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Jin~ you majestic visual king. How do you feel about the others (since you're on of the biggest kingdoms)? Do you flirt with them sometimes?

J: I absolutely adore them! Even though my kingdom is vast, I feel that we’re all equals. As for flirting, I do it to tease from time to time, but I- I fell for someone who could never possibly love me…

J: Prince Yoongi

They're still 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Regardless of their name ‘change’ they’re still the same people doing what they love for their dreams and for us ARMYs. BTS that stood for (B)ang(T)an(S)onyeondan now just has a more in depth meaning, Beyond The Scenes. Don’t you think it’s actually so beautiful that there’s such a deep and meaning interpretation to the name? I think so…
RM was super happy about it, sure their logo is no longer the bulletproof vest… but they’ve included us, they’ve made a logo for US as well. That just goes to show how much they think about and love us. Being a fan since pre debut and then becoming an ARMY when they gave us that title, seeing them evolve into something so incredible from nothing to now, I couldn’t be more proud of them 😭 we should be happy for these ‘changes’. They’re still the same seven dorky ass loveable guys we know and came to love. Don’t let a name change or logo change, differ your opinion on them. They’re growing and thinking of us all. 

They don’t need bulletproof vests; because from now on, we’ll be their armour and shield💜

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PREVIEW | Bee and Puppycat, Vol. 2 (KaBOOM!)

  • Paperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 27 January 2016
  • Stories by: Joy Ang, Megan Brennan, David Calderon, Coleman Engle, Liz Fleming, Chrystin Garland, Andrew Lorenzi, Meredith McClaren, Flynn Nicholls, Carey Pietsch, Zachary Sterling, Reimena Yee, T. Zysk
  • Art by: Joy Ang, Megan Brennan, David Calderon, Coleman Engle, Liz Fleming, Chrystin Garland, Andrew Lorenzi, Meredith McClaren, Flynn Nicholls, Carey Pietsch, Zachary Sterling, Reimena Yee, T. Zysk, Mad Rupert
  • Bee and PuppyCat created by: Natasha Allegri
  • “From the mind of creator Natasha Allegri (Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake), this imaginative world takes a life of its own as Bee and PuppyCat learn how to work together with whatever the day throws at them. Enjoy all-new adventures from visiting a local carnival to Bee’s first sick day in a collection of shorts. Collects issues #5–#8.”

My darling Quinn, the purest of all cinnamon rolls and my MC’s (Max) goddess 💖💖💖 How she hides her melancholy with that upbeat attitude is one of the things that got me to like her. She stays strong ang doesn’t want to depend on those around her. But when it comes to Max, she relies on him a bit more. (ishipthemsomuch)

I love her to bits ✨

Pagiibigan nati'y hindi hango sa pelikula.
Hindi kayang ipaliwanag ng agham at siyensya.
Hindi sing-ganda ng mga nababasa nating nobela.
Hindi akma sa anumang uri ng literatura.

Hindi tayo sina Popoy at Basha.
Hindi ko kailanmang naramdaman
na ako'y nasasakal dahil ang
proteksyon mo'y ipinadarama.
Hindi tayo sina Tonyo at Lea.
Bulag man ang ating mga mata sa
dilim ng bawat dadaanan nating eskinita,
mga puso pa rin nati'y tuluyang nakakakita.
Hindi tayo sina Carson at Dio.
Hindi nagtatapos sa isang bote
ng alak ang salitang “mahal kita”
Hindi tayo sina Anthony at Mace.
Hindi lang tayo na dalawang
estrangherong ipinaglapit,
tayo'y itinadhana.
Hindi tayo sina Fidel at Stella.
Hindi natin nililimita ang salitang
nais natin iparating sa isa’t-isa.

Ang pagiibigan nati'y hindi
hango sa pelikula.
May sarili tayong dibuho.
May sarili tayong muwestra.
Hindi man mahahanap mga
pangalan natin sa bibliya.
Hindi man tayo patok sa takilya.
Hindi man tayo katanyag tulad ng
mga napapanood nating artista.
Iisang bagay lang ang malinaw,
hindi tayo nagpapatangay sa agos
tulad nila. Pagmamahalan nati'y
nakahimlay sa bawat taludtod.
Nakahabi sa bawat letra.
Nakasipi sa pagitan ng mga saknong.
Nakaluklok sa apat na sulok ng pahina.
Hindi kailanmang mamamatay.
Hindi kailanmang malulustay.
Hindi kailanmang magdudusa.

somewhere only we know - zach dempsey

a/n : hi this is my first time (probs last o o p s) writing an imagine here on tumblr. pls excuse my grammar im just a smol child and i live for this song and music video. and also this is vvvvv short so excuse me

 plot : inspired by somewhere only we know covered by lily allen ( i know keane is the original singer but this imagine is inspired by the wistful kind of vibe from lily allen so— ) 

 warnings : too mUCH ANG S T ( my thirsty emo soul needs it)

meet me at our safe haven, after school. - z

The river, our river, was as serene as the other night when I stayed up until 3 am and watched the world fall into a deep slumber. The flowers swaying in unison with the wind, soft and gracefully. But no matter how peaceful this scenery is, I still couldn’t calm my nerves. I waited patiently for him, humming a song to put my anxiety away in the process. 

‘Why did he want to talk? What is it about? Did I do something wrong? Is he okay? Are we —’ 

“Hey, (y/n)…” my thoughts were cut off when I heard Zach’s voice.I immediately stood up and acknowledged his presence.

“Hey uhm… so what are we doing here?” I questioned him. He just stood there awkwardly and started fiddling with his fingers. I can feel the awkwardness and the tension that surrounds us, and oh boy, I think I know where this is going.


