“This octopus was NOT impressed when I interrupted its morning feeding stroll during my scuba dive in Melbourne, Australia. It blew itself up like a parachute multiple times to try to intimidate me, before trying to torpedo me like a bowling ball! Octopuses are beautiful, intelligent creatures and this one was using its most creative methods of self defense. Or maybe it was just hungry and angry at the same time (= hangry?)

I’m so tired of people claiming veganism is “inaccessible”. Yes, food security is a huge issue and some people do not have proper access to healthy foods, let alone healthy plant based options.

But stop acting like this is the fault of vegans and not, I don’t know, huge corporations that are commodifying and privatizing the food supply, forcing people to grow food for the market instead of themselves, or food for animals instead of food humans can directly eat.

If you really gave a shit about food accessibility and justice you would be calling out the systems that keep farmers and low income individuals without food so that corporations can profit, instead of demonizing vegans and promoting the exploitation of innocent animals because your real reason is “bacon tho”.