angry turkey

yellosubbub  asked:

So are there any differences in personality from pre-Ottoman Ottoman and post-Ottoman Turkey?

To answer this I need to do a short documentary on the evolution of aph turkey. And maskless. Because why not.

Baby in the steppes aph Turkey is a cheeky one, boisterous and reckless. He enjoys simple pleasures and his simple life. He might be impressionable and a bit of a crybaby, though. Because he’s damn sensitive. He’s already hyperactive, too.

The lil Seljuk Turk didn’t change that much, but suddenly he’s very ambitious. He wants to be a powerful nation. And he’s a wanted warrior, he likes to fight a lot. And he’s way more curious than he used to be, everyone and everything interests him. But still sensitive little lad.

Ottoman Golden Age Turkey gained too much power to be humble about it. He’s super strong, also a huge show off, he likes expensive stuff and he imposes his style. He’s extremely stubborn,  his sensitivity turned into a “quick to anger” type. He’s very strict about his own rules and as long as they’re respected, he doesn’t care about the rest. However he’s still a cheerful guy and can actually be nice, he’s just a little too unpredictable on his emotional state.

Ottoman Decline/Dissolution Turkey is angry. All the time. He’s a big grump, he’s even more strict about his rules and doesn’t care about being harsh. He’s extremely touchy and moody, surrounded by a gloomy aura. He’s not as active as he used to be because he’s often tired and wounded.

Republic of Turkey is back to being a cheerful and lively guy. He’s still quick to anger with some people and on some topics, but he’s as quick to forget why he was angry in the first place. Still a show off, still stubborn, yet he got some of his sensitivity and curiousity back, and he’s usually very friendly.  

So, in short : yes. but short answers are less interesting aren’t they.

Ha. Hahahahaha, ha. Eboy’s assignment was to “Disguise the turkey in hopes he can escape Thanksgiving day” (which I would like to add, ‘and a dry and horribly cooked death.’)

So we came up with the Angry Bird disguise! I did some of the sketching while he did all of the cutting and gluing. I’m pretty certain this will win the best disguise in the class today.

Angry Turkey