“What is it Zach? Just tell me,” 

“(y/n)… I don’t want this anymore…” He said. Just from those words, I already know what’s his deal.

“Why? Did I do anything wrong?” 

“Let’s just say that you’re the one who broke up with me. Let’s just—”

“Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong Zach? I have the right to know what’s wrong because as far as I remember, I was a part of this relationship.” I said trying to stay calm. I really don’t want to cry in front of him. But my voice freaking betrayed me.

“Goodbye, (y/n),” he said, not even bothering to tell me what went wrong. I watched him walk away as the sky and river became one. I watched him walk away as our relationship withered like a helpless dandelion.

10 years passed, but I still couldn’t forget about him. I still couldn’t forget the way he becomes so enthusiastic just by mentioning the word bio. I still couldn’t forget the days where we just stay at the library talking for hours afraid that the librarian might kick us out. I still couldn’t forget the night where we just drove off not knowing where to and just belting the songs that are playing in the radio. I still couldn’t forget him… not when he never gave me a reason to.

Everything changed after that. Your smile changed. You never payed attention to biology as much as you used to. Even our safe haven changed. I couldn’t recognize it anymore. It became like a graveyard for our relationship. But deep down, I know that this will always be our river. Our safe haven. 

And I just couldn’t let it go. I just couldn’t let you go.

I still often think of you. I wonder if you do…

“You know what, I am truly sorry for you! You just lost the girl that will do anything for you! You just lost the girl that truly loved you! I truly did!” I screamed at the top of my lungs in hopes of getting the pain off of my chest. But no, the pain will forever be with me. And I will just treasure it since it is the only thing that you left me.

“Yeah… me too.” Zach whispered as he watched her from afar.

Kulang ka, kulang ako? Ba’t di nalang natin punan ang isa’t isa. 

Sabay nating punan yung pagkukulang.

Sabay nating harapin ang mundong puno ng kalungkutan.

Ikaw tapos Ako dito sa mundong pagkagulo-gulo? 

Bumalik tayo sa panahong masaya pa tayo.
Yung mga panahong kasing kinang pa ng mga mata mo ang tala sa langit.
Yung mga panahong kilig at kantahan pa ang inis at galit.
Yung mga panahong tawanan pa ang iyakan.
Yung mga panahong pagmamahalan pa ang sumbatan.
Yung mga panahong pareho pa tayong kumakapit at lumalaban.
Yung mga panahong meron pang ako,ikaw at tayo.
Bumalik tayo sa panahong malakas pa tayo.
Malakas pa para hatakin ang isa’t isa pabalik sa mga bisig at yakapin ang puso ng bawat isa.
Bumalik tayo sa panaho– Hindi. Mali.
Wag na nating balikan ang kung anong meron tayo dati.
Lumiko ako,kumanan ka.
Wala ng babalikan pa.
Wala ng one more chance miski second chance.
Hindi tayo sina Basha at Popoy na hihilingin na sana tayo pa rin, “Tayo na lang. Tayo na lang ulit.”
Tayo yung klase ng pag-iibigang ayaw sumuko sa isa’t-isa ngunit binitawan ang isa’t-isa.
Para tayong sayaw na nawala sa indak at hindi na nahanap kung paano pa makakahabol.
Tayo yung klase ng pag-iibigang nawalan ng “tayo” at bumalik sa pagiging ikaw at ako.

I think I misinterpreted this scene at first, and from what I’ve seen I wasn’t alone in that. But after fully taking in the episode it became clear, she’s not talking about Princess.

That would only make sense if she knew about Ange and Charlotte’s prior relationship, and I really doubt Ange has told anyone about that. The “Black Lizard Planet” thing goes way back, likely the only thing she ever said about her past to the other farm girls. There’s just no way Elanor would know about her connection to Princess.

She’s actually talking about Dorothy. The rest of the episode makes it obvious when you think about it. Dorothy is the one she looks up to, and she think’s working with her has softened Ange. And this is why she and Ange don’t get along. It’s not a rivalry, Elanor is jealous of Ange now getting to work side by side with Dorothy.

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Okay but like I think what gets me the most about antis using the brother line to shout incest at shippers even when they acknowledge they might not be related isn't really, like... The usage of the word so much, just cause yeah incest is traditionally about blood-related characters and people, but I feel like it could extend to idk foster and adoptive family and such?? At the very least it's a grey area. But regardless it's just... 1/?

The lack of awareness that Sh!ro/Ke!th are probably with foster siblings or related by blood (fanon =/= canon thing) but also the fact that m/f (or implied/explicitly straight) relationships in media who have this “familial bond to lovers” trope going on never seem to get this treatment??? Like K@t@ang and Edw!n didn’t are p popular on this sight, hell E/d was p much W!nry’s foster brother, but people love it??? 2/?

And not only that, but recently I read this manga that I really loved but didn’t expect romance in at all. Why??? Cause the theme up to a certain point had been overly familial, with (romantic) love being this triggering topic for mc. And even a character who mc either saw as a surrogate mother or an older sister was like “oh I’m not worried. I doubt he’d fall back and start feeling romantic love (towards a younger sister)”. 4/? (I think, might have lost count, on mobile)


Legit do y'all remember fucking twilight like all those damn vampire kids were all foster brothers and sisters and they were all fucking one another and nobody rlly batted an eye at that being a thing bc it was all het yet Keith says once ‘you’re like a brother to me’ and everyone’s straight up ‘incest!!! they’re brothers!!!!’ like who would say 'you’re like a brother to me’ to their actual brother they’d be like ya that’s bc I am your brother you complete spoon I mean I don’t have any siblings but that deadass would be weird as shit to say to your actual brother