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Playing Board games with Wanna One


  • in charge of the directions/rules 
  • Tries to keep the peace because playing with this group of boys is a bit much 
  • Teaches Jinyoung how to play the game  
  • Originally thought Game Night would be good team building, but he’s starting to second guess himself

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  •  Strategic 
  • Insists that he doesn’t want to play 
  • So just sits back and watches the first round or two 
  • Gets a feel for everyone’s techniques and weakness 
  • Then jumps into a game just to win it all

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  • king of bluffing 
  • always acts like he knows what’s he’s doing but doesn’t
  • still having a good time though 
  • thinks Jaehwan is cheating but has no proof

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  •  jokes a lot about how he’s gonna lose 
  •  But has at least 10 strategies ready to use in order to win 
  • a little bit competitive 
  • Everytime he wins, he makes a deal about it 
  • “As expected, I came out victorious! Please hold your applause, I’ll accept my reward now” 
  • ‘Seoungwoo, there is no award.’ 

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  • Cheater 
  • Always trying to be the banker in Monopoly cause he gives himself more money 
  • Throws one of his dice a little too far away from the group in order to make up a number 
  • But no one even knows because he still manages to lose every time 
  • Rip

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  • Likes games like candy land or Sorry 
  • Hates a game with too many rules 
  • Simple man with simple tastes
  • Doesn’t care if he wins or loses 
  • Knows that Jaehwan is cheating and thinks it’s funny that he can never win

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  • doesn’t like board games 
  •  But he’ll play if everyone else is playing 
  • Gets low-key frustrated when things get disorganized with the game 
  • Will ‘graciously bow out of a game’ (read: rage quit) 

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  • secret board game champion 
  • Has won every single game they’ve played at least once 
  • Has no strategy, he’s just good
  • Him and Daehwi are usually the last two still playing the game

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  • Sits by Jisung cause he never really gets how to play the game 
  • Needs help 
  • Won once by accident 
  • Daehwi claimed he was cheating 

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  • C O M P E T I T I V E 
  •  will question anything and everything if he starts to lose 
  • ‘Jisung, what do the rules say?‘ 
  • ‘Can he do that? Is that allowed? Can he do that Jisung?!?' 
  • In it to win it 
  • Won’t be satisfied unless he wins at least once 

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  • just here for a good time 
  • Doesn’t really care about winning 
  • Really enjoys it when Daehwi starts to freak out 
  • Probably films it for blackmail in the future 
  • In charge of the snacks

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Thinkin about Goro Akechi again like usual.

I love the art and content this fandom has made but I feel like aspects of his personality are sometimes left out (perhaps due to preference of what people like to create about, which is fair).

Mostly - his rage. His spite, yes, but on the other hand his determination and willpower, his burning angry desire to succeed and survive. I’ve seen some ‘yandere’-ish content (not my personal cup of tea but, yknow) but I rarely see him truly, genuinely enraged.

Goro can be kind and pleasant, he can be sad and melancholy and lost in his thoughts, he can be upset and despair at his situation, and he can be smugly sly - but he also is fucking PISSED

Any time his convictions are laid bare, he doesn’t hesitate to be angry. He explains his “selfish motivations” with fire and vitriol, and when he confronts the party later he’s angry and fired up to SUCCEED, even if he’s had his thoughts and emotions twisted, he’s full of a raw anger and energy that he MUST win, full of anger about what he is in comparison to others, full of rage towards his father and his own emotions. It seems that his anger boils up with his energy - once he’s beaten he calms down, even if he’s still hoarsely shouting about his situation. But he has this immense rage and conviction towards whatever stands in his way - Shido, the Thieves, Joker, even himself, and the cognitive double that threatens him and everyone. (And it’s not to say he can’t filter his rage into a more controlled form, like his resolve against his clone in the rank 10 scene.)

He is full of fire and rage and willpower. His personas should express that - a symbol of rebellious justice that the angry poor saw as a hero against the corrupt rich, a god of chaos and rebel against the gods who dared to oppose his kin (and whose ultimate fate is to tear free of his painful, poisonous binds and battle the gods at the end of the world.)

I love seeing the other kinds of content - happy, sad, remorseful, guilty, peaceful, sly. But I hope to see more of his rage and rebellion, which while it may have ended terribly for him, he still held tightly within him. Though his situation was warped and his sense of how to best utilize his rebellion was twisted by Shido’s manipulation, he still had his burning rebellion within him until the very end.

