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Tom looked up to the… human? Maybe. The other had human-esq features, but his ears and glowing tattoos almost seemed Quarian. No matter, a customer was a customer! “Oh, hello sir! Welcome to Kats’ Engineering and Electronics! *inhales* Is there anything I can do to assist you?”

New encounter

Aryn breathed out, a happy smile on her face. The air around her was cold, which she quite like, but thankfully unharmeful for living beings. Since she had awakened, she had been afraid of her powers, afraid to see she could freeze her surrounding, to the point of killing living forms if they stayed too long close to her. But then she had met Emrys, and-accidentaly-he had ordered her magic not be dangerous anymore. And it had worked.

Her eyes snapped to her right as she heard footsteps in the snow. “Hello?”

angryglowingelf entered Namimori Grounds.

“Who are you?!” the young girl asked staring at the tall silver haired man. It was obvious he didn’t go to Namimori. “Why are you here? What do you want? Hibird will bite you to death if you plan on trespassing!” she declared. She was trying her best to sound scary, unfortunately for her it was just adorable.

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Hello there… angry looking human-ish person thing.  Are your tattoos like radioactive or something?  Because that would be REALLY COOL.  And, um, likely deadly within a few weeks.  But still cool!

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Quietly, Aubrey plucked at the strings of the lute normally left in her room. Her blue eyes went up to meet Fenris’ gaze with a little smile for her friend. “Come to see if I’m as bad at this as Anders is?”