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Can we talk about how in District 11 after Rue’s death, the entire district rioted. They burned and broke things. Everybody watching the movie loved it because they saw the unjust government for what it was. A little black girl died. Yet when a black boy dies in real life and people start riots over their unjust government, they’re ridiculed and labelled “dangerous”.

fun idea:

be fucking mature and respectful towards the actors who choose to do stage door. they don’t have to come out after the show if they don’t want to, and the fact that some people continue to be immature and rude to them when they do is absolutely astounding to me. seeing actors at stage door is a privilege, not a right. they are not required to participate. unfortunately some people still have trouble grasping this concept. they can’t win no matter what they do, either; if they don’t do stage door, they get hateful tweets claiming that they don’t care about their fans; and if they do choose to participate, they get harassed and treated terribly. everyone loves to criticize ben platt because he barely does stage door anymore, but ever consider that the reason is because of disrespectful fans harassing him when he does? these actors don’t owe you shit, so grow the fuck up and show a little respect.

What Broadway stars have to say about Speech and Debate

Watch Speech and Debate featuring Sarah Steele, Austin Mckenzie, and Liam James with cameos by Lin Manuel Miranda, Skyler Astin, and Darren Criss on Netflix or iTunes


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Oh fan-bloody-tastic, now one of Mycroft’s minions has beckoned me into a car to go to another unknown location. I’m getting tired of the Holmes brothers not understanding how to communicate in ordinary ways. I’ve got a phone, Mycroft. It’s on, it’s working. Give me a buzz next time, alright.

tiny moments #11

The beast was daunting. It stared at Mike and Erwin and they looked at each other.

“I’m terrified”, admitted Erwin. He was pale. Mike gulped.

“Me too”, he said softly.
The beast moved slightly and they winced.

“Do something”, pleaded Erwin.

“I- I can’t”, answered Mike silently. “It’s just… I can’t.”
The beast moved again. It climbed the wall and came nearer and nearer.

Erwin nearly jumped. “We have to call for Levi.”

Mike started sweating. “I don’t wanna. He’s taking a bath… he’s going to get so pissed…”
They both kept staring at the beast. It was disgusting. His long legs moved a bit. Erwin grabbed Mike’s hand.

“We have to get him…”, said Erwin again.

“Don’t you remember the last time?” Mike looked at him in a fearful way. “He was so angry. He’s so scary, when he’s angry.”

“I know”, answered Erwin. “But… Then catch it.”

Mike looked unbelieving at him. “What? Hell no. Catch it yourself.”

Erwin furrowed. “Please, I am the one with arachnophobia. I am getting nearly a heart attack from just seeing it.” He gave him a puppy-eyed look. “Mike… please.”

Mike looked straight in his baby blue eyes and squirmed.
“Erwin”, he started. “Please, I do everything for you, but… I can’t. It’s just so disgusting. I mean… look at these legs.”

Erwin cringed violently. “Please, don’t talk about its legs.” He got even paler. “Why did you have to mention its legs?”

“Sorry.” Mike kept holding his hand. “But… I don’t wanna-” He fell silent when the beast started to crawl on the ceiling. “Oh god.”

“Oh god”, agreed Erwin. “What are we-”

And then the beast fell down. They both jumped back and screamed in a way that they would never admit later. The beast fled under the couch and they heard the opening of the bathroom door.

“The fuck?” Levi stood soaked with a towel in the door. “What the hell is going on?”

“A spider”, said Erwin and looked miserable. “It’s huge and gross and we didn’t want to interrupt your bath, but it was so huge and gross and then it fell from the ceiling and now it’s under the couch and it’s so huge and gross and oh my god.”

“It’s so disgusting”, whispered Mike and looked even more pathetic.

Levi stared at them for a solid minute. Then he sighed. “For fuck’s sake.” He sighed again. “You’re fucking killing me.”

He moved the couch and after a few seconds the beast fled in the direction of the wall, but Levi was faster. He caught it with his bare hands and pointed with his elbow on the balcony door. “Open it.”

