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Ahhhh so I did this really quickly and I’m not used to doing comics so I’m so sorry that it’s crap but I really wanted to draw this after seeing @crowleylovesyou’s post! So sorry I didn’t add it to the original post but tumblr mobile is confusing. Anyways, I did my best so I hope you like it! I may consider doing a cleaned up version if people end up really liking this

Emma looked astonished. “You’re angry that Mark and I broke up?”

“I guess you’ve dumped two of their brothers, if we’re really counting,” he said as if she hadn’t spoken. “Who’s next? Ty?”

He knew immediately he’d gone too far. Ty was her little brother, just as he was Julian’s. Her face went very still.

“Screw you, Julian Blackthorn,” she said, spun on her heel, and stalked back upstairs.

—  Lord of Shadows (via julianspancakes )

I honestly can’t believe some IGOT7s.. It even went so far that BamBam had to practically scold the fans on his own twitter and state what he meant. He shouldn’t have to, you all knew he meant as a fatherly figure, but some fans ruined that by twisting it to inappropriate language. English isn’t BamBams first language, and although Jackson called a fan his “daddy” doesn’t mean BamBam knows of the other meaning.
Not everything is about sex and kinks. I know we all have the dirty thoughts in the back of our mind, but please keep them to yourself and not all over an idols social media. Especially since BamBam looks through basically all of his tweets. Not only that, but this is a sensitive topic for BamBam. He didn’t grow up with a father, he passed away whilst he was still an infant. He stated he sees Marks dad as his own, and that makes me really happy, so what makes it acceptable to joke about his choice of wording. From previous tweets we can see that BamBam takes a lot to heart, because he cares, and he is trying.
As an IGOT7, I’m disappointed, our fandom is better than this. We should be grateful BamBam takes the time to update his twitter to communicate with us in ENGLISH. So please, be more careful and responsible next time. Let’s make fan x idol interactions on social media more fun for the both of us.


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)


“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

Sense8 Christmas special
  • Nomi: time to be super gay and run from the fbi
  • Wolfgang: *is barely holding himself together* everything is fine
  • Kala: sex? Of course I know how to sex *breaks Rajan's dick* sHIT
  • Will: fuck you Whispers and fuck your little garden u fucker
  • Riley: must protect Will at all costs
  • Capheus: I HAVE A NEW VAN!!!!
  • Lito: I am calm *deep breathing* *screams*
  • Sun: @whoever tried to kill me: dumb move

The Darkiplier parts were actually really quite interesting. Of course we all know that Dark is supposed to be the opposite of Mark: angry, evil, possibly even heartless, etc. But I couldn’t help but notice in the way Dark spoke to us/ about us while he took over Mark in certain parts of the date. He seemed angry only at Mark for keeping him contained and keeping us all to himself. It seemed that Dark really wanted to get to know us, make us happy, and possibly even care for us. (Ex: The way he said it could give us everything and supplied a dinner for us.) But since he is “dark”, he doesn’t know how to express his feelings for us other than saying things like: “We’ll be together forever.”
Also putting us in difficult situations like making us decide which Mark to shoot. Dark COULD have came up and confessed that he is Dark, but he didn’t because he knew if he did that, we would choose Mark, and leave him behind. So, he let his fate fall into our hands. Either have the real Mark be shot, and get the chance he has been waiting for to be with us. Or get shot so that he doesn’t have to live with the pain knowing that we will always be with/ choose Mark.

I don’t know if I’m thinking too deeply into this, but it’s interesting to think about is it not?

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Omg what happened w got7? :c

Well, they arrived in Jakarta and the fans were insane. I’m so mad and disappointed… HOW can people act like this? I’m beyond appalled and angry. Apparently it was so bad that Mark lost some belongings/jewelry? Idk if that’s true or not, but… with what I saw in those videos, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m just very angry that they legitimately had little to no room to even get into their van.

I have so much to say about the Crowley/Mark situation, but I’m so angry about so many things at this point that it all has kind of bunched together in my head. This character has meant so much to me, for so many years. Crowley changed my life. Writing for him has changed my life. And because I have written so, so, SO FUCKING MUCH FOR CROWLEY, and have an understanding of that character, naturally his treatment over the past two seasons has fucking mortified me at different points. Apparently, Mark felt the same.

But here’s what pisses me off the most:

There was no reason to kill Cas within mere MINUTES of Crowley. NONE. Cas did not need to die this season. Killing Cas is fucking pointless, there is no more drama to it, that particularly plot-line has been exhausted to hell and back.


He deserved this. His moment. His heroic death to save the Winchesters, and save the planet, his finest hour, his SACRIFICE – and it was and will completely be overshadowed by Cas’s death. Crowley’s name will barely be mentioned in the season opener, I guarantee it. It’s going to be all about Cas.

Crowley. Deserved. Better.

Fat women with small breasts, fat women who are covered in cellulite, fat women who carry it all in their back rolls and love handles, fat women with bulging pubic mounds, fat women with saggy breasts, fat women with body hair and facial hair, fat women who are covered in angry red stretch marks, fat women who use canes and walkers and wheelchairs, fat women with fat faces, fat women with no asses and narrow hips, fat trans women, fat women with fat waists and fat arms and fat knees and every other thing, they all deserve your body positivity. All of them deserve respect.

If your body positivity only includes bodies you personally find attractive and palatable you are not body positive at all.