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A Florida man allegedly tried to burn down an Indian-owned store to “run the Arabs out of our country”

  • Police say a 64-year-old Florida resident attempted to burn down a Met Mart in Port St. Lucie after blaming his inability to purchase Tropicana orange pineapple juice on his belief the owners were Muslim, CNN reported.
  • In a Facebook post, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara wrote that Richard Leslie Lloyd was arrested after rolling a dumpster in front of the store’s doors and lighting its contents on fire. After surrendering to deputies, Lloyd told them he was trying to “run the Arabs out of our country” and was angry at the owners “due to what they are doing in the Middle East,” according to the post. Read more. (3/12/2017 3:44 PM)

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4 the ask thing: Kaiba

You’d think with all I talk of and headcanon about Kaiba, writing him would be a snap, but he’s actually very difficult. When you look at him on the surface from the anime and manga he sometimes looks pretty one-dimensional: an obsessive boy bent on avenging his wounded ego. It takes a closer look at tiny details, and a good bit of introspection, to really piece together what goes on in Kaiba’s mind, what motivates him to act the way he does, so that you can create an accurate portrayal of him. Because let me tell you, if you write Kaiba as just an asshole teenager who screams and kicks over wounded pride and nothing more, it shows, and it does not show well.

With that said, here’s what I try to keep in mind when writing Kaiba:

  1. Kaiba loves Mokuba. Kaiba also is not always emotionally or mentally able to put Mokuba’s needs first. 
  2. Kaiba obsesses over Atem for two main reasons:
    A. Atem dug up memories and feelings that Kaiba has been repressing since Gozaburo’s death and is making him relive them. He is hurting. He thinks hurting Atem back will alleviate this pain.
    B. Atem is the first person to take Kaiba’s feelings into account in a very long time. 
  3. Though there is conjecture on what exactly happened during Kaiba’s years with Gozaburo, whatever was done to him has fundamentally scarred him as a person in ways he will feel the rest of his life. 
  4. Kaiba is an emotional individual–he feels many things: anger, pain, sadness, guilt, pride, etc. He does not know how to express these emotions in a healthy way, so he often expresses them in ways that hurts himself and others. 
  5. Kaiba is both very proper and very rude. He uses expressive, flowery language while he insults you. This is defense mechanism–he must hurt you first so you won’t hurt him. 

Under the cut is a comic that partially explains why Angry G is the way he is: constantly angry and bitter about his life.

Inspired from @junkpilestuff​ drawing of solemn Angry G.

I HAVE TO WARN YOU. It’s probably the darkest comic I have drawn as of yet. You don’t actually SEE anything, but just in case let me set up these trigger warnings.

TRIGGER WARNING: Implied abuse & possibly non-consensual

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Marc Bolan, guitarist/lyricist for John’s Children in 1967.

cw: child abuse, csa implied.

kids like us speak a secret language
not necessarily of bruises.
we speak a language of the difference
between closing the cupboards
and closing them angrily.
we speak a language half child, half grown up,
rolling words and vomit over our tongues
trying to disguise the taste of last night,
to outlive tonight, to dare to hope
for a better tomorrow.

kids like us rip dead plants out of
barren soil and say it looks like us,
say we’re used to feeling wilted, say
we’re used to being thirsty, say we’re
used to people looking at us like we ruin
the scenery. kids like us make up stories
where the flowers bloom again, where the
dandelion is just as happy as the sunflower,
just happy to be alive.

kids like us have an ancestry, a broken or
not-so-broken line of battered kids and absent-
angry-alcoholic-abusive owners. we can trace our
scars all the way back to our great-greats, maybe,
watch the way they travel from parent
to child to child to child to child, and it makes sense,
and we weep for our forefathers, but we can’t hate them
any less.

kids like us find each other, use the scars like road maps,
sometimes we want family and sometimes we just want
to lock ourselves in a room together and cry it out,
swapping stories that sound like battle tales and always end with
“and then it never left me, and I never left it, and I’ll always be
the boy on the couch or the girl on the floor and I don’t know
how to grow into anything else, anymore.”

kids like us hate being called kids, feel like
we never got to live kidhood, like adulthood
escapes us in the bathwater where we rinsed the blood.
it’s like we never know what hit us. we crowd around
the campfire light of our parent’s computers and
whisper our stories to each other. look at this boy,
he’s a damn dead dandelion too, let’s prop him up
a bit, make him something beautiful. this is how
we deal with it, with little dead flowers.

kids like us speak these languages and tell these stories
as a way of being. surviving makes it sound brave. we
never survived anything that wasn’t already in us, in our
families for generations, stretching past the dawn of time
to the first person to ever look at a child and say “I am hurting
and so will she.”

kids like us have outlived that legacy a thousand times over
and by god, I hope someday
my kids won’t have to.