Mike obeyed and they watched him placing the spider gently in the empty flowerpot next to the sun lounger. Then he closed the door carefully.
“I’m going to get fucking angry, if my bathwater is cold now.” He started leaving, but he stopped at the door. “I wanna have a hot chocolate after my bath. And I choose the movie tonight.”

“Everything you want, dear”, said Erwin sheepishly.

“Of course”, agreed Mike ruefully.

Levi closed the bathroom door with a quiet snorting.


Amber Heard Is The Cutest Little Bean And Deserves Nothing But Love And Happiness

You were addictive. My own personal cocaine. So when you left I turned to alcohol. But I don’t even need that anymore because I’m done being addicted to you.
—  Getting over you

After 30 plus years of singing the same song, dealing with kids on a daily basis, constantly left powered-on 24/7… Eventually, you blow a fuse or two. In ol’ Fazbear’s case, it’s literal. So cut the bear some slack, he’s had a hard battery life…

Gag based on: “BANNED McDonalds Ad”

Five Nights at Freddy’s (characters & logo) © “2014-2015” Scott Cawthon
“Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad” (concept) © RackaRacka (YouTube)
Toriel, Sans, Frisk & Asriel Dreemurr (character) © “2015” (Undertale) TobyFox (GameMaker: Studio & Microsoft Windows ™ )
Art © wolfjedisamuel 016

Seen so many people criticising those students for walking out on mike pence’s speech. At this point, idk what kind of protest is acceptable to some people:

Walking out on a speech is seen as disrespectful

A dance party outside a politician’s house is seen as childish

Protests at a british airport are seen as an inconvenience

Boycotting is seen as petty

Marches - even worldwide ones - are seen as pointless

Striking is see as selfish and lazy

Petitions are seen as an attack on democracy

These are all criticisms I’ve seen in the last few years. So what exactly do bigots expect people to do when the world is such a shitstain? Oh yeah, sit down and shut up, because as long as they’re happy, we shouldn’t complain. Because they fucking love freedom of speech as long as it only allows them to continue to shit on other people.

suck-a-tit  asked:

How would the 104th and vets react if they ever met Sangwoo, and knew he was a lady killer? ;}

I assume you mean a literal killer… like blood and gore…

Mikasa: Lock him in the basement
Reiner: Fights Sangwoo and looses
Bertholdt: Hides
Annie: Goes all bum
Eren: Try to murder him
Jean: “Dude that’s fucked up!!” Yells at him
Marco: Calls the Bae
Sasha: Tries to reason with him
Connie: “Hey man, I just… I just leave slowly and just… yeah… I … have a really important doctor’s appointment… bye!”
Historia: Makes Sangwoo hide his pathetic ass
Armin: Would probably be taken in by him, but he’d mindfuck himself out of there
Ymir: “Fucking weirdo” leaves
Levi: “Men get arrested, dogs get put down” *Kills him*
Hanji: Therapy season
Erwin: Sits down with him and talks to him and tries to influence him to stahp
Nanaba: Angry mom mode 
Mike: Headbutts him
Moblit: Goes into the basement by himself
Hajimama: Mark me down as scared and horny (more scared though)

Carla: Instantly satisfies Sangwoo’s need for a mom and wins the whole thing, gives him eight years detention

To Fill Me With Electricity (Ben Platt x Reader)

Request: Basically, Reader is Mike’s lil sister and he notices that you and Ben r pretty close + some fluffy shit