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4 the ask thing: Kaiba

You’d think with all I talk of and headcanon about Kaiba, writing him would be a snap, but he’s actually very difficult. When you look at him on the surface from the anime and manga he sometimes looks pretty one-dimensional: an obsessive boy bent on avenging his wounded ego. It takes a closer look at tiny details, and a good bit of introspection, to really piece together what goes on in Kaiba’s mind, what motivates him to act the way he does, so that you can create an accurate portrayal of him. Because let me tell you, if you write Kaiba as just an asshole teenager who screams and kicks over wounded pride and nothing more, it shows, and it does not show well.

With that said, here’s what I try to keep in mind when writing Kaiba:

  1. Kaiba loves Mokuba. Kaiba also is not always emotionally or mentally able to put Mokuba’s needs first. 
  2. Kaiba obsesses over Atem for two main reasons:
    A. Atem dug up memories and feelings that Kaiba has been repressing since Gozaburo’s death and is making him relive them. He is hurting. He thinks hurting Atem back will alleviate this pain.
    B. Atem is the first person to take Kaiba’s feelings into account in a very long time. 
  3. Though there is conjecture on what exactly happened during Kaiba’s years with Gozaburo, whatever was done to him has fundamentally scarred him as a person in ways he will feel the rest of his life. 
  4. Kaiba is an emotional individual–he feels many things: anger, pain, sadness, guilt, pride, etc. He does not know how to express these emotions in a healthy way, so he often expresses them in ways that hurts himself and others. 
  5. Kaiba is both very proper and very rude. He uses expressive, flowery language while he insults you. This is defense mechanism–he must hurt you first so you won’t hurt him. 

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Tony saw a lot of similar characteristics in Peter while he was doing research before he recruited him. He wanted to make sure he knew everything he could before he started working on Peter’s new suit.

Yet, he did not want to pry into too much sensitive information, he wanted Peter to take his time and tell him on his own time. But for now, he would make sure that Peter’s new suit had a built in binder suited to Peter’s exact measurements. Peter needed to be able to move freely in his suit, so Tony did his best. 

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Under the cut is a comic that partially explains why Angry G is the way he is: constantly angry and bitter about his life.

Inspired from @junkpilestuff​ drawing of solemn Angry G.

I HAVE TO WARN YOU. It’s probably the darkest comic I have drawn as of yet. You don’t actually SEE anything, but just in case let me set up these trigger warnings.

TRIGGER WARNING: Implied abuse & possibly non-consensual

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DAI companions react to someone calling child Lavellan a knife-ear

Cassandra: Her response is immediate and instinctual– she has never been one to check herself when the correct action is clear. It will be a miracle if the stranger escapes without a broken jaw, but no matter their injury she immediately hauls them up to make vicious eye contact.

“Another word and I will silence you for good. The Inquisitor is saving the world and you will show them respect.”

Solas: It’s certainly not the first time he’s heard that insult or variations of the theme, and when it is directed at him he has no problem ignoring it. But when the bile is spit at the young Herald his reaction is decidedly different. Clearly the stranger is not expecting an elven mage to Fadewalk to stand before them, but the minute he is there it’s too late to run. The staff’s head is rested almost gently on their chest, though Solas’s voice is hard.

“No one here would expect this child to defend themselves to you, for there is no shame in their heritage. The only shame here is what you bring onto yourself– and the shame that I- as a far more dangerous knife ear- can not make you pay for those words.”

Varric: The whirl of Bianca’s gears come so fast at the end of the sentence that is almost cuts the words, and the no longer confident speaker finds themselves pinned to the wall behind them– and looking down the barrell at another bolt and a very unhappy rogue.

“Care to repeat that, friend? Actually, don’t bother– this story doesn’t end well for you.”

Sera: Like Varric she has an arrow out of her quiver and on the string in a heart beat, but there is no joke in her tone as the tip of the arrow tickles the speaker’s nose. 

“Give me a reason, friggin’…friggin’…arsebicuit. Say one more word about the little Herald that isn’t ‘hanks your worshipness’ and I’ll turn you into another squishy one and have you sayin’ what.”

