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listen…..modern au where fantine has a v lorelai-rory relationship with cosette AND cosette’s lesbian gf eponine. fantine knows eponine comes from a rough family so she tries her very best to shower her with all the love and protection she’s never received at home

Jeanere/Erejean Fic Rec Masterpost

HELLO!! Some people have been asking me to do a fanfic rec for a while so here I am! 

on repeat by seabear - Eren and Jean are angry pizza delivery boys. They fall in love.

Traffic Colors by Freekish - Jean and Eren drabbles in a BDSM au. 

story without words (folie à deux) by andreaphobia - Eren and Jean in a world where they could have been happy.

in petersburg by Batman - (…) 

‘We aren’t strangers, though,’ Jean says, and Eren feels that breath-catching-heart-shooting phenomenon again.

‘We aren’t?’ The lilt marking his question is almost hopeful, he thinks.

‘No. See,’ Jean continues, leaning forward and grinning like something out of a framed photograph, ‘I’m already nicking your coffee.’

 (Reincarnation AU; slightly canon-divergent/post-canon)

Slammin’ shots and marry a man by pocketsizedtitan - It’s spring break. They get drunk. Marriage and sex ensues.

beach au by dizzyondreams - Eren moves into the house opposite Jean’s.

dudebro au by searwrites (sears) - erejean skater dudebros that dont get along and then do.

I Love You Verse by sciamachy - Or Jean’s Eight Attempts at Confessing to Eren

Leaving On The Fifth by avoidingavoidance - Even on a great night like tonight, Jean is the literal definition of cranky, but that doesn’t stop an overly-friendly Brit named Eren from trying to be his friend.

College, Careers, and Kids… Time Flies! by DeathsLastPrayer - Eren and Jean and the life they build together -from college to old age if they don’t fuck anything up in between!

roadtrip au by dizzyondreams - Jean and Eren inadvertently end up on a road trip alone together.

Appetence (bad blood) by catsonfire - Eren had his expectations, upon receiving his letter to Hogwarts, upon finding out that he was a wizard child born to two muggles without an ounce of wizard blood in the lineage. (…) Above all, he wasn’t prepared for Jean Kirstein.

Good Morning, Asshole by artenon - Internet personalities Eren Yeager and Jean Kirschtein meet, clash, hate each other, become friends, and fall in love. Fun times are had by all.

Allons-y by sandwichtree - Jean becomes progressively more protective of the worst possible candidate.

Bound Together by NormieScum - Eren and Jean bump into each other on Spring Break as strangers and end up getting ‘stuck’ together for a night. They’re both assholes but they click instantly :)

5:02AM by Winterreise - After a rude awakening early in the morning, Jean returns to the bedroom and discovers a rather…thrilling way to go back to sleep.

friends with benefits au by dizzyondreams

Later Is Better Than Never by Freekish - He fell asleep in his arms, something he’s only ever done a handful of times before. The warmth and weight of his arm feels right…feels safe. Steady slow breathes ghost over the back of his neck, reminding him this is where he belongs, where he should stay, but this is all temporary. He’ll be gone in a few hours.

tell me we’ll be just fine by andreaphobia - Eren’s a drug addict, Jean’s a washed-up freelance writer, and they’re no good for each other. They’re really, really not.

No Doubt by Freekish - Jean really has no doubt in his mind that Eren is going to be around for a while.

How to Salvage a Terrible Date by jtjenna (pornographicpenguin) - We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you the one that went down on me in a back alley behind a club year ago? … what do you mean “which one”?

A Series of Unrelated Events Starring Jean x Eren by DeathsLastPrayer - We find Jean x Eren in various settings and plots but always together in the end… or eventually.

