Thank you for asking RR!! 

I actually had a post all queue up to go on Friday but since Tumblr was on the fritz I completely forgot to go back and post about it!!

The sports massage was probably the MOST painful yet necessary treatment that I have EVER needed!!

Even though this massage table right here looks like a little slice of heaven…

…on Friday it was somewhat of a torture device from hell!!

So here is the low down on my massage and prognosis…

He knows that I need to run 26.2 miles in 2 weeks from TOMORROW and he assures me that he will be able to get me in running condition by then!!

  • I seemed to have jacked up my abductor and adductor {sp?} on my left quad when I did my 20 miler trying to compensate for my ANGRY IT band.
  • My massage was NOT deep tissue it was ACTIVE sports massage that worked by quad & IT band until I cried and cursed!  {he says he knows he is doing it right when his clients curse – sadist!!}
  • Right now I am NOT allowed to run, swim, cross train or do anything to irritate my quad as it is VERY sensitive to the touch and needs time to heal.
  • I need to continue to foam roll (smooth roller not the rumble roller) several times a day & I need to do vascular flushes (3 mins heat - 1 min ice - 3x)  at least 3x per day to help with muscle healing,
  • I have another massage with him next Friday and then again on the following Monday….

I do feel 100% better than I did a week ago today and I can tell as I walk and move around that I am gaining my mobility and range of motion back!!!

So – all in all I feel pretty good about how it went and where its going! 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned or scared – but I have ‘hay in the barn’ as @Shortmom put it the other day when she shared her words of wisdom with me!!

I’ve done the course before, I have covered the mileage before and I know that I will be able to do it again…

What I have had to come to terms with is that this may not be the PR that I wanted or my fastest/best race – but I will FINISH it!!! 

And ultimately, THAT is what really matters!!