracing for your protests. He’s surprised to find you looking back at him with hopeful eyes.

“Of course,” he mumbles, gesturing you to follow. He’s still a little bewildered, but who is he to complain?


You remain quiet beside him and he doesn’t push you to speak. 

He carries the one-sided conversation, showing you different weapons and armor on the way. 

“And this is my corner,” he says, pointing to his prep area. You step inside, biting back a warm smile.

Bucky may keep it to himself, but you understand more than anyone else: He’s proud of owning something instead of being owned.

His combat gear remains black, but their designs differ from his Winter Soldier days. They offer protection without restricting him. He no longer wears a mask. From what you can tell, he hates anything covering his face. Underneath that damned muzzle, he felt like a dog.

“Can I ask you something?” he hesitates to ask.

You’re unaware of his fixed gaze on you. Turning, you nod in silence.

“Do you want me to leave you alone?”

For some reason, it causes your chest to ache. He genuinely looks concerned, leaning on his heels to prepare to leave. You subconsciously look at his metal arm - Not because the prosthetic itself scared you, but because it reminded you of what you could have done to save him from it. He shifts it back in response.

You want to wipe that guilt and self-disgust from his face.

What was he sorry about? He did nothing to you.

Hell, he didn’t even know you.

You could say no and allow him into your life. You can formally introduce yourself and tell him who you are. You can help him be more open to others.

Or, you could say yes -

And it’s exactly what you do.

Bucky’s curious gaze morphs into one of hurt, and then, it hardens into a stone-cold expression.

He doesn’t say another word.

Giving you one simple nod, Bucky turns on his heels and leaves for the second time.


Bucky slumps in his chair, absolutely exhausted from his earlier mission. His mind is plagued with both guilt and insecurities for the future.

He can’t help himself but think of you, however.

It was selfish, really. He knows he can’t talk to you. You shouldn’t have to be thrown into his messy life. You were pure, he was tainted. How could the devil himself dance with an angel?

He covers his face with his hands, releasing a miserable groan. 

He knows he won’t be able to sleep tonight.

He opens his desk-drawer to look for his lighter (smoking has been his most recent coping method, despite how much Steve fusses over it) only to find something unfamiliar.

His lighter is no longer in place, nor is his stash of cigarettes. Instead, the compartment is empty save for a brand-new sketchpad and a sharpened #2 pencil.

Bucky remembers eying the same exact book time and time again whenever he passes Julie’s Art Supplies near Central Park. It was after Steve had insisted how drawing helped with his anxieties.

Bucky never told anyone. He never bought it, always reminding himself that he was too busy to doodle.

Perhaps, Steve was paying closer attention than he thought.

He picks it up and flips open the book, deciding to thank his friend later.

Only, it wasn’t from Steve.

Written small in gold-inked lettering on the back of the notebook is:

“To help you escape for a while.

You may have inhuman immunity, but smoking is still a bad habit to keep. Give this a try, at least.

If it really doesn’t work out, come find me and I’ll return your lung-killers 

- [Y/N]

Headcanon: Dating Stephen Strange would include

Originally posted by marvelheroes

WARNINGS: Mentions of sex!


  • When you met he was an asshole.
  • You didn’t like him at all, but Ancient One ordered you to train him along with Mordo.
  • He used to think he knew everything, but he didn’t and that was the main reason you hated him and his ego.
  • You don’t talk too much, just the necessary for him to obey his training.
  • Sometimes you even complain and yell at him to do it right.
  • Stephen improves incredibly fast on Mystic Arts.
  • You’re surprised and eventually start to talk more with him, slowing down the burden of the training.
  • Even he started making compliments to you.
  • You doubted to do the same, but he’s kind towards you.
  • Which is shoking.
  • You know he’s worthy of his power when he manages to defeat Kaecilius and Dormammu.
  • Both of you apologize for being rude and Stephen for having a big ego and being narcissist.
  • Your first kiss is on the roof on the Sanctuary.
  • He comforts you when you remember Ancient One and how she helped you through your traumatic past and problems.
  • And you comfort him everytime he has nightmares or remembers his old life and his job.
  • The cloak loves you.
  • Cuddling and sleeping together on his office.
  • Making out on every opportunity you have.
  • Wong teasing you both for your PDA.
  • Sex is amazing.
  • He’s gentle and always caress you, making sure he would worship your body.
  • But sometimes when he’s stressed, he’s dominating you and fucking you rough until you scream.
  • However, he lets you take control and having your way with him.
  • He loves it.
  • You both love each other and try to save the universe from mystic menaces.
Plummet [5]: Bucky x Angel!Reader

