Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The girl is wearing an old Dora the Explorer t-shirt and has huge chunks of dark hair spilling out of a half-assed braid. She’s wearing itty bitty purple chucks and regarding him with a look of complete surprise. For a horrifying moment, Stiles thinks that she’s about to start crying, and he’s going to end up with some angry mom or dad up on his shit for knocking their daughter over when clearly, he is the victim in this scenario.

Instead, the little girl opens her mouth, points to the hot pockets, and says, “You shouldn’t eat those. Mommy says they’re bad for you.”

Author’s Note: First part of this series was a one-shot that took off in its own direction without my say so. Second part is the sequel everyone asked for growing legs and learning how to fly. Have fun!


Merle + names

Some girls learn how to play baseball with their dad.
Some girls learn how to fix cars with their dad.
Some girls learn how to ride the bike with their dad.
Some girls’ dad help them with their homework.

I’m not like those girls.
My dad taught me how to be angry and resentful.
My dad taught me how to disregard everyone’s feelings and needs so that I can have my own way.
My dad taught me that disrespecting my significant other was okay as long as I forgot about it the next day.
My dad taught me that drinking solves problems, not talking.
My dad talked me that in order to earn respect I have to raise my voice.

But I’m not like my father.
I know the difference between right and wrong.
I know when to stop talking if I’ve talked too much.

I guess what my dead really taught me was to be nothing like him and to stay away from any of his old habits because if I end up like him then I’m no better than a dead heartbeat.

—  S.D.

ok but i get so fucking frustrated when people point out that kpop idols “look like girls” because they wear make up like wtf does that define a person of being a girl are girls that don’t wear make up considered as boys i don’t think so why should paint you put on your face to highlight your features be considered as something that defines a gender that doesn’t make sense in every way