Warnings: it’s extremely cheesy and kitschig

As some people say, you recognize lovers pretty fast. The way they speak to each other, how their eyes light up, when the other person talks about something they love. How their body language changes, once the other one arrives and sits next to them. When they look at each other for a brief second, exchanging one glance to their eyes – that’s all you need to realize somebody’s in love.
Well, that’s all your older brother thought, when he watched you laughing and smiling with Ben. It was the 200 shows celebration party and Mike decided to take you there. The whole evening, you were by Ben’s side. Drinking, telling stories. Laughing, until tears streamed down your eyes. Both of you were smiling brightly, as if the world was standing still, only to give you two this one moment together. Throughout all the hectic chaos on the party, you two resembled a quiet place. And you felt fine, hanging out with Ben, hoping that maybe he would feel the same about you.
“…so, I just sneezed in their faces”, Ben ended his story, making you laugh louder and uncontrollably.
“No! Oh God, you’re kidding?!”, you exclaimed.
Ben also laughed, shaking his head.
“Got sneezed in the face by Ben Platt. That sounds like a great fucking adventure in New York City, huh?”, you said, putting your hand on his knee. You didn’t even know why you did that and wondered whether he thought it was weird. You just blamed it on the alcohol.
“I bet ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ will forever be stuck in their memory now.”
Ben laid his arm around your waist. You were sitting so close to each other, looking the other one right in the eyes. A small glance might be enough, to fall in love with somebody. A small touch might be enough. Right now, a small kiss on your lips would be more than enough and more than anything you have ever wanted to have in your life.
You moved a bit closer to Ben.
“So, 200 shows.”, you said quietly, ignoring every other person in this room. In that moment, it was just you and Ben.
He hold you tighter.
“Yes. I still remember the first one.”
In his mind, he was angry at himself for saying this. God, how stupid he thought he was. You didn’t mind. You only wanted to kiss him now. Just kiss him, just tell him how much you liked him.
You put your hands on his neck. Your lips were almost touching.
“Hey Y/N. We gotta go now.”
The voice of your brother brought you back to reality. Quickly, Ben let go off of you and you immediately stood up, your face blushing.
Mike noticed that and smirked at both of you.
“Wow, I hope I didn’t interrupt you while…doing something important”, he said in that teasing kind of manner, every older brother has.
You looked over to Ben, who was also blushing. He shook his head hesitantly.
“We…no. Just talking. About life. We were not doing anything.”, he stuttered. In that moment, Ben became Evan for a brief second, making Mike laugh a little bit.
With a begging look in your eyes, you hoped that your brother would notice that you wanted to stay for some hours more.
“So, we’re leaving now. It’s late and I’m so tired!”, he faked a yawn, before grinning again in that brotherly asshole kind of way. You turned around to Ben, smiling and blushing once again.
“See ya.”, you nearly whispered, before walking out in the cold, dark night.

Throughout the whole way to your apartment, you two did not exchange one word. You were slightly angry at Mike. No, you were totally furious. Of course, he was your older brother and teasing you was sort of a standard job for him – but why in that moment?
“You’re so quiet.”, he said.
“Pretty fast at noticing things.”
He sighed. “Are you still mad at me, because I interrupted your almost-kiss with Ben?”
You kept your mouth shut. You just did not want to talk now at all. Especially not about the guy, you fancied since the day you first met.
“You kinda like him, right?”, Mike asked.
Again, no answer.
“And I think he kinda likes you.”
You walked a bit faster, hoping that you would finally arrive at your apartment building, but Mike grabbed your shoulder, hindering you into nearly running away from his question. You two stopped walking.
“Alright: what the fuck, Michael?”, you exclaimed. He let out a loud laugh.
“Just answer it. Do you like him or not?”
“I really wanna go home now.”
“Simple question, Y/N. Simple answer.”
“You can leave now. I can find the way to my home on my own, right?”
“No, I’m gonna be all worried then. Now, come on. Do you love him?”
You rolled your eyes.
“He’s okay, I guess.”
“Oh, oh, oh!”, Mike hollered, “you totally have a crush on him.”
You instantly blushed once again.
“No, I have not!”, you protested, crossing your arms.
Mike aped your reaction, before laying his arm around you.
“Oh, my little sister is in love.”, he sang in a happily tune.
“I am not!”, you said quietly. No, you’re not. Just blame the alcohol for all your actions.

The following morning, you woke up to a text message from Ben. Your stomach made a drop and there was this tingling feeling in your tummy out of sudden.

“Hey, sorry about yesterday. I hope ur not mad or something. But maybe we should still talk about it. Come to the theatre later on?”

Ignoring your massive headache, you let out a small scream. Ben wanted to talk. With you. About yesterday. Alright. You already knew, your heart will either be broken today, or it will all go well. You were hoping for the latter, of course.