Vivienne: The ice is called quickly to hand, but unlike with the Marquis there is no chance of mercy. She takes their chin in her hand for just a moment, angry disdain in her voice, and then gives a mockingly sad sigh.

“Such a shame to waste good mana on someone as foolish as you, but at least it removes the problem from our Inquisitor’s day.”


His sword makes a hiss that is almost as angry as it’s owner, and the would-be Warden has no issue with resting the tip of the blade on the speaker’s collarbone– and applying a bit of pressure.

“The Inquisitor is taking on problems no child should ever face, and saving the bloody world for people like you. But they are a better person than I am– I’m going to give you a chance to run.” The sword drops, and he drags them close to just a moment. “I suggest you take it.”

Iron Bull: The force behind the blow that follows those words would level small trees, but the qunari gives the speaker no time to recover before he is lifting them off their feet and at eye level with him.

“Bad idea, friend. This world would be all demons without the Inquisitor. I don’t like demons– prefer to meet them with an axe. Don’t much like you either. Trying to make yourself look big by attaking the imereki– big mistake. But maybe you just don’t understand how serious it is– come sit down with me and my boys, and we’ll explain it better.”

Dorian: His disapointed sigh is mocking and dramatic, but the anger is his face and the wave of his hand is very real. He speaks no words, and as the speaker screams in the sudden grasp of Horror they are not needed. But when the spell finally passes the ‘Vint leans down to meet the now terrified eyes.

“Do not ever try to frighten the Inqusitor. Scaring children is the purview of the big bad magister– and I’ll be happy to demonstrate again.”


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– Mod Fereldone

In A Heartbeat

So I am sure a lot of you have seen this video or have at the very least heard about it. When I first saw it I fell in love. It was just so adorable and it conveyed so much emotion without words. I still cry watching it. Because I loved it so much I felt inspired to write a short little fic. Its completely inspired by this and if anything its plot is literally this with very few changes. My fangirl ass just really wanted to see my OTP in this setting. I added something in the end to show basically what I would have wanted to happen but for the most part its still very much the same story soooo I guess here it is…

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cw: child abuse, csa implied.

kids like us speak a secret language
not necessarily of bruises.
we speak a language of the difference
between closing the cupboards
and closing them angrily.
we speak a language half child, half grown up,
rolling words and vomit over our tongues
trying to disguise the taste of last night,
to outlive tonight, to dare to hope
for a better tomorrow.

kids like us rip dead plants out of
barren soil and say it looks like us,
say we’re used to feeling wilted, say
we’re used to being thirsty, say we’re
used to people looking at us like we ruin
the scenery. kids like us make up stories
where the flowers bloom again, where the
dandelion is just as happy as the sunflower,
just happy to be alive.

kids like us have an ancestry, a broken or
not-so-broken line of battered kids and absent-
angry-alcoholic-abusive owners. we can trace our
scars all the way back to our great-greats, maybe,
watch the way they travel from parent
to child to child to child to child, and it makes sense,
and we weep for our forefathers, but we can’t hate them
any less.

kids like us find each other, use the scars like road maps,
sometimes we want family and sometimes we just want
to lock ourselves in a room together and cry it out,
swapping stories that sound like battle tales and always end with
“and then it never left me, and I never left it, and I’ll always be
the boy on the couch or the girl on the floor and I don’t know
how to grow into anything else, anymore.”

kids like us hate being called kids, feel like
we never got to live kidhood, like adulthood
escapes us in the bathwater where we rinsed the blood.
it’s like we never know what hit us. we crowd around
the campfire light of our parent’s computers and
whisper our stories to each other. look at this boy,
he’s a damn dead dandelion too, let’s prop him up
a bit, make him something beautiful. this is how
we deal with it, with little dead flowers.

kids like us speak these languages and tell these stories
as a way of being. surviving makes it sound brave. we
never survived anything that wasn’t already in us, in our
families for generations, stretching past the dawn of time
to the first person to ever look at a child and say “I am hurting
and so will she.”

kids like us have outlived that legacy a thousand times over
and by god, I hope someday
my kids won’t have to.

—  kids like us | j. savage 
Anemone: fading hope, anticipation.

| Title: Anemone: fading hope, anticipation. [Ong Seungwoo x reader]. 

Series: White Wolves, one. 

