Kissing Booth

Tony leans against the booth, hand propped atop his chin. He stares out at the people passing by, and wishes he never met Janet Van Dyne.

Earlier in the week, Tony told her that he needed some extra cash, since Howard cut him off for being “unagreeable,” and Jan told him that she had the perfect job for him at the oncoming carnival. Tony agreed, and found himself standing behind a “Kissing Booth.”

Now, Tony has no problem kissing men or women, but he’d rather not kiss any random person that walks up, who might have bad breath, or, God forbid, mono.

He looks over to Jan, now forever labeled in his heart as a traitor, and curls his lip in disgust.

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anonymous asked:

Huh? What "off camera" stuff is your anon talking about? IG? BTS DWTS? Val is one thing when it comes to talking about his partners and that's consistent. If it's the BTS DWTS things, he told Rumer he loved her right before they performed their fs (lol I remember how angry the Jan/elskiy shippers were when we saw the bts footage) and Val posts long ass IG posts for all of his partners. If they meant interviews, it's pretty much the same. Even the fusion rehearsal packages are similar.

yeah idk. I haven’t seen anything ~special but like a lot of us have said, I think Normani’s fans just aren’t used to seeing her like that as much as we’re used to seeing val like that so the reactions are different

secretallie  asked:

So the Ant Man teaser just came out. Thoughts? The mood in my corner of fandom seems to be Aggressively Uninterested, but tumblr's not a good indicator for how the general public, or even the Wider World of Geekdom, might react. What's your prognosis, Wizard Sam? And how do you think it might affect the MCU if the movie does badly in the box office? (Also, how does Tony feel about Ant Man copying Iron Man's famed three-point landing?) Inquiring minds, etc.

I have to admit that I saw it, but mainly because I didn’t want to fast-forward and accidentally miss the Agent Carter next-week previews. :D (I missed the three-point-landing bit.)

The MCU is overdue for a flop, but I think at this point they’d need two or three before any significant plugs get pulled, and I don’t think Ant Man will be that flop (more on this in a moment). They’ve already cast and contracted actors for films for ages down the line, and they have a strong throughline plotwise; they have big names, big sequels, and big new additions to the franchise that they’re pretty committed to at this point. I think the past successes are why they’re now willing to front a woman-led TV show, a woman-led film, and a film with an African lead character – because they know all three CAN fail and the franchise will still be standing, plus it’s not likely all three WILL fail. There’s just a much higher odds for it, in the creepy dysfunctional Hollywood mindset. 

Which means that more is riding on Agent Carter than it should be. It’s not just whether this show can sustain a proper season – how this show does on television will dictate how Captain Marvel is handled and likely, to a great extent, how Black Panther is as well. Agent Carter is the test case for Deviation From The Norm. (Norm is a thirtysomething white heterosexual cismale; he wants to know why you don’t want his number.)   

The thing is, I don’t believe these films rise or fall based on fandom, even the Norm-like “fandom” that they are designed to cater to. The films succeed based on their ability to appeal to a wider nonfannish audience as primarily action films. They’re genre films that don’t read like genre films, so people go to see them regardless of whether they’ve ever read a comic book. Which I also think is why the comics aren’t doing more to pull in moviegoers, because they know MCU viewers are not necessarily going to be regular comics readers even if they pick up a comic or two (the fact that many comics seems to be actively attempting to drive away new fans, that’s a talk for another time). 

So, much of Fandom is aggressively uninterested in Ant Man, because we know how ridiculous it is, because we’re angry Jan got disappeared, and because Hank Pym, despite not being the titular hero, is still in it and is very ill-liked in comics fandom (rightly so, for a number of reasons). But Ant Man is a shiny new addition to the franchise, and even people who may not follow MCU religiously will go to see it because it’s new and they don’t have to know anything to enjoy it as an action flick – it’s not a sequel, in other words, and most people won’t see it the way we do, as part of an anthology.

As problematic as Ant Man is and as unlikely as I or most of my friends are to see it in the cinema, it’ll probably still do very well, for this reason. And even if it does flop, it’s likely they’ll blame it on the film’s many and varied production problems, and not moviegoers tiring of a white male hero. 

So…I don’t think Ant Man will flop, and if it does I don’t think it will matter. And because of that, I also think right now it’s way more important to talk about Agent Carter, since much more of the MCU is riding on Hayley Atwell’s shoulders than is riding on Paul Rudd’s. 

Ant Man is, at best, irrelevant.