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I channeled some of my rage and despair into this piece today, it helped a little. To all my sisters marching tomorrow, stay safe, be aware of your surroundings but most importantly, show them that we will not be stopped, we will not conform. This battle rages on. Stay Angry, my friends.

EDIT: by popular demand, I made this illustration available as a print and other merchandise, if you’re interested please visit my soc6 page right over >>>> here <<<< thank you for all the love and support. And to all of you that are marching today with me, say it loud sisters, stay strong and stay safe!! <3

It’s funny how even a centimeter of my cleavage showing
can get your attention while my whole fucking brain can’t.

It’s funny how you called me fat yet you wanted a few pieces
of that fat but only from my boobs and butt.

It’s funny how my bra strap showing could turn you on
and my intelligence couldn’t.

It’s funny how bits of my naked body were all you wanted
when all I could offer was whole of my naked soul.

It’s funny how a girl’s body intrigues you
but her heart and head doesn’t.

—  It’s funny that I am writing this for me but how it goes for many others too // JustScribbledWords

if you’re calling Leelah he, and calling her a man/boy, unfollow me.

if you think it was selfish of Leelah to kill herself the way she did, unfollow me.

if you think that trans women aren’t real women unfollow me.

if you aren’t disgusted and angry that yet another trans girl has killed herself, and that it’s because of how she was treated by her toxic and transphobic parents, UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

transmysogynists on tumblr who call themselves feminists, and yet don’t advocate for the rights of transwomen are part of the problem and need to be STOPPED

honestly, and I say this as a massive Harry Potter fan, fuck Fantastic Beasts.

I get it, it’s a pretty movie, it’s nostalgic, it’s more Harry Potter universe, but for a series that’s supposed to be about accepting everybody, it’s certainly managed to turn against so many of us.

it’s super fucking white, in NEW YORK, where there were/are hella people of color (yes, even the 1920s where it’s set). that’s just plain ol erasure. the whole mudblood/racism analogy is all fine and dandy but maybe pay attention to the actual fucking racist erasure going on??

second, fuck Johnny Depp, an abusive asshole who’s now going to be playing a huge role in the series as Grindelwald.

third, fuck the queerbaiting going on here. JK Rowling already fucked with us with the after-the-fact dumbledore-is-gay ~reveal~ and now she’s teasing us along in the hopes that we’ll see Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s relationship. they absolutely loved each other, and they’ll absolutely be portrayed as best buds in the movies.

I know people wanna separate the art from the artist or whatever, but I’m done. JK Rowling has known of these criticisms since day one. she knew we were afraid she’d cast it all white. she knew there was backlash from never openly saying dumbledore was gay. and she openly defended having Depp in the movie and complimented him.

JK Rowling is sending a pretty clear message with this movie (what will be FIVE movies) that she’s damn okay with the status quo. despite thinking we should all stand up for fictional mudbloods, she doesn’t see the point in having openly queer people represented, or having people of color represented. and she thinks it’s okay to reward and work with a man who abuses women.

I know this will just look like another angry social justice Tumblr post. I get that. I try to not be like it. it’s exhausting hating everything. I watch a lot of problematic media and truth be told I’ll probably see fantastic beasts at some point out of sheer curiosity. as news piled up about this movie, I didn’t want to hate it. I love Harry Potter, I love the the world, I wanted to love these movies.

but I now realize that this isn’t the subversive game-changing series it once was. Harry Potter told us to challenge the status quo, but now that Harry Potter is the status quo, it’s lost its rebellious side.

maybe you’ll think I’m overreacting but I don’t think its a stretch to want to see queer people and people of color on screen, especially in the Harry Potter universe. I think it should be common practice not to work with abusers. Rowling knew all these concerns, she ignored them, and in doing so, betrayed a lot of us.

I’ll always be a Harry Potter fan, and that’s why I criticize it so much. but sadly I think I have to realize now that it’s dated material that’s refusing to evolve. better, more subversive literature and media is out there, and I’m gonna revel in that.

I know fantastic beasts will be wildly successfully and I’ll look like the grumpy old grouch who doesn’t like the big mainstream movie, but whatever. I just hope that if this series continues in some form, it can one day join us in the modern era and represent all of us, not just the straight white people.

Don’t pretend this thing about bi people having het privilege is to do with being perceived as het, bc we all understand that the closet doesn’t give you privilege. We all understand that not “looking gay” doesn’t give you privilege, and holding your partner’s hand doesn’t suddenly make you oppressed. All of that is called heteronormativity

You’re oppressed regardless of how others perceive you. Let’s not pretend that goes for everyone except the bi’s.

Anti-feminist women...

What the actual FUCK is wrong with you?? You do understand how odd it is, right?

While you whine about angry feminist women on tumblr, just remember that many “angry feminist bitches” before you have helped give you the right to have leisure time to sit around, do what you please and talk shit instead of making meals all day, birthing children, and leaning completely on a man to be considered any sort of respectable woman.

A reality check is in order, ladies.