And there’s no mystical design, no cosmic lover preassigned…

For Darren Criss, the alter-ego character of rock star Tommy Gnosis is the revelation. He grows the character from a really awkward, insecure kid who could barely make eye contact in those first scenes to a young man on the verge of self discovery in the trailer scene and finally a fully fledged rock star (with a heart) in ‘Wicked Little Town Reprise,’ and it’s breathtaking.”

Darren [Criss] was like a fireball. I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone with as much energy as him. […] His vocals were really amazing. He made some small changes to some of the actual melodies that I wouldn’t mind - (don’t tell Stephen [Trask] that I said that) - keeping. His physical presence was really amazing to watch and his singing was great. He was like a fast and furious Hedwig.
—  Matt Duncan when asked about his impressions of each of the Hedwigs (x)

Finally made this video!!! Darren is an absolute sweetheart. 😍