Your Touch Is What I Need by Freekish - When Eren gets in an emotional funk, he likes to disappear for a while. Mikasa and Armin don’t know where he goes when he leaves, and they worry about him. There is someone who knows how to find him. Jean. He never reveals where he finds Eren, but he sends a reassuring text that he’s with him and he’ll bring him back home in the morning.

let me turn you out (with human contact) by seabear - “If you’re not wearing them, you’re not gonna get to come tonight,” Jean’s eyes darken, the light usually playing in their depths shorting out as their gazes lock again. Eren feels himself starting to sweat from the heat pooling in his face as he brings his hands up to undo his fly and zipper. “Ooh,” Jean coos. “Very nice. They look expensive.”

in which david bowie is an enabler by dizzyondreams - Eren has had a crush on Connie’s weird, basement dwelling art student brother Jean for so long.

dat jeaneren smut.doc by Sycophantism - Jean and Eren are fighting. Then they’re frotting. Oops.

Habits by Hanaji_ga_Eren - Before he knows it, one of his one night stands just keeps showing up in his life, and they become much more than either intended. Jean slowly realizes that he doesn’t need the coping mechanisms that he’s used so far, as long as Eren’s there to make him feel like a person again.

Fricition by sciamachy - is still friction when it comes to lower body parts. Drabble Collection

Pousse-café by Variabile - Jean accidentally sends half-naked selfies to an unlisted number in his contact list and it’s all downhill from there.

sea change by andreaphobia - Eren and Jean find each other in prison.

clinquant by crunchrapsupreme - It’s not really that big of a deal, Jean thinks. Friends cuddle with each other all the time, right?

and give no warning to her flight. by albion - He keeps on finding him; him, of all people, and his not-mother had told him once that the people you meet have been put in your life for a reason, but Eren can’t work out why for the life of him why fate had decreed that in every universe he keep on finding Jean.

there’s a fire burning within me by jeanpls - Eren’s floating and desires the closeness of another human being.

Laundry Night is Horrible by XenophonSpeaks - An anger-fueled mistake on laundry night leads Eren into the strangest quest for friendship, and possibly something more, of his life.

Mating Ain’t Easy When Your Mate Is An Alpha Wannabe by DeathsLastPrayer - Jean x Eren are placed in an ABO setting as werewolves but it’s kind of like Romeo & Juliet when you consider the fact that Jean’s a City wolf and Eren’s from the forest and no one wants them to be together (they don’t even want to) but they are. Because they’re eternal mates.

Bring Your Best by tanyart - 24 hours without kissing and a still lot of kissing.

the thaw by dizzyondreams - “Yeah, well, at least you didn’t sacrifice your Saturday morning in bed to trek across the state to some bullshit wedding where I have to be your fake boyfriend.” Jean grumbled. God, saying it out loud like that made it seem even stupider than it was.

pulse to pulse by dizzyondreams - The smell of cigarette smoke made Jean stop short, and he peered down the stairwell to see what seemed like a lump of blankets sitting on the bottom step, his usual smoking place.

Frustration of Thunk by SkyChasingDreamer - Jean kept chopping and stacking, the pile growing higher one piece at a time. The sun and sweat made Jean’s skin shine and Eren loathed that. He had a special and particular hate for the hair sticking itself to Jean’s forehead, matted down with wetness that darkened the sandy brown color.

erejean fic collection by searwrites (sears)

Suck it up by souljacker - On a school night, Jean plays video games, and Eren is being his usual self. Sex ensues.

dead dreams and debauchery scenes by dizzyondreams - It’s 2am and Jean’s mind is ticking over with deadlines and thoughts of his future and a terrible rising panic about never falling asleep that night, again.

Arcadia by andreaphobia - Eren loses his way, then finds it again… with a little help.

the lowlight by searwrites (sears) - modern au where jean is a couple of years older than eren

Chronos by callmeabs - Four years ago, Eren hated Jean with everything he had, for everything Jean was, including how his own gut was telling him that Jean Kirstein was going to be a permanent problem (fixture) in his life.

A Taste for the Illegal by KuraraOkumura - Jean and Eren are pursued by the police after robbing a bank, and Jean tells Eren to hide in the backseat of their car while they wait for the police to pass. Eren wasn’t expecting the other boy to hide…right on top of him. Things get a little steamy after that. 

