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never let people forget that the main target of nazis are jews.

Lgbt people are targets, black people are targets, other poc are targets.

but their main targets are always Jews. don’t forget about us. Don’t forget that they’re targeting jews. 

because everyone seems to be doing so, and its not fair. We’re real people, being targeted. our death, our elimination, is being Claimed as a main goal publicly on television by these neo-nazis. 

You don’t get to leave us out of your solidarity posts about the victims and targets of these white supremacists. 

To do so is to perpetuate the very antisemitism that these people are spreading. To do so is to be complicit in these neo-nazis goals. 

I know most people making posts in solidarity with the targets of these people mean well, but you can’t leave out their main target, for any reason. 

Please, if you’re not jewish, reblog this. 

on how goyim reacted to charlottesville

I am angry. while most white goyim on this site will reblog a post or two about Charlottesville (probably only focused on racism not antisemitism, let’s be honest) and a few angry “impeach trump!” and “tear down confederate statues!” messages on Facebook, they’ll go back to their lives as usual in, oh, probably less than a week. they’ll shrug off the white nationalism as “those weird southerners are at it again!

meanwhile. meanwhile I’m sitting here and the president said that murderers of jews are sometimes “fine people.” meanwhile i’m a southern jew and I feel unsafe and if I get angry and say yeah nazism needs to be outlawed I'm “sensitive” and “don’t you know freedom of speech is a thing? fascist.” meanwhile goyim send me nasty messages off anon because there are no consequences. meanwhile people think I’m angry and I complain too much and the holocaust was 70+ years ago won’t you jews ever shut up??

meanwhile jews are not, and have never been, white privileged people. meanwhile we get called k*kes and people have swastikas on their clothes, on their websites, as their icon. meanwhile ya’ll want to reclaim the pink triangle and the swastika and I just want to be able to go on this website without you politicizing the holocaust for whatever crisis is happening at the moment. meanwhile people don’t fucking care about actual jews you like dead victims you can use as political props not the angry jew who wants to have a jewish state. meanwhile I’m a bisexual jewish woman and the only part of my identity that liberals are comfortable with is the bisexual part. meanwhile liberals ban me from pride. 

you want to stop nazism? maybe you could help jews. maybe you could listen to us for three fucking minutes and you could stop pretending this is just another isolated incident in the south. 

because you can call me whatever you want but I’m jewish. and that means you can’t fucking stop me. what? are you gonna tell me to burn in an oven? heard it. you gonna tell me I’m going to hell for not being christian? heard it. you gonna tell me hitler wasn’t all bad? heard it.

jews are the most resilient group on the planet and if goyim won’t help us we’ll fight nazis like we did in the holocaust. but don’t pretend you know shit about what it’s like to be a jew and read headlines like Charlottesville, like trump’s press conference. don’t pretend to be our friends and then fall silent when it comes down to really being an ally. 

neo nazis aren’t an alternate political party. they’re not “far right.” they’re murderers. don’t enable murderers. nazism needs to be ripped from the seams of this government and this culture and then, and only then, can we celebrate anything. because make no mistake, this weekend was a dark chapter in America, but if you think it’s anything new or different, you obviously aren’t Jewish. 

People are outraged (and have every right to be) about white supremacists marching/rioting in the US, however there is silence when those at the Al Quds march/rally when they openly called for the death of Jews and the Jewish state which also means death to Jews in the US and around the world and many support Hitler. 

When I talked about Anti-Semitism I experienced or that is happening on Facebook, I was told to get over it, the same people are posting about how outraged they are about Charlottesville and how we should punch Nazis. Also the same people who did the Nazi salute at me, said hail Hitler at me, and often called me Jew in a negative way back in school are also being all supportive of punching Nazis. Literally everyone can go fuck themselves. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I know you might know this, but a lot of non jews take offense to being called goys or goyim as it has been used many times as a demeaning, hateful, or untrusting way to describe anyone who is not jewish.

yeah, i wonder why? maybe because they’ve tried to murder us multiple times, denied us jobs and service, and have constantly hated us throughout history? i don’t really give a shit if they take offense. 

When tumblr first started this whole “punch nazis” thing I thought they meant to attack 90 year old nazis from WWII, and I didn’t support this because many of them were forced, heavily pressured, or even “brainwashed” into it before they were even able to understand what they were fighting for, and while we can never forget what happened, it seemed odd to bring up suddenly so many years later, and forgiveness is a big part of the Jewish religion. But now, I see more and more news articles about people attacking the groups that were marginalized by the third Reich, and tumblr seems to be the only place people are talking about it. Don’t let this be normalized or ignored. Bring it up in your history class. Bring it up at the dinner table. Don’t try to be unbiased about it. Let the world know that this is happening and it’s not ok. Punch nazis.