Originally posted by f--o--r--e--v--e--r

Summary: For a long time, Bucky had no one else to blame for his dreadful past but himself. That is until he discovers that you exist.

Warnings/Themes: Angst, Profanity, gore/violence/blood, fluff, Angel AU, Religious satire (Not for the overly religious).

Author’s Note: I’ve been so productive today that I wrote TWO chapters. Don’t get used to that lmao. I hope you like this one! It’s a bit long, but I didn’t want to cut out any of the fluff. 

Y/N = Your Name

Plummet: Closer and Closer

Last Chapter


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One pencil stroke leads to two, and two leads to three. Eventually, Bucky has tiny sketches sprawled across his page, thoughtfully placing them in their own areas. 

There are drawings of Steve, both while in battle and doing something casual like cooking his disgusting creamed spinach. He draws Natasha and Clint while they’re in the midst of plotting something evil. In the corner is a doodle of Tony tinkering with some unnecessary gadget. 

The book is already filled with thousands of visuals, mainly of his newly found family.

However, you weren’t included.

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What You Don’t Do pt.2


Summary: You have always been there for Erik so he wants to repay you for everything that you have done for him. Smut to come.

Warning(s): fluff, angst, smut to come

Paring: Erik x Reader


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(PART 1)


“Y/N- Please,” You look down at him and your breath catches when he slides the beautiful ring onto your finger and girl was it some fuckin’ rock!

“Erik! Where did-”

“My cousin!” He starts, “He uh… helped a nigga out,” He says chuckling and looking down trying to hide the gloss in his eyes. The more you looked at the ring, the more you wanted to cry. Erik gives your hand a little squeeze and can’t help but let out a breath he was holding. His thumbs rub your knuckles and you slowly sit back down in your chair. “I guess… this is the part where I uh, give a speech or some shit?” He sniffs as his own emotions get in the way, “I know I can be, a bit much…”

You throw a shoe straight at his head but he it without effort. You screamed at him about everything you’ve done for him.

“What’s her fucking name?! Huh?” You challenged him but he just stood there looking at the hurt in your eyes as the tears pooled before finally spilling over and down your cheeks. Erik shrugged his shoulders and you just clap your hands.

“You say you love me but you stay fuckin’ with bitches you don’t even know, or care to remember!” You sob-laugh. Erik lets out a breath and makes his way towards you but brushes past you, “I’ll be back” he grumbles and you only scoff.

“I don’t know if I want you to,” You say turning your back to him. 

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Tired (Jungkook, You)

“Now I feel overcome with tears for someone else’s fear.

Song: Tired by Daithi De Nogla

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,337

A/N: When I heard this song it just pained me so much that this story came up. The way Nogla delivered the words made me want to write a story about it, so here it is. I thought Jungkook was the perfect man for this one, the reason why is because he always put a lot of effort in the things he do and when he can’t do better than he expects then everything just goes downhill. I hope you like it~

It was two in the morning and you’re sitting on a bench looking up at the stars to find another reason to keep this going but you couldn’t. You wiped your tears and sighed heavily. “You’re doing the right thing, Y/N.” You muttered to yourself.

You looked up once again and blinked hoping to stop the tears from falling. It was too much for you, you knew it was too much but you kept going hoping that he would get back to his senses. But he didn’t and it broke you.