Love is Confusing and Life is Hard by kiwisaurus121 - Jean wakes up to find a stranger on his couch. He’s still not sure why he didn’t call the police, but at least he gets a kitten out of it.

EreJean Week 2014 by pandaspots

Eren x Jean Drabbles
by Chukabu00 - Random one-word inspired drabbles on the life of Eren and Jean. In no particular order. Contains some M-rated content from time to time, some married fluff, modern AU.

sun-drenched dream by dizzyondreams - Besides, he had a real nice thing going on with the cute son of a local winemaker that he didn’t want to sacrifice just yet.

Welcoming for Strangers by thanatopis - Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein have known each other since high school and have very little good things to say about one another. So when Jean comes back from his trip abroad in France, old things are rehashed despite Eren not wanting them to be.

Heart-Shaped Glasses by Emery - “Everything should have been so much clearer now that Eren could see, but the fact of the matter was—it wasn’t. Jean’s face may have been distinct, but Eren’s feelings for him were still as blurry and muddled as they had always been.”

I’ll let you know that all this time I’ve been afraid by Ingi 

Like A Horse To Water by WolfNotFawn - The Jaegers had lived beside the Kirstein ranch for more than seven years now, but as far as Jean was concerned, Eren was no more than a thorn in his side. If you asked anybody else, they would tell you it was a little more complicated than that.

and you feel like the ocean by dizzyondreams - Jean’s car pulled up outside Eren’s house at 2am sharp, and by 2:30 Eren was pressing him against it for a welcome-back kiss. His skin was warm under his fingers, as if he was still holding lingering heat from the day.

daffodils by crunchrapsupreme - Jean learns that Eren’s favorite flower is a daffodil.

you got a black heart by seabear - Eren is a performer at the Shiganshina Horror Park. Jean is the strung-out costume/makeup artist who hates him. Maybe. Eren’s a little unsure about that last part.

cobwebs and storagerooms by Sexycanofsoup - Sometimes all it takes to get two angsty boys to crack is to lock 'em up in a dirty old room for a while. The big stupid homo crushes tend to reveal themselves without much effort after that. A story of cleaning, confessions, and awkward blushing boys who know how to use their fists better than their words.

cross country trek by supportingcharacters - Jean wakes up at 2am to Eren Jaeger in his car outside, beeping his horn and insisting that he wants to go to the beach. 

The Simple Things by supportingcharacters - Every Thursday, Eren goes to the same drive thru to pick up lunch. Even with the new asshole of a server, he won’t be deterred. Though maybe the new asshole of a server isn’t actually as bad as he thought.

As It Is by Chaeriee (cheshireree) - Eren, Jean and all the trouble that comes with them. A giant collection of old EreJean fics I have.

Stardust by Syene - He never meant to put himself in the spotlight like this, yet here he was. Eren Jaeger, nondescript New Yorker, college student and barista before all of this happened was now followed around by the paparazzi because he was seen with a Hollywood starlet apparently.

oh this town it’s so electric by dizzyondreams - The first time Jean saw Eren Jaeger, he was sweating and wearing glitter under the pulsing lights of some club in Stockholm. As he watched the strong line of his body move to the beat of the music, the hazy green lights flash across his face, Jean thought: he’s gonna be mine.

Nothing says 'I love you’ like a bunch of corpses by pandaspots - Jean is an FBI agent and someone has a killer crush on him. Literally. He has no idea how things got to this point, but he figures threatening the sicko he will do anything to see him cuffed and locked up has something to do with it.

a sleeping giant that you’ve woken by qaara (maladictive) - The world went to hell the day Jean Kirstein decided he gave a shit about Eren Jaeger’s emotional well-being.

