Reasons You Should Be Playing Angry Birds Space, or, Why The Space Title is a Gamechanger

As much as we all fell victim to the addictive clutches of Angry Birds, along with its sequels, Seasons and Rio, we can all admit; the reliable old formula (drag a bird, crush some pigs, get a high score, feel like a math whiz for figuring out the proper angling) got old. It took a while, but it got old.

Now, in Angry Birds Space, the birds have taken to the final frontier. All the birds we’ve come to love, plus a new ice bird and a laser bird, still have the same goal: kill the pigs. They now have to use the gravitational pull of each planet to slingshot around to hit each pig. It’s a much more precise way to play, but as expected, the mental payload is much better.

Angry Birds Space is free on Android for an ad-supported version, 99 cents for iPhone, iPod and Android (ad-free), $2.99 for the HD version for iPad, and $5.95 for Windows and Mac OS X.

De Angry Birds vierden vandaag een heel ander feestje dan de verjaardag van de koningin; de kwaaie eierleggers zagen het aantal downloads van hun game Angry Birds Space oplopen tot maar liefst vijftig miljoen keer in 35 dagen! Deze gezellige eieren zijn gemaakt door Flickr-gebruikster Youngergirl44. Hopelijk heb je je eierschildersetje van de Pasen bewaard, want met deze vrolijke eieren ben jij morgenochtend je kater helemaal vergeten.



Today was my daughter Kyrie’s 7th birthday and we made a whole theme behind presents and her cake based on her current favorite video game series: Angry Birds

She is constantly playing all of the games in the series (Space is her favorite thought) so we decided to get her a bunch of the tabletop Angry Birds game sets, a few puzzles and decorated her cake with Angry Birds Space toppers.