Your phone rang and saw his name on the screen, you let out a shaky breath before answering. “Jungkook,” You called in a small voice.

“Where are you?” He asked nonchalantly.

“You know where I am.” You said. “The place we first met.”

You heard him snickered, “I’m on my way. Don’t go anywhere.”

The call ended and you were once again left with your thoughts; too many that you couldn’t handle all at once. You sighed and tried to calm yourself before he would arrive. You didn’t want to look like a mess, this isn’t something you wanted to be remembered after you break up with him tonight.

It was a tough choice but you couldn’t keep up with him that sometimes you felt like you weren’t worth anything to him. It wasn’t always like that though, before he debuted in a boy group he was always there for you and told you all his dreams of becoming a singer he always wanted to be and you always told him that he would.

“You’re going to be there with me when that happens.” He said, you were both eating ramen at a convenience store in front of the company building after his training.

You looked up at him happily and said, “Really?”

He nodded. “I promise. I can’t do this without you anyway.”

His words never left you and kept it close in your heart. He meant what he said; he couldn’t do anything without you because all your encouragement kept him going and he returned everything you gave to him with love that you gladly accepted.

It was going so well especially when he debuted, the look on his face when he told you the news was pure bliss that you threw your arms around him in happiness. “I am so proud of you, Jungkook.” You said feeling his arms circling your waist.

“You’ll be there for me, right?” He asked, resting his forehead on yours.

You smiled and said, “Of course.” His smile widen before dipping his head to kiss you as the both of swayed in the middle of your kitchen.

You were so proud of him, seeing him grow into a man you’ve always known he would and a singer he always dreamed of. He gained popularity when he started getting exposed in the industry, though he started small you were happy for him especially when the group started getting the recognition they deserve.

However, the more popular they get the less time you could spend with him. You knew this would happen, that’s why you stuck with him because this is exactly what you were getting yourself into. He would be so busy at his career that his time with you lessens every time. His schedule was so hectic that whenever you face-time each other it would only take not more than 10 minutes with him needing more time to rest. There were times when he would ignore your texts for days and sometimes he wouldn’t even bother calling you.

“Look, I’m really tired.” He said as you watch him run a hand over his face across the screen, you swallowed already knowing what he would say next. “I’ll call you later.”

You nodded trying to look like you were fine. “Okay.” You muttered giving him a small smile. “Don’t forget to eat.” You said and he nodded, you watch his hand reach at the phone before the screen turned black.

You sighed to yourself, you were so excited to tell him that you got accepted in the university you’ve always dreamed of being apart in but the boring look on his face made you shut up.

You felt heart broken but you brushed it off trying your best to understand him. He did needed some rest. You assured yourself.

You kept assuring yourself that it was just this and you assumed it was especially when you didn’t talk to him for weeks and he started calling you. It made you feel loved again. It was all he needed. You told yourself as you walked up to his dorm.

It was a day after they got back from their tour and he called you asking if you could go visit them. It excited you; seeing him after almost half a year of not meeting each other.

When Jin opened the door for you, you saw everyone fixing their luggage, everyone except for one. “Where’s Jungkook?” You asked.

“He’s in his room.” He said, you thanked him before walking up to his room.

You saw him in front of his computer with head phones on. “Jungkook!” You called walking up to him, he turned around and smiled at you.

He stood up, “Y/N.” he opened his arms and gave you a hug.

You held onto him tightly but only for a short time when he softly pushed you off. You were slightly disappointed but forgot about it when you saw him looked down at you, smiling. “I missed you.” You said.

“Missed you, too.” He said. “Y/N, can you do me a favor?”

Your smile faltered a little before nodding and smiling back at him. “Anything for you.”

He smiled and walked back to his computer. “Great! Can you give this to my brother.” He said walking back with a small box in his hand.

“What’s that?” You asked taking the box.

He shrugged, “Nothing, just something for him.”