I am a Jew, and I am angry
I am angry that the world has not learned
That when they say “never again”, they utter “get over it” with the same breath
That 0.2 percent of the world’s population has experienced so much of its pain
That a safe home is too much to ask for
I am angry that when I walk in Europe I am reminded of the deportation and exile of my people
That wearing the Star of David has become a protest statement
That openly displaying my Jewishness is an invitation for hate
That I cannot be proud of my heritage without making others uncomfortable
I am angry that I am pushed out of “safe spaces”
That I am not allowed to care about social justice because of Israel’s politicians
That every group deserves protection except for the Jews
That I am 2 percent of the American population, and 60 percent of religious hate crime victims
I am angry that our plight is not heard
That because I benefit from white privilege, I cannot know virulent hatred and persecution
That the unique brand of prejudice against my people is not understood by others
That other groups are allowed to forget their pasts, but we are forced to remember ours
I am angry that I can not forget
That my people’s past is one I am inextricably linked to
That our assimilation is seen as a privilege and not a tragedy
That our heritage and our culture is thrown away by the international community
And that the two places Jews are drastically overrepresented are Nobel Prize laureates and hate crime victims
I am angry, and I want the world to know
—  “I am a Jew and I am Angry” by Julianna Jackson

So, I walked out of my apartment to go food shopping and found a protest. It’s Worker’s Day, so no biggie. Until I heard the tell-tale “From the river to the sea!” chant and my heart stopped. 

I won’t lie. These people terrify me. The folks who can go out and casually chant a phrase advocating the destruction of an entire state scare me. These are the same people who beat my friend with a pipe when he dared to wear his kippah. These are the same people who have called me a kike and a filthy colonizing Jew. These are the same people who I see saying that Jews should just “go back where they came from”, all while ignoring that there is nowhere to go. 

And it angered me. Because normally, I would have LOVED to march for the workers. Against the cops that I saw, zip-ties at the ready, following the protest. I would LOVE to tell the US to keep our fucking hands off Syria. I would LOVE to say that we need to help Puerto Rico. I WANT to protest in the name of all of these things and more… But I can’t. Because the Left is telling me that I need to choose. 

Do I support workers? Or am I a Jew? Am I queer? Or am I a Jew? Am I a feminist? Or am I a Jew? 

And even if I wanted to deny my Jewishness (which I never will), I couldn’t. They have decided for me. I am a Jew. And then I need to prove that I am a “good” Jew. I need to agree with their chants, I need to say that I think Israel shouldn’t exist, I need to say that I am fine with the destruction of a Jewish State. And I am not. I can’t even express that I am frustrated with Israel, that I despise what is happening, that I am an advocate for peace and that I think we have a serious problem with racism in the Israeli government without being told that I am an evil Jew. 

I will never deny my Jewishness. If it is the one thing that the world will always see, above all else, then it will be something that I am proud of, above all else. You cannot make me into a Jew, you cannot brand me a Jew and then decry me when I take pride in my people. If you will not accept me as ALL that I am, if you will demand that I choose between being a Jew and being queer, or being a Jew and being in support of the workers, or being a Jew and being a feminist, then I will laugh. And I will be both. Because I am all of these things in one. And no matter how hard you try, you will not pull me apart. 

you know what is… one of the worst things to think about?

‘jenny calendar’ canonically had several potential names. there’s obviously jenny, but there’s also jennifer & janna, and do we even know if calendar is her birth last name? probably not.

which raises the question of what name she preferred. we know she preferred jenny over jennifer specifically when giles addressed her, but there’s no way to tell if she wouldn’t have rather been called janna if she hadn’t had to go undercover. she uses calendar as a last name, of course, but we don’t know if that’s to make her seem like your average white woman in sunnydale or because she genuinely wanted to feel that way. 

she, essentially, is a mystery on this level, because there was so much ground to be covered here and whedon left it all untouched. she could have been jenny calendar, a woman desperately trying to escape her family & culture & the restrictions put on her, or janna, a woman forced to hide her true self in order to do her duty. 

maybe i’m just overreacting, but sometimes i think about how this beautiful, remarkable, heroic woman was buried under the name JENNIFER CALENDAR, with no consultation to her, because we didn’t know her full story and how she truly felt, and i just feel… really, deeply saddened.

she was an incredible person, and she might not even have been given the dignity of being buried– or remembered– under the proper name.

When you are Jewish, you hear a lot of stupid shit. You have people saying “Merry Christmas!” And then slap a hand over their mouth as they internally scream because they just told me, a JEW, Merry Christmas. It’s kind of hilarious. For the most part a quick “it’s really okay, enjoy your Christmas” relaxes the Goyim and they wander off on their merry way.

It’s nothing big. It’s not like Everytime some goy says “merry Christmas!” I gasp, clutch my pearls and weep, for I am JEWISH! How DARE you tell me Merry Christmas?! DONT YOU KNOW I DONT CELEBRATE- yeah no there’s none of that.

So if this tweet from Rian really is real, guess what?

It’s not antisemitic.

It’s poorly worded, and a little ignorant maybe, or a joke that’s fallen flat, but it’s NOT anti-Jew. It’s just another person saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL- expect you because you don’t celebrate this“.

So. In conclusion.

Rian Johnson is NOT ANTISEMITIC.


An angry Jew

By the way, all these people outraged at Rians tweet, where the fuck were you when I was being called an “oven dodger” or k*ke? Probably looking the other way because you don’t give a fuck about Jewish people or antisemitism. You only care about having the moral upper ground when it suits your needs.