angry scooter

I've been noticing a trend with twins in cartoons...

So there’s the more common identical (even if they’re fraternal they still look identical) sets like Phil and Lil from Rugrats, Mas y Menos si podemos! from Teen Titans, Eska and Desna and Wing and Wei from Legend of Korra, Dave and Ping Pong and Chip and Skip from Camp Lazlo, Jim and Tim from Kim Possible etc. who are basically two halves of a whole and are rarely ever seen apart.

But if anyone ever strays from that stereotype, it’s almost always a boy and a girl (who still look pretty damn similar) who basically inverted versions of each other. The sister is the more adventurous, energetic, outgoing twin, while the boy is more quiet, shy, and nerdy/geeky, like Zak and Weezy from Dragon Tales, Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls, and Scooter and Skeeter from Muppet Babies. I get the importance of character foils, but jeez, mix it up a bit, people.

… And then there’s Dag and Norb. They’re their own category.

In conclusion, I may be slightly irked that they never make cool girl twins who I can relate to, and also I watch way too much TV.

Letters to Santa

John snatched Jane up under her arms, hoisting her into her chair and pushing it close to the table.  She bounced in her seat, instantly snatching up one of the crayons John had brought along with them, and waited for John to sit next to her. He chuckled at her enthusiasm and pulled open his bag, digging around until he found his notebook and placed it in front of her.  With her free hand, she immediately flipped it open to a blank page, staring expectantly up at John for instructions.

“Alright, kid, what are you thinking?  A bike?  Dolls? Puzzles?”  He rested his arm across the back of her chair, leaning in close. Jane frowned and stared down at the page with furrowed brows and a look of fierce concentration.

“No bikes.  Andy at school has a bike an’ he fell off of it an’ now he’s got a big scrape on his knee.  I don’t want a bike.”

John chuckled and nodded.  “Right then, no bikes.  Are you still a fan of that pig show?  Maybe you can ask for something from that?”

Her face lit up and she let out a squeal of excitement.  John glanced around nervously and hushed her, smiling apologetically to the gentleman who was at the table across from them.  The man frowned briefly, but was soon immersed back in his book.  Jane, meanwhile, had started colouring across the top of the page, mumbling the Peppa Pig intro to herself as she did.  Her expression was focused as she sorted through the crayons for the right ones, scribbling with a determined precision that reminded John of her mum.  While she was busy, John wracked his brain in an attempt to think of other ideas for her letter, but found himself suddenly distracted.  

Across from them, pushing a book trolley and scanning the shelves along the wall, stood a tall man in a royal blue Oxford shirt. His dark curls looked shiny and soft in the florescent light of the library, artfully tousled in a style that was meant to look like it was just thrown together thoughtlessly but John knew was done on purpose.  As John watched, he pushed his black glasses back up the bridge of his nose and bent over to replace a book in its place on a lower shelf.  John felt his face flush and immediately turned back to Jane, though he kept studying the man out of the corner of his eye.  Half of his attention remained on the man as Jane finished her first picture and pushed the notebook toward John for him to see.

“Very nice, Jane.  What else?  There’s got to be some other things Mum hasn’t let have before now that you’d like.”  

“LEGO!” she yelled, trading her pink crayon for a green one.  The man sat at the other table huffed in irritation, but John was more concerned about the librarian’s reaction than his.  He had turned around at Jane’s exclamation, narrowing silver blue eyes on the two of them.  At first his attention settled on Jane, his mouth turning into a slight scowl.  His eyes shifted his glare at John, widening when they instantly met John’s.  His eyebrows shot up and he quickly turned back to the bookshelf, the back of his neck turning an attractive shade of red.  The corner of John’s mouth twitched up in a grin and he ducked his head closer to Jane.

“Remember what we talked about, kid?  Inside voices go double in the library.  We don’t want to bother the other people who are here reading, right?”

She hunched her shoulders up to her ears and brought her free finger up to her mouth in a shh-ing motion.  “Right,” she whispered, though even that voice was almost as loud as her normal one.  “Extra quiet. Sorry.”

“Not to worry.  So we’ve got Peppa Pig and we’ve got legos…what else do you want to ask Santa to get you for Christmas?”

 John heard a snort from behind him and his head shot up.  While he had been distracted, the attractive librarian had moved on to the shelf directly next to them.  He sorted through the books on his trolley, his nose wrinkled in distaste.  He glanced at John out of his peripherals, rolling his eyes dramatically when he noticed John watching.  Readjusting his glasses and straightening his already ramrod back, he attempted to affect disinterest in the proceedings at the table. Frowning, John shifted back around so that he was facing Jane again.  