You nodded and looked up at him. “How have you been?” You asked trying to change the subject, because you wanted to know how he did during his tour.

“It was great. Give this to him next week, okay? I can’t do this myself since I’m going to be busy for the past few weeks.” He said reaching out for his phone.

You bit your lower lip before saying, “But we’re still going out next week, right?”

He stopped. “Next week?”

You nodded. “Next week is our anniversary. You promised me we’ll go on a date.”

He stood up straight and you couldn’t comprehend his expression. “Y/N,” He started. “I’m busy.”

“But you said-”

“I know what I said.” He snapped at you and you closed your mouth. “It’s just that I’m very busy that I forgot about what I promised. I’m sorry if I couldn’t keep it but I’m just really busy.”

You watch as he runs his hand over his hair. “Okay.” You said in small voice and he sighed.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you next time.” He said grabbing your shoulders. “Don’t be mad.”

You gave him a small smile before saying, “I’m not.”

He smiled. “Thank god.” He gave your forehead a peck before moving away from you and going back to his computer. “Don’t forget to give it to my brother, alright? I’ll see around because I have a lot of things to do.” He said.

You stood there not really knowing what to say or do. He turned around and asked, “Do you need something?”

I miss you. “Nothing.” You smiled.

He nodded and turned back to his computer. “Close the door when you leave.” He said not even sparing a glance at you.

You walked out quietly, waiting for him to call you back but he didn’t and you felt broken by it. You were about to walk out of the apartment when Taehyung called you. “You alright?” He asked, concern evident on his face.

“Yeah.” You said, trying your best to smile even though tears were threatening to fall.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked, reaching out to you.

You moved away before shaking your head. “Of course not.” You said. “I need to go.”

You left the room leaving Taehyung confused at the sudden change of atmosphere from when you arrived to the moment you left Jungkook’s room.

Even after that you still kept telling yourself excuses to make yourself feel better. But after that night Jungkook came back to his old self again; ignoring your texts and sometimes ending the call telling you that he was busy.

Despite that you still loved him and you still wanted to celebrate your anniversary with him even if it’s just the two of you eating fried chicken in his room.

It was supposed to be a surprise visit but when you entered the dorm only Yoongi was around. “He’s in his room.” He said when he opened the door for you.

You excitedly walked up to his room when you saw his door ajar and saw someone walking around. “Bad move, man.” You heard someone say which you recognized was Taehyung’s voice. “What the fuck were you thinking?” He sounded mad but his voice was controlled.

You carefully leaned on the door to hear better. “I don’t know.” You heard Jungkook say, he sounded frustrated.

“You don’t know? You don’t fucking know?” Taehyung said, you can hear it in his voice how mad he is despite of it being controlled. “Jungkook, we are talking about Y/N here.”

You froze. “I know.”

“And yet you’re still fucking her up like that.” You heard Taehyung walk.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just– I don’t know.” You heard Jungkook sighed. “I don’t deserve her anymore.”

“You don’t deserve her anymore? So you’re treating her like a trash?”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

“How could you treat her like that, man?” Taehyung’s voice sounded broken for his brother. “I just want to make things straight with this one so tell me honestly.”


“Do you still love her?” You held your breath for a moment. “Jungkook.”

“What?"Jungkook asked, he sounded so confuse that your hands shook.

"Answer my question.” Taehyung demanded. “Do you still love her?”

“I just think she deserves someone better than me.”

“That’s not the answer I’m looking for.” You heard Taehyung say.


“Jungkook, if you’re going to do this why don’t you just tell her to her face.”

“I can’t..”

“So you’re just going to give her shit?”

“Until she realizes it herself.” You heard Jungkook mutter before you walked away.

You couldn’t take it anymore. If you didn’t walk away you would have caused a noise. You walked so fast that you were on the street in seconds already crying your eyes out.

All this time he was pushing you away while you were fighting for everything. When you’re giving it your all he already gave up. The thought of it broke you so much which led you here sitting on a bench waiting for him.

