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Hi! I was wondering if there was any literature out there by females that talk about a post-gender society and how that would look like. I was trying to articulate this to someone but perhaps I'm just not the best at explaining things.

In simplest terms, a post-gender society is one where nothing is stereotyped as “masculine” (for males/men) or “feminine” (for females/women). 


Here are some quotes:

In a post-gender world, all the stuff of human life would still be there, but access to it would no longer be limited by perceived reproductive potential. Boys and girls could all play with and wear whatever they like. Men and women could all explore their human personalities to the fullest. Men would not be pressured into violence nor excused for it. Men and women could share responsibility for the care of children. Feminism is by, for and about women, but would benefit anyone who longs for a more just world.” - Feminist Gender Analysis


“[In] A world without gender, …, … items in our lives will no longer bare any gendered stigmas to them (same thing with interests and behaviors). Blue will be blue without being perceived as “masculine,” toys - from domestic items to military strategy games - will not be categorized based on modern Western standards of gender performativity, clothing will exist in a full range of diversity without carrying any implication that one type is “feminine” or “masculine” presenting. Everything just exists without perception of gender, the stereotype of gender, the “need” of gender. Giving a free range of choice without fear that one is any less their sex for fulfilling their drive to be a certain way and be fully human.” - AngryWomanistCritic


A post-gender society is a society without gender, where the culture is over gender, where gender is no longer needed. Sexual dimorphism will still exist, but the stereotypical assumptions affiliated with a person’s sex [i.e: gender] will not. Femininity and masculinity will no longer be relevant to human beings in a society without preconceived notions about how males and females should act, dress, walk, talk or behave [i.e: gender presentation, gender performativity]. …” - AngryWomanistCritic


"Let me describe to you what kind of world gender abolitionists actually dream about:

When a child would be born it’s biological sex, being an actual physical reality, would be noticed but not a single assumption regarding the child’s personality would be made based on it.

Growing up, children would be free to chose what toys and clothes they prefer. If they want to play with toy trucks or dolls, it would be fine either way. If they want to dress comfortably or in frilly colorful dresses, it would be fine. Regardless of the child’s biological sex.

Certain personality traits would not be encouraged in members of one sex and discouraged in the other. Females would be free to be strong, brave and assertive and males would not be shamed for being shy and soft spoken.

No female child would be called a tomboy and no male child would be called a sissy. No kid would ever be bullied for what we in our gendered world call “gender expression”.

When children would reach puberty they would still be free to dress how they want. Females would not be pressured to wear clothes that reveal their bodies and males would not be shamed if they chose to. Everybody would have a free choice of accessories, which would not be categorized as “men’s” or “women’s” but people could [choose] whichever they liked. Or cho[o]se to not wear accessories at all if that’s what they are more comfortable with.

Females would not be pressured to keep their bodies slim, soft and hairless. Males would not be pressured to be athletic and muscular. Expectations of femininity and masculinity upon the body would not exist and affect negatively people’s relationship with their own body.

Everyone could choose a career without fearing stigmatization within that particular field because of their biological sex. The most important thing would be competence and not what someone has between their legs.

Domestic work would not be considered “women’s work” and would be shared equally between the sexes.

Biological sex would only be thought about when relevant. Like for example in regards to issues surrounding sexual activity, reproduction or treatment of medical conditions related to a person’s biological sex.

And everyone would be free to be themselves without ever having to worry about gender expectations. Nobody would feel the need to repress certain parts of their personality and exaggerate others in order to fit into some gender role that is being forced on them.

Gender abolitionism is not about restricting people’s choices but about giving them greater freedom.” - What Gender Abolitionists Dream About


I know you didn’t ask this question but I’m going to include a response in it anyway because I have received questions from people who, despite having some background in Feminist Theory, do not understand why it is important to neutralize gendered socialization.

The question being asked by some is: “What’s even the point of abolishing gender?”

This is the point (articulated by
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie):

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