“What are you going to ask Santa to bring you?” she asked John, incredibly serious as she organized her crayons.  Before he could answer, a sigh interrupted him and John pushed back his chair to face the librarian fully.

“Can we help you?” he asked, attempting to keep the irritation from his voice and failing.  The man leaned an elbow on the trolley’s handle and rested his other hand on his hip, watching them with a smug expression.

“Santa Claus and his various reiterations are simply ways in which parents create reasons for their misbehaving children to be forced into acting with better manners.  If you’d like to get specific, he originated from the Greek bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra, who is best known for the fact that he gave three young women dowries so that they would not be forced into prostitution.  Although it acts as a good overall message to illustrate to young people, I’m not entirely sure whether forced marriage and sexual favours in order to survive is really the sort of thing people would enjoy bringing up around the holidays, particularly to children.”

John hissed and rushed to his feet, shooting a glance at Jane before shoving the librarian against the shelf and out of her earshot.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he demanded in an angry whisper.  “You can’t just tell a kid that Santa isn’t real.  Or talk about…about bloody sex in front of them, Jesus.”

“Why not?” the librarian shot back.  His glasses fell down to the end of his nose, allowing him to watch John over the top of them.  “She’s going to find out eventually, you might as well tell her early. It’s pointless to create such elaborate lies to trick your daughter only to have her realize it years in the future and become even further disillusioned.”

“First of all, she’s not my daughter, she’s my niece. Second of all, she’s six.  I’m not about to tell a six-year-old that the big guy in a red suit who’s got her all excited about Christmas is a fake.”

The librarian rolled his eyes, his arms coming up to cross over his chest.  “Very well, but I’m sure her mother will be absolutely thrilled to find out you’re encouraging her to ask for the things that she’s not intended to have.  All that Santa does is encourage children to get their hopes up only to have them destroyed on Christmas morning.”

“Or maybe she’s got an uncle who’s planning to get her something her mum couldn’t because she can’t hold down a job and would rather let Santa take the credit for it to make her happy?”  At his words, the librarian’s shoulders slumped and he shot Jane a glance.

“Ah…sorry.  I guess I…sorry.”  The man’s arms fell down to his sides and he sighed.  “I hadn’t considered that possibility.  I just wanted to help her avoid disappointment.”

John studied him and sighed.  “No, it’s fine, really.  You’re right, in a way, I suppose.  It sounds like you might have been speaking from experience.”

He laughed humourlessly and replied, “I asked for a chemistry set when I was seven.  Instead I got a scooter.  You may have the right idea with that theory.”

“Wait, you were angry you got a scooter?”  The man’s cheeks started to turn pink and John grinned.  “I asked for the Chronicles of Narnia series one year and got rugby equipment, so I suppose I shouldn’t talk.”  John shot his hand out to him, waiting for him to take it before continuing.  “I’m John.”

“Sherlock.”  They watched Jane colour and hum to herself for a few minutes before Sherlock huffed out a breath.  He shoved his glasses back up his face and waved a hand at his trolley.  “I should probably get back to work.  I’m sorry again for all of that.”

“No problem.”  John’s eyes narrowed as he looked Sherlock up and down and he spoke before he thought better of it.  “I don’t know how much longer you’re stuck here, but Jane and I were planning on going out for hot chocolate once her letter’s finished.  Maybe you’d be interested?”

A tiny smile appeared on Sherlock’s lip and he nodded tentatively.  “That…would be nice.  I’m not finished for another hour, however.”

Grinning back, John winked at him.  “I don’t mind waiting if the waiting’s for something good.” Sherlock’s still pink cheeks turned even more red and John burst out into a full blown smile as he waved and returned to Jane’s side.

“So Uncle John,” she started, acting as though nothing had happened in the few minutes he was gone.  “Do you think you’ll get what you want for Christmas?”

John’s eyes remained fixed on Sherlock as he moved down the row, his eyes darting back to John every few seconds.  “You know what, kid, I think I actually might.”

Time (Part 5)

Justin’s POV:

It’s been about a month since the kids found Selena and I together in bed and Kayla has barely spoken a word to the both of us in that time. The only things she said to us were the mandatory please and thank yous. I thought the whole family night would bring us closer together and make our relationships a lot healthier but there only two of them were. Mine and Selena’s and also our relationship with Will.

Every now and then Scarlet would have a conversation with us but as soon as Kayla was around she became the same. I thought it would have blown over by now but I guess we hurt the kids more than we realized.

