angry kaitlyn is angry

  • Person: so i was reading about this conspiracy theory-
  • My Friends: no don't she'll hear y-
  • Me, running through a crowd, pushing people out of my way as I scream: THE MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL AND I HAVE PROOF, JUST LOOK

Here’s my full panel video from Fan Expo :)  I ain’t subtle on who my faves are lmao… I apologize for the shakiness at the beginning, I get the hang of it eventually.  And sometimes my hand just got tired holding and zooming in and out (using my dslr + heavy long lens…) i should’ve brought a tripod.  Anyways, around 11:30, I block the mic (but I uncover it afterwards) and the question was “do you have any weird special talents?”

Aaron can blow weird spit bubbles.
Shannon can pull his hair in a certain spot and not feel anything.
Sharon can make weird noise with her hands.
Nicole plays competitive dodgeball.
Kaitlyn can make a deep voice.
Annie can wiggle her ears.
Natasha makes a mean chili.
Elise does yoga.

Also don’t ask why my camera decided to cut off early at some parts.  Don’t worry though, nothing important was missed.