 Genre: angst, fluff; werewolf! au, OSW x reader

 Summary: Ong Seungwoo hates humans, but White Wolves only survive if they find their human soulmate.

 Word count: 1290

 Note: Not a request, simply something I really wanted to write, inspired by some amazing werewolf!au I’ve seen around here. Although I don’t think this is good, I might write one of these for other members aswell, but since they’re 11 (and it will take a while to write one for each boy), if you want to suggest a member, please do! 

Note 2: So far I’ve written scenarios for Daniel, Sungwoon and Jaehwan and having people like my writing feels so nice :’’’’) thank you, thank you

She found me when I was dying. My energy drained and my desire to live disappearing along with my heartbeat. White Wolves need a soulmate, a human one- a reason for our human side to exist. Otherwise we die, because our immortality becomes loneliness, and loneliness destroys hearts. 

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Marc Bolan, guitarist/lyricist for John’s Children in 1967.


I can’t put into words how MAD this video makes me. It’s absolutely infuriating.

It’s a portrayal of the “heartless money-hungry veterinarian” that so many people believe is the truth. I’m sure there are a few greedy vets out there - but that is a very small minority. Most vets are overworked and underpaid, paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of 8+ years of schooling and college loans.

People entering this field realize that they will have to work nights, weekends, holidays away from their families and friends. They realize they will be in a huge amount of debt and not making a huge amount of money to pay it off. They realize they will have to deal with sad cases, and emotional (angry or sad) owners. People who chose this career do so because they care about the wellbeing of the animals.

If a medication or a prescription food is being advised, don’t be afraid to ask your vet why. I’m sure they have a good reason for prescribing it and explain whether it’s an option or a necessity.

Most of the time, veterinary staff will TELL you that you can get the medication/food cheaper by taking our paper prescription and going to petsmart, Walmart, Chewy, Amazon, etc. We offer being able to pick it up at our office since it may be more convenient.

Most vets genuinely care about the well-being of your animal (even if they are frustrated with the attitude of the owner). People don’t realize how much medical care costs, since most human medical costs are covered by insurance (and yes, there is pet insurance, and yes, it does help a lot).

The fact that monetary constraints play such a HUGE part in veterinary medicine (compared to human medicine) means that beautiful, ideal treatment plans created by the doctor often can’t be put into use. This is something most human medical doctors will never have to deal with.

Treatments can’t be done for free, because if they were, the hospital would go out of business. There would be no way to pay staff so that they can pay their own rent, and there would be no way to pay the hospital’s bills or for supplies. Without the hospital, no pets would be able to be treated.

Sometimes diagnostics are necessary. If YOU go to the doctor or the hospital, would you be surprised if they want to run bloodwork or take x-rays? They’re not magicians who will immediately know what’s wrong with you from symptoms that could be caused by hundreds of different conditions. And guess what - our patients can’t talk and tell us if they’re nauseous, or that the pain is coming from their back, or their upper abdomen.

Being pushed to run extra tests so that the vet can get extra income is ridiculous. If anything, the owners will be the ones to ask about running “extra” diagnostic tests for peace of mind, and the veterinarian will explain to them that the tests are expensive and won’t give us any more information, but can be run at the owner’s request.

Absolutely no one is pushed to keep their animal alive when they want to euthanize for “extra money”. Veterinary staff often express their recommendation for humane euthanasia in clearly suffering pets.

“Cat MRI’s” and “cat root canals” are not just some scam as portrayed in the video. Animals do get neurological conditions and painful tooth rotting that need to be addressed. I don’t understand how this part even makes sense.

You would never be threatened with “if you don’t do this, your pet is going to die” for money. You would only be told something that serious unless that’s completely true.

I can’t.

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You know, for all his supposed smarts, Tywin Lannister makes some bafflingly idiotic decisions. Like flooding a valuable mine (Castamere) because he was angry with the owners. And then offering the worthless, flooded remains to a man (Rolph Spicer) whose family helped him pull off his great victory against the Starks (The Red Wedding). Or creating a PR nightmare with the Sack of King's Landing partially because he was angry that Rhaegar did not marry Cersei.

GRRM sets up Tywin’s reputation only to remorselessly break it apart; the lion lord who seemed carved of marble is in truth a pile of shit (whether his own or his horse’s) painted gold.