angry women of tumblr

I channeled some of my rage and despair into this piece today, it helped a little. To all my sisters marching tomorrow, stay safe, be aware of your surroundings but most importantly, show them that we will not be stopped, we will not conform. This battle rages on. Stay Angry, my friends.

EDIT: by popular demand, I made this illustration available as a print and other merchandise, if you’re interested please visit my soc6 page right over >>>> here <<<< thank you for all the love and support. And to all of you that are marching today with me, say it loud sisters, stay strong and stay safe!! <3

It’s funny how even a centimeter of my cleavage showing
can get your attention while my whole fucking brain can’t.

It’s funny how you called me fat yet you wanted a few pieces
of that fat but only from my boobs and butt.

It’s funny how my bra strap showing could turn you on
and my intelligence couldn’t.

It’s funny how bits of my naked body were all you wanted
when all I could offer was whole of my naked soul.

It’s funny how a girl’s body intrigues you
but her heart and head doesn’t.

—  It’s funny that I am writing this for me but how it goes for many others too // JustScribbledWords
tumblr and mikasa
  • tumblr: women can't just be badass and one dimensional, show creators are sexist as heck when they create these characters who are just murderous and heroic and nothing else
  • mikasa: *stabs*
  • tumblr: wow
  • mikasa: *doesn't bat an eye at murder for eren*
  • tumblr: cool nice
  • mikasa: *cuts through titans like they are birthday cake*
  • tumblr: u go girl mikasa ily
  • mikasa: *gets jealous of a boy she's spent her whole life with spending time with another girl in a perfectly normal human reaction in a chapter that hasn't even come out in detail*
  • tumblr: oh my god ew
  • tumblr: no character development
  • tumblr: they just....made her girly
  • tumblr: iyasama must die