i’m not over this photoset showing darlene clearly wearing one of elliot’s shirts

we already know that she wears his clothes out of convenience, but this is different. elliot is in prison, and she’s probably at his apartment, worrying about him, missing him, and worrying about her own future. she’s wearing her brother’s shirt as a security blanket. 

( makes you think how oven she must have done that growing up, too. )

My favorite subway conductor is the angry dad. Put him on a rush hour train and just listen to the irritation grow.
“Step all the way in, please. Stand clear of the closing doors.”
“Please pull your bags out of the way of the closing doors.”
“Don’t lean against the subway doors, that keeps them from closing.”
“Will whoever is leaning against the subway doors please stop as you are preventing the doors from closing.”
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems we won’t be moving anytime soon because someone is leaning against the subways doors and preventing them from closing.”

I swear if this subway car was a station wagon he would have pulled over to the side of the road and threatened to make us all walk the rest of the way home.


Mad Neymar *Neymar imagine*


“Y/N are you sure you want to go out right now?” Neymar asks putting on his shirt

I chuckled, “Yes, I’m sure Mateus needs some stuff” I said as I kissed the little boy

He sighed, and sat on the bed waiting as I placed Mateus in his car seat. Neymar carried his car seat to the car, and got in the drivers seat. The entire ride there he was silent, only looking over to me a few times before sighing. 

“Neymar are you alright?” I asked as we reached the stoplight. 

He looked over towards me and then spoke, “This is the first time we’re bringing Mateus out I’m just worried something will happen” 

I placed my hand on his, “Nothing will happen, Neymar we’ll both be right there and there’s security everywhere” 

Neymar nodded his head, and we continued driving. Once we arrived at the mall, we were able to find a close parking and headed inside. Mateus was still sleeping as I pushed the stroller. “Where are we going first?” Neymar asks walking besides me

“Um how about-”

We got interrupted by the paparazzi taking pictures. I chuckled, and continued on, “How about the baby store over there?” 

Neymar just nodded not saying anything and walking besides me. When we got inside the store they closed the doors, so that way we could shop in peace without them coming in. We walked around looking at the cute little baby stuff. “Look Ney, isn’t this cute” I said holding up the little onsie

Neymar smiled, “It’s adorable, what else do they have?” He asked

I looked through the racks of clothing and picked up things and showed him them. “Let’s get this one” I said

Neymar chuckled, “That one is the best one out of all” 

The one that I picked up was a FC Barcelona onsie with Neymar’s number and name on it. We picked out a few things and then headed to the check out, and paying. Now exiting the store was going to be another problem, however giving us our space they allowed us to exit the store. 

As we were walking they began to follow us enclosing slightly but they weren’t being loud or anything due to the baby. All of a sudden Neymar stops pushing the stroller, and I turn to look at him. “What?”I asked

“Can you guys fuck off?” He asked yelling slightly


“No can they just fuck off, this is the first time we’re bringing the baby out and they’re all here taking fucking pictures like we called them to take the pictures. We can’t even be in peace while shopping for our son. Don’t any of you have kids?Would you like it if someone was taking fucking pictures the entire time you guys were out?No we don’t like it either” He yelled 

The paparazzi kind of just stood there not knowing what to do, taking the stroller and walking ahead of him I just headed straight out towards the car and unlocking it. I waited in the car, and in a few more minutes before he came to the car and sighed. “Y/N look, I’m sorry” He said

I just looked at him, and then out the window. “Y/N”

“Just drive Neymar” I said

Letting out another sigh, he started the car and drove towards the house. When we got there, I went around to Mateus’ side and got the car seat out. “Y/N please wait” He called out as I opened the door and went inside

After putting the still sleeping Mateus in his crib, I placed the monitor on and went outside to the living room where Neymar was sitting with his head thrown back on the couch. “What is it?”I asked crossing my arms

He sighed, “Look I’m sorry for yelling at the mall today but it was just so annoying” Neymar said staring up at me

I raised an eyebrow, and crossed my arms. “So that gives the okay to yell at them Neymar?They weren’t doing anything but taking pictures, of us and Mateus. If they were getting to close I’d understand but they’re not” I said

Neymar sighed once again nodding his head, “I understand and I won’t do it again, I swear” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “And what happens if you break that promise?” I asked

“I’ll wash the dishes for the rest of the two months?” 

I chuckled, “That’s it?” 

“What about change diapers” 

“Fine then changing diapers and dishes for a whole two months it is” I said winking

Neymar looked at me, “Wait, what?”