From East Berlin to Junction City! Hello New York! HELLO NEW JERSEY! (This is the poster I made to celebrate my trip to New York with mickeyrandy3 and all you lovelies! Thank you all for the fant-ass-tic trip :D I’m super glad I got to go and print a copy for both Rebecca and Darren! AND ME!)


Exactly a year ago I had the privilege to travel to NYC and meet up with some AMAZING fellow fans including the ever wonderful @mickeyrandy3

Over the course of a few months after that, Heather got the chance to chat with DC and she mentioned the original poster I did. He had a few suggestions, so I incorporated those into an updated poster and Heather was able to get the new and improved poster to him at Elsie. All told this is a very special piece for me, and I’m happy beyond measure of the long road it took to here. 

So thank you HEATHER and DC and Rebecca and all those I met last year. I look forward to the next big adventure!