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Laf gets the letters and tries to send a letter to ham warning him, jeff find the letter first and burns it

You all need to calm.

Just a few of you get Laf’s reaction-


Chronicles of Narnia vs Ao3 tags  Part 1/??

I've just thought about this

Ok, so what if Lance didn’t want to go in Garrison?
Like he and his grandpa made a promise when he was just a kid before his abuelo died
So, he goes to garrison and meets Hunk and then Pidge and when he sees them he thinks ‘woah, they’re amazing guys, LET’S PROTECT THEM ALL COAST’ so he puts a lot of effort to being a good friend and pilot and he becomes a fighter pilot (in that he was still in the cargo class) and he feels very proud but , as we know, when he make littles mistakes they always go with “you’re just in the fighter class ‘cuz the best pilot of our generation droped out” and that makes him feel as the worst and start to miss his family MORE ‘cuz “If they say that, then its better to go back home”. Hunk and Pidge always notice that and they try to make Lance feel better (in the night they listen Lance crying and being homesick). Thanks to this, Lance starts to love being a pilot and thanks his abuelo for making with him that promise and still he misses his family but starts to feels comfortable because he feels that Pidge and Hunk are like his family but in garrison.
bUT then happens the voltron thing and the sadness :-) and :-) homesickness :-) strikes :-) again :-).
He tells to Blue every night about his family and his friends in Cuba, his story about how he ended in the garrison and he “secret” (it isn’t, the mice and hunk already know about that) crush on Keith.
Blue always feels happy of having a paladin like Lance who fits perfectly in the role of the blue paladin. But also feels sad because “i dont want you to be sad :‘c you look really good happy :)”
Anyways, the team starts to hang more with eachother except the fact that nobodys ;)))) knows about :)))the depressed Lance :)))
And they start to make him unwanted, not-the team sharpshooter the cargo pilot the comic-relief the paladin that can be replaced easily, in conclusion THE SEVENTH WHEEL.
They fight against Zarkon and Shiro dissapears, they feel worried and sad, Keith becames the black paladin and Lance the red one, and then comes.. Lotor.
So he captures him and uses his weaknesses and breaks points to torture him.
The team (now with Shiro) rescues him, puts him in a pod and waits until he heal.
But, when Lance comes out, the team starts to argue to him, saying that he needs to hear the others and not to be mocking around, and Keith tells him “YOU’RE JUST A CARGO PILOT!” And “ITS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT” aaaaand Lance explodes.
So he tells everything, about the promise, about his crush on Keith, about the seventh wheel and finishes with “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PILOT I DIDN’T ASK FOR BEING A PALADIN”
All the team shuts in silent, Pidge starts to sob, Hunk is horrified and asks himself “is this the Lance i know?”, Shiro feels guilty for not listening Lance, Allura feels like the worst because she treated Lance like he was nothing, Keith feels super super super confused, angry, sad and happy in the same time and Coran…well, Coran already knew about Lance insecurities and feels bad for not telling the team about the selfless Lance
The Lions are angry (Lance treated them good and he puts to them cool pet-names. Also they heard a lot of Lances confession to Blue and when they heard him sing [yes, Lance can sing] they feel relaxed ) and refused to open to their Paladins.
Reds tells them that they need to fix this but first they need to convince Blue, who is extremaly angry with the team.
Shiro says that maybe Lance needed time to himself and that they will talk to him later.
They didn’t notice that Lance left the castle until dinner time.
They notice that Voltron is not gonna to be Voltron anymore.

Mars in Leo

When Mars enters Leo it shines brightly. Mars in Leo is dramatic and passionate in everything they do. They are strong willed and self righteous. Often times, they are playful people and aren’t ones to take things so seriously. Mars in Leo has a high libido and healthy sexual appetite. They LOVE sex and can be quite animalistic in bed. They aim to please and of course they want to be pleased back! Mars in Leo natives tend to be good in bed because they work hard at pleasing their partner and after all, it’s Leo and they want to be the very best. Their sex drive is extremely powerful and they want to be masters at it. They can be sensual if they want to and passionate if they wanted to as well. Mars in Leo can also be quite selfish in bed though. They are literal Lions with their approach to sex: dominating, confident and overpowering. With Mars in Leo, everything they do is on a grand scale and sex is no exception.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and so Mars in Leo people have extravagant, large and warm personalities. Not to mention a huge ego that comes along with it. To get this Lion angry, you have to poke at their ego. Nothing sets off a Mars in Leo like embarrassing them or ridiculing them in public. But watch out because a Mars in Leo will fight back 10x harder and leave nothing of you. With Mars, planet of aggression and anger, placed in a Fire sign ruled by the Sun itself, comes a terrible temper. Mars in Leo gets angry… terribly angry. They are self righteous though, and the last thing they want to do is lose their cool. So when they do get angered, it’s with purpose and they know it. Mars in Leo has absolutely no problem putting you in your place and making sure everyone knows of it. They are dramatic and the entire world is their stage, so why not embarrass you in their own show? A Mars in Leo would and will. They can even resort to physically fighting you if it escalates to that. Mars in Leo could forgive you after, but that may take a while because they are a Fixed sign and they hold on to things for a while. Getting on a Mars in Leo’s bad side is never a good idea. They are extremely generous and enjoy making others laugh and having a good time. Don’t ruin that for them.