from Hedwig to Darren in few seconds ✅

From East Berlin to Junction City! Hello New York! HELLO NEW JERSEY! (This is the poster I made to celebrate my trip to New York with mickeyrandy3 and all you lovelies! Thank you all for the fant-ass-tic trip :D I’m super glad I got to go and print a copy for both Rebecca and Darren! AND ME!)


Exactly a year ago I had the privilege to travel to NYC and meet up with some AMAZING fellow fans including the ever wonderful @mickeyrandy3

Over the course of a few months after that, Heather got the chance to chat with DC and she mentioned the original poster I did. He had a few suggestions, so I incorporated those into an updated poster and Heather was able to get the new and improved poster to him at Elsie. All told this is a very special piece for me, and I’m happy beyond measure of the long road it took to here. 

So thank you HEATHER and DC and Rebecca and all those I met last year. I look forward to the next big adventure!

So here’s the story with this… 3-4 years ago I found this and printed it out because I thought it was hilarious. I found it the other day and I was like ‘man I have to get him to sign this!’
With the rain I kept debating on whether or not to get it signed. Thankfully it was not really raining when he came out so I went for it.
Darren looked at it and after reading it he smirked. He really liked it.
So we began talking about who was actually saying this to the other person. He began with saying the girl to the boy but then changed his mind about halfway through.
Obviously it’s the boy talking to the girl, is what we agreed on.