angry jack frost

bugcheer  asked:

name mood playlist request: JACK, theme: winter, cold, lonely, probably kinda angry. basically a jack frost mix IF YOU WANT no pressure. thanks!!

let me go try! 

send me a theme/mood/etc and i might make a playlist!

New fan digital art today! I already make this 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been distracted by my family business. So I tried hard to focus this.

anyway this is fan made crossover I made for celebrate 5 year I made this fan made. I become rarely to drew cause I multi fandom, but I try my best to keep this. So I’m planning to make short comic about this

I used to draw this in fan comic, but since i will busy with webcomic and another fan comic. So i leave this as fan short comic for good. Sorry if you used to like this comic.

X Men Nicknames??

Made these babies up let’s see how it goes
Peter: Peter Pea
Kurt: Blueberry Cinnamon-Roll
Warren: Birdy Boy
Charles: Eggy Head Master Mind
Erik: MagNEATo
Raven: RayBae
Hank: B-Dog
Ororo: RoRo (or Sunshine. Just because.)
Scott: Slim Shady Shades
Jubilee: Juju Baby
Logan: Overgrown Angry Cat
Bobby: Frosty/Jack Frost
Rouge: Touch-Me-Not
Peter Rasputin: Buns o’ Steel (I’ll add to this probably but I need help with Jean, I can’t think of one for her!?)

Thealchemicfox’s subscriber contest entry! :D Hope you like it ^^

Based on Episode 3 “Stolen Egg” :D

Jack’s Inner rage when he finds out the egg isn’t exactly what he thinks it is xD

(sorry for not having much detail on his jacket ^^; I had so it was a light blue but it didn’t show up ^^; Also I know I’m not the best at coloring ^^; xD  )