angry johns

Reminder that last year on John Boyega’s birthday, Daisy Ridley posted Finnrey art on her instagram page and wished John, her co-lead and her friend, a happy birthday, and that instagram post was promptly swarmed by Reyl0 shippers who wrote nasty, racist comments aimed at John and tried to make Daisy’s heartfelt birthday wish to John all about their nasty ship. 


You know of me all I can bear to be known. All that is relevant to be known. You know my genuine friendship and loyalty. Can that be enough and there still be trust between us?


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?


Because, I don’t want to be a pirate. I’m not interested in the life. Not interested in the fighting, not interested in the ships.  I don’t care much for the sea while we’re on the subject. But being a pirate on this crew for a little while longer, it offers me an opportunity I don’t believe I can find anywhere else on Earth… one big prize.