This is what he wants. You thought. As much as you loved him you didn’t like the thought of being with someone that wouldn’t fight for the love the same way as you do.

You tried to even your breathing when you saw him jogging up to you. You stood up from your seat to face him. “What’s up?” He asked.


“Wait, are you crying?” He said, worry evident in his eyes as he tries to reach your face.

“It doesn’t matter.” You said. “I’m breaking up with you.”

Your words made him stop before his shoulder slumped. “Y/N..”

“Jungkook, I can’t do this anymore.” You said trying to control your sobs. “Why would you do this?”

“What do you mean?” He asked..

“You know what I mean.” You snapped. “I’m ending everything here.”

You sounded final and you looked at him hoping that he would disagree but his stoic expression said otherwise and it made you both mad and hurt.

“You’re not going to say anything?” You muttered.

He opened his mouth but closed it. “I’m sorry.”

You laughed bitterly. “That’s it? You know if you didn’t love me anymore you could have just told me.”

“But I do love you, Y/N.”

“Then why are you doing all of this!?” You gestured vaguely, voice raising that made Jungkook step back. “Jungkook, if you do love me you would’ve never done this to me.”

“Y/N, I just don’t know what to do.” Jungkook said, he suddenly looked so pained that you had to look away. “I’m sorry but I don’t think I deserve you anymore.”

You looked at him, blinking your tears away. “I don’t understand you.”

“I’m not making you happy anymore, Y/N.”

“Yes, you are.” You pressed but he shook his head.

“I don’t spend anytime with you and I don’t treat you right. At this point I’m just making you feel like trash.”

“But you can always fix this, Jungkook. You know that right?”

He shook his head. “But you deserve better than this.. better than me.”

“No! You are all I ever wanted in this relationship.” You snapped.

“Exactly, Y/N.” He agreed, voice raising. “But I can’t give you me anymore.”

“I can’t believe you’re giving me up like that.” You laughed bitterly through your tears.

“I have to. You deserve better.”

“We can always fight together like we used to.” You said but he shook his head.

You sighed. “So that’s it then?” You asked and he winced noticing the tiredness in your voice.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” You watched as he bowed his head in shame, you looked away letting your tears fall one last time.

“You know, I tried. I tried so hard but it’s just making me so tired.” You said wiping your tears before walking away from him.

You hoped that he would run after you and tell you that he would fight for everything but the farther you were from him the more you realized that no matter much you tried this is something that was too tired.

Stairway to Heaven

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: Around 2000 

This is was written for Kari’s @thing-you-do-with-that-thing 9.5k British Song Challenge! First of all… 9.5K?!?! you go girl! You 110% deserve it! And thank you for letting me participate in this and with such an iconic song! There’s no way I did it justice, but this story was completely inspired by Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. If you never heard it before, seriously go check it out. Probably one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Anyways, enough of my preaching

Summary: The reader and Dean have been in a relationship for years. They found nothing but comfort in each other. But that all changes when Dean learns the reader only came into their life on a deal. 

Warnings: Angst!Fest, Reader Death, Violence, Blood

@misguidedconqueress Jeez! I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I so much value your advice and input! Thanks for helping me editing!!


Dean lay underneath as you straddled his lap, nothing between you but an entanglement of sheets. He still panted, out of breath from the sweet pleasure that had occured just moments before. Beads of sweat glistened against his skin, matching the flecks of gold hidden in the forest that were his eyes. You brought his hand to your lips, lightly brushing his knuckles against them.

“Dean?” You softly called.

“Yeah sweetheart?” He answered bringing his free hand up behind your ear and gently through your hair.

You leaned your cheek into his palm and placed his hand down. He slowly ran it up your bare thigh, squeezing gently. A tear escaped the corner of your eye. Dean’s thumb automatically wiped it away.

He sat up in a hurry. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

You grabbed the nearest sheet and wrapped it around you as more tears started to spill over.

