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angrypuppy666 submitted:

Hello! I recently bought a head base from you (Not sure if you remember me, but I used the same name on Etsy). Anyway, I’m almost done, and I thought it would be the right thing to show you what I have done, so, here’s a link. Thanks a heap!


Oh my goddesses?? This is freaking amazing! Wow!! Just! Amazing job!!! I’m so glad that the blank worked out for you. :3

I really need to rant.

This, as we all know, is Maerad, my newly refurbished fursuit.
A month before GoldNova 2014, I pulled her old self out of the cupboard, stripped her down completely and started again.
This meant new fur, new eyes, new teeth…new everything.
I was never really happy with how she turned out again this time but…it was something, and so I took her with me to the Gold Coast.

Now I just feel stupid for getting excited about the whole thing.
Literally 4 hours into Saturday, I was wandering around, alone, looking for someone I knew, when suddenly some idiot in a Naruto cosplay walks up to me and starts spouting some shit about how much furries sucked, and how lame and ugly Maerad was.

Yeah, she was lame, and she was ugly, but that gave this person no excuse to hang off of her bottom jaw until the hinges gave out and the bottom jaw snapped in half.
It hurt her, and it hurt me.
I have bruising on the bridge of my nose, and a tiny cut under my chin, just near my throat.
Not even that, this idiot /swung/ off of my head, which, of course, hurt my neck and back.

But instead of apologising when he realised it was broken, he turned around and literally ran away back into the crowd so I wouldn’t be able to find him, again.

Just before, when I got home, I took a more thorough look at what was damaged, and was even more disappointed.
Not only was her bottom jaw broken, but where I thought the hinges had just pulled off, was literally snapped out on both sides and just floating around the mask.
Even if I was to strip her and start again, she wouldn’t be suitable for use so…I’m just going to brace her so she looks in one piece, and put her on my bookshelf, again.

This was a month of hard work literally flushed down the drain because people have no respect for furries.
And seriously, it’s fucked up, and it pisses me off.
It’s going to be months before I’ll be able to even save up enough for a new base…

This whole thing has put me right off going anywhere like that, any more.
It ruined my entire weekend…
I’m just glad to be home.

Rant over.

I know I’m not very active any more.

I’m making ANOTHER commission.
Fox, this time.
Definitely the hardest suit I have made to date.
Only my third, too.

She still needs her back hood part sewn on, and her hands and tail made, but I think she’s pretty cute.

What do you guys think? :3