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That french article about b.a.p is a mess and sad….and they can go fck themselves…

“You are afraid,” Qui-Gon stated plainly.

A look of shame came over Obi-Wan’s face, but he did not deny it.

“My heart is full of dread,” he admitted. “I wish we were on another

mission - any other mission. I am not sure I have the courage to face the

Holocron… ”

Qui-Gon leaned toward his apprentice. “You have every right to be

afraid,” he said quietly. “Allow yourself to feel the fear - really feel

it - and then let the emotion go. If it comes back, feel it again and let

it go again. There should be no shame in one’s emotions.”

“I am not at fault if it comes back?” Obi-Wan asked, looking up.

“No, Padawan,” Qui-Gon replied. “We cannot control how we feel.

Only how we choose to handle our feelings.”


The Followers, Jude Watson 

(for all the haters lately who keep saying the Jedi were emotionally stunted or encouraged to deal with their feelings in an unhealthy way)