“Talk to me, Y/N.” He pleaded, now pulling you in closer. “Did I hurt you?”

“No… It’s… I…” You paused getting the tears under control. You turned around leaning your back against his chest so he couldn’t see your face. One more inhale and your shaky breath steadied. “Do you remember how long ago we first met?” It would be easier if he pieced it together.

“Hmmm.” Dean hummed. “I’d say nine and a half years ago.”

You nodded your head. “You and Sam came to my town for a case…” You recalled. “My stepdad was wrapped up in the middle of it. You saved him. And you saved me… by letting me come with you and Sam. Inviting me into your home, into your family.”

“That’s right.” Dean affirmed, still confused by the whole ordeal.

“Do you remember what the case was?” You wrapped your arms tighter around yourself - almost as containment - but a broken sob still shattered through.

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Can I get a kiss? (Can you make it last forever?)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jungkook
Rated: G
Author: airplanewishes
Length: 19k

Jeongguk doesn’t know how he ended up here. All he knows is that he wouldn’t change a thing, even if his heart got broken.


Reccer’s Note:
If you were to ask me what’s the first YoonKook fic that made me fall absolutely in love with the ship and bump it up to my top ships - well it would be this one. This fic was just beautiful in the way it was written and the way their friendship and subsequent relationship progressed - loved this ~ K

...the latest angsty thoughts:

   whatever goes down in 3.20, things that CAN and SHOULD happen:

 -Kara comparing herself to her mother because of all the “unselfish” choices “for the greater good” and the hiding things, whether or not this is true, these are comparisons she makes

-Kara being especially aware of this with Lena and feeling worse and worse and this prompts a really deep pondering discussion about identity and lies

-Kara asking Monel in a broken voice on the way back to Earth if he can tell Alex and J’onn what went down because she doesn’t want to if she doesn’t have to (and Monel doing his best to make this easier on her and everyone doing their best to make this easier on her but none of it really helping because what do you do when the greatest tragedy of your world that you based your whole damn life on is suddenly invalid)

-James (and Lena) overhearing/being sorta present for this and James immediately being like oh shit I gotta check in on her (Winn is first in line for a ‘hug after Alex and J’onn are done group hugging her)

-Lena noting this away carefully, also noting the new cracks in the cement walls while Supergirl dazedly waves off Alex and J’onn’s concerned looks saying something about she can’t afford to hurt right now

-Lena’s still hella pissed at Supergirl tho, and says something biting in their next interaction, despite Supergirl’s valiant attempt at professionalism (and her red-rimmed eyes).  The girl of steel just takes it and nods and looks like she’s gonna absolutely break down right there before lifting her chin and saying, “you’re right, and I’m sorry, and I deserve all that and more,” and then she’s gone

-Supergirl has supersped away and lost her shit somewhere nobody can find her, and won’t check in except to text Alex and Alex alone, and only text. (Winn sends her a million nerd jokes and cute puppy pictures and some old photos of them doing ridiculous things from when they still worked at CatCo and she actually cries and sends him back a smiley face, they consider this a roaring success)

-Alex finds her nearly a full day later (praying there are no crises) and holds her while Eliza talks to her on the phone because Kara needs a mom that hasn’t ever done anything for her but love her fully

-Lena kinda getting on edge after that interaction with Supergirl and not really knowing what to do so she calls Kara for advice (she wasn’t planning to say it was Supergirl she was fighting with) and even though Kara picks up she sounds so damn broken on the phone that Lena can’t bring herself to ask for advice and instead asks what’s wrong

-Kara tries to brush her off but Lena pushes this time and Kara asks a hypothetical question about betrayal of trust and whether or not someone who lied to you can still be a good person

-(especially if that person is someone who loves you and was supposed to take care of you)

-Lena stopping to consider this from the heart, because it’s Kara.

-this answer pushing forward the thin, tiny vein of hope that Kara’s clinging to that she’ll figure this mess out