angry signs

a basic understanding of the signs
  • aries: angry gay
  • taurus: good stubborn friend
  • gemini: two-faced but at least one of the faces is nice
  • cancer: sweet crybaby
  • leo: self-loathing narcissist
  • virgo: [sex joke]
  • libra: "this is fine" dog
  • scorpio: acts like an asshole, is crying on the inside
  • sagittarius: acts like an asshole, is crying on the outside
  • capricorn: e x i s t e n t i a l c r i s i s
  • aquarius: do they ever talk??
  • pisces: bubbly mom friend™ who can kill a bitch
How long the signs can go without talking to someone
  • Aries: about a day because they're reasonable and will want to resolve whatever happened, will probably be angry but thats fine
  • Taurus: 3 minutes before they start yelling at you again
  • Gemini: a good 2 days if you made them rather mad but won't wanna stay in that weird awkward no talking phase
  • Cancer: a peacemaker so probably like a minute
  • Leo: a couple months, maybe even years if they can't be bothered anymore
  • Virgo: 7 hours, they don't wanna seem desperate but still wanna be social and have friends
  • Libra: 12 minutes because their life is their friends
  • Scorpio: either an hour or a year there is no inbetween
  • Sagittarius: will be passive aggressive, probably gives like 8 weeks of toleration before they initiate sussing it out properly
  • Capricorn: eternity.
  • Aquarius: hates hates being in the no talking zone and having 'beef' with people, so abouts half an hour
  • Pisces: 2 SECONDS FLAT
The Signs as Old Cartoons

Aries:The Fairly Odd Parents
Taurus:Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Gemini:Codename: Kids Next Door
Leo:Rocket Power
Virgo:As Told by Ginger
Libra:Totally Spies
Scorpio:Danny Phantom
Sagittarius:Chalk Zone
Pisces:Angry Beavers

The Signs When They´re Angry:

Aries: $100000 to swear jar

Taurus: screams into a pillow

Gemini: goes for a walk to calm down

Cancer: so angry they go to bed to try and sleep it off

Leo: rants to themselves

Virgo: sqeezes something really hard

Libra: gets mad in the mind, but their face is so calm

Scorpio: punches walls

Sagittarius: breaks glass things

Capricorn: breathes hard and bottles up their anger

Aquarius: has to go and be alone or they might kill someone

Pisces: listens to music to calm themselves

The Zodiac Signs’ Indications of Anger

Clenched fists: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Gritted teeth: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn

the signs when they're mad
  • aries: doesn’t make eye contact with you every time you try and talk to them and when you finally ask them what’s wrong they make death stare eye contact that could rip apart a soul, while they tell you how you fudged up

  • taurus: makes you know that they’re pissed with you, they yell and scream and will make your life as hellish as they can until they’re no longer mad at you

  • gemini: barely everrrrr gets mad but if they do they just get mad about it at home and vent to their diary, they may tell one or two people and though the anger fades away quickly they won’t forget what happened
cancer: they only get mad at you if you’ve actually done something wrong and will really sternly tell you about it but they won’t be mad for tooooo long

  • leo: gives you three thousand eye rolls and won’t take any of your crap, they’ll just pretend you don’t exist and get on with their life 

  • virgo: makes everyone around them know that they’re mad and doesn’t hesitate to tell anyone what it’s about and will probably be mad for quite a long time

  • libra: will confront you about it in private and may cry but will get over it pretty quickly as they’ll want to invite as many people to their next party as they can, even if they’re kinda mad at you

  • scorpio: summons their personal demons to haunt you

  • saggitarius: will distance themself from you but will be an icy polite if you make conversation

  • capricorn: you’re dead before you can realise what happens when they’re mad

  • aquarius: if you did something that reallyyyyyy made them mad to the point they don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, they’re really skilful at drifting from people and making it seem like it was natural (even thought it was their doing) lol u slay
pisces: if they’re mad they’ll vent to people but if they’re frustrated mad then they’ll cry
the signs drunk

Aries: loud, sloppy, sexual, prone to doing stupid things 

Taurus: is way too happy and tells everyone how good-looking they are 

Gemini: risk-taking, sexual

Cancer: tells bad jokes , very loud , then gets really weepy 

Leo: the kind of sloppy drunks. slurs, vomits on people, falls down a lot

Virgo: is either really loud or really quiet 

Libra: extremely flirty, overly friendly

Scorpio: gets hella turnt up, then ends up crying about their love life and passing out 

Sagittarius: loud and risk-taking , possibly an angry drunk

Capricorn: is really good at hiding the fact they’re drunk… until they puke on your shoes

Aquarius: super weird, super hilarious, does a whole lot of stupid shit

Pisces: flirty and nice, then can get really sad and possibly angry 

How to handle the signs when they're angry
  • Aries: give them some space and let them cool off and then go talk with them
  • Taurus: sTOP ARGUING WITH THEM, just tell them they're right and apologize
  • Gemini: there's no helping you if you got a gem mad, move to another country before they ruin your entire life
  • Cancer: do NOT insult them, apologize, apologize, aPOLOGIZE, and throw in some compliments
  • Leo: don't even TRY to be condescending, just hear them out and try to make amends by being fRIENDLY.
  • Virgo: just say you're sorry, they're pretty understanding
  • Libra: good luck
  • Scorpio: just apologize and don't EVER do what made them angry EVER AGAIN.
  • Sagittarius: apologize and buy them something they like as a peace offering
  • Capricorn: definitely give them some time to blow off some steam and then talk it out
  • Aquarius: honestly, they won't be mad for long, just be nice and say you're sorry and if that doesn't work just leave them alone
  • Pisces: (how did you even manage to get a Pisces mad at you they're like little angels) just be nice and apologize and bE GENTLE.
the zodiac signs as negative emotions
  • Aries: Anger
  • Taurus: Guilt
  • Gemini: Irritation
  • Cancer: Rejection
  • Leo: Embarrassment
  • Virgo: Pessimism
  • Libra: Fearfulness
  • Scorpio: Loneliness
  • Sagittarius: Shame
  • Capricorn: Apathy
  • Aquarius: Boredom
  • Pisces: Sadness
Queer Aces

There is nothing wrong with the word queer.

Asexual’s can use queer if the think its a better identifier than asexual for them.

Asexual’s can use queer even if they still identify as asexual.

Queer is a good and wholesome word, something that can be used alongside your identify or used instead of the word you find that describes you.

There is nothing wrong with describing yourself as solely queer.

Or describing yourself as a queer asexual/queer ace.