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“Privet! I am Eva Volkova.”

“Hey. I’m Dmitri Volkov. Could we ask for your name?”

Dmitri and Eva smiled and waved at the elf, and they both seemed happy to meet someone new. Eva looked him up and down, but stopped at his ears, mesmorized.

“You have pointy ears…”

“Oh my god Eva. You do not just point out that someone has pointy ears.”


“It could be taken offensively. Duh!”

angryglowingelf started following you

Tom looked up to the… human? Maybe. The other had human-esq features, but his ears and glowing tattoos almost seemed Quarian. No matter, a customer was a customer! “Oh, hello sir! Welcome to Kats’ Engineering and Electronics! *inhales* Is there anything I can do to assist you?”

Predators. | Closed RP | Fenris {Angryglowingelf}

Kirkwall was nothing like Antiva. Eitana Shepard had known that long before she’d arrived.

But the fact remained the same: She had not been expecting the cold, filthy cesspool of hatred that she’d arrived in.

Ever since the Warden had set foot in Kirkwall, she’d stuck out. Sun-kissed skin spoke of days spent under a warmer sun than anybody native to the city was used to, short brown hair spoke of a freedom that most women here thought scandalous. Her armor, fit for a warrior and kept impeccably clean, spoke of a power that not many in the Free Marches got to enjoy.

And the weariness in her eyes told a story of a war that was slowly killing her each and every day.

“Shoulda dressed warmer,” She mumbled to herself, scuffing her boots against the cold stone that paved the street. Shivering, the woman ducked out of the way as a couple of nobles passed her, trying to ignore the dirty looks they gave her. With that Hawke fellow she’d heard about, it was no wonder they were glaring at anybody suited up for a fight.

That didn’t matter, though. That wasn’t her mission.

What did matter, however, was finding a place to stay for the night that didn’t require money. Money she was lacking.

Fortunately, Eitana didn’t need to worry about that. Quietly, she approached the door of an abandoned manor, glancing over her shoulders. She could pick the lock, light a fire, slum there for the night and leave before anybody was wise. Hunching over, she quickly picked the lock before slipping in and shutting the door behind her back.

Too easy.