angry white guys

The point about Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: An overtly qualified woman still has to prove herself against an utterly unqualified angry loud-mouthed white guy.

Christ, those debates were embarrassing to watch.

She was just plain smarter than him. Too quick. Too clever. 

And everyone knew it.     

anonymous asked:

Why are you getting mad for someone saying all lives matter???

Because when someone says ‘all lives matter’ in response to someone else saying ‘black lives matter,’ they really don’t mean all lives matter. If all lives mattered to them, they would be out here defending not only black people but standing up for muslims and other poc that trump is stripping the rights away from. They should be outraged by the way that poc are being treated, they should be speaking out against it. Instead, “all lives matter,” is just a response they shout because white people cant stand the thought of anything not being about them. All lives matter is really just “white lives matter too!!” and a way to silence black people. When people say black lives matter, NO ONE is saying “other lives don’t matter.”


Today is Eminem’s fuckin’ BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 44 years of being the God he is!♥ I can not describe how much he means to me! He’s the reason I’m still fighting till today! I would die for him! Show him some motherfuckin’ love everybody out there!

Coconut oil is amazing, it’s like the life-giver.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at Whole Foods on Pearl
White girl racism rant

I’m a white bisexual girl and I’m genuinely so confused when people say like “Asian chicks are so ugly” or “Mexican girls are ratchet as hell” or “I’d never date a black girl.” But then they turn around and say shit like “But I’m not racist, no sir.” Like people of color (women of color especially) are so fucking beautiful in every way shape and form. You got Lucy Liu, Lavern Cox, Nichelle Nichols, Dascha Polanco, Lupida Nyong'o but you’re still gonna say women of color are gross. I’m sorry that this is coming right the fuck out of nowhere but I’ve heard shit like this kinda a lot lately.

The worst I’ve heard (from my own fucking friends too, I’m so disappointed) is shit like “I’m not racist but I’d never date an Asian guy” um. Yes you are racist. I don’t care if you have preferences but if you deliberately make the choice to cut out a huge fraction of the human race from potential dates that is racist.

But then I like don’t know what to say because I’m a white person and I’ve literally experienced no discrimination for race. Like I want to stay in my lane but I also I don’t want to stay quiet and let them think it’s okay to get away with shit like that ya feel? I apologize for the rant. If you have any stories similar or if I fucked up something I said please don’t be scared to tell me. I’m still learning too.