I swear to god, the people going “Everyone is whining about representation and romances and ruining my hype and I’m just trying to stay POSITIVE and RATIONAL and GOD can’t you just enjoy the game?!??!” are some of the nastiest, most privileged assholes who have no compassion or understanding and refuse to have any when given the opportunity. 

So are the people defending the poor innocent devs from the evil, nasty and “toxic” ess-joos who DARE to ask for a Sara Ryder trailer. “Those people are so hard to please!” they cry, despite the fact that apparently that fucking trailer is so easy to make that they threw one together in 48 hours after the “outrage” and would’ve easily pleased the majority of us if it was released at the same time as the “default” one with Scott.

Protect those pure, precious devs from the evil and completely valid criticism!

Hey, get this: Maybe if the devs hadn’t been bragging about how they would focus on Sara this time around to balance out the old Male!Shep marketing (then going back on that promise to say that they would feature Scott and Sara equally, then forgetting that promise ENTIRELY and shitting out some token videos where she doesn’t speak and her face isn’t even visible) we wouldn’t be demanding that they DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO. 

BioWare likes to talk big about how they’re all about representation and listening to fans, but when we actually try to be heard, we’re always branded as whiners and complainers who are impossible to please. That’s because we’re the wrong fans, the bad fans. They want our money but our opinions we can keep to ourselves.

“Can’t you just enjoy the game??!!”

No, we can’t, and that’s the point. Because we are not you. We want to “just” enjoy the game, desperately, but every time we try, the fandom, the devs or the game remind us that even in fiction, we’re still not as important as the default straight white cis dudes. Every time we tell the devs how they could try to make the game more welcoming for everyone and thus easier to “just enjoy”, every time we tell them how and why something was hurtful or offensive, we’re branded as whiners with an agenda. 

Fuck, we still have to remind them that women exist. We have to demand that they include a trailer featuring a white woman, which is seen by some to already be “too much” progress, too politically correct, too pandering. Those nasty toxic people asking too much of the poor, hardworking devs! The trailers have always featured a male lead, why should this be any different all of a sudden?

You assholes saying that we shouldn’t “whine” don’t realize you have the luxury of not whining. Because your needs are always, always catered to.

If you really wanted everyone to “just enjoy” the game, you’d help us and demand good representation. But you don’t: You just want us to shut up.

We won’t. Because this is how progress is made, by screaming angrily at idiots who only listen when their asses get burned.

Happy International Women’s Day!! 

I decided to doodle some lovely ladies today for the occaission, so here’s a pretty Jokaste and an Aria from my Skyrim fic Rat’s Gold! I need more female OCs… and I need to draw Jokaste more xD I LOVE HER TO PIECES <3 <3 <3

I know I’ve been gone for a while guys, lots of family stuff going on, though I’ll be posting up commissions soon!! (Though there may be a flash sale sometime sooooon~)

my mom plays Pokemon go for my dad when he drives and the names she gives all the Pokemon are great like
“a purple angry mouse”
“angry pink puppy”
“bigger angrier mouse”
“rat tat tat”
“flapping dead fish”
“spook nart”

honestly i dont really like the hc that rat gets angry at mako for his involvement in the ALF since like. im like 99% sure the nuclear detonation wasnt their intention, and he wouldve been incinerated if he was directly involved with it. ofc he was involved Somehow but i dont like when ppl make rat like furious at hog for something that was pretty heavily implied to be unintentional and he wouldnt have done with his own hands

but i do like the hc that mako has an overwhelming sense of survivor’s guilt and when he confesses, rat just. thinks a bit and doesnt get angry at him and instead reassures him that everythings ok, not his fault. and hog almost gets mad at rat for not being angry at him like he’s been at himself for so long, but rat just keeps talking him through it and its the first step towards healing and relief that hogs felt in decades, bc rat’s the first person ever who’s told him it wasnt his fault

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Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

a good ship!!! they strike a good (if somewhat chaotic) balance (if that makes sense??? they would balance each other out more cohesively if not for the way they sometimes misunderstand each other’s intentions/ways of speaking/joking with one another) but could use some good old fashioned communication (kurapika please………. text this poor boy………. talk to each other on ur Terrible Murder Cruise…….. i beg of u…………). but a really good dynamic!!! (their character types sort of clash with how we’d classify them on first glance, too due to common shounen character design tropes–you’d think kurapika would be the more responsible one based on his design while leorio would be more impulsive/brash, but it’s actually the inverse for the most part—love this tiny angry rat boy filled with murderous rage and poor impulse control and his bf the big tall tree of a man who loves his friends very much and wants to take care of them to the best of his ability. please communicate better ya goofs.)

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I was gonna say raticate cuz rats but idk if u like raticate much? I think gligar or murkrow might also be good companions!

raticate doesn’t rly capture the rat spirit 4 me yknow like that’s an Angry Rat and not a soft sniffy rats. gligar is fuccking sweet and murkrow is one of my favorites I love the lil crow love some clever unpopular animals yknow

Me trying to make a new friend:

Me: “do you have any animal companions?”

Person: “oh yes! I have a bunny and a cat, I love animals!”

Me: “super cute! I have a few animals friends too! A trio of rats, a pair of finches an-”

Person: “you have RATS? I don’t like rats, I had to put poison out at my last house because their where rats there.”

Me: “oh :)”

Me: *opens trench coat to reveal that I am actually a writhing hoard of angry rats, the person screams but it is too late! The rats are upon them, devouring their flesh.*

‘bad karma’ -  for the girls who just like punching stuff, getting wasted, and slaying dragons

[a rat queens fanmix]

 the white stripes - fell in love with a girl // ida maria - bad karma // franz ferdinand - the fallen // lorde - glory and gore // joan jett - bad reputation // garbage - cherry lips (go baby go!) // metric - combat baby // nujabes - battlecry // the fratellis - henrietta // teddy bears - cobrastyle // 



I can’t believe this smol, angry rat goblin attacked our mum?????? The disrespect?!?!?!?!

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