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I- I just can’t get over Zuko and his arc. Everything he did - everything - was out of this insane drive to prove everyone wrong, to prove that he was worth something, and it amazes me that he never realized just how valuable he already was. 

His sister tells him ‘You waste all your time playing with knives. You’re not even good!’ and he masters dual swords.

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His sister is a prodigy and he’s told he’ll never catch up. He learns from dragons. He trains the Avatar. He takes her down (with the help of a very skilled waterbender)

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He’s left behind by his mother, cast out by his father, hunted by his sister, and Zuko still learns unconditional love. 

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His father tells him he’s worthless and unloved, that he was ‘lucky to be born,’ and he becomes a man that the world is proud of. 

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Anything his family said to him, he managed to turn around and build on it. He thrived on it, exploded from it, turned all the negativity into a positive path and it’s just… it’s amazing.

There’s just no end to my love for this character. No fucking end. 

Bonus: The weak, banished prince has fangirls for all the ages. Take that, Ozai.

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i hope everyone is aware that there is alternate sidon cutscene if you dont go to inogo bridge and just go straight to zora’s domain.

Can we all just agree that 2016 has been one of the most AMAZING years ever for Animated movies? So many brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious films. Congratulations to all my fellow animation workers, I feel so proud to be part of this industry! Here’s a little souvenir for the album :) <3


Beauty and the Beast AU that i’m doing with the lovely Janet Cab Fanfiction for the IwaOi Week in May .

Angry Prince Iwa-chan turned into Godzilla (oh what a curse pff) because of his angry manners xDDD. Now he must wait to a girl (or guy) that loves him for who him is, a giant lizard. 

Oikawa-belle is a intelligent and charming farmer that only wants to run away from his boring town (and Ushiwaka-Gaston but much more lovely and cute) and discover other worlds and creatures. Now he wants to die listening Makki and Mattsun all time.

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Please please I want the citation in the book about his hair because I dont remember it aaaaaa (Sorry for bad english ??)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was a combination of “Hmm is there anything else you can add?” and “I’ll get back to this later!” LOL

Anyway, here are some excerpts that give the readers some information about Laurent’s hair:

Captive Prince, Chapter 10:

Laurent’s body was a series of graceful lines under the shirt’s soft folds. Damen’s eyes lifted to the white column of his throat, and above that the golden hair, parting around the shell cup of an unjewelled ear. The image was damascened, as beaten metal. He was reading.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 2: 

In order to begin unlacing the garment, he had to lift his fingers and brush to one side the ends of the gilt hair, soft as fox fur. When he did so, Laurent tipped his head very slightly, offering better access.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 14: 

Damen looked downwards and saw the way that the white fabric shifted slightly under his thumbs. Laurent’s shirt hung on his body, a containing layer. Then Damen’s eyes travelled up along the balanced nape, to a wick of golden hair tucked behind an ear.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 18: 

Laurent looked like any young man who has been pressed against a battlement and kissed. The slight disturbance of the hair at Laurent’s nape was wonderful. His hand had lain there.

Kings Rising, Chapter 12: 

Damen lifted his hand, slid his fingers into the short, soft hair at the back of Laurent’s neck, cupping his head. They had never been this close, not with the fact of who he was open between them.

There was only the feel of it, the slide of his chest against Laurent’s back, the dip of Laurent’s head, and the sweat-damp hair at the nape of Laurent’s neck.

Kings Rising, Chapter 14:

The light through the trees dappled Laurent’s hair, which was longer now than it had been in the palace, and showing signs of minor disarray.

The Summer Palace:

He remembered - the steam of those other baths, the moment he had caught Laurent’s wrist in his hand. This close, he could see the wet tops of Laurent’s shoulders. Above that, the tips of Laurent’s hair were wet too, from steam or from the splash from the pitcher.