Too Hot To Handle by mongoose_bite - Jean has recently joined MI6’s elite agents as 003 and he couldn’t be happier. His career is going places, his degree is paid for, his job is exciting, if somewhat dangerous, and his handler is the beautiful Mikasa, whom he will definitely certainly ask out soon. Until it isn’t. Until Mikasa is replaced by Eren, who Jean quickly decides is absolutely the last person he wants talking in his ear when he’s getting shot at.

you there, hiraeth by crunchrapsupreme - Jean says, “Come visit me.” Eren freezes, his fingers going still as he glances up, locking eyes with Jean’s through the screen. (…) “Um,” Eren says, scratching the back of his neck before smiling. “Okay.”

clear the runway, prepare for takeoff by Piyo13 - July 1948. Jean Kirstein, U.S. Airforce pilot, has been called back to Germany in the wake of WWII, in order to assist in the Berlin Airlift. Eren Jäger, West Berlin resident, has been helping unload cargo from British and American planes for almost a month, trying to keep the city of Berlin fed and warm. It’s grueling work for the both of them, but they make it work.

Seven Minutes in Heaven, Ninety Minutes in Hell by Armajesty (hinatella) - Eren is left with an even bigger one when a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven gets him trapped in a closet with his enemy-but-certainly-not-crush-because-ew Jean. 

Paper Kites by burlesquecomposer - When Eren Jaeger joined as a drummer for a small college indie rock band, he hardly expected it to develop into something more.

Creep by Variabile - Eren giving Jean a tattoo.

the jean wayne by crunchrapsupreme - The first time Jean’s faced with the elusive question, he’s seventeen and Eren’s sixteen, fresh with a new license and a shitty used car with beige leather seats that smell like smoke from the previous owner.

When We See the Sea by WhiteSilverandMercury - staring at eren is like staring into the sun, they say it blinds but men do it anyway; and jean is a young man who wears his heart on his sleeve but guards it with the spade ready to dig his own grave.

What We Will Find by jtjenna (pornographicpenguin) - a modern au in which very many slightly related and very goofy things occur.

Sleepy Eyes and Boney Knees by ilrei- A few drabbles for the Erejean2k16 prompts that I just put into the same universe. Doing the prompts: Music, monster, confession, similarities/differences and bath/shower.

unintentionally burnt pancakes by venator - Someone set fire to some pancakes once upon a time and it was all downhill from there.

pink lips, pink lace by dizzyondreams - “These aren’t mine you-” He turned just in time to see Eren wriggling into his slightly undersized trousers and caught a flash of something before he pulled them over his hips. Something lacy and distinctly pink. Jean’s words dried up in his mouth.

Doomed from the Start by Engineer104 - Eren found the documents entirely by accident. An Unwind AU.

“I like you, Jeanbo” by shulkie - City-slicker Jean Kirstein is forced to come back to the small town he spent one year in for a funeral and runs into hell-raiser Eren Jaeger, apprentice to the local mechanic.

Working Past It by tyrellis - No matter what Jean may say, it’s not Eren’s fault that this happened: he was just innocently searching for a working vending machine. Jean had the good voice, and sang in French, and seemed like an angel. Eren feels entirely justified in the disappointment he feels when he discovers Jean’s actually a massive dickhead.

Nights With You by NormieScum - Eren makes bad decisions and Jean is always there to help him clean up afterwards.

bound to fall for you by dizzyondreams - Later, on the bus back to their apartment, Eren went on a stoned rant about Jean’s profile that Armin patiently sat through with a quiet air of bemusement. Mikasa just stared out of the window and offered the occasional, “Believe me, he’s an ass.” to which Eren paid no attention. He officially had a new crush.

Magnolia lights by peralta - Jean enjoys his days working at the flower shop. He’s never had so much fun, though, as when a bright-eyed boy stops by every Friday asking for tulips.

To Win is to Lose by somethingintheireyes - “The first one to fall in love loses.” “Heh, you picked the wrong opponent Jaeger, you’re on. ”

god tier emo au by dizzyondreams - There was something odd about him, something that interested Eren when all that interested him anymore was drumming. The way the look in his eyes, the curve of his mouth, didn’t quite match up with the rest of him. First violin, some button-down rich boy, but Eren had found him beating the shit out of a guy in an alley. Blood dark against his shirt, and his eyes like flint behind the trail of Eren’s cigarette.

