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another tea time story for @erwinsalive. her prompt was “grocery shopping”.

they have a list. well, levi has a list. levi has the aisles memorized, has it sorted so they start in produce and move through to frozen foods before checking out. normally, his handwriting is around average, but on grocery day, it’s fucking perfect. it’s his fine print. his unofficial contract with his big oaf of a husband.

it’d be admissible in court. sorry your honor, but as you can see here on this list, chocolates were not there. can you honestly blame me for having to stab him in the middle of the candy aisle? i rest my case.

it’s hange’s birthday this weekend, and levi promised to bring a cake to their party. levi hates going down the baking aisle. it’s the hardest aisle to keep erwin focused in. but he loves baking from scratch, so it takes him several minutes to fill his arms with the ingredients for a chocolate wine cake before returning to their cart.

“what the fuck is that.” levi hisses. there’s a big bag of dove chocolates sitting on top of a head of broccoli. 

erwin hums. “what?”

“don’t you ‘what’ me.” levi drops the ingredients into the cart and pulls the list out and shoves it into erwin’s hands. “read it.”

erwin nods as he reads the list. “broccoli, celery, potatoes, green peppers…”

“to yourself!” levi’s temper is flaring as he turns to put the chocolates back on the shelf. 

they make it through the rest of the store without incident. at check out, they pile the groceries on the conveyer belt, sorted by product type to avoid crushing anything on the ride home. that’s when levi sees them.

“erwin! are you shitting me right now?!” levi grabs the bag of chocolates from the belt and squeezes them in his fist. the clerk stops mid-scan, wide eyed and unsure if she should continue.

erwin shrugs, a sly smile tugging at his lips.

“we have a budget for a reason. four fucking dollars is four dollars less that goes toward your future children’s college fund!”

“just one bag a month, darling.”

“one bag a month for 10 years is…” levi stops to calculate, can’t seem to carry the two in his head, and shakes out his agitation through his limbs. “a lot of fucking money! and that doesn’t include inflation!”

“i can put it back…” the clerk says softly.

“that’s not the point!” levi snaps at her.

“darling, it’s not her fault. i’m sorry.” erwin nods an acknowledgement and goes to give the bag of sweets to the clerk. levi snatches the bag back and slams it on the belt.

“no, if you want it so bad, you can have it.”


levi crosses his arms and doesn’t say anything else until they’re in the parking lot and filling the back of erwin’s suv with their purchases.

“i’m sorry.” erwin says. levi doesn’t respond. “i’m just playing around. i didn’t mean to piss you off so much.”

levi stops, brings a hand to the bridge of his nose and huffs out a sigh. “i hate grocery shopping with you.”

“you hate grocery shopping.”

“yeah, i know.”

“i make it interesting, though.”

levi shakes his head.

“it’s only going to be worse when we have kids.” erwin says, a smile on his voice as he loads the last bag into the back.

“am i suppose to practice on you, then?”

erwin chuckles. “at least i can handle being yelled at.”

levi looks around the parking lot quickly before grabbing a big handful of erwin’s ass and squeezing. “you won’t be able to handle what i do to you when we get home.”

“oh, a threat?”

“a promise.”

erwin gets into the drivers seat, his cheeks and the tips of his ears red and hot, another successful grocery day completed.

OverwatchDad after a rough night. I wanted to do a piece that sort of highlighted his life as a vigilante. I imagine while he’s running around from country to country, blowing up shadowy corporations and beating up punks with piñatas he hunkers down in whatever abandoned place he can find to set up for a while before moving on.

I like this old guy alot someone make it stop

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reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling

Can I point out that HE KEPT THE NEKO MIMI THOUGH? (/v\)/////

Would Yuri be actually caring towards his fans? :)
Headcanon that Yuri is actually easily shy with his fanclub so he expresses his gratitude by little acts like there <333

This is absolutely disgusting. This has got to stop. When will people learn that idols are people too. They aren’t just some object that you can defile any time you feel like it. I don’t care how many followers you have or if you think you’re a someone special because a famous youtuber follows you. This is wrong. If you would have just posted it to your account I would have thought it was gross and then just moved on, but you actually had the audacity to tag Monsta X’s official instagram account. Where were you when they taught basic manners and courtesy? How were you raised that you think this is okay to tag them in? These idols aren’t you friends on a personal level. You don’t have the right to do this. “Fans” (I use the term loosely here since I don’t consider people who disrespect artists like this true fans) like you are what makes it hard for other fans to be able to enjoy their faves. If people keep doing this and other disrespectful things to idols just like what happened with BamBam on Twitter, idols will stop doing this type of fan service and real fans chances to interact with their idols will get taken away. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for the whole group. All I’m saying is 1.) Don’t disrespect an idol to their faces by calling them daddy in public 2.) Don’t disrespect an idol at a concert or fanmeet because you didn’t get picked to be paired with your favorite member (Seriously grow up. Thank your lucky stars you not only got to go to a fanmeet, but that you got chosen to interact with any of them whether they are your bias or not. If you can’t do that then sit down because plenty of fans would love to take your place.)  3.) Don’t ask for other members on an idols solo vlive or any type of broadcast. It’s rude and can hurt their feelings. If you don’t want to see that member then don’t watch. 4.) Don’t demand that your idols speak in your language. These idols have fans on multiple continents. If you want them to speak your language then they would have to learn everyone’s and that’s not realistic. We have wonderful fans who spend hours translating videos and messages in a ton of different languages without being asked. Enjoy their hard work and thank them. 5.) Don’t send lewd pictures or videos like the one above to an idol’s official sns. Its tasteless and gross. 6.) Don’t make fun of an idol or the way they look or dress on an sns you know they are active on. Idols are humans too and have the same feelings you and I do. We all joke and talk about our biases and none of us are innocent of making suggestive or silly comments. But keep it on your private sns or in your group chats and tags and don’t for the love of God tag the group in it. Have some class, it’s that simple. Common courtesy is a thing. Learn it. Live it.


he’s just looking out for your wellbeing, yurio, really. there’s more to life than skating (and plotting to undermine yuuri) and viktor wants you to experience that, he’s not trying to win a bet with the rest of the russian team or anything

(i saw something like this going around in script form and i couldn’t resist)


vixx → music videos

it bothers me when.. parents.. feel like you should excuse their rudeness, their ignorance, if they say “well at least i’m trying! i’m working on it! this is hard for me too, i didn’t sign up for this!”

first of all as a parent, you signed up for a gay kid, for a trans kid, for a disabled kid, for a mentally ill kid, when you decided to have a kid in the first place!

second of all, we are not your projects, we’re not something you can “work on” because, newsflash, we have feelings too!

and third, if you think for one second that this is somehow harder for you than it is for us? that your comfort is more important than our safety and wellbeing? you already failed as a parent.