Fringe 209: Snakehead

I want so badly to be independent again, to live like a man, not a child. Not to have my son watching after me all the time. Not that I don’t appreciate all that you do for me. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I’ve been out of the institution for a year now, and I’ve just begun my journey back towards being whole. But I fear there are still times when I will get lost.

I’m drowning at work and on the verge of a nervous break down. Today, my boss gave me multiple client files who were failing to show to appointments. The first thing I did was laugh, and continue to laugh, for about a whole minute. 

And then just I blurted out, “No, you see it’s funny, because you don’t even KNOW how much alcohol I’m going to have to drink to have the courage to come in tomorrow.” 


Miss America Chavez - A-Force

Her relationship with Loki broke my heart and gave me more feels than I ever suspected it could. Thanks Bennet/Wilson/Molina/Martin for giving me something great and ripping it right away.

I cried for the sher beauty and greatness of the comic and then I cried for a whole different reason.