That’s it! I’ve read SO MANY lovely jeanere fics so I’m pretty sure I’m missing some but I think that for now this list is good :) I’ll be updating this whenever I read new awesome fics so yeah! stay tuned! You can find some more nice fics here !
last update: 26th May 2017

anonymous asked:

Many critical blogs often mention SU's unsatisfactory and inadequate representation in comparison to how the show is presented as being super progressive and having good representation. I would like to know then, how should representation be properly done? I'm not trying to attack any opinions or start an argument, I am just interested in this because I'm currently writing a story and I want to do proper representation in my story without messing it up and overhyping it like in SU's case.

First off I’ll start by saying I’m white, able-bodied, and not trans (I’m possibly genderqueer but I wouldn’t id myself as trans) so I’m not the Expert in all representation for all groups ever, BUT

I think SU’s problem comes from quantity over quality. They have all these different characters so they can point and say ‘hey look at all this representation’ but then the characters themselves are just a bit shit. I’ll try and break it down into groups


  • Pearl - Predatory/jealous lesbian trope who is pretty abusive and gets away with everything she does ever
  • Ruby and Sapphire - Fairytale relationship where they fell in love immidiately. They’re the best out of all the LGBT rep in SU imo but still not great
  • Mystery Girl - Used as a prop so that Pearl could get her number and the show could be all ‘LOOK HOW GAY WE ARE’
  • Mr Smiley - Nothing in canon to state he’s gay, only been confirmed from outside sources, and therefore they may aswell have just not said anything becuase it doesn’t make a difference
  • Amethyst - Only stated that she’s experiemented with gender from an outside source (Guide To The Crystal Gems). After coming to terms with herself and becoming more self-confident she seems to have dropped her “male” alter-ego Purple Puma entirely.
  • Stevonnie - Debatably over sexualised fusion of two children. Only NB becuase they’re a fusion of a boy and girl. There are no NB humans at all other than them
  • Smoky Quartz - Hates themselves. That’s it. That’s their whole character.

Characters of colour:

  • Connie - At this point she pretty much exists for fusion fodder and to team up with Steven. She has no friends other than Steven, she’s stuck in the ‘Asian kid with super strict parents’ stereotype, and she’s been oh so helpless until Steven comes along.
  • Lars - All we knew up until season 5 was that he was “not white” and that was it. They never explored his culture or heritage at all, and the only reason we know his race is becuase he made a cake. If you don’t know where an Ube Roll comes from, you’re still not gonna know what his race is.
  • Connie’s Parents - Same as Lars
  • Kofi Pizza - Angry black man stereotype
  • Garnet - ‘Wise black lady’ trope. She has no character any more, they’ve devolved her into a dumbass cardboard cutout of what she used to be, and she only ever talks about fusion now
  • Amethyst - portrayed as a slob at all times in contrast with the thin white woman who hates food, PLUS the racist drawing from the artbook
  • Concrete - Not canon but like COME ON
  • Bismuth - We all know this story. Revolutionary black woman who gets shunned and hated for wanting to take revenge on her oppressers. Locked away by some dumbass white kid who has no clue what he’s talking about.
  • EDIT: I forgot the Rubies: Always portrayed as stupid and incompetent. Get treated like shit for no reason at all (IE: Lapis dropping Navy on the floor, them being left in space to die, etc)

I was gonna include more groups but honestly there’s not enough to talk about with things like disabilities and gender. All I can say is that Connie’s eyesight was ‘healed’, and that a race made up entirel of women somehow can never get stuff done without the intervention of Steven The Magical Boy.

While the show has a lot of characters that people can point at and say ‘look, representation’, the show in actuality doesn’t know what its doing with them. It cares more about quantity over quality.