The passage from The Summer Palace (TSP) clearly states that Laurent’s hair is slightly above shoulder length. Since TSP occurs near the end of this series’ timeline AND Chapter 14 of King’s Rising (KR) states that Laurent’s hair grows throughout the trilogy, I can make assumptions of the length of Laurent’s hair from earlier.

I believe that at the beginning of the trilogy, Laurent’s hair is at/around chin level. In Chapter 10 of Captive Prince (CP), Laurent’s hair is described to be tucked behind his ear. Hair that is chin level (speaking from personal experience because mine is that short) is easily able to be tucked behind the ear. Any shorter than chin length is hard to brush behind the ear. 

Laurent’s hair is constantly described as at the nape, aka the back of the neck. Since we know that Laurent’s hair is at chin level in CP and is shoulder length in TSP, I can conclude that his hair grows throughout Prince’s Gambit (PG) and KR.

TL;DR - Laurent’s hair begins at chin level, gradually grows throughout the trilogy, and is now at shoulder level. He has “medium” length hair.


Chronicles of Narnia vs Ao3 tags  Part 1/??

I don’t know why this quote hit me as hard as it did–and it still affects me today. I guess I’m just impressed that the writers could kinda put something this deep in the show. Everybody gets angry, but… I feel like most of the time we take our regrets and fears out on other people, all the while blaming it on other people and events. Zuko hit the nail on the head when he realized that, even though he thought he was angry at his father, or Azula, or Team Avatar, he was really mad at himself for all the things the did and didn’t do, including lying about the Avatar’s death and his betrayal concerning Uncle Iroh.

  • Aang: I must keep the balance between work and fun and save and improve the world from it's current state and create a peaceful area where everyone can live in harmony
  • Katara: I have become one of the world's most powerful waterbenders, defied gender roles and I must use my abilities to help and defend others
  • Sokka: I put the problematic attitude I had behind me and focused on saving the world, found my own talents that don't include bending, and I have developed a knack for leadership and I will use it for both fighting and keeping the peace
  • Zuko: I no longer blame myself for things which I cannot change, I have found confidence and restored peace into the world, and I know now to rely own my own instincts rather than be forced to take a path that others have forged for me.

“My hands are stained with the blood of millions

listen LISTEN not enough people are talking about The Fight Scene™ and that causes me physical pain SO

  • first of all, damen burning off all his ust and angst over laurent through practicing with the sword until he passes out
  • damen ‘uses exercise to work out emotional trauma’ of akielos am i right
  • laurent KNOWING about this enough to find damen w/o any trouble
  • laurent’s spent over half his life training! for this! exact moment! to be able to fight damen! to try and kill damen!
  • Witty Banter™ with an added dash of Sexual Innuendo™ thrown in
  • ‘I thought I’d let you go up and down a few times before I take you.’ ‘I thought you were down here because you couldn’t take me.’ DAMN.
  • damen’s boner that laurent is so fucking good with a sword
  • damen literally compares laurent to quicksilver lmao look at this infatuated nerd
  • auguste references
  • laurent throwing fucking DIRT in damen’s eye, my beautiful slytherin son
  • damen pinning laurent to both the wall and the floor
  • laurent just fucking throwing shit at damen, including a bench
  • laurent KNEEING DAMN IN THE CROTCH like damn
  • ‘say it,’ said damen. ‘i yeld.’ 
  • (laurent’s i yield being more like fuck you.)
  • it’s the FINAL CATALYST they finally START TALKING to each other.
  • damen putting his knife in laurent’s hand, in an echo of laurent doing the same thing so long ago, and allowing laurent the chance to stab him - knowing full well that laurent may hate him, may very well take the chance to kill him, but not caring because he wants laurent to trust him, he wants to heal the rift between them, and he knows allowing laurent the chance to slit his belly is the only way he’s going to be able to do that. damen trusting that even when laurent says he hates him, fights him to the death, that laurent won’t kill him. 
  • (’i know what that feels like.’)
  • damen said ‘i wish–’
  • this entire scene DRIPS with sexual tension and i honestly live for it