Tonight was family night and both Selena and I decided on something that everyone actually had to speak for or at least be involved in so we decided on a games night. 

“Kayla, your turn” I laughed as I held out the bowl of cards for charades and she groaned without even moving. “Please Kayla” I pleaded not wanting to make a scene in front of the other kids as Selena sat silently just staring at her hands. Usually she would back me up on something like this but she had barely spoken a word to me tonight. “Kayla” I continued sternly which caused her to stand up and storm out of the room closely followed by the slamming of a door.

I got up to follow her but Selena stopped me, “just let her go” she said.

“Whatever” I replied as I tossed the small bowl back onto the couch and walked out the room also. We had decided that we would treat the kids no differently. If they wanted to act that way and be moody then we would discipline them the exact same as before they had decided on giving us the silent treatment and she had just gone and demoralized everything we had agreed on.

“What the fuck was that?” she questioned angrily as she came into the kitchen which just mad me even madder.

“What do you mean, ‘what the fuck was that’, what the fuck did you just do?” I replied as I raised my voice at her a little. I very rarely raised my voice at her because we were both so stubborn that we just got louder and louder to try and get our point across but I was furious at her for undermining me. “I thought we agreed on an united front? We’re supposed to be on the same page not fucking going against each other and up until now we had been doing pretty well but you went and fucking we-” I yelled but was cut off by her yelling something at me which made me completely freeze up. 

Selena’s POV:

I stood there as I watched Justin’s face drain of color. This was a very different reaction the the last three times I spoke those words to him. He looked as though he was going to pass out as he tried to find his voice. 

“You’re what?”

“I’m pregnant” I sated a lot more quietly as he turned around and grabbed the first thing in sight, tossing it right across the room. It scared the hell out of me as I watched him pick up his phone from the counter top and throw it at the fridge cause the fridge to buckle a little as he went over and punched it before resting against the fridge.

“DADDY! What’s going on?” WIll cried out from my side but Justin didn’t even lift his head to acknowledge him.

“Go to your room William” I said quietly as tears sprung to my eyes.

“Bu-” he started.

“Go to your room, now” I muttered through gritted teeth, not even looking at him. Once he left I finally spoke up to Justin, “Get out of my house” I spat but he didn’t move. “I said get out of MY FUCKING HOUSE” I screamed at him and he just looked at me, completely and utterly broken before he picked up his phone and pushed past me to the front door. I didn’t move until I heard the door slam shut and heard his tires squealing on the drive-way. Once I knew he was gone I collapsed onto the floor and just cried.


“Mum” I felt someone shake my shoulder “Mum, get up” I heard them say and I let my eyes open as I sat up to find Kayla hovering over me. “What the hell happened?” she questioned with tired eyes.

“Nothing, what time is it?” I questioned sitting up and pulling myself to my feet.

“Did you and Dad fight again?” she asked as she looked down at her hands.

“Just a bit of a disagreement”

“I heard you guys yelling at each other”

“As I said Kay, just a bit of a disagreement”

“I’m so sorry” she cried as she lunged herself at me and wrapped me in a tight hug, “I’m sorry for being ungrateful and I’m sorry for giving you guys a hard time. I love you so much Mumma” she cried and I just held her tightly as she cried into my chest on the kitchen floor.

“I’m sorry Kay. We’ve screwed up so much. I’m so sorry baby” I said and continued repeating it to her as I kissed the top of her head. “I’m so sorry”


Justin’s POV:

I drove around all night, I just drove and drove and drove. I found some open roads and floored it until I had finally calmed down enough to actually talk to someone but I couldn’t even look Selena in the eyes so I drove around to Scooters.

I ran up to his doorstep and knocked hard on the door and a few minutes later was greeted by a very groggy and very angry Scooter, “Go home Justin” he groaned as he rubbed at his eyes.

“I need to talk” I stated and he opened the door wide for me as I walked in and through to the living area.

“Drink?” he questioned as I sat down on the couch with my head in my hands.

“The strongest you’ve got” he came back with God knows what and I quickly downed it before setting the glass down on the coffee table for him to refill as I clenched my teeth at the feeling of the warm liquid burning down my throat. I held the refilled glass just bellow my mouth as I looked straight in front of me, “Selena’s pregnant”

“To who?” he questioned immediately and I just pointed to myself before I downed the second glass, wincing at the strength of the refreshment. “When?”