How do I think it should be done? My way of doing it is that I write the character as a character first and foremost before assigning anything to them. For example, if you wanna write a lesbian character. Then you write a lesbian CHARACTER not a LESBIAN character. Just write every character as a genuine person, avoid any negative stereotypes (you can always google things if you’re not sure), and if you’re super not sure then ask people for constructive criticism. I know I’m not perfect with this stuff, and I’ve had people give me constructive criticism on my characters, which has allowed me to make them better.

Another common piece of advice is to not make the characters traits a BIG DEAL, but that really depends on the story youre writing. For example, I’m writing a fantasy story, so I dont make the characters sexalities, disabilities, gender, race, etc a BIG DEAL because that’s not what the story is about; it just has these things included. But if you wanted to write a story like In A Heartbeat for example, then yes, focussing on the characters’ sexualities and making them a big deal will work well for that.

Basically just make sure that your character is an actual cahracter and not just “EVERYONE LOOK, ITS THE GAY ONE” and all they are is just GAY and nothing else. Don’t make them exist just so you can say you’ve got representation.

I probably rambled a lot, sorry, I’m terrible at writing out stuff like this but yeah. Just remember quality > quantity, avoid stereotypes, accept criticism, and write the characters as people and you’ll be fine.

I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint and Phil fall in love when Clint gets caught in a building collapse or something (I made a cave collapse around him once) and then gets pulled out by his teammates and there’s lots of hand-wringing at the hospital but he’s okay and Phil is the one who worries the most, and when Clint wakes up and sees Phil sitting by his bedside all exhausted with worry he just falls right then and there in love.

I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint helps Bucky rejoin the world and they fall in love over video games and pizza and angry shooting range sessions.

I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint and Bruce are hanging out saying nothing to each other for months until they both realize they love hanging out and being quiet with each other and they start playing chess together or fixing each other tea and one day they both realize that they’re in love with each other because they can be quiet and still feel loved.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Natasha fall in love over the span of YEARS and then realize that it’s safe to be in love with each other, that the world is not going to kill them dead for allowing themselves this one thing.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Tony fall in love over late nights in Tony’s lab listening to too loud rock classics and trying to one-up each other in their various skill-sets (”So what you just invented a new element - look what I can do with a dart”).

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Laura fall in love over long nights in their favorite diner, drinking coffee and laughing and reassuring each other that they both deserve to fall in love despite what the world has told them.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Maria Hill fall in love over the course of SHIELD ops and safe houses and pulling each other out of fires and then collapsing on her office couch and curling up together to remind each other that even with their crazy SHIELD life they can carve out a chance to love each other.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Steve fall in love over long motorcycle rides in the middle of the night, where Clint can wrap his arms around Steve’s waist and feel safe. Where Steve can confess to be overwhelmed in this new, modern world and know that Clint will show him the way and not make him feel like an idiot (except when he’s joking and trying to make Steve smile again).

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Sam fall in love over long walks in Central Park and watching kids play on the rocks. Where they drink coffee and reassure each other that losing people doesn’t mean they can’t find love, and playing laser tag with someone who will laugh louder and harder than you might mean true love.

I gotta admit, I just really like Clint Barton falling in love.

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Top Erejean/Jeanere fics you recommend? :)

There’s so many good ones out there, like it’s actually unbelievable how many amazing works that have been written with these two major dickheads. 

I encourage you to check with the tags and author’s notes to be sure you’re comfortable with the theme. Most of these will probably contain nsfw content at different levels, but I promise you, every single one of these fics took me completely aback. Most of them made me read it all in one go, they made me laugh and really enjoy reading them. The one, consistent trait, they share, is that I’ve read them more than once and I’ve never really forgotten any of them.

None of them are listed in any particular order because I honestly can’t choose between them. 

(1) Candid (One-shot)

This is one of my absolute favorites. The language is so strong and beautiful. It’s laced with humor and the portrayal of the characters - the blowjob - is on point. 

Author’s summary: Jean is a pretentious Instagram photographer who Eren loves to mock, but being the subject of Jean’s art has him rethinking things.