The day of opening night of “Dear Evan Hansen” was the first time you met. Mike took his family with him and introduced you to Ben. After the performance, you two spent the whole evening together. Every time, he looked at you, you felt how your heart beated faster and your knees were weak, when he slightly touched you.
There was no doubt, that you had feelings for him.

“Alright, see you later on xx”

You looked at your response. It seemed quite a bit desperate. Two hugs? Oh dear God.
But you can’t just show up at the theatre, as you’re not even part of that business. There was only one way how to get into the backstage, to finally speak with Ben.

You heard him giggling at the other end.
“I should just casually take you with me? After literally everybody saw what you were doing?”
“Mike, please!”, you begged in your phone. Your voice sounded so hopeless.
He sighed. “Alright, come with me today. I’ll pick you up in like…half an hour. But promise me one thing.”
“Use protection.”
“You’re a dickhead.”
“I’m your brother, what else should I do?”

An hour later, you two arrived at the theatre, your hands shaking due to fear of the upcoming encounter with Ben. Hesitantly, you knocked on the door to his dressing room. You breathed in. And out.
The door opened and the first thing you noticed was, how quick Ben’s facial expression changed, when he saw you. Now, he was smiling.
He welcomed you in. His dressing room was big and very clean. Well, at least cleaner than the one of your brother. Some decoration and presents from fans made the usual boring and white room to a nice, inviting place.
“So, uh…sit down?”, he said, more in an asking tone, pointing to the sofa. He was not wearing his costume yet and didn’t have the cast on, which is just waiting to be signed by your brother.
He sat down next to you. There was an unwelcoming passage of silence between you, which made the whole situation inconvenient. Ben was tapping with his foot on the floor.
“We need to talk about yesterday. Look, that…that was just…wrong”, he started.
You nodded your head, your throat was all tied up. He thought it was a mistake, that you two almost kissed.
“We were just really drunk”, you said, smiling a bit.
Ben also smiled, but there was something about it. Something sad. In that moment, he knew that he made a mistake and he couldn’t undo it anymore. He was in love with you and you were in love with him. So, why was it so hard to finally confess it to each other?
“Let’s maybe not talk about it”
You nodded your head. “Yes, let’s just do this.”
Again, silence.
“Uhm, do you want to drink something? Or maybe eat? I have a bag of chips still lying around here, somewhere.”, he asked, hoping he would make the situation a bit better.
“No, no! I’m fine.”
Ben scratched his head.
“I don’t want to make – this- between us any weirder, you know? I really like you. And I don’t want to destroy that.”, he sighed.
“I also don’t want to change a thing about us.”
Oh, how you wished, that things were different. That you could kiss him anytime you want, that you could hold him anytime you want. You just couldn’t. And that made everything bad.
Suddenly, Ben nudged you. You exclaimed a very high-pitched tone, as you were utterly surprised by that.
“Did I hurt you?”, he immediately asked. You laughed.
“No, god. I was just not expecting that. I’m very ticklish, you know?”
“Oh, really? You are?”, Ben said, raising one eyebrow.
Either now or never.
There was this tension between you two, that no word could describe. He moved closer to you and put his hand on your knee. He knew exactly what he was doing and god, you absolutely fell for it.
“So, you’re ticklish?”
You nodded your head.
“Wouldn’t it be a shame, if somebody would tickle you then?”, he yelled, while nearly jumping on you, and started to tease and tickle you. Instinctively, you bursted out in laughing and of course, kicking around you. That’s the closest you two had ever been. Ben hovering you, his hands on your entire body, your hands around his neck. You two were laughing. Loudly. Uncontrollably. Being absolutely happy.
Then, Ben suddenly stopped. Both of you were breathing heavily. You stroke his cheek with your hand and before you could realize it, he pressed his lips on yours, pulling you closer to him.
It felt as if a firework went off between you two, until he suddenly backed off a bit.
“Wait, is it okay that I kiss you?”
“More than okay”, you whispered, before kissing him again. But this time, it was no longer this cute and shy little kiss. It almost was, as if you were just holding on to each other and as if the world around you nearly disappeared.

That moment, you two felt the absolute calmest. There was no stress, no harm, no worries – only you two and that was all that mattered.