—  kids like us | j. savage 

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You know, for all his supposed smarts, Tywin Lannister makes some bafflingly idiotic decisions. Like flooding a valuable mine (Castamere) because he was angry with the owners. And then offering the worthless, flooded remains to a man (Rolph Spicer) whose family helped him pull off his great victory against the Starks (The Red Wedding). Or creating a PR nightmare with the Sack of King's Landing partially because he was angry that Rhaegar did not marry Cersei.

GRRM sets up Tywin’s reputation only to remorselessly break it apart; the lion lord who seemed carved of marble is in truth a pile of shit (whether his own or his horse’s) painted gold. 

The Morning After

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2037

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary (of entire series): You and Dean have been dating for a long time, but after Bobby died things started to go down hill. Dean became aggressive. He started drinking more and picking fights where none existed. Then one night - after a hunt goes wrong - Dean ends up in another one of his drunken spirals and says things to you that he can never take back. He wakes up in the morning - expecting to kiss and make up - only to find you gone and Sam berating him before chasing after you.

Part 2: The Morning After 2

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I am so proud of Wade right now

I just need to brag a little bit, and take a moment to appreciate how lucky I am to have Wade in my life. To summarize it in an understatement: my service dog was fucking awesome today.

So today my friend Kasey and I went to the mall to shop together. Kasey brought her service dog Charming, and I brought Wade. Wade was amazingly behaved - no pulling, no whining, listening on the first command, making eye contact, handling the stress of many people trying to touch and distract him well… He even went into a dressing room with me for the first time today.

But that’s not even the best part. The most amazing thing is how we went through an experience that was incredibly stressful and scary for both of us, and all he wanted to do was take care of me.

Kasey and I were walking from one store to the next, when suddenly a dog on a flexi-leash and choke chain started growling, snapping, lunging, and attempting to attack Wade and Charming. I quickly ran a few feet away and stood in front of Wade to protect him, and Kasey did the same thing. Kasey became super brave and kind of furious in that rush of adrenaline and confronted the guy. Here’s basically how the conversation went (some details and bits of dialogue Kasey filled me in later on since tunnel vision and panic had already started on me):

Kasey: “You need to get your animal under control and get out of the mall! Leave. Now. Get your aggressive, dangerous pet out of here immediately or I’m going to call security!”

The Angry asshole dog owner starts screaming and attempting to get in Kasey’s face, though Kasey is continuing to back away to keep distance from the dog who is still trying to maul our pups and his aggresive, delusional owner.


Kasey: “I got my vest from having a disability and needing a service dog! I don’t give a shit about your doctor’s note! It doesn’t matter! Your dog is aggresive and dangerous so it can’t be here!”

A crowd begins to gather at this point and I can’t take it anymore. I begin to run out away from the crowd and from this threatening, raving asshat. As I run by him his dog lunges out again at Wade and attempts to bite him, barely missing. As soon as I get out the crowd and away from the dog I stop to breathe and attempt to get my shit together, though it’s not really working. Wade begins to lick my hand for I don’t know how long (could have been seconds or minutes - you can’t really comprehend time when you’re having a panic attack) before Kasey showed up and walked us to a nearby store so I could sit down and so they could call security.

As soon as we got into the store Wade went full on into trying to ground me. He attempted to jump up on my lap to do deep pressure therapy, though I made him get off (for some reason in my panicked state I thought it would draw attention to me and that would be bad). He didn’t give up though. Even though he had just almost been attacked and could’ve been severly traumatized and stressed out by the experience, all he cared about was taking care of me.

I was shaking and I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t see and felt like I couldnt move. My heart was beating crazy in my chest. I couldn’t think straight. And everything I heard sounded like I was underwater. I was terrified. It felt like I was dying. Nothing was right. Then I felt something soft and furry wedge itself between my legs and lean it’s body into my thigh. I remembered it was my dog and leaned down to pet him. As soon as I did, Wade began to lick my face repeatedly and intently while letting out sweet little whines and leaning even more weight into me. He continued to do this until I returned to normal and gained my composure.

Kasey explained the situation to the employees of the store and they called security. The man with the dog had already walked away so she gave a description to security so they could be on the lookout, and I helped and gave a statement once I was feeling a bit better and was comfortable with speaking.

We didn’t find out whether security ever found the man and his dog or not, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that Wade and I went through a terrible situation together and managed to make to the other side even stronger than before.

And I am so proud, and happy, and greatful to have Wade in my life. I love my service dog.

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I can't find the video and I don't watch YoI but your grumpy rage kitten comment makes me think of that vine with the angry cat and the owner is just cooing at him like "Why are you in a murderous rage, Thurston?" Tell me that is not straight up Yurio.

Ha! Yes, this is an absolutely accurate comparison. I haven’t seen the vine, but:

I imagine something like this could definitely happen. ^_^