“The night Will cracked his head open” I replied and Scooter didn’t reply he just sat there, I’m guessing just thinking about it. “Ever since we had Will she’s been on the pill and I just assumed” I stated as I took a hold of the bottle and poured myself another one, twice as much as what Scooter had originally given me before I drank it all at once and refilled the glass. “To fucking up big time” I said as I raised my glass to Scooter as he just watched me while I drank my fourth glass in 5 minutes.

“So why are you here then?” Scooter questioned and I just stared at the black screen of the TV as I could feel the tears coming to my eyes.

“Because I don’t want this”

“Why don’t you want it Justin? You’ve always dreamed of having a big family”

“Yes, a family with the woman I love but we aren’t a family anymore”

“They’re still you’re family bud” he replied but I just shook my head.

“Kayla, Scarlet and Will are my family but Selena isn’t. As my wife she is my family but we’re separated, it’s not the same” I replied as I finally looked at him.

He sighed and shook his head, taking my glass out of my hand. “I honestly don’t know what you want me to say”

“I want you to tell me what I need to do, I want you to tell me that I’m not a monster for not wanting this child and that I’m not a heartless lashing out when I found out and then left Selena alone. I need you to tell me how am I supposed to deal with this” I said as I began to cry, I was so lost. Every other time Selena has told me she was pregnant was so different to this. There were always tears but they were happy tears and these were from confusion.

“I understand what you’re saying but you want the baby Justin, I can see it in your eyes. You have that gleam that you did when you told me about Kayla, Scarlet and Will. You want the baby, you just don’t want it to be bought into a world like yours is right now but you have 9 months to make that world a better place” he replied.

“What about the other kids? What are we supposed to tell them?”

“I think that’s something that you and Selena need to talk about” he said and I nodded my head as I stood up and mumbles a thank you to him before trying to leave but he stopped me, claiming I had had too much to drink.

“Don’t be stupid Justin. Stay in the guest bedroom and go see her tomorrow. She probably needs some time to herself as well” he reasoned and I finally gave up with a small 'Goodnight’.


I sat alone in the spare room typing and deleting the same message over and over again, just re-reading it before deleting it.

I’m sorry. I love you.

It read but I just couldn’t bring myself to hit send. I sighed to myself before throwing my phone onto the bed and pulling my shoes on, heading out of the front door. Scooter was right, I was in no state to drive so I ran. I ran as fast as I could over to the house; it took me a good 45 minutes but once I got there I was out of breath and sweating like crazy.

I banged on the door so loudly that I’d be surprised if I didn’t wake everyone up. As soon as Selena pulled open the door I picked her up and pushed her up against the wall, bringing my lips to hers.

She tried to push me away from her so I just pulled back a little and looked into her eyes and I said the words I simply couldn’t say through a text “I’m sorry. I love you” and that was when she bought her lips back to mine.


Selena’s POV:

“We need to make a decision” I whispered as I played with Justin’s hair while his head was on my stomach and he was drawing patterns on it silently.

“About what?”

“I think you should move back in. I don’t want this baby growing up with a broken family” I muttered which caused Justin to sit up on the bed but still leaving one of his hands on my stomach.

“If that’s what you want then we’ll do it” he replied with a small smile, cupping my face so he could give me a gentle kiss.

“We’re not going back to the way things were though. We’re taking it slow and we’re going to marital counselling” I stated which made him groan.

“I just want to be here with you and the kids”

“I know but if we want that then we need to maintain a healthy relationship for the kids so if that means sitting in a room for an hour every week talking about bull shit then I’m willing to do it” I replied sternly which made him sigh in defeat.

“Can you believe that I missed this side of you?” he laughed which made me laugh also before he picked up my left hand and examined it. “Can you please start wearing your rings again?”

“Top draw in the bathroom” I replied simply as he got off the bed to retrieve them. 

I held my hand out for them so I could put them on but he shook his head, pulling a necklace out from beneath his shirt to reveal his own ring. “I want to redo our vows, I still remember mine” he replied and tears sprung to my eyes at the thought. I sat up on the bed and knelt across from him as he handed me his ring.“Selena Marie Gomez,” he started, making me smile “I love you more than words can even describe so with this ring I promise to give you everything you need. I promise to love you and to hold you through the good times and the bad. I promise to nurture your soul and I promise to grow with you as our life continues. I love you with all my heart and I am honored to spend the rest of my forever with someone so beautiful” he finished.

He slid my ring onto my finger. It fit perfectly. Just how it should and he bought my hand to his lips so he could kiss my ring. I lifted his ring to his finger as i recited my vows back to him, my eyes never leaving his and my voice never missing a beat. This is the Justin I know and love. This is the man I fell in love with. And this is the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with.