(2) Breathe in. Breathe out. (One-shot)

The language in this one, the word-play, hell the entirety of this work is enough to make the cut. It’s one of those fics where you won’t really understand what happened after you finish it. It needs to sink in for a few hours. Then it dawns upon you. It’s really good.

Author’s summary: Jean indulges in a post-coital cigarette and Eren shares it.

(3) Nothing Alike (One-shot)

Who doesn’t love a nice make-out session? Especially if one is dressed as the other and with tons of swearing?

Author’s summary: Jean and Eren make out while Jean is dressed as Eren.

(4) To The Ocean (One-shot)

Do you need to cry? Would you like to cry? You won’t get through this without. It’s heartbreaking and fucking sad in so many ways. But as horrible as it is, it’s also really well-written and tragically beautiful.

The author’s summary is a bit long, but here’s a hint: Jean carries Eren towards the ocean, but Eren doesn’t have much time left.  

(5) kissing the lipless (One-shot)

Lipless, what? Yeah. This is not a fanfic that’s driven by dialogue. This is driven by the author’s abilty to create a story that contains so little action and yet leaves you out of breath and wanting more. I loved the idea of it and it just really deserves a lot of love.

Author’s summary: Jean keeps Eren company through the tedious process of regrowing his limbs.

(6) you got a black heart (Long one-shot)

This is so, so creative, funny and incredibly sweet! Meet the idiots who are filled to the brim with tension as they work at a horror park. I also love coming back to this because it is worth it every time. 

Author’s summary: Eren is a performer at the Shiganshina Horror Park. Jean is the strung-out costume/makeup artist who hates him. Maybe. Eren’s a little unsure about that last part.

(7) Good morning, asshole (Long one-shot)

This is one of the best au fanfics I’ve ever read. Eren and Jean. Fighting. Arguing. Hating each other. But through a screen? WIth a tumblr? It’s incredibly funny, heart-warming (especially the sequel) and made me bubble with joy every time I read this. 

Author’s summary: Internet personalities Eren Yeager and Jean Kirschtein meet, clash, hate each other, become friends, and fall in love. Fun times are had by all.

(8) on repeat (Multi-chaptered + complete) 

Levi owns a pizzaria. This is one of those build-up fics that makes you so addicted. They hate each other, but there’s always this pull between them, right? You’ll love this one. 

Author’s summary: Eren and Jean are angry pizza delivery boys. They fall in love.

(9) Jean’s Little Problem (Multi-chaptered + complete)

This was recommended to me by Claudia not long ago and honestly this had me hooked from the first chapter. To be fair, it’s not one I would’ve found myself, but I haven’t been able to really let it go yet. 
It’s sweet, fluffy, adorable, and humored me all the way through. Who would’ve thought tiny child Eren and Jean could bring such a tightness in your chest? It deserves so much attention, so please give it a go.

Author’s summary: Jean doesn’t understand why mini Jaeger is so obsessed with him.

(10) Traffic colors (Multi-chaptered + incomplete)

Very, very nsfw. But very, very good and with some of the best sex-scenes I’ve ever read. I know the author of this fic did a lot of research for this one and it’s very clear when you read it. It’s so good and despite the heavy amount of smut, you still get the idea of a plot going on. 

Author’s summary: Jean and Eren start a D/S relationship after being matched up by a mutual friend in the community. However, the line between their friendship and their arrangement begins to blur, rules are broken, and hearts are bound together.

I hope this was okay for you. It’s my top 10 more or less (smut erejean fics are something completely different though ;-) ). Thank you for asking really <3. I’m flattered someone would turn to me for erejean recommendations. 

Home Runs & Ice Cream - Brady Skjei #5

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about/request: Brady Skjei brother and sister imagine, where he gets overprotective because your dating Aaron Judge. Got to live those New York guys

warnings: cursing

authors note: i feel like this is a bit all over the place, idk sorry. im always here for my new york boys though. honestly just don’t make me write about brady as a brother anymore though, that was painful.

word count: 1189

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